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The sun was setting when I arrived at Liu’s apartment. I had told her that I might drop by, but I had not made a definite plan. Thus, it was understandable that, when she opened her door, she was casually dressed and that both she and her small apartment were in a state of mild disarray. As she often did, she was wearing a multi-layered outfit consisting of a pair of jeans and a loosely fitted, short sleeved sweater over a cotton T-shirt. However, her general appearance indicated that it had not received the attention which she usually gave it. In particular, her hair had not been combed, her shirt was untucked, and her face had the slightly puffy look of a face which has not been scrubbed after a nap. The state of her apartment was comparable to that of her person. Clothes were strewn over its scant furnishings, and dishes were piled unwashed in the sink.

Nonetheless, Liu showed no signs of embarrassment about and offered no apologies for the unkempt state of either herself or her abode. Instead, she welcomed me into her apartment, clearing a path for us through the mess and then dumping clothes off a chair so that I could sit down. When I was seated, Liu took up a position directly in front of me and leaned forward until her face was inches from my own. Apparently oblivious to the view of her unfettered breasts which her position afforded me, she smiled into my face and said,

“I am glad that you found time to visit me at my home. As you can see, I was not sure whether you would come and made no preparations lest you did. What you have before you is me in my natural habitat, no frills and no excuses. The only question is what we are going to do now that you are here. We have two options. The first is to continue the game of cat and mouse which we have been playing at the office. The second is to find out whether the cat and mouse find each other as fascinating when they are free to act on their inclinations as they do when have to curb those inclinations. In that we already know what it entails, the first option is the safer one. It carries with it no danger of damaging what has been an innocent, if somewhat frustrating, dalliance which we have both enjoyed. The second is simultaneously more intriguing and more daunting. The fascination may dissolve when exposed to intimacy, and, even if it survives, the nature of our relationship would be irreparably altered. My ambivalence prevents me from making a decision, and so, like myriads of women before me, I will defer to your better judgment.”

Liu’s words took me surprise. I had always known that she was well aware of her own role in our game and had interpreted her active participation as evidence that she enjoyed it as much as I. Indeed, this was not the first time that she had less than covertly treated me to a glimpse of her breasts. On the other hand, it never occurred to me that Liu had any intention of allowing our flirtation to be anything more than that: an indulgence in puppy love by a couple of people to whom the term “puppy” no longer applies. For one thing, she is much younger than I. Secondly, and perhaps more relevant, I have a wife and she has a boyfriend, albeit one who was living elsewhere at the time. Under these circumstances, there was little or no chance that a one night stand would evolve into a more lasting arrangement. Thirdly, I am honest enough to realize that my physical attributes are insufficient to impel an attractive, intelligent young woman, less than half my age, to invite me into her bed. Thus, from her perspective, I saw nothing for her to gain other than a opportunity to satisfy her libido.

It was only after I had reached this conclusion that I realized that the same line of reasoning applied to me. Other than satisfy my curiosity about the details of the two cones of flesh which she had before and was once again exposing to me, what had I to gain from joining her under her rumpled sheets? In fact, when I thought about it, even the origin of my curiosity seemed a bit odd. Liu’s were neither the first nor the most beautiful pair of breasts which I had encountered. On the contrary, not only her bust but her entire body is far from the curvaceous, feminine ideal which my childhood indoctrination had taught me to seek in a woman. Her Asian genes have endowed her with a elegant, nearly boyish frame, devoid of the sumptuous excess which I had learned to admire and many of her western sisters possess. At the same time, I understood that my attraction to her was a consequence of the difference between her and the other women whom I had known. I was charmed not only by the elegance of her figure but also by her personality. Without any of the edge which I had come to associate with the feminist model of “a strong woman,” Liu can comfortably hold her ground in any conversation. She is willing to employ feminine wiles when she deems them appropriate, but she does not rely on them and knows that, in the end, it is the power of her intellect which will win the day. In a sense, her personality is a perfect match for her body: both are strong and neither diminishes her appeal as a woman.

With these conflicting thoughts rushing illegal bahis through my mind, I addressed the question which Liu had left hanging in the air.

