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Again, thanks to SteveWallace for editing this story. SteveWallace also publishes on this site under TLCgiver and Romantic1.

This is an edited version of the original story I posted here before. All mistakes are mine.


I awoke suddenly. I am slightly disorientated, for a few seconds. Then I felt Jill’s mouth moving up and down on my morning wood.

“Good Morning,” I say appreciatively smiling.

Jill’s eyes look up at mine, a slight smile, and she continues to pleasure my shaft. I pull the cover off the rest of my body and legs. I motion to her to swing her hips around. She lifts her leg over my head, straddling my face.

I look up at her glistening pussy, beads of moisture starting to collect on her lips. Pulling her hips down closer to me, I reach out with my tongue. Swiping my tongue up through her gash collecting her warm nectar, she shudders.

Not missing a beat, save for the occasional moan, she continues to suck my cock with vigor. Her tongue is swirling around my shaft while she is moving her mouth up and down on it. Her mouth is very wet, sliding easily down my cock.

On the up stroke she is teasing my cock with her tongue. Realizing I do not have much time left, I slide my tongue closer to her clit. Her juices are coating my face from her excitement.

Lapping up her sweetness, I slide my tongue up and around her clit. A muffled moan and a slight jerk of her body indicates I am on the right path. I reach up with both hands and cup her breasts with each hand.

Tweaking her nipples, I suck her clit into my mouth. She pulls my cock out of her mouth long enough to encourage me.

“Oh baby, suck my clit, make me come,” she cried out before filling her mouth with my cock again.

That is all the encouragement I need. My suction on her clit, and the tip of my tongue teasing it is all she needs to go over the edge.

Moaning with her mouth full, she pops my cock out of her mouth long enough to shout out.

“Oh baby, Im cummmminnng,” she cried out.

I slide my cock back into her mouth where she continues to bring me so close to the edge. I feel her trembling through her orgasm. My body tenses up.

“I am cummming,” I warn her. She ignores my warning as she takes my cock deeper into her mouth. My cock starts pulsing, filling her mouth with my cream. She continues sucking and swallowing until she is sure she has it all.

She settled in beside me as she turned her body around. I wrap my arm round her and pull her close to me. Her head is resting on my chest as we both lay there enjoying the afterglow of our orgasms.

Waking up an hour later, we get up, shower off and have an enjoyable breakfast. Looking out toward the ocean, I see Jeff near his fire pit. I walk out to see if he needs any help.

“Hey Jeff, need any help,” I ask?

“Just finishing cleaning out the fire pit and getting it ready for tonight. I could use some help bringing some firewood up from the house if you don’t mind?”

“No I don’t mind at all,” I replied.

This fire pit is bigger than the one we have or any of the others. Around the fire pit were tree trunks split in half, fastened to some large pieces of tree trunk resting on the sand. The cut part of the tree had been milled to give them a smooth finish.

Off to one side, he had stakes drove into the ground to hold his firewood between them. Closer to the ocean the volleyball net was setup and a court laid out in the sand.

While we were carrying firewood up from the house, I asked Jeff how this usually works.

“People come over at varying times, depends on if they have little kids. I bring beach towels down if anyone would like to use them. Most use them to lay and watch the surf roll in while the sun sets. Some of the older crowd makes better use of the towels as the night goes on, if you know what I mean.

We normally place a table close to the fire pit. We set the food on it, and enjoy each other’s company,” he smiled.

“Many younger couples rented the beach houses this week, we might be able to get a nice volleyball game going,” Jeff said. “We encourage good behavior, but recognizing we have some guests with more liberated views. We just ask that anything happening between two consenting adults be kept out of view of any of our younger guests.”

“With your and Jill’s views on sex, there might be a few couples that want to play tonight. You never know.”

I smiled at that thought, while finishing carrying the last of the wood we would need tonight with Jeff. We carried the table out toward the campfire area, and dropped the tiki torches in the pipes he had buried in the sand.

“Thank for the help Bob.”

“No problem, thank you for being such a gracious host, we are looking forward to tonight,” I replied.

We had seen a brochure about an old restored lighthouse at one of the rest stops on the drive to the beach house. We had decided to make that one of our side trips while we were here. By the time I got back to the house, Jill casino şirketleri had dressed and we headed out to check out this restored treasure.

Arriving at the lighthouse, we pull in the small parking area. One other car is there right now.

