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WARNING: This story contains EXTREME examples of fictional racism. If you are not okay with racial slurs or this type of raceplay, then please for the love of god don’t leave some half-brained comment expressing your hate…just move on. It is important to remember that all themes and subjects covered in this story are completely FICTIONAL. This story does not condone real-life racism or violent actions in any way.


I gazed out at the massive crowd before me. Rubbing my hands up and down the sides of the podium, I looked over at my loving wife. The wind blew through her long blonde hair as she gave me a comforting smile and affirmative nod.

“Thank you all for coming today!” I exclaimed, positioning my face in front of the microphone. The crowd erupted in a brief cheer. “My team and I have been working day and night to help restore this community to its former glory.” Another brief bout of cheering echoed through the windy street corner. “For years now we’ve seen an increase in crime, violence, and sexual assaults in our county. Trust me, everyone hates to point fingers, but I think we all know who is responsible.” I smiled, proud of my work, as the crowd began chanting and raving.

“No more blacks!” A small pocket of the crowd exclaimed. “Get rid of those niggers!” A vast majority started cheering.

“Calm down everyone. Calm down!” I took a brief pause to allow the crowd to settle down. “This is not about racism. This is not about bigotry. This is about enforcing the law and bringing those that break it, to justice! I hate to point fingers, but we’ve seen a huge rise in criminal activity ever since this inner city crowd began flooding into our community. We don’t hate these people for the color of their skin; we hate them for their disrespect of the law!” The crowd barely cheered at that exclamation. It was unsurprising, given how bigoted this all-white crowd was.

“I’ve been working day and night, drafting a bill that would help to remove these criminals from our good community. If this measure passes, African American citizens would be barred from purchasing housing in this district.” A massive cheer roared through the street we were gathered in. “I promise to restore this community to its former glory. We will have peace and safety once again!” I exclaimed, throwing my hands in the air and signaling the end of my speech. The crowd was literally jumping with joy as I walked over to my wife who was standing off to my side. After a loving hug, we walked off the stage holding each other’s hands. I walked past the line of reporters and news casters, listening to them speak into their own cameras.

“And there you have it, folks. State Representative Jonathon Hartman has exposed his plan on removing the majority of crime in our district. The crowd here is literally screaming with excitement and hope. Most of these men and women have had their rights infringed upon by the city’s growing African American population. Representative Hartman’s new bill would, not only ensure that no new African American families would be allowed to life within the city, but also pressure the preexisting black families to leave this district.” I walked by all these journalists, eager to take my wife to dinner.

A brief cab ride is all it took to enter into one of the fanciest restaurants in the city with my wife at my side. We sat down at our table and looked deeply into each other’s eyes.

“That was a fantastic speech today, honey.” She lovingly said, with that cute smirk that I fell in love with.

“Thanks! I’m just doing what I think is best for our community.” She laid her open palm on my hand which was resting on the table. I quickly looked up to face her, as she rubbed her hand on mine.

“Mr. Jonathon Hartman, world-class representative!” She said, laughing slightly in a mocking tone. “Seeing you up there, so passionate about this cause…got me really excited.” I could see her pushing out her chest, emphasizing her already massive breasts. By now, I’ve grown used to her insatiable appetite. She was a woman obsessed with sexual activity ever since I first met her.

Unsurprisingly, she had the body built for it as well. Not only did she have a large, plump ass that stuck out much farther than it should, but she had the breasts of 3 normal women combined! They were a size L cup, a fact that I only knew from having to purchase special made bras. She had a hard time finding dresses that fit her properly, too.

Like tonight, most of her public appearances were made with the majority of her breasts spilling out of her clothing. Her tight body, blonde hair, and massively oversized sexual areas made her one of the most sexually attractive women on the planet. Truth be told…I couldn’t handle her completely. Her appetite for illegal bahis sexual pleasure far overshadowed mine. Nevertheless, I loved her with all my heart and soul. I stared back into her eyes lovingly.

