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Bikini Babes

Volume One: Homecoming

Chapter One: Alexander and Joanna

Edited By: Tyzmartar

Notes: This is the first in what I hope will be a series, if you’re looking for a quick jack off story this is not it. Feedback is more than welcome.

Summer 2000

Alexander smiled when he saw the city limits sign as he sat behind the steering wheel of his SUV. It was a little after dawn. After three hours on the road they were finally home. He had made it home every chance he had, but it never seemed like he had enough time to spend with his family. He was looking forward to a long summer vacation at home. It will be nice to surprise everyone, he thought. No one was expecting them until later that afternoon. They had left early in the morning to avoid traffic and he had managed to get off of the interstate before sunup. He now traveled down the old highway road that he knew all too well.

He peeked over at his navigator who was fast asleep in the passenger seat. It was his cousin and best friend Joanna. She went by Joanna or Joan to her family and Jo to her friends. She had long, wavy cinnamon-red hair which caught the morning light, making it glow as if on fire. Emerald green eyes hid behind her tightly closed eye lids. She was tall and slender and had a pale vanilla skin with light freckles. She wore a black tank top that hugged her small, perky peach sized tits. The thin fabric did little to hide her bra-less breast underneath. A pair of cut off shorts covered her bottom. Though Jo’s tits were nice, they were not all that impressive. Her perfect heart shaped ass was. It was the kind of ass you could stick a piece of coal up and she would shit out a diamond. Her long, slender tone legs were slightly spread, revealing bright red panties peeking out at the crotch of her shorts. It was nothing new; he had seen her in her underwear almost every day anyways. Jo actually preferred wearing clothes that made her comfortable rather than looking sexy, though she somehow still managed both. She often wore tight jeans or shorts, usually anything that showed off her ass. She never wore skirts and he had only seen her in a dress a few times, though she looked damn sexy in one.

Growing up he and her were inseparable. Jo wasn’t like other girls. She often times went hunting and fishing with him and his dad, or would spend hours working on that old truck of hers. She was not scared to put on a pair of boxing gloves and spar a little.

It was not until about a year ago, during their senior year that she told him that she liked girls. That had changed their relationship a bit, but for the better in the long run. It was nice having a girl around with whom he could talk about checking out other girls, knowing she was as well. Or one who didn’t mind going to a strip club, not to mention she didn’t mind porn, as long as it was girl on girl.

After high school, they had decided to go to college together. She had gotten a scholarship upstate to one of the schools that he had applied to. They had managed to get a dorm room together after his roommate had dropped out, and had even gotten a part time job together at a novelty store. He reached over and gave her a little nudge. She slowly opened her eyes.

“Morning.” He said as she looked at him, then rubbed her face.

“Morning, what time is it?” she asked, realizing the sun was out.

“About seven.” he replied, glancing at his watch.

“Sorry I fell asleep on you.” She stretched out a little, cracking her knuckles as she interwove her fingers which caused her small, perky tits to heave forward as she arched her back.

“I figured you could use a nap.” He shrugged.

“Where are we anyways?” She asked, looking around. He could tell it looked familiar to her.

“Home, just passed the city limits sign.” He said, pointing over his shoulder.

“I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed tonight.” She said. She rubbed her neck, then put her arms behind it as she stretched, causing her breasts to heave upward. “Get a little privacy.” She teased as she noticed him looking at her small, heaving tits.

“Don’t know about that. You do share a room with Isabelle.” He teased back.

As long as he could remember, she had shared a room with Izzy in the little two-bedroom trailer that they lived in. It had taken him longer to get used to sharing a dorm room with someone than it did Jo. Though she was glad when she could move in with Alexander and get away from her roomie. If anything, Jo had really blossomed in college and had been able to come out of the closet.

“Yeah but Izzy doesn’t check out my ass every time I pick up something off the floor.”

He didn’t say that he was thinking about a little sister on sister action.

“In my defense it is a very nice ass.” He grinned.

“Damn right it is.” She nodded. She played with the radio until she found an old rock and roll station they had grown up to as teens. They would listen to it while dad taught them how to work on cars.

“I canlı bahis şirketleri am kind of going to miss waking up to it.” Alex grinned. She rolled her eyes at him.

