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I walk into the room.

I’m wearing thigh high socks, a bra, and panties. I walk over towards you sitting on the bed and I swing my legs over and around your waist, straddling you.

You try to say something but I put a finger to your lips. Then I lean in and we kiss. At first it’s sweet and slow and then gets passionate and more intense. At that point you’re gripping my ass and biting my lip. I groan and grind against your hardening member. You flip me over and pin my hands to the bed with one hand, cupping my face with the other.

“My turn” you say. I just smile and kiss you rougher, wrapping my legs around your waist. You reach behind me and unclasp my bra, flinging it off. You kiss down my neck, occasionally gently biting and nibbling until you get to my boobs. One hand squeezes and is playing with nipple of the left one as your mouth trails along the right one, kissing and biting everywhere but the nipple.

I arch my back and moan, a bit frustrated. You then take my nipple into your mouth and bite down gently, rolling your tongue over the hardening flesh – your left hand pulling the nipple of the other one. I squirm and move my hips from side to side as I try and gain friction from your erection. You do the same to the left breast and your hand with the other one. At that point I’m turned on and my heart rate has increased. You release both of them, sit up and grab a piece of rope and tie my hands to the headboard.

You then take off your pants and shirt, leaving you in just your boxers. You kiss down the valley between my breasts, down my stomach, and once you get to my hips you let out a warm breath – I squirm feeling the warm illegal bahis air against my pussy. You smile and kiss down my thighs and down my legs as you take off my panties. Once they’re off you come back up and kiss my inner thighs again, so close to where I want it but not. I arch my back again and moan.

“Oh. Is that what you want?” You say. You slide a finger gently across my wetness. “You want this?” You ask, teasing me. You then dip your head uncover my clit and lick a tiny bit. I let out a high pitched moan, struggling against the rope binding my hands. You lick back and forth again and say

“Are you sure?” You ask.

“Yes! Please just ..” I say, feeling desperate and wet.

“Please what?” You ask.

“Please give me more. I need you, daddy.” I say.

And with that you go in. Licking up and down my wet, freshly shaved pussy. I moan and lift my hips, begging for more. You slap the side of my ass “Stop moving.”

I whimper but hold still as you pick up pace and start to insert a finger. You start to pump in and out and I’m doing everything not to thrust deeper into you.

You then insert two more fingers and I scream “Please please please!” as I lift my hips up, wanting more. Right before I’m about to come, you pull away. I let out a whimper, missing the feeling of your fingers and your tongue.

“Wha-?” I start to say before you flip my legs over.

“Turn around and face the wall.” I turn over and get into an almost praying position. My knees on the bed as I face the wall, my hands still tied in front of me. You pull back my hips so my ass is extended and out.

“This is what you get for disobeying illegal bahis siteleri me when I said not to move. If you move at all or shrink back at any time during this, I’m starting over. Do you understand?”

“Yes” I say quietly, still dripping and horny from my almost orgasm.

“Yes what?” You ask, slapping my ass.

“Yes.. sir?” I say. You just chuckle and start my punishment. You spank me slowly at first, pausing every now and then, changing the placement and then going very fast in the same place. One after another my ass gets bright red.

“Please stop. I promise I won’t move I’m sorry!” I say as I start to tear up. That only makes you hit harder and faster. At the last hit, it’s been 20 all together and it’s the hardest by far. I moan/scream as the impact hits me. I sit there waiting for the next one, my face almost as red as my ass from embarrassment that I moaned so loudly from just being spanked. You come around me and untie me, kissing my forehead and rubbing my ass.

“Are you okay?” I just nod and smile. “Good girl. Now stand over there.” You point to a wall. I get up and off my knees and walk towards the wall, my ass cherry red and burning and completely naked except for the pink thigh highs that you let me keep on. You tie my hands up on a pole that’s going horizontal on the wall.

My hands now bound above me. You pull something from the bedside table next to you and pull it over my eyes, a blind fold. You kiss my lips before going down and start to lick my pussy again. You do the same as before, three fingers going in and out of my tight hole. Not being able to see heightens my senses and makes the feelings canlı bahis siteleri even more intense. Still three fingers pounding in and out of me, I hear you lean back and reach for something. Next thing I know something is rubbing against my clit. A vibrator is rubbing my clit intensely as you finger fuck me even harder.

I’m screaming at this point. “Please please please. Oh god PLEASE let me come.” Right when you feel my walls tighten around me, you pull your fingers out and stop the vibrator. I actually cry out from the lack of touch. I was so close this time. You put the vibrator down, take off my blind fold and the rope binding my hands.

You pick up the vibrator turn it on its lowest setting and stick it inside of me. “Get on your knees.” You say. I do and watch as you pull out your cock. I already know what to do as I lick up and down your hard shaft, making it nice and wet before entering it into my mouth.

I suck up and down slowly and steadily. I feel the vibrator pick up speed and I moan with your cock still inside my mouth. The vibrations making the sucking even better. I suck you off right before you’re about to come before you pull out of my mouth, pull me up, take the vibrator out and thrust inside of me.

You pick me up and lift me up and down on your cock as we move to the bed. You put me down and get on top of me as you continue to thrust. I pull your head towards mine and start to kiss you. A little while in, I start to moan loudly as I reach my peak. I look into your eyes as you give a small smile. When you’re ready to come as well you thrust a few more times before I hear the words I’ve wanted to hear all night. “Come.”

I moan as I have a giant orgasm. You ride it out as I finish coming and you fall beside me. We’re both panting and exhausted.

“Well that was fun.” You say.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. I knew it was a good idea.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32