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~After a surprising end to their day, we last left Frank in the throws of an erotic, sexual, dream involving his sister. Roxanne had brought it on after her latest attempt in luring her brother into “innocent” sexual contact. Something Frank was having a hard time swallowing. It was a disturbing night for dear brother Frank~


I woke up at the kitchen table with drool running from my mouth, not knowing how I’d gotten there. A major groan followed, elicited by my stiff neck. The groan did nothing for the pain. I rubbed at muscles that screamed back in rebellion. Unsteady and feeling like I’d been drugged, I remained in the chair as the fog lifted from my mind. After a period, I rubbed my eyes and tried to focus on the clock. Time suddenly became an issue and so did Roxy. That’s when I heard her callout, “I got him Frankie!”

“Got who? I called back, just as she popped into the kitchen.

“What do you mean who – Morgan of course, just as you told me to…”

“Oh yeah, make some coffee will you.” I mumbled back, unclear as to when I’d issued any instructions.

Morgan ambled into the kitchen, grumbling, up-set that his day had been interrupted, making threatening gestures and, in general, mouthing off. He was about to make a very nasty comment about Roxanne when I pulled my Beretta from its shoulder holster and slammed it on the table.

“One more word you fat bastard, go ahead! I haven’t shot anyone in a long time and as far as I’m concerned you’ll do.” I growled at him. He never finished his sentence. Visibly shaken, his tone changed dramatically.

“Ah now hey, Frankie…No need to get riled so early. You guys know I’m on a case and your sister there blows my cover, demanding I come see you! What’s a guy to think?” He explained apologetically, throwing a thumb out towards Roxy. “Why am I here anyway?”

Closing my eyes, I rubbed my face and muttered, “Give me a second.”

I needed a moment to collect my thoughts. Apparently, I had good reasoning earlier that morning and I just needed to regain my thoughts. The sound of the coffee pot was heavenly and I thanked Roxy for making it. Morgan cleared his throat. He wasn’t a patient man and his being uncomfortable wasn’t helping him. I liked it and gave him a ‘fuck you’ grin before getting to the point.

“We’ve walked into a hornets nest Morgan, you, me and Roxy. I’m not sure about personal danger — yet, but, I’m damn sure convinced your client is in deep trouble.” I started out.

It got his attention and I launched into just enough detail for Morgan to get the picture. I omitted the blatant sexual stuff, leaving in only enough to assure Morgan we’d done our homework. It was sufficient. By the time I finished Morgan’s mouth had dropped, hanging open like a dead fish.

“My God Frankie. You’re sure about this?” He finally croaked out, as Roxanne placed coffee in front of him.

“Oh yeah, were sure.” Roxanne commented and winked at me. I gave Roxy a look that encouraged her to go on and eagerly sipped at my coffee. I could have kissed Juan Valdez at that point and his burro too!

“My research was thorough but, it was Frank that came up with the real deal.” She began and winked at me.

“Nothing else makes much sense, Morgan. He hires you – she hires us. The old man damn sure knew who she was fucking and she knows he knew it, from what she told Frank yesterday. It’s a game with them and junior is involved.”

“Junior? Who the fuck is…”

“Didn’t have a clue did you Morgan? I mean when you told old man Hawthorn she was fucking some guy named Peter did he seem surprised at the name?” Roxanne offered up, as she leaned against the kitchen counter, drinking her coffee.

Morgan’s blank stare said it all. He added a small side to side shake of his head. “Okay, so what you’re telling me is that this Peter guy is her step-son?” That’s when I took over, ignoring Roxanne’s large grin.

“By God I think he’s missed it all Roxanne! No Morgan, Peter is actually Tony and Tony is her brother! They are the ole man’s kids, you fucking idiot. Certifiable all of them and a bigger group of game playing loonies you’ll never find.” I stated with obvious distain towards Morgan. “Old lady Hawthorn was found with her…” I started to add when Roxanne jumped back in, unable to contain herself.

“The old lady was kind of divided — by a .38 and the entry point was her twat Morgan. Paints a real pretty picture doesn’t it?”

“Jesus fucking…” Morgan began to mutter, dropping his raised cup.

“Yeah, call it a gut feeling maybe. Maybe it’s as simple as two’s company. One thing we know for sure is that daddy, your client, was having his way with our client. We suspect that dear ole momma was involved too. Fact is, there’s no way she’d off herself like that with out some help. Personally, I think the old man had enough of her and killed her. There was no mention of either of the kids during the investigation and they damn sure weren’t around for the funeral either.”