“Liu, you know all too well my attraction to you. Leaning over me the way that you are, you are fully cognizant of the mesmerizing effect that your breasts are having on me. When you have shown them to me in the past, you could be sure that I would only stare at them, but now you are inviting, even challenging, me to go further. How much further neither of us knows. I am sorely tempted to take you in my arms and ravage you. That would obviate the need for thought and would relieve us of the burden of making more decisions. But it would also reduce our potentially beautiful union to an act of bestial carnality, one which, satisfying as we might find it for the moment, would destroy the distinctly human attachment which we have had heretofore. For this reason, I propose that we proceed incrementally. Suppose we start by having you complete the exposure of your breasts.”

Maintaining eye contact all the while, Liu dropped her hands to her waist, grasped the bottom edge of her sweater and shirt, and, while her torso performed a feline undulation, slid them up her body to reveal the expanse of tawny flesh which they had been hiding. With an innate sense of how to maximize the sensual impact of what she was doing, she prolonged the baring of her breasts, teasingly letting the hem of her sweater play a game of hide and seek as it passed over them and then pausing a moment with her sweater and shirt bunched around her neck before lifting them over her head. After dropping them on the floor, she shook her head until her hair was symmetrically flowing over her shoulders and then placed her hands on the arms of my chair so that I would be blatantly confronted by what she had just revealed.

Staring at me were Liu’s nipples. As I had anticipated, her breasts are rather small, but they are nicely shaped and well suited to her diminutive frame. What I had not anticipated is either the size of her aereolae or the prominence of her nipples. Her aereolae are a dark, reddish brown and at least an inch in diameter. In addition, because her breasts taper to a point, her aereolae do not lie flat but instead cover a portion of the conical surface which they adorn. Fully erect and succulently full, her nipples emerge from the center of each aureola. Like an infant responding to the sight of his mother’s teats, I felt a strong urge to suckle at Liu’s beckoning breasts. However, I resisted that urge and instead brought my hands forward to cup each dangling cone in my palms. As I palpated the firm orbs which I held, her rigid nipples grazed against rough surface of my hands and seemed to grow. Pleased by their response, I systematically but gently bent them back and forth, eliciting mewing sounds of pleasure from their owner.

I continued this mutually tantalizing form of stimulation for several minutes until Liu straddled my legs and, without disengaging my hands, moved toward me, lowered herself onto my legs so that she was sitting on my thighs with her knees resting on the seat and her crotch nestling against my own. Inspired by their proximity and curious to find out just how large I could make them grow, I released my hold on her breasts and positioned my hands so that I could hold her turgid nipples in my finger tips. Applying sufficient pressure to prevent their escape, I began a slow milking of her teats. Starting at the base, I repeatedly rolled my fingers along the stalk of each nipple, on each cycle stretching them to their full length and holding them there for several moments before beginning again. My efforts were soon rewarded. In an obvious attempt to augment the intensity of her experience, Liu responded to the pull on her nipples by leaning back at the same time as I was drawing her nipples in the opposite direction, and during the brief intervals when, through our cooperative effort, they were fully extended, she threw her head back and emitted a sigh of carnal satisfaction.

Knowing that her nipples would become sore if we continued too long, after a couple of minutes I relinquished my hold on them and placed my hands on her shoulders.

“In order to take the next step, you are going to have to unbutton your jeans and expose your lower belly to me. I am a great admirer of the entire female anatomy, not just the apparatus which produces milk. I suspect that you have a beautifully curved belly, but I want to confirm my suspicion. If it meets with my approval, I would like to spend some time exploring its contours.”

