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“Have you been drinking?” Richard asked, smelling the wine on Molly’s breath.

“Well, maybe a little,” she lied. Then, noticing Richard staring over her shoulder to where the empty wine bottle was laying on its side on the end table, she admitted “well, maybe a lot.”

Richard grabbed the keys from Molly’s hand and offered to drive. She was able to convince him to take her car. As they get on the New Jersey turnpike towards Atlantic City she tells Richard about her dream, sparing no details. He is obviously very turned as Molly has to remind him more than once to keep his eyes on the road. After about half an hour Molly has to pee. Just as they are about to get off the turnpike to find a place they come to a service plaza. It looks like the place is deserted, but the lights are on so they pull in.

The restroom reminded Molly of the ones at the campground her family used to go to on vacation. One year they took her cousin Susie along, who was a couple years older than Molly. Susie had taught her a rhyme which she had all but forgotten about until now. Still being a bit buzzed, she recited it out loud as she cleaned up, the cinderblock walls returning a flat echo:

“Always wipe front to back, Never back to front. Love and kisses, Your Cunt.”

Molly was nine years old at the time and didn’t know what the C-word meant, so after they got back she asked her mother, who slapped Molly silly and made her stay in her tent the rest of the trip.

When Molly approached her car, Richard was in the passenger seat. They had not been on the road for long, so she didn’t think that he would want her to drive yet. As she got closer, she noticed that he had taken his shirt off. Richard’s chest illegal bahis was muscular and hairy, but not overly so. She reached for the door handle and saw Richard’s shirt on the driver’s seat, which was positioned exactly as she had described it in her dream (moved to the rear, reclined halfway back). Molly’s knees became weak and she had to grab onto the side of the car to keep herself from toppling over.

“I’ve been thinking about what you told me,” Richard said in a low voice. “Do you still want to have your pussy licked?”

Molly glanced around the parking lot, they were still alone. Luckily, Richard had parked on the backside of the building, far from any lighting. He must have planned this all along. Speechless, she nodded and got into the car. Richard leaned over and gave her a kiss, while untucking and slipping a hand under her blouse in one motion. She didn’t have time to put a bra on this morning, but that turned out to be fortuitous. Richard stuck his tongue in Molly’s mouth as he caressed her left breast. He could see her eyes widen as he rubbed his thumb across her nipple, which was already hard.

Molly’s breaths were shallow and ragged. The fear of death in her dream was replaced by the fear of being seen or arrested, which was almost as arousing. Sensing her readiness, Richard placed his hand between Molly’s legs, lifting her skirt and feeling his way down to her wetness.

Molly slid down in her seat and whispered “I’m ready” into Richard’s ear. Molly placed her left leg onto the dashboard and directed Richard into the same position as in her dream. It was eerie how everything was placed just right, as if she had done this before. Richard was indeed able to barely reach Molly’s illegal bahis siteleri clit with the tip of his tongue, and gave it his best. If Molly had not already climaxed in her dream she definitely would have came by now, but since they weren’t actually driving she wanted to make things more comfortable for both of them.

Molly angled herself towards Richard and moved her left leg from the dashboard to the top of the steering wheel, then swung her other leg over the console and rested her foot on the passenger seat (after lifting Richard’s chin out of the way with her finger, of course). Richard got back to work by licking the seam where Molly’s leg met her crotch, and made his way across her mound with gentle strokes. This was certainly arousing, and she was happy that Richard was taking his time instead of rushing things along, but she needed to feel his tongue inside her.

Molly was ready to grab Richard’s head and bury it in her snatch when he parted her lips and began licking her clit. She gasped audibly and threw her head back. Richard definitely knew what he was doing, she could just lay back and enjoy herself instead of having to coach him through it. As Molly’s favorite song blared from the radio, Richard’s tongue played her groove like a phonograph. Her mind went blank as she lost herself in the moment; her thoughts replaced by hissing and pops.

Richard took a few minutes to tongue her opening and sucked Molly’s petals between his lips before returning to her clit for the grand finale. Molly felt her pulse quicken and before she knew it she came, sounding the horn twice with her knee as her body jerked. Then, giggling uncontrollably, she laid on the horn as her climax canlı bahis siteleri subsided. Richard grabbed Molly and told her to be quiet. They peeked back over the seats and waited a few minutes before continuing. Someone came to the window of the gas station, but never left the building.

Without speaking, Molly motioned for Richard to get out of the car and she moved over to the passenger side. She thought briefly about grabbing a condom from her purse but didn’t want to spoil the mood. Besides, she had just finished her period. Molly slid the passenger seat back, reclined it almost all the way, and wrapped her arms around the headrest.

Richard took the hint and knelt behind her. As he entered her he reached underneath Molly to rub her clit. Since she already had her fun, she took his hand and placed it on her waist, so Richard could have his way with her. Richard grabbed both of her hips and began jackhammering. Molly’s tits slapped the seatback and her lower chest in rhythm with his thrusts. After several minutes, Richard suddenly stopped and unloaded into Molly with a grunt.

Molly grabbed Richard’s shirt and held it between her legs as she exited the car. “Sorry, honey,” she apologized, tossing it to Richard so he could wipe off as well. As she went back to the restroom to clean up the clerk was staring at her, but she didn’t care. On the way out she picked up a souvenir “Garden State” t-shirt for Richard, and gave him a big smile as she paid. As she gets back in the car Molly sees a wet spot on the passenger seat but fuck it, she’ll get it cleaned later. She can’t be the first person to get cum on leather seats.

When they get off the turnpike Molly asks Richard which casino has the 24-hour sushi bar. He is obviously confused, as this was part of Molly’s dream. They reach the hotel and split a burger and fries from room service before crashing. As she plummeted into sleep, Molly made a mental note to pick up more cherries.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32