“If you’re so excited…maybe we should ditch this dinner and head straight home.” I could see her lick her lips with excitement. Before she could reply, the doors of the restaurant flung open with incredible force. In walked two massive black men. I could tell by the intense anger in their eyes that they were not happy. They approached the bar in front of them, causing a loud rumble with every step they took. Standing next to the shaking and scared bartender, it became obvious how tall these men were.

Both of them must have been about six and a half feet tall. While their height was nearly equal, their body types were not. One was far more muscular than the other. His neck and the parts of chest that were exposed were riddled with thick throbbing veins, and his tight clothing was nearly splitting at the seams.

“P-Please…I…I don’t want any trouble.” The bartender timidly said, stuttering with fear.

“Shut the fuck up, honky. You’re gonna give us a couple bottles of booze, and we aren’t going to rip your fucking arms off, got it? It’s that simple!” Suddenly, I felt a surge of courage. All those people that cheered for me at my rally were counting on me to clean up this county. This was the time to practice what I preach. I stood up and pushed in my chair.

“Hey!” I yelled, grabbing their attention. “We don’t take kindly around here to you people!” I exclaimed with confidence. The two black giants turned towards me. The entire restaurant fell silent as I stoically stood in front of these two criminals. They marched over to me and my wife, who still remained seated and silent.

“Well, take a look at this white pig!” The one muscular man said to the thinner one. They both stood around me and stared deep into my eyes with looks of incredible hate and disgust.

“Even better, boss…check out this hot piece of white fuckmeat he’s with.” The skinnier one said as he approached my wife. “What’s your name, bitch?” He said, clearly eyeing up her massive breasts and tight dress. She looked at his tight, thin, tall body with a look of both fear and awe.

Knowing her as well as I do, I knew what she was thinking. Deep down, past her fear of confrontation, she lusted after these men. I was never enough to satisfy this insatiably sex hungry woman, and I knew that I never would be. I had no doubt in my mind that once she took a glance at these two gigantic hulking men, she’d be turned on for sure. Even the most commonplace everyday interactions were enough to drive her into a sexual stupor, so I knew this would easily send her over the edge.

“I’m Julie…sir. Julie Hartman.” She replied, with a surprising amount of respect for these criminals. She looked up with her puppy dog eyes, clearly aroused by this man’s impressive physique.

“Damn, bitch! You got some fine titties too. They’re like fucking watermelons, man!” He said, grabbing at her dress and squeezing her tits. She stared at him with a strange loving look and gently licked her lips. He roughly knocked around her tits, causing them to flop and bounce within her bra and nearly fly out of her tight dress. “You ever wrap these around a big nigga dick before…or just your husband’s tiny little baby dick?” He asked, now towering with an air of authority and supremacy. Before she could answer, the other larger black man quickly turned to face me.

“Wait a minute! Did you say ‘Hartman’, bitch?” Not actually wanting a real response, he continued speaking. “That must make you Congressman Hartman.” He took a couple steps closer to me. Now we were standing right in front of each other, although he was practically a foot taller than me and certainly far more muscular than me. I leaned my head back to look up at him. I couldn’t help but be impressed by his amazing stature.

“I’ve heard a lot about you…you fucking disgusting racist!” He erupted in a loud, booming voice. “You’d remove freedom and liberty from people simply because of skin color and then call yourself a ‘man of the people’? You’re the reason why so many people of color have no respect for white men!” I couldn’t find the words that I wanted to speak. I opened my mouth, but nothing came out.

“What’s wrong, cracka? The truth is hard to swallow, huh?” This was the first time that I had ever truly been face to face with a black man before. I had certainly done my research on black men and women living in my district, but none had ever spoken to me before. I found myself literally stunned. His god-like body, mixed with his natural expression of confidence and superiority almost made me weak in the knees.

“I…I just don’t think illegal bahis siteleri that it’s right…what you people are doing.” I could barely get those words out, let alone anything more coherent or eloquent.

