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It had been a long flight. The change over in Dubai had been tiring, just killing time to when the next flight took off. Then the joys of immigration, queuing with 100s of other tired and miserable people, just waiting to get through the desks, pick up luggage and get to the hotel. And here he was, safely checked into his Bangkok hotel, 2am and yet, due to the joys of jet lag, and against all logic, Steve was sitting on the edge of his bed wide awake.

“Sod it” he said to himself, pushing off the bed, glancing at himself in the mirror as he did. Nothing special he thought to himself as his 6ft tall sandy brown hair and blue eyes reflection looked back at him.

He certainly didn’t have a body that drew the attention of everyone if he took his top off. Not that it was that bad he thought, just no 6 pack or rippling muscles, but a bit of muscle definition, and a bit of a decent tan since he’d been spending a lot more time out by the pool soaking up the rays.

This prompted him to think of something to pass the type during his current insomnia. The 24 hr gym seemed like the perfect place to try and burn a bit of this unwanted energy, and at this time of night it was unlikely that there would be anyone else there to disturb him. Making his mind up, he quickly stripped his pyjamas off and wanted naked to his case to find his gym kit.

Ten minutes later he was exiting from the lists to the gym reception. Wandering to the desk, the hotel staff member asked him to sign in. Filling in the book, he noticed that there was one name above him that hadn’t signed out. “So much for having the gym to myself” he thought, and for a brief moment considered heading back to his room, but he was here now, he told himself, might as well make the most of the facilities.

Grabbing a bottle of water and towel he headed straight to the exercise bikes, his favourite apparatus. The treadmills would have been a better workout, but he preferred cycling to running, and you still worked up a decent sweat on the bikes with the right resistance. Putting the water and his key card into the holders he quickly set up a routine he knew from experience would get his sweating and out of breath in no time. With that, he settled onto the saddle and began to cycle, noticing that even as he started, the room felt warm from the local heat.

He’d been going for about 5 minutes, and already could feel the beads of sweat all over his body, soaking into his vest top, running down his tanned arms, trickling down his back, under the waistband of his boxers and running tantalisingly down his ass crack. Looking up for the first time he took in the rest of the gym. Off to his right, was a bank of treadmills, all of them were empty. To the left, were some free weights, mats and balls for us in Pilates and yoga? Also empty. Directly in front of him, dominating the centre of the room was a mini-gym complete with various weight machines.

As he took all this in, he also noticed what had caused him to look up in the first place. Settling himself onto the shoulder press machine was the only other occupant of the gym. “He must have been working on one of the machines on the other side” Steve thought to himself, as there’s no way I’d have missed him before.

The guy in front of him was probably 6’2 at least, although sitting down it was hard to tell. And what muscles, the guy was seriously stacked, his arms almost rippling as he set up the weights, setting them up at a weight Steve wouldn’t even think was possible to lift. Settling himself onto the bench he sensed that Steve was looking in his direction and nodded a greeting. Feeling like he had been caught starring, Steve guiltily nodded back before focusing back on his workout.

Now at this point it should be noted that Steve wasn’t gay. At least he didn’t think he was. He’d often wondered what it would be like to be with a guy, but he’d never actually been attracted to a man, which is why he never thought himself gay. Maybe bi-curious he thought to himself, as he risked a glance back in the guy’s direction. . His vest t-shirt seemed to be living a charmed life, as If at any second the massive pecs it contained would burst out, such was the definition of his chest.

Glancing down at the guys legs, solid as tree trunks, Steve guiltily noticed how short the shorts were, and being on a bit of an angle, he could see quite a lot of the guys quads, which, as with the rest of what was on show was tanned a dark mahogany. Seemingly oblivious to Steve’s observations, the guy was fully engrossed in his work out. Grunting with exertion, the guy lifted the weights again, his shoulders and upper arms bulging as they lifted the massive weight.

“Stop staring!” Steve thought to himself, trying to snap out of the daze that he’d somehow descended into. “This isn’t you, I could understand it if there was a hot girl in a tight top over there, but it’s a guy, and you’re not that way inclined; are you?” Too late he realised that he was still starring at the guy, who now finished his reps, looked up at the wrong illegal bahis time. Flustered, Steve dropped his gaze back to the little TV monitor, determined to not look up again until the guy had left, or at least moved out of eye line.

