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I had to go to Leeds to visit a client in order to sort out some complex problems with her finances. I knew that the meeting might be a long one and so I booked a suite in a four star hotel for the meeting and arranged to stay there overnight, the meeting being scheduled for 6.30 in the evening. The client was a lady I had long admire but never, until now, had the pleasure of meeting.

My client, Carol, and her secretary, Susie, arrive on time and we managed to resolve the problems in double quick time. On completion of the meeting I invited them both to have dinner with me in the hotel dining room. Carol accepted but Susie said that she must get home before 8pm if at all possible. I then suggested that we go down to the bar for a drink before she left and that carol remained afterwards for dinner. This was all agreed and off we went to the bar.

It was only about 7.15 when Susie said that she must dash off leaving Carol and myself sitting in the hotel lounge, and after another quick drink I asked the head waiter if there was a quiet alcove where we could dine and chat. He led us into an ante-room which was divided into small booths and asked us to take our pick. Carol chose the one at the far end of the room. The booth was very dimly lit with just a small lamp.

Carol was a very attractive lady of about 30. She was wearing a shirt type blouse loosely outside a full, elasticated waist skirt, which ended just below her knees. The subdued lighting made her look even more attractive, and younger, than before.

We ate a leisurely meal and indulged in casual chat as we ate. At the end of the meal, after the table had been cleared, I ordered more drinks and we remained there talking. Carol began to get quite flirtatious, possibly as the effects of the wine took over. She told several risqué stories, one in particular about Susie, her secretary. It had taken place on a live TV program when Susie had been sitting behind a desk with a 60-year-old man. Apparently the man had tried for about 45 minutes, the entire length of the TV program, to get his hand up Susie’s skirt.

As she told me this story I slid my own hand under the table and onto her leg. She said nothing and so I let it slide to the hem of her skirt then up inside onto the soft flesh of her nylon-clad thigh. She turned half away from me saying “That story wasn’t an invitation for you to grope me.”

“Sorry” I responded.

“That’s alright. I don’t blame you for trying” she said, smiling over her shoulder. As she spoke she stretched her arms in the air. Whilst she was I that position I slipped both my hands up inside the back of her blouse and unfastened güvenilir bahis the clasp of her bra.

“Ohh!” she exclaimed, putting her hands to her breasts through her blouse. “What are you doing?”

“I’m trying to feel your breasts” I said. “why don’t you just relax?” I then slid both my hands around, inside her blouse, to fondle her breasts. They felt delightful. I could feel her nipples hardening under my touch and she was now leaning back against me.

“Oh! That does feel nice” she sighed.. “Please be careful, I don’t want any of the staff to see us.”

“They won’t come in here now unless I ask for them” I told her. “I think that you should let me see your tits, not just hold them.”

“I can’t do that here” she said.

“Le’s go to my suite then” I suggested. “We can let them see the light there.”

She giggled and said “If we go to your suite I’ll probably do more than show you my tits.”

“Let’s go” I said, taking her hand and pulling her to her feet. She rose willingly and I led her to the lift and up to my suite.

I opened the door and we entered. I immediately took her in my arms and began to kiss her, long, hard and deep, hurting her lips with the pressure of my mouth, sucking on her tongue and lips, biting them and moaning into her throat. As I kissed her I felt my penis hardening. My hands roamed all over her body, pulling her close as I ground my hard cock against her pubis. I grabbed her buttocks in both hands and thrust against her as we kissed, and she wrapped one of her legs around mine in enthusiastic response, grinding herself against me and pushing her pussy against my hardness. By now I was breathing very heavily and so was Carol. She decided she’d had enough , for suddenly she stopped, pulled back and said, “Can we please get undressed?”

“You bet we can,” I responded, “I’d love to.”

We each proceeded to undress ourselves, watching the other and making soft sounds of appreciation. Finally we stood naked, and for a moment paused to admire the beautiful physique of each other. I stood at six feet, 210 pounds, and muscled in a lithe, handsome way, with my penis standing out from my body at rigid attention. She was around five foot four inches tall, with firm breasts and incredibly lovely nipples, a flat stomach, and an arse that would give a ninety year old paraplegic a hard on.

I could see her watching my dick as closely as I was looking at her obviously wet pussy, and we both moved as one to lie down on my bed. She cupped my aching balls in one hand and wrapped the other around my throbbing cock as she seemed to study it intimately, then she plunged her mouth over türkçe bahis it, licking the tip of it with her tongue.