“You don’t think it’s right?” He yelled, clearly flabbergasted by my answer. “So your reaction is to push all of us out of your neighborhoods? What are you, a fucking Nazi or something? Why don’t you just throw us all in some camps so all you purebred whites can life together in a perfect world where everything is made of sunshine and rainbows?”

I couldn’t even think of the words to express my opinion. Perhaps deep down…I actually doubted myself. I knew these men were dangerous and violent, but stripping them of their humanity like I was doing was just wrong. He leaned down and practically pressed his face against mine.

“If you believe that stripping people of their freedom and rights makes you more ‘American’, then you have one truly fucked up and disgusting mind.” He whispered to me. I couldn’t help but agree with him. For my entire political career I’ve been trying to dehumanize and discredit black men and women.

“Come on, man. Let’s get out of here.” He said to his thinner friend, whom was still yanking on my wife’s breasts. As the larger black giant left, I could hear his thunderous footsteps echo through the doorway. His skinnier friend followed after, but stopped once he got to me on his way out.

“You better watch yourself, cracka. You’ve pissed off a lot of people around here. Enjoy your cushioned pure-bred life while it lasts…because it won’t be long.” He whispered into my ear as he stopped briefly. I stood there stunned, watching him leave too. Eventually the restaurant began to fill with the sound of conversations and jubilation again. The silence had faded, but I was still left scared and embarrassed. I shuffled over to my table and sat back down in front of my wife. I looked up to see her face filled with embarrassment and shame.

“Why didn’t you do something, honey? You’ve been standing up to men like them for years!” I could literally hear the disappointment in her voice.

“I…I’ve never actually been confronted by a man like that before. It was…hard to assert myself against him.” I calmly uttered, having been drained of any confidence I had.

“I think perhaps we should just go home, honey. It’s been a long day.” She picked her napkin up off her lap and folded it onto the table, signaling that she was ready to leave.

“You go ahead, Julie. I’ve got a lot to think about. I think I’ll have a couple drinks here first and then take the bus home.” She nodded in agreement, still obviously ashamed of me. She rose from her seat and walked towards the door. I watched as her giant, meaty breasts jiggled around with every step she took towards our car. Normally I’d be turned on, but I didn’t feel like much of a man right now.

I felt defeated and worn down. I grabbed a drink at the bar and sat down again. Millions of thoughts were swimming around in my mind. I felt so…inferior after that disgraceful interaction. Those two men treated me and my wife like we were second class citizens. I downed my drink quickly, hoping to move on from these strange feelings. Perhaps, though…that’s what I was doing to these people. I was so eager to clean up the streets that I convinced this county to treat blacks like second class citizens too. I quickly ordered another drink and downed it immediately. I checked my watch and realized how late it was. I knew I should be getting home. I grabbed my coat and left the restaurant.

I sat for a few minutes at the bus stop until the bus finally arrived. I paused for a second as I climbed through the doorway. Of the 20 or so people on that bus…every one of them was black. I tried my best not to notice the stares of hate and disgust that were clearly directed at me. I sat quietly, minding my own business, until I heard thunderous footsteps behind me. Suddenly, a huge and muscular black man sat down on the seat next to me. I looked over and nearly let out an audible gasp. That muscular black giant from the restaurant had returned. Whether it was coincidence that we were on the same bus or if he planned to find me again, I didn’t know.

“Well, well.” He said with a snarky attitude.

“Please, sir…I don’t want any trouble.” I tried my best to remain civil and respectful, even though I was stunned once again by his incredible manliness.

“‘Sir’? That attitude will serve you well later, honky.” He whispered, in a deep and manly voice. Suddenly, he whistled and threw his hand up in the air. The bus driver, also a person of color, looked up in the large mirror and noticed him signaling. The bus came to halt, and the door swung open.

“This is where we get off, ‘Mr. canlı bahis siteleri Hartman'” He said, in a sarcastic tone.

“What? Excuse me…but this isn’t my stop.” He grabbed me by the hair and began dragging me out of my seat. I kicked and yelled, hoping someone would help me. Not only was I powerless to stop this hunk from taking me wherever he wanted, but I failed to extract empathy from even a single witness. As this violent, muscular man dragged me passed countless black men and women, I watched as they all cast their judgment on me.

