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My name is Rick Converse… well, not really, but it is a suitable enough pseudonym for my real name. It’s Christmas, 1994… I was almost 19 years old and this was our first “whole family” Christmas all together again in Universal City, Texas in nearly a decade.

Little did I know it was to become the wildest Christmas I would ever know.

A little about my family and I. As I said, I was 19 at the time, and I stood 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighed a lean, strong 180 pounds. I played safety previously for my high school and now my Division II college football team and was generally in good health, notwithstanding the various dings and dents you absorb in a long run of being a sports nut.

I grew up playing baseball, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, football, and rodeoing. I was good at all of them, but never great. I wasn’t going to make a living as an athlete, much to my chagrin, but I had the kind of lean, athletically muscled body that women tend to be fairly fond of.

At this time in my life, my light brown hair was worn long, down to my shoulders, and my eyes were a gray-green mix that was once described by a girl as “the color of a storm tossed ocean” which I thought was awfully cool to hear.

I was the only child of my mother, and my father’s third son. My mother, Susan, was a golden haired, blue eyed Texas belle. Only a slight 5 foot 2, she was still luminous as she approached her 48th birthday. No longer the whippet lean young woman she was in some of her earlier photos I had seen in the family albums, she had developed the soft, curving lines of a sensual matron as the wife of a military officer. Her 36D breasts were still firm and ripe, a holdover of having not being able to breast feed me as a baby.

My father was the spitting image of myself, only older. Only 6 feet tall and hovering a little over 200lbs, Walt (as he preferred over his given name, Charles) kept himself in fine shape with long morning runs around our Black Hills home, despite being retired from military service for nearly 4 years now. My father’s most striking feature has always been his laser-bright, sapphire blue eyes.

We came to my maternal grandparents house and quickly started the greetings with the extended Universal clan. My mother was the eldest of 6 children, 5 girls. The second child, Michael (Mike), wisely ran away to the Marines the minute he was old enough to do so to escape from estrogen hell, as I thought of it as.

Mike was recently divorced from his overbearing and shrewish wife, who had unfortunately taken him for just about everything he owned, and their two young children, aged 7 and 5 at the time.

Mike looked a lot like my dad, except with a beard and mustache and a bit thinner, which at the time I always thought was pretty strange… but events would prove how un-strange this really was.

The 3rd child was Harriet Alyson, who went by her middle name, for obvious reasons. Alyson was a bit taller than my mother, almost 5’5, and thin… except for her voluminous breasts and curvy, supple ass. Her short cut blond hair was always in style, except those styles were generally a half decade late. She also had extremely tantalizing pale blue eyes. Alyson would have been a terrific find for any man… except she has the most unsettling horseface I have ever seen. It was much worse in her youth, which I’m sure was terrible for her self-esteem. I always surmised she was a virgin, even now in her early 40s.

The 4th child was Victoria, Vicky now. She left the nest early, marrying a hippie dippy pot head named Jimmy and having two kids fairly early, even before my mother. My cousins Jimmy and Erin were 3 years and 3 months older than me, respectively. Jimmy Junior and Senior stayed behind in Pennsylvania for this trip, so it was only Vicky and Erin to greet us. Vicky had cleaned herself up nicely since her early days of hippiedom and was the same height as Alyson, with mid-length dirty blond hair and her sparkling brown eyes mischievous as always. Even at 37, she was still the waif of the family, with smaller breasts and a lithe figure.

My cousin Erin showed a lot of promise when I’d last seen her at 12… and that promise had been greatly fulfilled, with interest! She had just turned 20, and at 5’9 she towered above the other women in the family. Her long, wavy brown hair cascaded down her back like a waterfall and her emerald green eyes spoke of a smoldering desire. She was clearly her mother’s illegal bahis daughter, matching her figure perfectly.

The 5th child, Paula was always the wild child and had married a colossal loser who had stolen her ever-wandering heart for a moment when I was 10. Fortunately, that lasted only so long as both of them could keep their mind on it, which wasn’t long at all. Paula shared the curvy lines of her eldest sister, but with a face of a supermodel. Her skin was olive and her hair was near raven black, in stark contrast to the pale complexion and lighter hair tones that was common to most of her sisters. Still lovely in her early 30s, Paula was always the family member who made me most “uncomfortable” down there as I passed through those awkward years of puberty.

Finally, the baby of the family, Karen. Only 11 years my elder (30) and the same height as my own mother, she was more like a big sister to me than an aunt. While attractive, she wasn’t as pretty as Paula, she wasn’t as slim as Vicky, she wasn’t as curvy as Alyson… she was the great compromise of all of them, and I think it bothered her greatly. She spent a lot of her younger years overcompensating… which left her with a lot of unfulfilled relationships in her life.

Once we were all settled, my grandparents wanted to go gather supplies for the weekend, and my father volunteered to drive them. Although I was leery of being left behind in a house with 6 women (as Uncle Mike had conveniently disappeared), I was too tired from the trip to offer to go along.

My mother busied herself in the galley kitchen and Karen moved in to help her. Paula and Vicky had their heads together and were giggling, and quickly bolted upstairs. Alyson was nowhere to be seen since everyone’s greetings, which just left Erin and I.