“Any idea where you’re going to be sleeping at?” She teased.

His Sister Nicolette had moved in since he had been off at college. His mom had turned her old room into a nursery so she had taken his room. He was looking forward to seeing them again. Nicky who used to baby sit him and Jo when they were in middle school, though her definition of babysitting involved a lot of “Don’t tell your parents.” He always had a bit of a crush on Nicolette which she sometimes teased him about, but never discouraged. He still saw her at family get-togethers and whatnot, the last two being the family reunion the summer when he turned eighteen and his father’s funeral the spring before last.

“I am sure mom will have something worked out.” He shrugged.

At least his mom hadn’t renovated his room into her yoga room like she had joked. There was always the couch in the basement which doubled as a game room slash man cave. Dad had joked that he had made sure it was comfortable so he had a place to crash if him and mom where fighting. Plus the basement was nice and cool in the summer.

“Well, if you miss my ass too much you can always crash on the couch at my house. Mom would love to have you and I am sure sis wouldn’t mind.” Jo said with a grin.

Though Jo’s trailer was small, he had always been welcome there. Aunt Victoria, Jo’s mom, was very fond of him and was like a second mom. Izzy, Jo’s little sister, had always had a more than a little crush on him. The last few years it wasn’t so one sided. Izzy had been a late bloomer and had blossomed from a skinny, shy little girl into a tall, slender, and lovely young lady.

“You want me to drop you off first or you want to swing by my house first?” he asked, looking over at her. He hadn’t really thought much about it until then, he was just worried about getting home.

“Up to you. I would love to see my mom and sisters. Maybe get some real food in my belly.”

He knew what she was saying there, college wasn’t the best place for healthy eating and he hadn’t had a really good meal since Spring break. His mom loved to cook and he was sure that she would make them breakfast, even if they weren’t hungry. Jo had eaten over at his house at least once a week and his mom had never given up trying to put some weight on Jo. The girl could eat like a guy and not gain a damn pound, though Alex sure had over the last year since he wasn’t as active as he had been in high school. It wasn’t a lot but Jo loved to tease him about it.

“Personally, I would think you would want to see your girlfriend.” She teased. She made a hand like a fist then held it to her mouth. Then she stroked it back and forth sticking her tongue in her cheek, mockingly illustrating a blow job.

“She is not my girlfriend.” He shook his head trying not to laugh. Candy, who Jo was referring to, was his sister’s best friend, not to mention his cousin on his moms side. Though only a few months younger then him and Jo, her birthday fell later in the year and put her a year behind them in school.

“Okay friend with benefits, or fuck buddy, or whatever you two call yourselves then.” She teased.

Candy and Alex had always had a thing. They had become close over the years and though Jo was his best friend, Candy was often his shoulder to cry on. She had been there for him when his dad had died. Their relationship, for lack of a better word, had been rocky at best mostly because they had kept it a secret. He had been there for her when she and her high school sweetheart had broken up. She and Alex had ended up hooking up last summer, but then she had dumped him. He left for college and only later found out the whole story. Though they had agreed to be just friends, that hadn’t stopped them from fooling around.

“Besides I hear Kitty is single if you and Candy are over.” Jo grinned.

“I don’t want your sloppy seconds,” Alex said with a grin.

Kitty, Candy’s twin sister, was another story. Candy was often called the good twin for a reason. Kitty and Alex had always had a bit of a rocky relationship; they lived to antagonize the hell out of each other. Not that he didn’t care for her, it was just that she didn’t always make the best choices when it came to boys or things in general, for that matter. She had developed more than a bit of a reputation around school. Alex knew she was more of a flirt than a slut, but in high school there wasn’t much difference. Truth be told, Alex did have a thing for Kitty, reputation and all, though the last year she had been getting her shit together, in her words.

Kitty and Jo had dated briefly. She had been Jo’s first but the relationship had fallen apart after her asshole father had caught them in bed together. Jo had been heartbroken to find out that for Kitty it had all been just for fun, while Jo had actually developed real feelings canlı kaçak iddaa for her. Candy had told him though Kitty had actually been more fond of Jo then she had said. They had later made up and were now at least on friendly terms. Kitty had always had commitment issues, especially after her parent’s picture perfect marriage had fallen apart.