Slowly she brought the whole of my prick into her mouth, and out again, and in again, until she was moving her mouth and hand up and down my cock in a steady piston like motion, all the while holding my balls, pulling on them, squeezing them, and pushing them up to be sucked on. First one, then the other, leaving my pubic hair glistening with her saliva. All this time I had been enjoying myself by holding and twisting first one nipple, then the other. They were as big around as my little finger, and I loved the way they felt when I pulled on them.

I couldn’t wait any longer, I had to please this woman, I had to taste the sweet cunt juices I could feel dripping onto my leg. So when she stopped sucking my cock to take a breather, I gently pushed her aside and rolled on top of her and said, “My turn!”

I started at her face, licking her eyelids, her lips, kissing her and sucking on her tongue. I then had to sample her neck, which I did by nibbling on it and her earlobes, biting a bit too hard to bring the level of sensation up to where she would be unable to control herself.

Her breasts were next, and oh what a delight they were! I grabbed one and stuffed as much of it as I could into my mouth; using my teeth just a little, I slowly slid up her tit until I had her nipple between my teeth. I bit it just enough to make her flinch, then I gently, oh so gently licked it as I felt it pucker and become hard, like a little penis trying to fuck my mouth. I bit my way over and continued with more of the same on her other tit, sucking and nibbling for a time. I could tell she wanted me between her legs, so I took my time, moving to the spot between her breasts where I could feel her heart beat.

She moaned and said that she had dreamt of me doing that when we were down in the dining booth, and that she wanted nothing more than to make love to me. I knew that she meant what she said, I also knew that I wanted her pleasure at a fever pitch, so I licked my way down to her damp pussy, where I found the sweetest tasting delight I had ever known.

I began by kissing her inner thighs, and nibbling behind her knees, making her writhe and twist in satisfaction. I teased her by chewing on her cunt lips and licking around her labia, sucking them into my mouth and fondling them with my tongue. I pushed her legs up until her knees were at her shoulders, exposing her asshole and pussy for a closer inspection; I stuck my tongue between her butt cheeks and traced her asshole with saliva. Pulling away and blew on her dripping güvenilir bahis siteleri hole.

She was shaking so much that I felt mercy and plunged my rigid tongue into her tangy pussy, forcing it as deep as I could. Then I withdrew it, and began to fuck her hole with my tongue, faster and faster, until suddenly I stopped and moved to her clitoris, which by now was standing proud, waiting to be attended to. I covered her button with my lips and sucked it in very gently, twiddling it with the tip of my tongue, and lapping at it like a cat drinking milk.

She tasted like pure, unadulterated pussy. I stuck a finger in, reaching up to touch the spot just inside the upper part of her opening, as I massaged it I could feel her muscles contracting around my finger, moving in time with my tongue and the motion of my hand. I loved making her tremble and shudder with the intensity of her delight. Unable to wait any longer, she grabbed me by my hair and pulled me up to kiss her; her juices still on my lips, I reluctantly abandoned my feast.

Lying on top of her I looked into her gorgeous face and saw the look on her face that was saying “Please, please fuck me.” An expression of pure animal longing, a need I know my face showed as well; to be fulfilled and filled with love in its physical form.

Reaching down slowly, she pulled my cock to the opening of her cunt, pushing it inside herself as she thrust her hips against mine, moaning and letting out little screeches of bliss. With a throaty bellow I helped her along and thrust my straining hard-on deep inside her, slamming the tip of my cock against her cervix so that she gasped. And so we began the most ancient dance of all; thrashing about, panting, moaning, yelling for the other to fuck harder, until with a steady grinding of pubic bone against her clit, and the incredible contractions gripping my dick, we came together in a mutual explosion of rapture. I know for myself I came so hard that I blacked out and saw stars for minutes afterward.

After we had rested we continued our talking and giving each other pleasure until the early hours of the morning, when we slept in each others arms.

The next morning dawned bright and beautiful. Each of us bright was eyed and ready to face the day. We went to have a delicious breakfast at a cafe I knew of and there we talked quietly, she drank tea, and I drank coffee, until it was time for us to get on with the day. Me to return to my office and carol to prepare another TV show.

That was a wonderful interlude, one that was repeated only a few times more. Eventually it was decided that her finances need to be reviewed at least once each year and that I would always try to do it myself, not delegate to one of my staff.

As I drove homewards I could not help reflecting on a wonderful night and a longing for the next year to pass quickly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32