We walk up toward the lighthouse, a crusty old sailor looking guy smoking a pipe sitting on a lawn chair enjoying the view of the ocean beside the lighthouse.

“Morning folks, wonderful day today,” he said.

“Yes it is,” I answered. “Are we able to go to the top to check out the view?”

“Sure can sonny, we charge $10.00 a piece just to help keep the place up. It is a self-guided tour. The stairs lead to a hatch at the top which will allow you to look out over this whole area from the deck.”

I pay the man $20.00 and we head inside. Looking up at the stairway circling around, it looks really high up to the landing beside the hatch leading outside. Being the gentleman I am, I let Jill go first. I forgot to mention, she had on my favorite sundress, which cradles her nice sized boobs to show them off, with a little bounce in her step.

Her hemline comes halfway up her thigh. And as we start walking up the stairs, I can see she went without panties today. This could get interesting real quick. She runs up a few stairs and looks back at me. I’m watching her braless boobs shake while she hurries up the stairs. I chase after her and in no time it seems, we are at the landing.

We open the hatch door and squeeze outside. Jill goes to the ocean side and looks out at the vast ocean before us. She is standing at the railing leaning over looking around. I come up behind her and wrap my arm around her cupping her breasts and pulling her closer to me.

She turns her head and kisses me, with plenty of tongue. I can get the hint, as she pushes her ass back against my hardening cock. Without a word spoken, I unzip my shorts. Going commando today lets me pull my cock out easily.

I lift the back of her dress up and rub my cock up and down her crack.

“Bob, somebody might see us,” she said apprehensively.

“Look around, we are the only ones here and cannot see anyone even close to us on the beach,” I implore.

She closes her eyes and leans on the railing in front of her. I scoot up close to her, raising her dress again. Her pussy is dripping with her cream. I slide my cock back and forth along the outside of her lips, collecting her moisture.

She is ready as I slide my cock into her pussy from behind. She moans. I take another quick look around. Coast is clear; I know the old man is not climbing these stairs.

I grab her hips with both hands and proceed to slide my cock in and out slowly at first.

“Fuck me Bob, make me cum on your hot cock,” she tells me.

I can see her taking in the sounds of the ocean crashing on the rocks below, while I am pumping her with my hot cock. With the wind blowing her hair around, her warm tight pussy is engulfing my cock, the whole atmosphere heightening my enjoyment.

I start pumping her a little harder, as I feel her juices start to trickle down her leg. I reach in front and cup her breast in my hand, finding her nipple at full attention. Tweaking her nipple, I start pumping her harder.

She is bucking back against me. I can feel her squeeze my cock as I push in harder and harder. She is moaning heavily now, getting closer to her orgasm. It will not be long before she cums.

“Ahhhhh oh fuck, fuck, oh shit I’m cummmming,’ she cried out. I drive my cock deep into her and hold, filling her pussy with my cream. I rest my hands on the rail beside hers, my cock still throbbing inside her.

Slowly my softening cock falls out of her wetness.

“Here, let me clean you up,” Jill said. She squats in front of me and sucks my limp cock into her mouth. She cleans our combined juices from my wilted member, before tucking my cock back into my shorts.

Reaching between her legs, she pulls her hand thru her wetness, slurping up our love juices. She stands and we kiss, enjoying the surf, the sand, and the wind. Out in the distance we see a mini-van turning onto the long road leading back to the lighthouse.

Taking that as our cue to leave we head down the stairs. At the bottom, the old man asks us if we enjoyed the view.

“Yes indeed, we enjoyed ourselves the whole time we were up there,” I replied.

We head back towards our car as a mini-van full of kids pulls up. I can see a wet streak running down Jill’s leg as we get close to the car. No wonder the old man smiled at us.

We had a great day driving along the coast enjoying the view. As it draws closer to seven p.m. we head back to the house and get ready for the bonfire.

I put on a loose fitting pair of khaki shorts, commando of course, and a cotton shirt I bought at a souvenir shop in town. Jill is wearing a cotton V-neck t-shirt, no bra and a pair of bikini bottoms.

Jill’s shirt is thick enough with the different colors, you cannot see through it, but when the casino firmalari wind hits her nipples, they are going to be standing proud.