“Why are you so eager to get me laid?” He asked. Alex grinned, looking over at her after having mentioned Izzy, Kitty, and Candy. It was clear that she was trying her best to get him to hook up with someone while he was home.

“Because it’s been too long, you get grumpy if you haven’t had sex in a while.” She teased. He did have a short relationship last quarter, but with school and work it hadn’t worked out.

“Well I can’t help it if I am not as easy as you.” He said. She reached over and punched him hard.

“Ouch.” He rubbed his right arm. He often wondered how someone so slim could hit so damn hard, though he knew she could hit a lot harder.

“Hey, a girl needs to get some when she can.” She shrugged her shoulders. Jo had two relationships while they were at college, not counting a one night stand. Neither of them had worked out. The first had been a mutual breakup, the second Jo had dumped her. Unlike Jo’s first relationship, neither had ended in a disaster like when she was pushed out of the closet.

“You plan on visiting your dad while you’re home.” She asked, looking out the window. The question had come out of nowhere.


He almost decided not to go to college, not wanting to leave his mom and sis. His mom had convinced him that his dad had worked too hard and too long to make sure he could. That and Jo had said she wasn’t going if he didn’t.

“When you do, I want to come.” She said, still looking out the window.

His dad was the closest thing she had ever had to a real father figure. He sometimes teased Jo about being his second son because of her tomboy nature, something Jo took as a compliment. His death had hit her just as hard, it had been one of the few times he had ever seen her cry.

“Of course.” He reached over and put his hand on her shoulder as he gently let his thumb rub her shoulder. She turned and smiled as she reached up and rubbed his hand.

“Okay moment’s over.” She said as she playfully brushed his hand aside. “So where do you want to go first, captain?”

“Let’s go see if mom has anything good to eat.” Alex said with a smile.

“Sounds good to me.” Jo said, rubbing her belly before unfastening her seat belt.

“What are you doing?” He asked as she climbed between the seats and into the back of the SUV.

“Putting on a bra and changing clothes.” She replied. He looked up in the mirror to see her tight, toned ass in the air as she leaned over the backseat, fiddling with suitcases and stuff they had in the back.

“Like it really matters if you’re wearing a bra.” He teased. It wasn’t like she hadn’t been bra-less at his house before, having crashed there from time to time.

“Remind me to hurt you later.” She said, not bothering to reach back up front and smack him.

“You can’t threaten a masochist.” He teased as he glimpsed in the mirror. Her back was still to him.

“You say that now, but if I was a dominatrix.” she teased. She pulled her shirt over her head, exposing her bare back and a little bit of side boob from where he was sitting.

“Is it wrong that I’m picturing you in a black leather cat suit?” He asked as he looked back to the road and made a turn off the highway down an old dirt road.

“Better not be. I’m more of a red, skin-tight latex girl.” She said as she leaned up front. An image of her dressed in a skin-tight, red outfit and holding a riding crop popped in his head.

“I’ll keep that in mind with your birthday coming up.” He said. He looked over at her and grinned. As she went back, he caught a quick glimpse of her cotton candy pink colored nipples.

“I can’t wait to see Nicolette again.” Jo said as she put on a bra.

That explained it. She, like a guy, always wanted to look her best when meeting a girl. Looking back, Jo was just as fond of her as Alex. She was probably thinking the same thing as well.

“I bet.” He said with a grin.

“Seems like it’s been forever since I have seen her.” She said as she snapped her bra behind her back. He frowned a little, hoping to see more.

“She hasn’t changed any. She’s a lot like you only straight. Just no trying to lesbinate or lesbinize… What is the word for making someone a lesbian, anyways?” he asked.

“We’re not vampires, we don’t make other lesbians.” she said. She turned to sit down as she shimmied out of her shorts into just her undies. It was good they were off the highway, he thought.

“That be a movie I would go see. Lezpires, The Awaking,” he said.

“I want to lick your clit,” she added in a terrible thick accent which made him laugh. He glimpsed her sliding into her jeans, her perky canlı kaçak bahis breasts bouncing a little as she did.