This determination lasted for all of about 5 minutes, when the noise of the guy’s exertion caused him to look up. This time he was working on the leg press, at right angles to Steve’s view. The muscle definition on the legs stood out each time the guy thrust forward, pushing the weights up with ease. “Wow, he’s just so powerful” Steve thought to himself, envious at the weights being lifted.

Almost unconsciously he started to check the guy out, almost for the first time looking at the guys face. The shaved head was glistening from the sweat his efforts were. Clean shaven, the deeply tanned face showed that the guy obviously spent a lot of time outside.

His reverie was broken when the exercise started bleeping at him to indicate the end of the workout. Thoroughly dripping with sweat, and having worked off his energy, Steve should have called it a night and gone back to his room, but for some reason, he couldn’t draw himself away from the gym, and so quickly set the bike going again on another workout. Whilst he was doing this, the guy got up from the machines, took a drink from his water and headed over to the treadmills.

Obviously not one to start easy, the man cranked the speed up on the machine straight away and before long was flying along at a pace Steve knew would have sent him off the back of the machine. “He can’t keep that up for long” Steve though, as the effortless easy the guy pounded along, the rhythmic thumping of his shoes on the treadmill kept reminding Steve of how his legs were beginning to tire, courtesy of his own work out. Yet still he continued, the pace never let up, minute after minute. Steve had by now slowed to a crawl on his own machine, and was finding it harder and harder to not look over at the guy who seemed to have limitless endurance.

“You got a problem?” a voice suddenly sounded out, shocking Steve out of his latest daze.

“Err, what sorry?” was all he could stutter out.

“You’ve been practically staring at me the whole time you’ve been here, first on the weights and now on the treadmill. It’s very off-putting,” the guy replied, slowing his pace to a walk.

“Oh, sorry about that”, Steve said, “it’s just that you’re so fit.” he added, inwardly cursing himself for the choice of words as soon as he said it.

“You think I’m fit?” the guy replied, in a tone that Steve could decide was entertained or angered.

“Erm, it’s not that, just that on the weights you were so powerful, and there on the treadmill, it looks like you can keep going all night.” Steve said, again cursing that whatever he kept saying could be taken as an innuendo.

“You want to know if I can keep going all night?” the guy replied, a smile now obviously playing across his face.

“No, nothing like that!” Steve replied, extremely flustered by now, “it’s just, erm, well you know, you were hard to ignore,” he added, trailing off.

“Look, I know when a guy is checking me out, and you were seriously checking me out. Are you gay” The guy outright asked

“Why?” Steve responded. Not “no”, why not “no”? he wondered to himself, feeling control of the situation slipping away from him.

“Well if the answer was a yes,” the guy said slowly getting off the treadmill and waling over to Steve’s bike, leaning casually on the handlebars, “I thought we might take this conversation a little more… private.”

This was it, the point where Steve should have said no, got the hell out of the gym and escaped to his own room.

But something inside him was excited by the situation; he was feeling something new and was a little bit turned on. As he looked up at the handsome guy leaning in front of him, noticing the perfect white teeth in the guy’s mouth, the sweat still running down the side of the guy’s cheeks, he felt all restraint leave him, and said something he would never have expected.

“OK, let’s go,” he replied, grabbing his card as he climbed off the machine.

He hadn’t realised quite how tired his legs had been until the saddle was no longer there to support him. He felt his legs go to jelly and stumbled getting off the machine. An arm reached out to steady him, catching him on the upper arm. Bare flesh came in contact and Steve felt a jolt of electricity course up his arm as he looked up at the guy.

“Come on then,” the guy said, leading him out of the gym. They both signed out their names, as if nothing usual was happening, as he did so Steve noticed the guy’s name was Andrew.

“So what happens now?” he thought to himself, as Andrew pressed the button to the lift, “do we make small talk, where do we go?” so many questions went round his mind. The doors to the lift opened and Steve stepped in, the air conditioning causing him to shiver uncontrollably. Andrew followed him through and practically before they had illegal bahis siteleri even shut, he’d stepped up to Steve and pulled him into an embrace.

