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Brianna Miller rested her head against the glass window in the back of the van as she watched the rain pour down in torrents. 5pm on New Year’s Eve and she was driving through some backwoods town looking for a crummy hotel in a horrible rainstorm. With her head throbbing and aching back, she bitterly reflected on how a day that held so much promise was now ending as an all-out shit fest. Bri threw a bitter glance at the person sitting beside her who was tapping rapidly on a tablet. The person Bri blamed for the entire day going down the drain. The very LAST person she would ever want to be anywhere near on New Year’s Eve. Erin McKinnon. Bri gave her the best side stink eye she could muster. Damn bitch Bri thought to herself.

It had all started a week ago. Everyone was happily gathered in the conference room at her job for their semi-weekly meeting. Just a few more days and there were all off to their last assignment for the year. Bri and the rest of her department were going to Miami. Bri worked for Aztech International where she trained medical professionals-doctors, nurses, hospital administrators- on the use of the new medical equipment that the company produced. Bri loved her job. She had planned on a career in medicine after getting her biology degree, but stumbled on this job and never looked back.

At age 26, she was already making $45,000 in base salary alone with monthly bonuses of at least $800.00 or more each month. She was single, no kids, and had no debt of any kind. Lately, she had even been thinking about saving for a house. The bonuses were based on the evaluations from the training participants after each workshop, as well as the post training score results of the trainees after a month of working on the new equipment. She and her training partner, Jose, had the top results each and every time. Bri was a natural at training. She was knowledgeable, engaging, and creative.

While it did involve extensive travel all over the country, sometimes up to 3 or 4 times a month, Bri didn’t mind. Often, they got to train in a great city such as New York, LA , or Honolulu. Everything was paid for by the company-food, hotel, flights etc. They received generous stipends issued on company credit cards that were far more than what was needed and the extra could be used as they wished. Every so often, Bri would land in one of those awesome cities on a weekend or around a holiday where they did not have rush off to another training just yet. For a party girl like Bri, these were the ultimate assignments. She got her work out of the way and then spent the rest of the time partying her ass off on the company’s dime.

This trip to Miami was going to be one of those times. Bri could hardly wait. Fucking New Year’s Eve in Miami. Back in July, she and Jose had an assignment in Manhattan. While out at a club later that evening, they met Cuban businessman Alejandro Solares. A self-made multi-millionaire at only 29, the man was not only filthy rich but also gorgeous. Golden brown skin, thick black hair, and an impeccably dressed , slim muscular build all wrapped up in a sexy Cuban accent. Bri stayed by his side the entire night. He was also very generous and treated them to a night on the town and paid for all their drinks, cover charges, and ending at his gorgeous penthouse which had a wonderful view. Bri had drunk everything from Bacardi to Cristal that night. While Jose was busy in another room with a girl, Bri was heavily making out with Alejandro on his massive bed in one of the most gorgeous bedrooms she had ever seen. The next thing she remembered was waking up in his bed, fully clothed, and with a throbbing headache. Bringing her coffee and two aspirin, he said they did not have sex because it was something he wanted her to be fully present for and remember. “Trust me, you’re going to want to remember it,” he said. Just dripping with Cuban charm. He extended an open invitation to his penthouse in Miami anytime they were in town.

Bri had broken up with Matt 8 months ago. It had been Bri’s longest relationship coming in at a solid four months. What could she say? She hated commitment and being tied down. She had to admit that Matt was actually an awesome guy who had treated her very well. He was sweet, supportive, and had a great engineering career he was working to get established. The reason for the break up resided with Bri. Fed up with her partying just about every weekend and refusing to make a serious commitment to the relationship, he gave her an ultimatum. Bri chose her freedom. So far she had been single and loving it. No constraints, but she did sometimes miss the care and support Matt gave her after she came back from a tiring training session or just wanted a listening ear and to be held.