Some had looks of disappointment and hate, while others seemed to smile with happiness and revenge. I could tell that these people didn’t give a shit about me or my wellbeing…and I couldn’t blame them. Over the years, I did the same thing to them. I never respected people of color, or even treated them with compassion of any kind. Deep down, I realized that this was revenge that was long overdue. We arrived at the front of the bus, where the bus driver gave my assailant a smile and a nod of affirmation.

“Give it to him good, Brute. Wreck this racist piece of shit until he can’t even stand up anymore!” The bus driver said to the man who had his hand squeezing tightly around a chunk of my hair.

“You know I will, my nigga.” We stepped out of the bus and it drove off down the street. I looked around and noticed dozens of broken down and dilapidated houses. I could hear distant yelling and arguing, mixed with sounds of angry dogs barking. I quickly realized that this was the part of town that I used to avoid like the plague. The crime rate in this part of town was nearly double that of any other area of the entire county. My gigantic black assailant lifted my head up towards his. I screamed in pain as he nearly ripped the chunk of my hair out. He pushed his face in towards mine.

“Welcome to your new world, bitch. Now you’re gonna see how the ‘lesser citizens’ live. This is the kind of shit you make us put up with. You live all high and mighty while we toil away in this filth.” I noticed him recoil a bit as he collected a bit of spit in his mouth. He quickly spit it directly onto the middle of my face. I whimpered in fear, knowing that I was truly powerless to stop this man from doing whatever he wanted.

“People like you might make us niggas live like animals…but I’m gonna make you live like the piece of fucking garbage you are!” He said, as he threw me down onto the ground. I tiredly as quickly as I could to crawl away, but his huge foot long boot was quickly pressed down on my spine. He pressed my chest tightly against the cold concrete sidewalk and laughed to himself.

“Look at how fucking weak and pathetic you are! We NEED a strong alpha male to run things in this town.” He said, yelling certain words to give them more emphasis.

“You can call me Brute! Everyone else does around here. I run this part of town, and we don’t take kindly to YOUR kind around here!” He said in an arrogant tone, clearly turning my own words against me. I looked up and saw him reach into the loose and baggy pockets of his pants.

He pulled out what looked like a dog’s collar with a long metal link chain attached to it. He leaned down towards me, with his boot still planted firmly on my spine. Suddenly, I felt the cold leather collar tighten around my neck. I heard the rustling of a metal chain as Brute tightened the slack in the chain. I yelped slightly as he pulled my head backwards. He released his boot from my back and gave a hard yank on the chain. My feet slipped out from under me as he pulled me off balance. I face-planted against the cold ground as Brute chuckled to himself slightly.

“Get on your knees, cracka! You’re my fucking pet now!”

I pulled myself up and I began to crawl with my knees and hands. He continued to cause me pain, yanking the lease upward just to see my head jerk towards him. We traveled down one of the dark and dingy alleyways until we reached what looked like a large sliding metal gate. It seemed like something you would see within a shipping compound down at the docks. Brute banged his fist against the metal gate a few times. Within a couple seconds, a small peep window opened up and just the eyes of a dark skinned man peered through.

“I’ve got some fresh meat.” Brute yelled, kicking my side with his leg. I whimpered slightly from the pain of his boot against my ribs.

“Holy shit!” The guy in the door exclaimed. He gazed deeply at me, as if he was trying to figure something out. “That’s that fucking congressman, isn’t it? Nicely done, Brute! The city’s going to be a better place once we destroy this racist piece of shit. Bring him in. I bet the boys wanna meet him.” He said in a devilish voice, as he closed the peep hole and unlatched the huge metal gate.

As I listened to the loud metallic rumble of the gate, I came to a sobering realization. I knew that nothing would ever be the same after this. My old life was over and gone. There was no doubt in my mind that once I stepped through that gate, I would be changed forever.

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