Walking over towards Jeff’s fire pit, we can see him getting the firewood loaded into the pit. All of a sudden flames shoot up in the air. Rounding the sand dune we see Jeff near the fire holding a can of lighter fluid. I ‘high-five’ Jeff. “My kind of man, nothing better to get a fire going than some lighter fluid,” I complement him.

Some of the other rental houseguests start arriving. There is a couple from Wyoming, just married. Then in strolls another couple with two kids around four and six years old. They are full of energy.

The third group to arrive, a older couple and a guy who looked to be our age. The younger guy was not bad looking and I saw Jill checking him out. He only wore a pair of swim trunks. His abs were well defined and I considered that he probably worked out. His parents introduced themselves, and the young man introduced himself as Joe.

The last group, a young couple. They were being followed by an older woman carrying a toddler. I say older, but she sure did not look like she was a day older than 35. Beautiful blond hair, nice tits with no sag, nice legs and a perfect ass rounded out this beautiful woman. She wore a one piece suit that showcased her hot body. She introduced herself as Katie.

This could be fun!

I heard a voice calling from the house for help. “Jeff, go ahead and greet your guests, I will help Amy,” I told him.

Trotting up to the house, I see Amy waiting at the patio door.

“Thank goodness you came to help,” she smiled at me. As I got closer she leaned in to stick her tongue down my throat. Grabbing my growing erection, she smiled and said, “I hope we can get together sometime tonight.”

I placed my hands on her breasts and tweaked her nipples. “I am looking forward to spending a little more time with you,” I replied. Amy had a bikini on and she looked hot tonight. Her legs were perfect, going up to her tight ass. Her breasts standing out straight, begging for attention. Not an ounce of fat on this girl.

She had the food loaded into a medium size tote. I grabbed one end and she grabbed the other. We carried it out to the table Jeff had setup near the fire. Helping Amy unload the tote up onto the table, we brushed against each other so much my dick was hard. Especially when she rubbed the side of her large breast against my arm.

I introduced myself to the recently arrived guests. We discussed how we loved the beach and how much fun we were having. Jeff calls everyone over and starts handing out metal rods with a U shaped end, both ends pointed, with a brown handle at the other end to hold onto. After giving the adults their sticks, he points to the container sitting in the ice of the cooler.

“Hot Dogs are in the container, condiments, and all kind of chips are on the table,” he offered to his guests.

Everyone starts loading their sticks, shoving their hotdogs down on the sharp points. The parents cooking two at a time for the kids and themselves. By this time the fire had died down enough we were able to get close to the hot coals.

After cooking my hotdog, I loaded some chips on my plate and sat down on one of the logs in the middle. Jill finished cooking hers and sat to my left. Katie walked up close to Jill and me.

“Mind if I have a seat,” she asks with a wink.

“It would be our pleasure if you join us,” I replied.

Jill nudged me and smiled as Katie sat down. I smiled back at her. With Jill’s subtle approval, I thought I might be seeing more of this beautiful lady tonight. Joe and his parents were sitting across from us. I caught Jill stealing glances at Joe’s trim body and nudged her back. I winked at Jill and she smiled, message received.

After the meal, the parents with small kids walked down toward the beach to let the kids play in the sand. Jeff got us together to play some volleyball. Jeff, Katie, and I on one team. Joe, Jill and Amy were on the opposite team.

The volleyball game was heated, with the score close. Jill’s tits were bouncing up and down with no bra on. It not only caught mine and Jeff’s attention, Joe was totally distracted. There were a few times she lunged for the ball hitting the sand. Joe seemed very helpful pulling her back to her feet. Staring at her luscious breasts as her shirt hung loosely in front of her.

We played a few matches, then sat down to have a few drinks and rest. I drank beer and we brought wine in our cooler for Jill. We relaxed watching the flames jump around licking at the wood in the fire. The sun started to set and Jeff lit the tiki torches. We all gathered around the fire and made smores.

After stuffing ourselves, we sang many campfire songs as best we could. It started to get late for the young kids as their parents thanked our gracious host and hostess. They carted them back home and put them to bed.

The newlyweds were anxious to get back to their house güvenilir casino for some serious fun. Joe wanted to hang out with us for a while longer, as his parents said goodnight and headed home. Katie’s younger sister and her husband gathered up their toddler and headed back to their house to put their daughter down for the night.