A little confused by my request but not averse to finding out where it would lead, Liu dropped her hands and prized open the buttons which had been holding her jeans shut. Unconvinced that the resulting exposure was adequate, before resuming her position, she raised her hips high enough to slide the jeans down and leave only her panties covering her lower belly. There are few sights which give me greater pleasure than that of a rounded but firm female belly. What pleases me about it are the competing attributes which give it its beauty. illegal bahis siteleri On the one hand, it is designed to accommodate the imposition put upon it while carrying an child. Thus, it should have the shape of an inverted bowl which swells from the waist, making a horizontal ledge for her navel to sit on, and narrows as it passes her hips and approaches her pelvis. At the same time, it should have sufficient musculature to maintain its melon-like curvature. Few woman achieve such a stomach, but Liu’s is as close to ideal as I have ever seen. Besides its pleasing shape, the appeal of her stomach comes from the color of her skin. Unlike Caucasian women, whose lower bellies are likely to be pallid and devoid of color, the skin covering Liu’s has a lovely texture and delicious tone. If her abdominal region has any imperfections, they result her overall diminutive size: her upper torso and pelvic saddle are simply too small to produce the sort of dramatic dip which is responsible for a wasp waist. Nonetheless, whatever its defects, Liu’s was a belly with which I wanted to become better acquainted.

“Liu, I would like your tummy to perform for me. If you fold your arms behind your back so that your shoulders are drawn back and your tummy is thrust forward, I will try to massage your stomach in ways which will encourage it to contract and undulate like a belly dancer’s. I don’t know if you are aware of the sensual potential of a woman’s belly, but there are parts of the world in which it is considered the most sexually potent portion of the female anatomy. I am hoping that together we can find out the reason why it is held in such high esteem.”

Liu straightened her back and folded her arms back so they her forearms rested in the hallow created when she trust her tummy forward, holding them in place by grasping her elbows. From the quizzical look on her face, I could tell that she felt a little awkward and was uncertain about what to expect. Not wanting to prolong her suspense, I immediately put my hands on her tummy and began tracing my fingers along its subtle contours. To my delight, I could feel tremors caused by the contraction of her abdominal muscles as my fingers passed over them. Initially these tremors were barely perceptible, but they soon grew in strength. As I had hoped, Liu’s body instinctively knew how enhance the stimulation it was receiving. To relieve the frustration caused by my purposefully ephemeral caresses, Liu tightened her abdominal muscles in an attempt to bring my hands into closer contact with her belly. Although her efforts won her scant relief, they accentuated her waist. As I said earlier, Liu’s is not a wasp waist, but it is slender, and the contraction of her muscles combined with the swelling of her tummy gave it definition.

Wanting to gain direct access to flesh hidden beneath her panties, I inserted a finger into her waist band and, after getting a nod of consent from Liu, slowly pulled her panties down, applying the same care as I would have had I been removing the skin from a fruit which I did not want to blemish. I lowered them in front to the top edge of her pubic hair and then reached around to lower them in back to the same level. Like that of her upper torso, the flesh which I uncovered has an enticing blend of colors: it is tawny with a slight hint of pink. In addition, padded as it is by a thin layer of fat beneath, the skin on her tummy has a texture which defies all attempts at artificial reproduction: it can be found only on a woman in her prime or a baby in its infancy.

Unwilling to simply gaze at its perfection, I brought my hands forward, placed my thumbs at the edge of the crater containing her bellybutton, and spread them so that my palms and fingers would encompass her stomach. Having already bared her breasts to me and allowed my hands complete liberty with them and their nipples, Liu’s response my hands on her belly may seem a little odd. Like a schoolgirl for whom petting is an exciting but disturbing new experience, she gasped when she felt my fingers probe through the soft tissue to the firm muscles responsible for maintaining the rounded hemisphere which I had laid bare. As if to explain her gasp, Liu shared her emotions with me.

“There are many times when I have been naked in front of both men and women, but I have never felt more exposed and vulnerable than I do at the moment. There is something strangely erotic about having my tummy the focus of attention. I know that my stomach is the best part of my figure, and I am pleased to have it appreciated by a connoisseur. On the other hand, having it the center of attention carries with it the obligation to make it worthy of that attention. Thus, even though I am just sitting here, I am acutely aware of my abdominal muscles. You may not realize it, but holding the pose in which you have put me makes considerable demands on those muscles. I am not complaining. In fact, I rather enjoy the tension which I am experiencing. I just thought that you ought to know about it.”

Pleased by her willingness to disclose and discuss her state of mind, I made a suggestion.