The awkward silence was broken by her asking if I had thought about the last thing she had said to me, those long years ago. I looked at her dumbfounded, as I honestly couldn’t recall her words.

She nestled close to me and leaned up to whisper in my ear, “You were trying badly to hit on me, and I said if you ever grew up, I’d think about it.”

The words triggered a hazy memory of us in front of the family Atari in the upstairs game room, where I said something about her “development” in certain areas… I wouldn’t say it was hitting on her, as I knew I wasn’t supposed to think about family that way, but I couldn’t deny she was becoming a woman.

Snapping me back to the present was Erin’s fingers tracing softly across my chest and down to my abs. I cocked an inquisitive eyebrow at her, and she sighed heartily.

“You know my parents are a bit more… relaxed… than most, right?”

I chuckled and said, “That’s one way to say they’re high about 90% of the time.”

Erin slapped my arm playfully, “It’s not THAT much of the time. The point is, silly, that we’re a lot more open with one another around our house.”

“Oh, really? How’s that?” I was curious where this was going.

“Like thisssss…” Erin hissed, as her hand finished its downward traverse and came to rest on my crotch. “You’ve definitely grown up, cousin, and I want to see the changes in you like you wanted to see mine. Let’s go back to the game room!”

I wasn’t a virgin by any means, and was probably more experienced than most at 19… but I was totally without a response to this situation. Erin grabbed my hand with her other hand, and kept the other firmly where it was, and dragged me towards the stairs.

We made our way quickly up the long staircase and turned towards the game room. As we entered, closing the door behind us, our mouths slammed together in a kiss of pure animal lust.

Now… nothing in my mental makeup would have led me to having any desire towards my cousin normally… but this situation was far from normal, and Erin had taken the only route that would have led us here… direct and without discussion.

As our tongues lashed one another and our hands slid inviting all over one another’s bodies, we became aware of another sound that wasn’t coming from either of us.

The door to Alyson’s bedroom was at the far end of the game room, and the curious sound was emanating from that direction. A slight squeaking, almost like a rusty country gate, swinging in an autumn breeze, came from behind the door.

Getting closer, that sound was joined by others. A gasp, the sound of something scraping on the hardwood floor, illegal bahis siteleri something that sounded almost… wet. Erin and I, still holding hands, glanced at one another as we edged closer to the closed door.

A muffled groan, something that sounded like “more” and a slapping sound… a shuddering sigh… and a sound like a dog lapping at a bowl on a hot summer day.

Erin’s eyes were glittering and I was all but certain of what was going on, and after the sharing the briefest of glances, we pushed open the door.

Paula and Vicky were entwined on the floor in a naked, steamy, incestuous 69 while Alyson was naked on her bed, both legs spread and tied at the ankle to the corners, one wrist similarly tied. Her free hand was buried inside her slippery folds, watching her sisters delicious display.

Three heads snapped around at the sound of two gasps of… lust? Really? Having just shared my first taste of a family member, now my heart was pounding in my chest and my cock was straining at my jeans at the sight and thought of my aunts grinding away on each other… what the hell was wrong with me?

“Mother!” Erin cried out, “Why didn’t you tell me? I would LOVE to have joined you! Instead, I went and found Rick, and found something ON Rick I want.”

Without missing a beat, Erin’s hands flew to my waistband and popped open my jeans, sliding them down to my knees. As I wasn’t ever the sort to wear underwear, the hard 8 ½ inches of my engorged manhood was exposed to all. As four pairs of eyes gazed in rapture at my suddenly awakened tool, it was quickly engulfed in the warm, wet, willing mouth of my vixen cousin.

I shuffled my way to the queen size bed on to which Alyson was tied and sat down. Vicky and Paula quickly joined us, Paula removing my shirt, and Vicky joining her daughter on the ground, pulling off my shoes and socks. Erin expertly removed my jeans the rest of the way while continuing to slide her mouth up and down, slathering my cock with what felt like gallons of her spit.

Lost in the wondrous sensations of this obviously experienced mouth, I leaned my head back and opened my mouth to moan. My moan turned to a gulp of surprise as Paula’s breast filled my mouth, her rock-hard nipple quickly gripped between my teeth, simply on reflex.

Now with my face smothered by Paula, I could no longer see what was going on down south. I felt Erin’s mouth slide off with a hearty pop and a pair of hands grip me and start to slowly twist up and down my hard rod.

I heard clothes being removed, which could only be Erin at this point, and then another body moved onto the bed. I heard Paula say, “Alyson, you may speak now.”

“Thank you, Mistress Paula.”

“Erin, untie your aunt. I need someone to eat my pussy while my nephew pleasures my breasts.”

“But Paula I…”


The sound of Paula’s hand making firm, furious contact with my cousin’s supple backside reverberated around the room. “Never talk back to me about my slave, little girl.”

Erin’s dragon-jade eyes flashed liquid fire for the briefest of moments, but she quickly lowered them and her voice, “Yes, Mistress Paula. I am sorry Mistress, it will not happen again.” Erin quickly untied her aunt and Alyson hungrily turned herself around and began licking her sister like a parched traveler at a desert oasis.