“And I make no promises, girls got to eat. If she comes on to me, then it’s fair game. I can’t help it if the bi-curious gene runs in your mom’s side of the family,” she teased as she shook out a tee shirt and pulled it over her head.

“I still can’t get over what you told me about mom.” He said, shaking his head.

After Jo had been outed, his mom had told her that she herself had fooled around in college with girls. He had to pretend that he hadn’t found the news titillating; truthfully, he wanted to know more, though he didn’t know the best way to go about it without sounding too perverted.

“Hey, you asked,” she said, fixing her shirt and putting on some deodorant. “Like you haven’t thought about my mom after I told you about her as a stripper.” She added.

She leaned forward and tossed the deodorant in his lap. Her mom had told her about her past after Jo had been outed. Aunt Vicky had worked as a striper to put herself through school and take care of her two daughters after their dad had walked out. It was to assure Jo that her mom had done it for them and no matter what Jo did she would always be there for her. He couldn’t help but picture a twenty something Susan in a thong and pasties with tassels dancing on a table. Truth told, the woman still could probably do it today. He took the deodorant and began putting it on. Luckily, Jo bought the stuff that was made for a man.

“Fair enough,” he said with a shrug.

She climbed back into the front seat and fixed her hair, pulling it into her typical ponytail except for a few stray locks which hung down either side to hide her ears. She thought they were too big. They talked for a bit as he drove down the road. It wound along the hills until he turned onto the road where his mailbox sat. He drove down the road a bit further until they arrived where the old Smith family house sat in front of the lake. His grandparents had raised his dad and aunt in that house. His dad had given him the house in his will so it would remain in the Smith family on the condition that his mom, sister, aunt, and cousin always had a place in it. Spanish moss hanging from large trees that shaded the house blew lightly in the wind . They were nice in the spring and summer but where a bitch in the fall when he was trying to rake up all the leaves. He turned down the music as they approached the house and turned the car off, letting it roll up, wanting to try and surprise whoever was up.

Alex and Jo grabbed his bags out of the truck and carried them inside after Alex unlocked the door finding the living room empty. “Just set the bags down by the couch I will bring them upstairs later.” Alex whispered putting down the one’s he was carrying. No point in worrying about it until he figured out where he was crashing.

“Well I am going to go pee.” Jo smiled and headed for the downstairs bathroom just off the living room.

“Okay.” He smiled watching her walk away in her skin tight jeans.

Alex walked into the kitchen he saw his mom Elizabeth standing over by the coffee maker.

Spring 1999

“Check.” Joanna said as she passed the ball to Alexander and he passed it back.

He couldn’t help but grin as she began to dribble, her nice peach sized tits bouncing in the white tank top she wore. It took a little more effort to dribble the ball on the hard dirt driveway and it showed in her bouncing teats. Her shoulder length cinnamon-red hair shimmered in the spring sunlight as it bounced about in the ponytail she wore. The cool breeze playing at the few stray locks to either side of her lightly freckled face. Her emerald-green eyes squinted, a smile crossed her wide pink lips as she moved forward. She turned sideways as she got closer to him showing off her perfect heart-shaped ass in the cutoff shorts she wore.

As she got closer to him, her ass began to rub against his crotch when she turned her back to him. Her long arms meant she could keep the ball away from him as she pushed him back with her ass, not that he was trying too hard to steal the ball while her ass ground back against him. They had a very physical relationship growing up, horse playing and wrestling. If he ever got an erection, she would often tease him about it but wouldn’t stop doing what caused it in the first place. She loved teasing him.

“You going to dribble all day or is that all you got?” He asked.

“I got this.” She shoved her ass backwards causing him to step back as to not lose his footing. She turned and shot for the basket before he could recover, hitting nothing but net.

“Oh, someone just got served.” She said, holding out her arms to her sides and shaking her ass which caused her boobs to jiggle a little.

“Yeah, remind me again what the score is.” Alex grinned as he grabbed the ball and dribbled to the end of the driveway.

“Just because I am going easy on you.” Jo teased.

“Funny, I was about to say the same thing.” Alex grinned. “Check.”

He passed her the ball as she passed it back. He often times thought of Jo as a sister as much as they picked on each other, but heaven forbid someone else messed with either of them.

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