The intensity of their embrace took Steve’s breath away as two strong arms wrapped around his back, causing him to gasp and open his mouth. At the same time Andrew bent down slightly and locked his lips to Steve’s taking advantage of the open mouth to thrust his tongue deep inside. This was something unlike Steve had ever felt before and almost without thinking he responded with his own tongue, entwining it with Andrew’s, melting into this intense kiss. Their mouths melded into one as if trying to consume each other, and Steve felt the hands on his back move lower, cupping his ass and pulling him even closer.

Moaning with the pleasure he pushed himself closer to Andrew, and pushed his tongue into the other man’s mouth, enjoying the differing sensation of the kiss. Unlike with the girls he’d kissed before, who were soft and pliable, this kiss was hard, the stubble on Andrew’s face rubbing against his own face, causing a tickling sensation that added to the pleasure.

And the scent of him was incredible. The muskiness of obvious arousal, mingled with the smell of fresh sweat, combined with some expensive cologne was making him heady, his head beginning to swim with ecstasy. Taking his own hands, he ran them up under Andrew’s shirt, exploring the stacks of muscles there, the sweat allowing his hands to slide over the slick muscles with ease.

Moving from his back to the front, he explored the rippling six-pack with his fingers, whilst the other man continued to squeeze and fondle his ass. They continued to kiss as the lift rose, their hands continued to roam across the others body, lifting shirts, caressing muscles, all the time the heat and sweat of their bodies adding to the pleasure, until Steve feared that they might get too carried away and go too far in a fairly public place.

With relief (or was it) the bell chimed and the door opened. It took a moment for this to sink into Steve’s mind, and then he broke away from Andrew, realising how out of breath he was.

“Wow,” was all he could say as Andrew smiled back at him.

“I can see you certainly enjoyed that,” Andrew smirked, nodding in the direction of Steve’s crotch, where his cock was creating a fairly impressive tent. Steve sheepishly looked down, thinking he’d never had such an erection with any girl before, and that just from a kiss.

“And that was just for starters,” Andrew added, grabbing him by the hand and pulling him out the door.

10th floor, Steve thought irrelevantly, so we’re going to his room then as they almost dashed down the corridor, stopping outside room 1022. Andrew fished out the key card, swiped it through the lock and pushed the door open. Steve was met by almost a wall of heat as he stepped into the room; following Andrew’s taut ass into the hallway.

“That’s warm,” he managed to say, peering through the dim light, looking for the bulk of Andrew.

“I like it hot,” Andrew replied from directly in front of his face, his warm breath caressing Steve’s face, “I like things hot, sweaty, and dirty,” and with that pulled Steve to him again.

Hungrily Steve opened his mouth as Andrew thrust his tongue in, almost like a live animal as it writhed around his own. The kiss was amazing, but Steve wanted more, he wanted to see Andrew, look upon that muscle chest, the perfectly tanned abs; and yes, he admitted to himself even more. Reaching out he started to pull at Andrew’s shirt, trying to get it up and over their bodies, but being pressed together, merging into one it wasn’t possible.

“Eager aren’t you!” Andrew chuckled as he briefly broke their kiss, reaching down and pulling the shift up and over his head, doing it slowly, revealing first the abs, and then the pecs, muscles stretching as he reached, glistening with sweat that continued to pout from his body in the heat.

“Now you,” he said to Steve, but before Steve had time to pull his own top off Andrew reached and took hold of his neckline and, seemingly without effort, ripped the shirt in half, throwing the two halves of the now ruined shirt to the floor. Steve was only briefly shocked at this display of power, as his eyes were glued to the magnificent torso in front of him.

It was perfect. Almost hairless, the colour deep mahogany, he could clearly make out the details of the six-pack, showing this guy worked out a lot! And below, the pelvic bones drew the eye downwards, towards the promise of something that lay beneath those shorts. And it promised to be a big something, given my Andrew’s current state of arousal. Stepping forward Steve let himself be pulled back to Andrew, their naked chests not gliding over one another as they kissed once more.

The feeling of skin on skin was bliss for Steve, and he could feel his erection grow even more, if that were even possible, and was sure he was starting to leak pre-cum from his cock. Moving away from Andrew’s mouth he moved down canlı bahis siteleri the neck, alternatively kissing and licking away the sweat as he moved down the Andrew’s chest, taking one of his nipples into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the sensitive skin.

He heard a low moan escape from Andrew’s mouth, and felt him shiver, so knew he was doing something right. He moved onto the other one, enjoying the salty taste of the sweat as he licked it off Andrew’s chest.