Morgan’s canlı bahis şirketleri lips pursed and he let out a low whistle. Roxanne started to giggle and later told me she had a vision of rusty cog wheels turning inside his head. Her giggle received a glare from Morgan and he raised his hand like a school kid wanting to answer a question.

“Europe Morgan. They were sent to Europe but, exactly when we aren’t sure. We do know that about a year after the funeral (maybe longer) Amanda re-enters the picture as Cybil and daddy marries his daughter! Tony a.k.a. Peter is another matter. Neither of us are sure exactly when he returned, to again join his sister. My gut tells me dear ole dad may be next and there is a lot of motive there Morgan. Need I explain?” I retorted and held up my cup. Roxanne refilled it saying nothing.

“Money? But…They’ll get the money anyway, they’re the heirs.” Morgan questioned in protest, yet looked particularly uncertain about his logic.

“Sure they are and very astute of you bringing that up! The trouble with your thinking Morgan is that you’re not putting it all together. The incest, the marriage between daddy and daughter, momma’s death, that little thing between sister and brother and maybe, most importantly Morgan, maybe dear ole daddy decided to cut them off and they found out about it.” Roxanne offered almost too gleefully.

Her demeanor received a sneer, this time, from Morgan, as he rose to refill his own cup. Morgan was behind me when he began talking again. “So what Frank, you want me to go to Hawthorn and tell him that his daughter and son are going to kill him?”

“No! For God sakes, no you moron! We don’t have enough yet. You do that and they just regroup for another try. Denial Morgan, “De-Nile” it’s not just a river in Egypt, understand? Besides, just how persuasive do you think a naked daughter willingly letting her father carry out his sexual fantasies could be? Don’t answer, it’s rhetorical.” I replied allowing my sarcasm to build.

Morgan appeared in front of me again, sipping at his fresh cup. “Fine, what then?” he asked, retaking his seat.

“Play stupid, it should be easy for you — right? Go along with the game a little longer. Those two need more rope and more importantly, I need to be sure just who sent the old lady off to hell.” I shot back, growing irritated.

“But you said it was the old man, Frank.” Morgan commented, in his best New Yorker phrasing, ignoring my agitation.

Roxanne started to laugh when she saw the look I gave Morgan. She beat me to the punch. I was grinning widely when she finished. “Morgan! How ever did you get to be a PI? Frank said he thought it was the old man! Perhaps the words return-flight might mean something to you?” Somewhere in that, shriveled up, lump of grey matter you call a brain you might be able to conceive that one of the kids could have come back and…”

Morgan’s mounting anger fell away and, just like the cartoon, you could see the light bulb turn on. “And help the old lady kill herself — right?” His pleased expression at having almost figured something out sent Roxanne and me into a hard belly laughs.

I needed the laugh. Maybe more than I realized, as it was far too difficult to stop. When I finally managed to calm down, I looked at Roxanne and winked. “We got a winner Roxy!” I commented and immediately started up laughing again.

“Okay — okay you two smart asses, that’s enough! Whadda you want from me, I mean you gotta a plan or what?” Morgan said loudly, his face showing the effects of an obvious rise in blood pressure.

Our personal fun ended but, not until my stomach ached from laughing. We sent Morgan on his way after a few simple instructions, hoping he could manage without fucking them up. The problem for me was that Morgan had too much knowledge and he was only human. Keeping his mouth shut wasn’t his long suit, by any means. The fact that Morgan wasn’t particularly bright didn’t help my thinking either.

“God, I need a shower Roxy.” I said, after hearing the front door close. I got up and left Roxanne without further comment from me or her.

Ten minutes into the desperately needed shower, Roxanne entered the room. “Sorry — I ain’t pissin’ myself, too much coffee Frankie.” She called out.

I didn’t reply. I couldn’t, my mind was racing once again with the dream memories. I turned my back to the shower doors, knowing fair well she could see my body outline perfectly.

Roxanne relieved her self, as I cursed silently for being able to hear her. Without any apparent embarrassment, Roxanne continued talking. “So what Frankie, what’s my next job? I know you got something in mind, what is it?”

My continued silence must have concerned her. “You okay? Don’t worry I won’t flush or anything. Frankie…You okay?”

“No! Jesus Roxy no, I don’t need help!” I yelled out, suddenly galvanized by fear into speaking. “Tail Peter. See if you can hook-up with him; you know, chance meeting, friendly small canlı kaçak iddaa talk. Like maybe you two have European visits in common — get the idea? We need to know if and when he came back.” I added, hoping Roxanne would accept it and leave.

