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When it comes to college it all depends on who you are and where you go, that makes a great experience. I was one of those big town girls stuck in a small town college, so I hated it. Small classes were okay, but small-minded people were not. All of my classes had less than twenty people, except for a few general education classes that were held in gigantic lecture halls that took up a whole building by itself. These classes I hated to most, boring teachers and no room to take notes let alone sleep comfortably.

It was my last year at this small town university and I was in my only lecture class, World History from the renaissance to the early 1900’s. A snooze and a half. I hated history but I was required to take the class so I was forced to muddle through it. Thirty minutes of hell. I was always stuck next to a guy that either didn’t shower often, or snored too loud.

Then there was a day that I’d decided it was enough, I placed my bags in one seat and my books in the other so I had total freedom from both sides. I mean I sat in the back and there was always at least twenty seats empty by the time class started, so it wouldn’t kill them to sit somewhere else. Sure I got the occasional hard glance for my rudeness but I really didn’t care. Just before the lights went out for the lecture to start a guy stood in front of me and asked if the seat to my right was taken. I began to say yes when I looked up into the most gorgeous pair of dark eyes I’d ever seen. I found myself saying no and moving my bag to make room for him, still staring into his eyes. They were the kind of eyes that made your insides quiver at the thought of them roaming over your skin.

He started making some small talk but I really wasn’t paying attention, I was still looking at his eyes, never mind illegal bahis the rest of him, which was just as breath taking I might add. I didn’t speak until I realized he’d asked me a question.

“Oh, sorry. What’d you say?”

Chuckling he replied, “I asked if you’d been in this class long.”

“Oh, yes. From about the start of the semester.”

“Is it as boring as it looks?”

Faking a slight yawn, I smiled at him. He got the hint. The professor started his long speech and I settled into my chair, painfully aware of his scent. It was nice, manly in a way but very nice not pungent. I started absently tapping my pen against my teeth, an annoying habit I could never get rid of. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him looking at me and as I turned to meet his stare he leaned over and whispered in my ear.

“My name’s Josh by the way.”

“I’m Heather.”

More boring talk came from the direction up front. For some reason I noticed we were relatively alone in the back, the nearest person was two rows away. Erasing it from my mind I tried to focus my attention to the guy I was paying to teach, but I couldn’t. Every time one of us moved I ended up brushing my bare leg against Josh’s jeans. This simple motion sending little electric shocks throughout my body. Becoming slightly aroused from the mixture of fabric against flesh and my stretch of abstinence, I slightly shifted in his direction.

When I slightly brushed my fingers against his wrist, he took my cue. Sliding his hands over to my knee he just kept it there for what seemed an eternity. His hands were warm and it made the cool skin of my bare thigh want to soak him in. I hadn’t realized a short moan had escaped my lips until he placed a finger to his in a sign of shushing. I closed my eyes, not caring illegal bahis siteleri that we were in a room filled with over a hundred students, one professor and three teaching assistants.

As his hand moved on my thigh I felt like crying. My mind was making my body float on a dream. His soft fingertips slid gently over my inner thigh, stopping shy of the hem of my corduroy skirt. I felt rushed and for a moment I wanted to shove his hands underneath my skirt just so he could hit home, but I could tell he liked to take his time. Teasing me only made it worse. I was half squirming and half sliding in my seat. Needing to feel the contact of his fingers on my most intimate region. The sliding I had done pushed my skirt higher on my thighs and you could see the edge of my micro fiber panties. I could only stare now at the erection that had surely come to life because of me and I smiled. Reaching a finger over to him to tease its head through the fabric of his jeans, his head went back and he gritted a sigh through his teeth. This man liked control, I could tell.

While I was busy watching him heave a sigh his hand had moved to slither inside my underwear. When I felt the first contact of his fingers on my clit I thought I was going to scream. It had been a long time since I had felt anything so wonderful. He rubbed the small piece of skin between his fingers for only a moment but it was enough for me, I became wet in a gush. I felt his hands sliding down my underwear and I became aware of him moving in front of me. Funny how I’d never noticed how wide the aisles were.

He was kneeling in between my thighs now, only staring at my face and all I could think to say was, “please.”

That was all he needed. I could feel his breath against my tight warm clit and canlı bahis siteleri I could almost hear my heartbeat in the large room. Fighting the urge to moan, I draped a leg over his shoulder. He kissed the insides of my thighs and I’m sure I did moan, gripping onto the arm of my seat. Riding a euphoric wave I felt free. And I crashed down when I felt his tongue flick across my sweet nub for the first time. Raising my hips I could only sigh. When he began his long penetrating strokes with his tongue I floated. His tongue was like nothing I’d felt before, none of my other lovers had made me feel this way. His tongue seemed large and long, almost snake-like, as it swept inside of me as if searching for something. I finally did cry out as an orgasm of deep proportions hit me like a ton of bricks.

Coming down off of my ecstatic cloud, I could feel his lips on mine, tasting myself in him. I figured he was just keeping my mouth occupied so I wouldn’t draw any more attention to us. But when I heard the slight unzipping of pants I was overjoyed that it was dark in here and the professor was a loud man and the kid two rows in front of us was snoring.

Feeling him grasp my thighs and slide me onto his erection was heavenly, yet somewhat awkward at the positioning. He had a lot to be proud of, and I believe I was proud enough for both of us. My wet cunt slid easily onto him and he thrust with the steady motion of a man who knew what he wanted in life. Riding him in this large auditorium, on a small seat was exhilarating and erratic at the same time. Gripping his shoulders as he plunged into me one last time before exploding in hot waves he crushed my lips with a kiss, to help keep me quiet and to give my tongue something to work on.

He gently pushed me back into my seat and sat back in his own with perfect timing. The lecture was over. Rushing out before everyone else I led him to my on-campus apartment, in the spring warmth. Thinking the whole way home, that was the greatest thirty-minute lecture of my college career.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32