Rising back to eye level Steve moved back in for a kiss, but was slightly shocked when Andrew pushed him away, causing him to stumble to the floor.

“Suck me,” he said, in a slightly menacing tone. Already on his knees, Steve eyes were at cock level, and for the first time began to worry. This was new, before, with the kissing, and even the body exploration it was akin to sex with girls, but this, this was whole new experience and he hesitated. He’d occasionally have a daydream about what it would be like, but no further than that. Andrew didn’t give him any time to think further that this, as he forcefully grabbed Steve’s head and pushed it towards his groin, the stiff cock hitting Steve in the face.

“Suck me,” Andrew said, even more forcefully than before, and Steve felt himself going along with it. Reaching up he pulled the waistband of Andrew’s shorts and boxers down, allowing Andrew’s cock to spring free.

“That’s huge,” was his first thought as he eyed the monster. Not wanting to annoy Andrew any more, but not really knowing what to do, Steve took the tip Andrew’s massive member in him mouth, trying to think back to those porn videos he’d watched, thinking how the girls did it. Licking the tip, he tasted the first pre-cum oozing from the cock. Strange taste he thought, as he ran his tongue along the shaft, still only taking in the first inch or so in his mouth. Hesitantly, he reached up to Andrew’s balls, gently massaging them as he continued to suck the shaft. Much to his shock, the next thing Andrew did was slam his hips forward, causing the whole 8 inch length into Steve’s gaping mouth, causing him to gag. Pulling back out, saliva now dripping from Steve’s mouth, as well as the throbbing cock, he grabbed a hand of Steve’s hair and thrust forward again.

This time Steve was slightly more ready for it, but still felt the cock hit the back of his mouth from the sheer power of the thrust. Unable to move from Andrew’s hands holding his head, Steve had little choice but to carry on sucking as Andrew thrust once more into his mouth. In a perverse way he was beginning to enjoy this facefucking, and reached hold of Andrew’s ass with his hands, squeezing in time to the thrusts, sucking and licking for all he was worth.

By now saliva and pre-cum were mixed together, dribbling and mixing with the sweat now pouring down his face, over his chin and running down him chest.. His own cock was now rock hard, and oozing his own cum down his leg. He didn’t care how depraved this was, he was in the moment.

Suddenly, he felt Andrew begin to speed up, and instinctively knew he was cumming. He doubled his efforts as well, rolling his tongue round the thick cock, and then he felt it. With one last thrust Andrew came, spurting his load into Steve’s mouth, taking him aback with the sheer volume of it. Steve swallowed as another blast came as Andrew pulled the cock out of Steve’s mouth, showering his forehead and eyes with more sticky cum. As the orgasm finished, Steve’s face was a mess of cum, dribbling over his face, into his mouth. Licking his lips, tasting the cum that was there, Steve looked up at Andrew, expecting it to be his turn to be pleasured.

But it seemed that keeping going on the treadmill wasn’t the only thing Andrew could keep going at. Amazingly his cock was beginning to swell again as he effortless picked Steve up off the floor and threw him face first onto the bed, leaving his ass in the air. As with the t-shirt, Andrew hooked his fingers into the waistband and pulled. The shorts, and the boxers beneath didn’t have a chance and torn in half, dropping to the floor, leaving Steve naked for the first time. Glancing back over his shoulder, his vision blurred as cum dripped over his eyes, he say Andrew climb up onto the bed behind him, tanned skin glistening from his exertion.

Realising what was about to happen he unconsciously tensed as the once again rock hard cock was thrust towards his ass. Well lubricated from his previous efforts, along with the sweat of both bodies Andrew cock slid into Steve, causing him to groan again. The size of Andrew was soar, but strangely Steve was enjoying it, unconsciously squeezing his ass around the top half of Andrew as he thrust forward again.

This time he went further, and again the pain mixed with the pleasure caused Steve to moan and writhe on the bed, his hands bunching the sheets either side of him, as he lay there, ass up whilst Andrew fucked him. Andrew pushed forward again, his glistening cock forcing its way further inside Steve. This time Steve reached back, grabbing hold of the dick and moving it, helping it slide deeper into his body. With another push, this time Andrew entered him completely, and his groin slapped into Steve’s ass, the wet smacking sound causing sweat to fly everywhere.

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