I sat down next to Katie and Jill sat near Joe. Katie asked if anyone wanted to take a walk by the ocean. I volunteered to walk with Katie. She looked at Jill sipping her wine, for approval and Jill nodded towards us.

“Let’s head toward the town area, Jill and I walked through there earlier in the week,” I suggested.

I picked up a couple beach towels from a stack that Jeff had brought down earlier in case anyone wanted to spend time in the ocean. We soon came across the secluded sand dune area I had seen previously. Unless you were standing right in front of it, you would never see anyone on the beach.

I led Katie up into the dune and lay down our beach towels. We lay down and took in the beauty of the half moon lighting up the ocean without being too bright. I turn on my side facing Katie. She turns towards me, our lips lightly brushing each other.

We kiss a little more fervently, our tongues dancing in each other’s mouth. I pull back slightly and lightly kiss her neck, slowly brushing my lips against her skin. Working my way toward her ear, I take the bottom of her earlobe into my mouth, causing Katie to moan.

“Won’t Jill get upset if she caught us like this,” Katie asks?

“No not at all, we have a strong relationship; I wouldn’t be surprised if she is not having fun with Joe already. We know whom we are going home with. We are here to have fun this week. No emotional ties, just having a good time.”

Katie leans over and kisses me with passion. I slide the right shoulder strap of her swimsuit off her shoulder. I reach in and tease her erect nipple. Her tongue is working it magic in my mouth, making my cock stiffen considerably.

I gently roll her onto her back. Slipping her left shoulder strap down and pulling her suit down, exposes her beautiful breasts. Even though it is not a full moon, I can appreciate her hard nipples sticking straight up. Caressing her right breast with my left hand, my mouth suckling on her hard nipple.

I lightly trace my tongue around the areola of her left breast. She reaches over and pulls my head tight against her breast encouraging me to continue. I feel her left hand brush against my hard cock. She takes hold of it and gives it a light squeeze.

I sit up and help her out of her one-piece suit. She helps me strip down, laying down in a naked embrace. I feel the heat of her excited pussy, my hard cock pressed between us. Sliding down slightly, I kiss her breasts all over causing her to moan again.

Working my way lower, I can smell her excitement. She starts squirming the lower I get. She is expecting my tongue, but I tease her.

“Please suck my pussy,” she pleads.

“You’re going to have to do better than that.”

“Please Bob, stick your tongue in my pussy and make me come. Suck on my clit, I need your tongue now,” she cried out.

I obliged her, curling my tongue and sticking it as far in as I could, sucking on her sweet cream. Sliding my tongue up her pussy lips, collecting her sweet nectar.

“Ah, fuck that’s it. Suck my pussy. Take my clit in your mouth and make love to it.”

She grabs a fistful of hair and pulls me tighter to her pussy. I suck her clit into my mouth, while at the same time sliding a finger into her hot snatch. Her back arches up.

“Ohhhh shit,” she exclaimed. “Ah, fuck don’t stop.”

I slide my finger faster and faster, twirling my tongue on her clit, before sucking it into my mouth. While sucking, I tease the tip of her clit with my tongue. Her animated body tells me I am doing something right.

“I’m getting close,” she gasps. “Fuck me with that fat cock NOW”

Sensing she is close, I line my cock up with her pussy. She grabs my cock and sticks it in her pussy. I drive it to the hilt.

“Oh fuck,” she cried out. Her hips buck up toward mine. I start fucking her with quick, hard thrusts. She wraps her legs around mine pulling me deep into her. I feel her body quivering in my arms.

“Ah, fuck I’m cumming. Pump your hot cream in me.” I am on the edge and with one more hard thrust, I held my cock deep as my cum blasted into her womb. I held firm, feeling my load pumping until I had no more to give.

We lay there catching our breath; finally recovered enough I rolled to her side. We lay there for a few minutes basking in the afterglow of sex.

“Well I guess we better get ourselves together and get back to the others,” I told her.

Helping her up to her feet and shaking the sand from our towels, we looked at each other in the dim moonlight. Picking up our discarded clothes, we dress, admiring each other’s nude bodies only slightly covered now.

“Thanks Bob, I really enjoyed that,” she smiled as we kissed briefly before walking back to the bonfire.

Getting closer to the fire, I see a couple on a blanket on one side of the fire. The other side I see someone sitting on one of the log benches. It’s a woman with a man standing in front of her.

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