Bri was raised by a single mother with her father bailing before she was even born. Bri never met him, but it did not stop her family from stepping in and helping to raise her. She had two aunts and a set of grandparents that absolutely adored her. Everyone did. canlı bahis şirketleri Her Aunt Alice had three boys and her Aunt Shannon had no children. Bri was the only girl and was spoiled. And she knew it. Her uncles always stpeped in for things like teaching her to ride a bike and helping her pick out her first car. Her aunts and grandparents helped her mom with babysitting, chipping in for school supplies, birthdays and so on. Bri and her mom had a close relationship representative of single parents with only children. More often than not, they looked and behaved like sisters more than mother and daughter.

But Bri was an unapologetic party girl. She had a fun, laid back personality and was always down for a good time. Plus, she was a natural beauty. People were just innately attracted to her, guy and girls. She was 5’4, with long, beautiful reddish brown hair and deep blue eyes. She had firm B-cups and a tiny waist on a naturally slim, petite body. Other women, and some men, envied her for being able to put away pizza, ice cream, chocolate and alcohol by the truck loads, over an entire weekend, and not gain a pound. Things just came easily to her. She was the type that could goof off all weekend and write a stellar research paper in one night and get an A. She didn’t prep at all for her SAT’s, was late the morning of the test, but made a score that landed her a full academic scholarship.

So even though she partied hard, Bri always got her shit done. Always. For this entire year, she and Jose had been the top producing team each and every month. Earlier at the team meeting, Bri was once again named top trainer, overall, for the month. In addition to a bonus, the winner got a gift card and a cute paper certificate. Bri had the certificate playfully taped to the front of her blouse. She loved being goofy. Bri’s team manager, Louis, quickly tried to quiet everyone down as he began again with more announcements. Bri’s department was made up of 8 teams of at least two people. Although it was a pain of the job working on days such as New Year’s Eve, the holiday pay was great and they often got to spend the next few days touring the city if they didn’t have another assignment. As a top trainer, she got to pick and choose her assignments with more ease than the newer teams and she had purposely picked to work this New Year’s Eve in Miami.

Some of the newer teams with less experience would be going to the smaller cities outside of Miami. “You guys are so lucky,” Allen remarked to Bri and Jose. Allen and his teammate, Katie, had just been hired a few weeks ago. “We have to fly out to Amherst and the weather is supposed to be terrible. Bad rain and icy. Hope we can make it back to Miami in time.” Bri just shook her head and gave him a soft pat on the shoulder. She remembered those days as a newbie where you had to take whatever backwoods assignment given to you.

“Alright, I know you are all excited about Miami,” Louis said. “Well to comply with flight schedules and as appreciation for all your hard work this year, you all have until the 3rd to fly back.” Bri and Jose did a secret fist bump underneath the table. This day was getting better and better. Bri gave a head nod to Crystal and Beth, their other party partners in crime, and mouthed “It’s on.” Whenever the four of them were in a city together, it was insane. There was the time in San Diego where both Jose and Bri ended up on a beach, completely drunk, and wearing the other’s bathing suit-Bri in just Jose’s swim trunks and he wearing her skimpy red bikini. They had found a puppy somewhere and were singing raps songs in front of a bond fire with an equally drunk Beth and Crystal laughing and snapping photos. Don’t ask. And then there was that epic time in New Orleans, during Mardi Gras of all times. Because of her completely drunken haze, Bri could only remember bits of that night which seemed to include handcuffs, a horse, and lots and lots and lots of flashing of every body part she had. Even some of the internal ones. Don’t ask.

And they all had the same oath. Whatever happens wherever they go, it stays between them no matter what. As soon as they found out about Miami, Bri sent a text to Alejandro. At first she was afraid he had forgotten her, but he immediately replied saying he would send a car to pick them up that evening after their work was done. They could spend New Year’s Eve night at his downtown penthouse, and then fly out to Key West on New Year’s Day on his private jet. It was going to be epic and Bri was seriously looking to pick up with him where she left off.

Everyone was in high spirits at the meeting, joking with Louis and each other until someone walked into the room and changed the entire atmosphere. Erin McKinnon. She was the budget coordinator for the department and everyone hated her. She was rigid, cold, stern and took her job very seriously. Too seriously in Bri’s opinion. She never cracked a joke, smiled, or joined them for any social gatherings.

