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Big Tits

Chapter 02. A better view in the yard:

After work on Friday, Roslyn pulled into her long driveway and saw Mr. Wilbur’s car and him standing beside what seemed to Roslyn to be a small amount of lumber. She got out of her car, and said, “Hi Mr. Wilbur. I see the lumber arrived. Is that all there is?”

“Good afternoon, lovely lady,” he said, as he smiled and continued. “They delivered it over an hour ago. I have most of it in the back by the deck. I should have this done in about another 20 minutes or so.”

“Why didn’t you wait for Adam so you wouldn’t have to do this all alone? It’s so warm today. You need to be careful that you don’t get heat exhaustion and dehydrated,” Roslyn said, with concern.

“I appreciate your concern, but I’m in pretty good shape for my age. I’ve learned how to pace myself over the years. I’ll be done shortly. You go about your business and do what you need to do. I’ll be just fine, sweetie,” he said, with a very appreciative smile.

“I’ll have a nice glass of iced tea for you when you’re done, if you’d like.”

“Oh, that would be great, thanks. I’ll let you know when I’m done. Thanks again, Roslyn. You’re such a lovely person and the perfect hostess,” he said, with another huge smile.

“Okay, I’m just going to get into something a little cooler and then get a glass chilled for you. I’ll have the glass slider open, so all you have to do is give me a yell. See you in a bit,” she said, as she walked into her home.

“She is so beautiful, and such a pleasant personality,” Mr. Wilbur thought, as he went back to bringing the lumber to the backyard.

Around thirty minutes later Mr. Wilbur approached the screen sliding door and called out, “Hey Roslyn, all the lumber is out of your front yard. I’m ready for that iced tea now, anytime you are. I’ll just be putting the lumber in some sort of order.”

“Alright, Mr. Wilbur. I’ll have it out to you in a couple of minutes,” Roslyn responded.

Mr. Wilbur went back down the stairs and began sorting and piling the lumber neatly. As he was putting everything in place for easy access, he heard the slider open.

Roslyn came out wearing a very light, yellow sundress, carrying a large glass of iced tea. She walked to the railing near where Mr. Wilbur was working, and said, “I hope you like fish. I’m going to broil some sea bass with steamed asparagus and a nice fresh salad,” as she leaned over and handed Mr. Wilbur his glass.

The sun was bright and at her back, causing her sundress to seem almost transparent. Mr. Wilbur wiped his hands on his baggy shorts and reached for the glass, almost missing it, due to his eyes concentrating more on the lovely vision in front of his eyes. He could see her lovely shaped legs and the separation between her toned inner thighs. He immediately felt a stirring in his stomach that began migrating to his groin. He knew he had to sit down post haste to prevent any embarrassment to either of them. He rapidly sat on the pile of lumber, but wanted to keep the conversation going to provide more time to admire the lovely creature in front of him. In his haste, he wasn’t aware that his baggy shorts had risen and tightened around his upper thigh, causing his cock to be outlined by the material. He answered Roslyn, “I love fish, and the meal sounds delicious. I hope you’re not going through all of this just for me,” he said, as his stare was concentrated on the separation between her legs.

Roslyn said, “No, we both love broiled fish and generally have some sort of seafood on Friday’s, Adam being a full blooded Englishman. It seems it was a family tradition handed down.” She could not help but notice the outline of Mr. Wilbur’s cock running down the side of his leg, and began feeling a slight butterfly sensation in her belly as well.

“I wasn’t aware that Adam was of British descent. Inviting me to join you two for dinner was very kind of you. I’ve looked forward to today since Adam confronted me with the possibility.” His cock involuntarily began to become erect. He was still not aware that Roslyn could see anything, but unbeknownst to him, she had a perfectly unobstructed view of his old cock enlarging.

Roslyn’s mind went directly to the other night in front of the computer with Adam and she was beginning to feel the first signs of arousal. As Mr. Wilbur’s cock appeared to reach full erection, her thoughts moved from the computer to their bed, and her imagining, or pretending it was Mr. Wilbur that was fucking her in place of Adam. She could feel warmth and wetness developing in her vagina, and knew she had to do something to break this train of thought. She rocked back and forth, and said, “That Iced tea looks too tempting to resist. I’m going in and make one for myself. I’ll be right back and we can continue our conversation.” She then turned and went into the house.

While in the house, Roslyn mumbled softly, “Holy shit! I can’t believe that seeing Mr. Wilbur’s cock growing under his pants would have such an intense, illegal bahis and immediate effect on me. I can’t believe my thoughts went directly to him having sex with me. Damn! What is wrong with me? Adam said my desires were normal reactions. Why on earth are they so strong and intense though? This is what I can’t comprehend. Why do I want to see more of him like that?”