“Shh, shh… easy big sister. Take your time. With our new playthings, this will be a long day indeed.” Paula was on all fours now, with her ass pointed towards the far side of the bed, her sister Alyson buried under her, and her pendulous 34D breasts swinging again in my face.

I quickly took the one I had yet to savor into my mouth and sucked it like a mewling babe. My tongue circling her engorged and tender flesh brought a moaning sigh of approval and her hand cupping under my head to hold me to her.

Down lower, Vicky’s expert mouth was bringing me closer and closer to exploding, but with a mouth full of my aunt’s flesh, I couldn’t vocalize that. My hips started to buck in time with the suction of her mouth, my full head flared with the building desire… and then she pulled off.

I half-strangled cry of frustration elicited a throaty chuckle from both Paula and Vicky. Erin’s mother came up beside my ear and whispered, “That’s how we play this game, nephew. You only cum when WE let you cum. You will service us many times before you get to experience your own pleasure. canlı bahis siteleri Do you understand?”

I nodded my assent, and Vicky pulled her sister’s teat from my lips. “Say it, cock slave.”

“Yes Mistress Vicky, I understand completely.”

Erin was leaned back at the head of the bed, furiously rubbing her clit with one hand and 3 fingers of the other buried inside of her, listening and enjoying this unexpected display of female dominance from her own mother and aunt.

Sharing a quick glance, the two sisters pulled me upright and Vicky said, “Your first task is to pleasure your cousin to climax using only your tongue. You may not touch her with any other part of your body.”

“Yes, Mistress Vicky.”

I crawled between Erin’s legs as her mother came to her side, pulling her hands away from her quivering pussy. Mother and daughter shared a sensual, lavish kiss, their tongues dancing together between their lips, as Vicky’s hands caressed her daughter’s aching, needy breasts.

Paula sat completely up on Alyson’s face so as to not miss the show, as I pushed my face as close as I could to my cousin without making contact.

My tongue lashed out and began lapping and flicking at Erin’s exposed and erect clit, making her shake and moan with each contact.

“Is he good at that, my daughter?” Vicky asked.

“Oh god mommy… he’s amazing. He knows just how hard and fast to hit it with his magical tongue. I wish I had let him do this to me years ago. Jimmy is such a brute about it, Rick is perrrrrrrrrfect.”

As I continued to lavish my affections on my cousin’s wet, delicious hole, I felt two hands grip my ass cheeks and push them forcefully apart. With barely a moment to comprehend what was happening, a hard, cool object was placed against my opening and quickly shoved in.

Fortunately, I have had ass play before with an occasional partner, so I wasn’t a complete virgin back there, but nothing really prepares you for a surprise invasion like that.

I gasped and grunted in shock, spinning my head around as far as it would go. I saw my Aunt Paula with a leather strap surrounding her waist and connected to a mounting over her crotch. Knowing full well what the rest of the device was, I could only hope that it wasn’t one meant to mimic the larger kind of crowd.

Paula leaned in, grabbed my hair and shoved my head back around. She growled in my ear, “No one told you to stop, cock slave. Your cousin isn’t cumming yet.”

As I turned my face back to my waiting meal, I saw Alyson crawl up beside the three of us and mirror my actions, burying her face in Vicky’s dripping snatch.

As I went back to “work” Erin began to moan louder and longer, and the more I wound her up, the harder and faster Paula pounded my asshole with her fake phallus. All of a sudden, Erin grabbed my head in both hands, shoving my face as far into her core as she could and she began to scream out that magical song that can only mean one thing.

At that moment, Paula drove herself as far into my ass as she could and held it there. I could feel her body shaking as well, and I knew that she too was having her moment. Seconds later, Vicky joined the chorus with a throaty growl.

As the three women came down from their highs, Paula extracted herself from my backside and rolled to the side, allowing me to sit up and stop laying on a very, very hard and needy cock.

Vicky ran her hands through Alyson’s hair and said, “Slave, take your nephew in your mouth and don’t let go until he is filling it with his hot, sticky cum.”

“Yes Mistress Vicky.” she said.

Erin and I switched places leaning at the head of the bed, and then Erin and Alyson switched placed between mine and her mother’s legs.

Alyson eagerly took my throbbing pole in her long mouth and started to slide her tongue up and down the sensitive underside of it as her head bobbed up and down in my lap.

With all the day’s stimulation, it didn’t take me long at all to begin panting and writhing my hips, and all too soon I grunted and growled long, low, and hard as I shot pulse after pulse of pent up penis juice down her open throat.

The younger sisters cooed their approval at their slave sister’s work while Erin looked on with… envy? Once again I saw that flash of agitated fire in her eyes for the briefest moment, before the warm inviting glow came back to them again.

When I could focus again and see something other than shifting colors, I looked at my aunts with a mixture of awe and confusion and asked, “Just how long has this been going on?”

At this, Alyson finally spoke up with a wry chuckle and said, “You have no idea…”

To be continued…

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