Beth once told Bri canlı kaçak iddaa that it was such a shame with girls like Erin. They were born blessed with great looks and an awesome body, but did not know how to flaunt or use it. Bri considered this and had to admit that, despite the complete lack of social skills, physically, Erin was stunning. She had the brightest sea green eyes, naturally wavy blond hair that she always wore in a ponytail, and a well-toned 5’8 body. She was a full firm C-cup with a round butt, flat stomach, and long legs.

However, she kept that body encased in some of the most hideous clothes Bri had ever seen worn to the office. Erin always wore conservative long skirts, or dress pants and blouses that she buttoned to her chin and looked like they belonged on someone 82, not 28. Bri only knew how toned her body was after seeing her running along the street outside their office building one morning in shorts and a tank top. Bri had to get some files from the office before a 7am flight. Someone mentioned to her that Erin ran about 5 miles every morning before work. The only thing about Erin’s outfits that Bri admired was her scarves. She always had a silk, brightly colored scarf with every outfit. Sometimes it was around her neck, over a shoulder, or in her hair. It was the only thing she wore that resembled taste, Bri thought.

But overall, Bri just didn’t understand Erin. Bri had a natural way with people and her charm and flirty manner usually made her a favorite with everyone. She could talk to the head execs with the same ease she used on the workers in the mailroom. She knew the cleaning staff by name and they knew her name. Yep, everyone adored Bri. Everyone but Erin.

Erin was a stickler for the rules and since she had joined the department, she had really kept an eye on the teams’ spending. She ruined many an extra night stay in a city or planned office party because it was not in line with what was allocated according to the budget. In the past, their manager, Chuck, would use extra funds to close the office early and treat everyone to Mexican, or sponsor a bowling night, or let the teams stay an extra work-free night in a city. They also were allowed to turn in their receipts monthly.

This all disappeared when Erin came aboard. All money had to be accounted for and used for its intended purpose. Receipts were due within two business days and the employees received occurrences if they were late, which could interfere with their bonuses. Bri was on her third occurrence before she was finally meeting the deadlines. Gone were the free extra nights. Many teams came back to find that the extra night was charged to them and taken out of their bonuses or actual salary if they had no bonus. After that wild night in San Diego, Bri and Jose found that their $1,000 bonus had been completely deducted from their pay to cover expenses.

Erin was efficient, strict, tight, and serious. She often came in to make short announcements at the start of the meetings. Always direct, short and to the point. Little jokes directed at her by the other teams would be mumbled or scribbled on a note pad and passed around. If she ever caught any of the jokes or saw the paper, she never acknowledged it.

At first, Bri tried to use her charm with her and find out more about who she was and what her fun side was like. But it was like trying to break through a steel wall. Bri even tried to invite her out for drinks after work on Friday evenings. Erin always declined and went back to her computer, indicating she would be staying well after the office closed. After losing her $1,000 bonus, the gloves came off and Bri stopped trying. She started joining the others in their converted jokes and aggressions toward Erin.

One day, Erin had announced that the financial reports she had been asking teams to prepare for over 2 months were due by the end of the week and no one could travel until they were done. Since Bri and Jose had put it off so long, it ended up taking them an entire week to complete and they missed out on a training in Canada. Another team took the spot. Bri was pissed. As she stood making copies for the report for about the 10th time that day, she tiredly glanced at a list hanging on a cabinet door that displayed everyone’s birthday in the department. She saw Erin had one coming up next Wednesday. “Mmmm,” Bri said out loud.

Later that night, exhausted from work and drunk with cocktails, Bri stood with Crystal and Beth in front of Passions Sex Shop. Jose, the forever soft heart, decided to sit this one out. “Are you sure about this?” Beth slurred. “Why not, she fucked with us, let’s fuck with her”, Bri slurred back and then charged into the shop with the others in tow. They had fun looking at the different toys, videos, and games. They finally settled on an 8-inch, thick, fleshy, detachable dildo complete with harness and lube.

Beth kept laughing through her hiccups as Bri paid and they all left the store. “I don’t know about canlı kaçak bahis this,” Crystal said. “I do,” Bri answered. They placed the items and a typed note in large bolded letters that read “This may be a better fit than that stick up your ass. Loosen up, bitch!” in a bright birthday box and slid it into Erin’s file cabinet drawer. “This is so weird,” Bri said as she closed the drawer and looked around Erin’s desk. “No pictures of family, pets, anything.”