“Yeah sure, Frankie that’s a good idea. Maybe I should change, wear something a little sexy – disarm him. Waddah you think?” Roxanne replied, sliding a shower door open just enough to pop her head in. Her sudden and unexpected intrusion made me jump and yell out.

“Holy shit Roxanne! I’m naked here!” My excitement and shock created the need for quick foot movement and I slipped on the bottom of the slick tub. I came to an unstable stop, half turned towards my sister. My semi-hard penis, wiggled to a slow stop, in front of Roxy’s face and she grinned widely.

“I know — impressive.” She spoke in a, soft, appreciative voice and closed the door but, not before licking her lips.

This thing will end badly, if we don’t a grip. I thought, as my cock enlarged even more. The bathroom door closed with a tiny click. I was alone and breathing in quick shallow breathes. “Jesus!”

I knew I couldn’t out wait Roxanne. Sooner or later she’d want back in the bathroom. I finished my shower, regaining what composure I could. It didn’t prevent me peeking out of the shower door just to make sure she hadn’t slipped back in, waiting in ambush. I felt stupid but, hey what can I say. Toweling off, I realized I’d sent my clothes down the clothes shoot and had nothing else to wear. I would be forced to leave wearing only the towel. Fuck, fuck, fuck! I screamed mentally.

“Are you decent?” Roxy asked, followed by a soft rap on the door. She walked in without waiting for an answer, just as I managed to get the towel wrapped around me. “This little number should do the trick, don’t you think?” She announced, stepping into the room.

Wearing a peasant type dress, I watched the skirt portion flounce as she lightly stepped across the room. Roxanne turned slowly giving me a full viewing, before walking up to the vanity. The skirt barely covered her ass cheeks and the bodice, with its elastic band, cradled her breasts, while letting them rock and roll as she moved. Grinning at my second shocked expression, she leaned in and kissed my cheek. “No panties either, it feels delicious! Think he’ll notice?” She asked and turned towards the mirror.

Dumbfounded, I looked down at her backside. The dress flowed over her tight muscular ass, dropping to expose just a hint of bare cheek, when she leaned in towards the mirror. Roxy was staring at me, as I took in her delights. Her eyes focused on the growing tent of my towel and she was smiling. “So, you approve then?”

“I — I, yes you look…” I began when my towel knot slipped. I suddenly stood before Roxanne bare of ass with my towel hanging off a very hard and erect cock. With out turning around, Roxanne remained focused on my penis, in the mirror, as the towel slowly began slipping off.

“You have a dramatic way of showing appreciation Frank and to think, a short time ago, I was just yelling at you for not touching my tits! By the way, the offer is still open.” She purred out and turned just in time to stop the towels escape.

My hands were moving but not as fast as Roxanne’s. With feline grace, she quickly reached out, grabbing the towel and my cock head, stopping the towels escape. Shifting her grip, she clutched my penis lightly, holding the towel in place until she moved behind me. Her soft, warm, right hand slid across the top of my bare buttocks and around my hip, as she positioned herself. I watched in the mirror as it came into view, capturing the towel in a second spot after lightly trailing through my pubic hair.

Roxanne pressed her breasts into my back and leaned her head on my shoulder, as she lifted the towel away from my stiff cock to readjust it. “Not so terrible is it Frankie? I mean having your sister admire such a fine looking piece of manhood? I’m very impressed.” She cooed in my ear, sending hot waves of excitement through me.

“Roxanne you can’t — we can’t!” I mumbled out, with no real conviction.

I could feel Roxanne’s hot breath, when an even hotter feeling hit me – she trailed her wet tongue up the back of my neck and around to capture an earlobe with her lips. That’s when she dropped the towel and tenderly gripped my penis, as she sucked and moaned softly.

“Umm, maybe not right now Frankie but, from what I feel in my hand, you want to and so do I. Am I wrong or are you wet for some other reason?” She whispered hotly inside my ear.

Gently clutching my shaft with her right hand, Roxanne’s index finger pressed down onto my cum hole and swirled the pre-cum, forming there, in small circles, it was maddening. A single thought consumed me. I closed my eyes and melted against her body, wanting to be that penis-finger! I wanted my stiff cock inside my sister; I wanted to watch it disappear into her vagina – slowly, feeling every hot inch of her. My canlı kaçak bahis legs started to shake, uncontrollably.