“Liu, if you canlı bahis siteleri would like to explore your sense of vulnerability, I think that I know a way to concentrate your mind on it while I continue my own explorations. The navel is an underutilized source of sensual pleasure, and, at the moment, your navel is ideally positioned for me to teach you about the pleasures it can provide you. Thus, if you agree, I propose that we spend some time finding out whether I can use your bellybutton to prolong your tension and, simultaneously, whet your sexual appetite.”

Once again Liu indicated her approval with a nod of her head. When she did, I removed my hands from her lower belly and brought the forefinger of my right hand to the edge of the crater at the bottom of which lies her bellybutton. Seated on the little ledge at the junction of her tummy with her waist, the ring of flesh below my fingertip was slightly puckered, and I knew that it would be exquisitely sensitive to my slightest touch. Thus, before beginning the torment for which that region was destined, I warned Liu that I intended to make it difficult to stand the sensations that I would be causing her but that she should concentrate on those sensations and to resist her desire to avoid or diminish them.

Without further delay, I ran the tip of my forefinger along the rim of her navel, barely touching but never loosing contact with her deliciously smooth skin. After several circuits, Liu’s head dropped back so that her hair swept from one shoulder to the other when she began rocking her torso from side to side. I could not see her face, but I suspected that she had closed her eyes and was making a valiant effort to comply with my wishes. When I saw that she had learned how to absorb and enjoy the sensations, I began allowing my finger to penetrate further. Each time that my finger reached the bottom of her navel, I could see a shiver pass over her body and felt her abdominal muscles tighten around the digit intruding into their midst. Having my finger gripped in the silken sleeve of her navel was a remarkably sensual experience. Of course I knew full well that, in large part, its sensuality derived from its role as surrogate for a more conventional form of sexual intercourse, but that realization did not detract from my pleasure at having my finger embedded in such a wonderfully responsive nest as the one Liu was providing it.

At first it required all of Liu will power to tolerate the invasion of her navel. However, after she had resigned herself to accepting it, her body language changed and began to indicate that she had learned to not only accept but even enjoy having her bellybutton probed. For one thing, she brought her head forward so that she could observe her own tummy. For another, she adjusted her seat on my knees so that she could spread her legs further apart and tip her pelvis forward. In that position, her torso formed a beautiful semicircle whose inner circumference was decorated above by her breasts and below by swell of her protruding belly. For a while, she was content to play a passive role, simply savoring her new found pleasure. But as her excitement grew, she began expressing it by raising her hips and thrusting her pelvis in the same way as she would during intercourse at the onset of orgasm. Sensing that she was in fact on the brink of orgasm, I placed my left hand on her crotch and delved my fingers through her the moist panties into the crevice between her spread labia.

I was intrigued by the possibility of convincing her body that, although it was in an unaccustomed venue, she could respond in the accustomed manner to the penetration she was experiencing. With this thought in mind, I worked my hands in concert: the right hand continuing its excavation of her navel and the left stroking, without penetrating, the intricate folds of flesh in the vicinity of her vulva. It did not take long for my insidious manipulation of her body to register. Liu remained still for as long as she could, but, as her orgasm approached its crescendo, her body took command and she was forced to abandon control her convulsing body. Finally, with a cry of relief, she flung herself forward, pressing her breasts against my chest while clamping her thighs around my hand between her legs.

For several minutes we remained silent in this intimate embrace. Liu was exhausted and I was reluctant to disturb her post-coital reverie. When her exhaustion began to abate, she lifted her head and expressed her gratitude for the pleasure I had given her. I responded by saying,

“Liu, I too am grateful. You know now that there are rewards for putting your body at my disposal, but you did not know that when we began. Thus, letting me proceed required that you to place a great deal of trust in me, and I consider your willingness to do so an honor. In addition, you should know that you are not the only one who enjoyed your orgasm. I do not think of myself as a voyeur and have never before thought it possible to derive significant sexual pleasure from watching someone else in the throes of an orgasm which I was not sharing. However, you have taught that I was wrong. Bringing as beautiful a body as yours to orgasm and witnessing the divine torment that is involved can be as gratifying as experiencing orgasm oneself. I can only hope that you will agree that once is not enough and that I should come again.”

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