“I think she is a vampire,” Beth said laughing.

On the following Wednesday, co-workers milled around and threw half-assed birthday wishes Erin’s way. She would smile tensely and then went back to work. Bri and her friends tried to play it cool, but did not want to miss the moment that Erin opened her drawer. Near lunch time, she finally did. She pulled the box out and set it on her desk. For the briefest of moments, Bri swore she saw a slight smile, like a look of excitement and surprise. Bri felt a surge of guilt. Erin lifted the top of the box and looked down. Her faced turned 5 shades of red as she slammed the lid down and looked around to see if anybody was looking. She looked up to see Bri staring at her right before Beth yanked Bri behind a cubicle and then rushed out with her to the ladies room. Beth fell out on the floor laughing. “Did you see her face?” That was priceless.” Bri started laughing too, but was conflicted with her feelings and she for sure thought Erin would say something. She waited for the reprimand from Chuck and really hoped she wouldn’t be fired. But it never came.

“Bitch, better not have thrown it away,” Beth said over lunch the following week. That shit was expensive and high quality. Hell, I’ll take it if she doesn’t want it.” Bri laughed and threw an olive at her, but secretly wondered why Erin didn’t say anything. Too embarrassed she thought.

In the meeting, everyone squirmed as they waited for Erin to finish her usual rigid, boring announcements about receipts, staying within the budget, and writing accurate reports. Even though no one liked her, Bri had to admit she was damn good at her job. She came up with the idea to issue everyone company cards and set it up so they could check their balances online. The travel funds flowed much smoother and were easier to use.

Chuck had joined the meeting while Erin was talking. After she finished, he came to stand by her. “There is more news,” he said. “You might not know, but we have an opening in our administrative office downtown and Erin is going to apply for the job.” Bri smiled. This day was just getting better. If Erin was working out of the executive offices, she wouldn’t be around to bug them. Maybe now they could get a decent budget person without a permanent stick up their ass. Chuck continued. “Well we really want her to get it. She will be great at it. It opens in March. However, one of the requirements is to have training experience since many of the executives do training evaluations and meet with medical administrators about equipment. We thought she would need a few runs with a team to get her enough practice.”

Chuck looked at the glazed over eyes of his young department. It was obvious they could care less about the needs of Erin McKinnon and Miami was still on their brain. That is until he dropped the bomb. “Well we figured the sooner the better for getting her started and wanted her to join one of the teams going to Miami. The room went still. Eyes got big. Breaths were caught in throats. No one wanted Erin McKinnon working with them, let alone fucking up their trip to Miami.

“Any volunteers?” Chuck asked excitedly. Everyone started looking at their watches, cell phones, pictures on the wall, dust on the conference table, everywhere but at Chuck and Erin to avoid eye contact. Bri put her head down. Chuck stood there with a huge grin on his face. Erin stood silent and emotionless. She knew she was hated.

Chuck tried again. “Anyone?”


Louis cleared his throat. “Well, we were thinking that perhaps it would be better if she joined one of the more top producing teams to learn how to navigate more challenging clients.

Shit, Bri thought to herself. There she sat with that huge, dumbass “Top Trainer” certificate taped to her chest.

Her heart started pounding. Erin was not ruining this trip for her. If Bri was anything she was a strategist and knew she had to think fast. She looked around the conference room at her once loyal comrades now focusing in on her. So it’s come to this, she thought. She was desperate and about to fight fire with fire. It was going to be ugly, but she was about to throw some people under the bus.

“You know I honestly think Erin could benefit from training with one of the newer teams,” Bri said looking at Allen and Katie. Allen gave her the stink eye. Bri didn’t give a shit.

“Oh, you think so, Bri? Why?” Louis inquired.

“Well starting out with a smaller audience will help Erin ease in and get to be more hands on, which is what that executive role is about. Plus, being that Allen and Katie are so new, they could benefit from the company experience Erin already brings to the table. It will help them grow professionally and Erin gets the experience she needs.”

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