I opened my eyes and caught Roxanne staring at me in the mirror. Her cum slick fingers worked up and down my shaft, as she stared into my eyes. “I could finish you Frank — right here and now if you want?” She whispered softy, watching for my reaction.

I closed my eyes and begged her to stop. “No Roxy, not here — not now, not this way.” I said, even though I was nodding my head.

I felt heavy with lust for my sister and, in one broken sentence, I had told her so sending a mixed message at the same time. I had told I wanted her, told her to stop and nodded my head wanting her to continue. When I opened my eyes again Roxanne stopped the torturous stroking and held me tight, smiling at me in the mirror.

“So, was that a yes — or what?” She asked softly, slipping her left hand between my legs to cup my ball sack. I shuddered hard, over her wanton grin in the mirror.

Before I could respond she went on, “I want you deep inside me – tonight Frank. I want you as a lover and brother. Even, if we have to move and get out of the business. Promise me Frankie, promise me.” Her soft, passionate, words came to me from the gray swirling dream fog. I had failed to stop her going in and now she had reached out from its cloudy depths, pulling me.

I nodded my head. She kissed my neck and, reluctantly, released my penis and balls. I heard her sigh and felt the shudder of her body against me, just before she pulled away and squatted. I turned slowly, letting my erect cock rest against her face. It was heavy, blood filled and throbbing when she raised her hand.

“You won’t forget — right?” She murmured and slipped her beautiful lips around my cock head, looking up at me. I groaned out loudly, wanting her to finish what she was starting. I had willingly been pulled to the other side, joining my sister.

Chapter Nine

Roxanne left me standing in the bathroom, dripping pre-cum, after taking several slow, intense, sucks. Her deep passionate kiss was the string around my finger – a reminder that she wanted every inch of me. I’d forgotten the reason she was leaving, feeling only the great desire of wanting her lips to finish what she started.

When the front door closed it snapped me from the sexual fog I was in. Suddenly back in the real world again, I knew I had time on my side and she had work to do. That thought brought me full around. I picked up the phone to call Cybil. Any pretense was good enough as long as I got Cybil away from her brother. Roxanne would need time.

“Cybil – Frank Logan here. Sorry to bother you but, I have some time and a few questions. I wonder if you’d mind meeting?” I spoke out in a friendly voice, after hearing her pick up.

“Oh, say in thirty minutes? Well…I’ll tell you what, since I’m asking – you pick the spot. How’s that? Gino’s? Yeah I got it, that’s the place over on…”

Cybil confirmed the location, sounding almost eager to meet. That was easy, maybe too easy Frank. I thought, hanging up the phone. Dismissing my suspicious nature, I left the Brown-Stone, whistling the song I’d heard Roxy singing, when she left.

I drove along thinking about what excuse I could use for the meeting. Cybil wasn’t stupid and I knew it had to be good. Obvious reasons, like additional money and reporting on our progress would be okay for a while but, I needed something else. Something that would take time, something like — in an instant it hit me, her mother! Why not? Pump her and see if you get a rise out of her. Hell, maybe she’ll confess! I thought excitedly. I was less excited and even less sure of my choice as I walked into Gino’s.

“Frank Logan. I’m here to see Cybil Hawthorn.” I told the métier Dee, a tight lipped and beady-eyed man. With a curt nod, he turned giving me a wrist motion to follow.

I’d never occasioned Gino’s, as it was above my spending limit for one thing. My casual dress brought several other reasons to mind but, I kept my mouth shut. The place was impressive though. Hell, you could fit two or three Mc Donalds in here. I was thinking when the little man came to halt.

“Mrs. Hawthorn is expecting.” He announced, without hardly moving his lips and parted a tapestry, I thought was decoration.

“Frank, you made it.” Cybil said in a bubbly voice.

I didn’t much like the look I got from Senior Stuffy but, smiled at Cybil and stepped into the private dining room. The tapestry fell back into place and the room took on a sensual feel. The walls glowed with soft back-lighting. Cybil reclined against what I took as a, rich, glove leather sofa and offered her hand, with a wide smile.

“Please sit down Frank — join me. I haven’t ordered yet, would you like a drink? Scotch wasn’t it?” She said, as I gently gripped her soft hand, not really shaking it.

“Thank you and yes, Scotch would be perfect. This is…A very seductive little place Cybil.” I replied, still looking the private room over.

Cybil laughed softly and from nowhere a waiter appeared. Cybil spoke in Italian, ordering the cocktails and dismissed the waiter. “Uno scotch ed annaffia ed il cognac, per favore.” He smiled, nodded and disappeared.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32