Very much confused by her feelings, and still in an aroused condition, she couldn’t wait to get outside again in front of Mr. Wilbur. She had become aware that the sun shining through her thin sundress gave him a clear view of her entire lower body. That had to be the cause of his almost instant and very admirable erection.

Mr. Wilbur thought to himself, “It is you that looks too tempting to resist to me, my dear. I bet that pussy of hers tastes delicious. Oh, stop thinking like this, you foolish old coot. She is way out of your league and age group. What a wonderful fantasy, nevertheless. I can have fun with these thoughts in my own mind. That’s as far as it will ever go, so there’s no harm in an old timer having dreams.” The noise of the sliding door brought him back from fantasy to reality.

Roslyn went right back to her previous position at the rail and noticed that Mr. Wilbur was still thick and hard. She noticed his eyes go directly to her legs and pussy before her eyes became locked onto his penis. She found it extremely arousing knowing that she was having that effect on him. She wasn’t aware that Mr. Wilbur had noticed her staring at his crotch, and had looked down to see that his erection was perfectly outlined by his pant leg, and realized that she seemed to like what she saw.

There they were, admiring each other’s lower extremities, both very aroused sexually, and neither knowing what to do or how to react.

Roslyn finally thought, “I can’t let this go on. I need to take control of this situation.” She knew she just couldn’t ask Mr. Wilbur to come and sit at the table while she was standing there, especially in his current condition. She thought quickly and said to him, “Your glass looks almost empty. Let me fill it up for you and you can come up and join me at the table.”

Mr. Wilbur wanted to finish sorting the lumber, but knew this was probably his only opportunity to get up from his sitting position. His cock seemed to want to remain in its current mode of expression. He laboriously got up, unable to conceal his cock. He finally thought, “Fuck it! She already knows I have a hard-on, and she’s seen it.” So he stood up straight and handed her his glass.

She displayed a naughty smile, looked him in the eyes, and said, “It’ll be better for both of us to just sit at the table. Adam won’t be home for hours yet, so you have plenty of time to get the wood as you want it.” She seemed to give him a little wink, then turned and sashayed back into the house.

Mr. Wilbur adjusted his cock which was straining to break free of the shorts that restrained it, as best he could. He walked up onto the deck rather uncomfortably. He sat at the table, and thought, “She’s playing with me. She wasn’t talking about the lumber in that last comment. She used the word ‘wood’ purposely. She was talking about my cock. I think she likes teasing me like this.” He decided, however, to be polite and respectful and let her take the lead in this little game of hers.

Roslyn said to herself, “This is more fun and exciting than I ever imagined. I need to slow this down and remain respectful. I need to discuss all this with Adam tonight and see what he says about it.” She then brought the iced tea out to the table and sat across from Mr. Wilbur, smiled, and said, “Here you go. This should cool you off.” She then let out a soft, naughty giggle.

“Roslyn,” Mr. Wilbur said, in a very serious tone. “I’ve been around a long time. I have no difficulty catching subtle innuendo. I know that you noticed what happened to me while I was looking at you. I respect Adam and you very much and don’t want to destroy what seems like could be a nice friendly relationship. Let’s please be up-front and honest with each other. Okay? Now, do you want to continue playing these teasing games with each other when Adam isn’t around, or would you rather chalk this up as an uncomfortable situation that occurred purely by accident and continue as we had before this, as if nothing had happened today? I know none of this was planned, so I also can understand that sometimes we can’t control certain emotions when something unexpected occurs. I am fine either way, and I hope that you can be as well. That being said, I feel it necessary to apologize for what happened to me and if I embarrassed you in any way.” He then sat back and took a sip of his iced tea.

Roslyn looked down and blushed in embarrassment, and said, “It is I who should be apologizing. Although it wasn’t intentional, I should’ve realized that the sun would shine right through this dress, giving you a pretty provocative view of what was underneath it. Your illegal bahis siteleri body reacted as any other healthy male’s body would’ve. When it became obvious to me, how you were being affected, it made me feel as if I was being naughty and I found that rather exciting and fun. Normally, I would like to think I would’ve put an end to it all as soon as the realization became obvious. I don’t know why, and can’t explain it, but I wanted the naughty feelings to continue. I think, for the time being, we should go on as if today never happened. If we change in any way, Adam will pick up on it, and I will end up having a million questions to answer. I don’t want any feeling of awkwardness between the two of you either. I promise to be more careful in the way I dress when you’re here from now on. I’ve become quite fond of you, in a very short period of time, and would like that to continue. She then took a sip of her own drink and looked at him with a shy smile.

“I must tell you that I’ve admired you, as a person, and the lovely, desirable woman that you are. I will always respect you, but please be aware that, no matter what you wear, there will always be a part of me that looks at you with genuine desire. I hope you never feel like you need to dress differently when I’m around, I will always see you the same way. As I told you the other day, you’re just nice to be around. Please forgive this question but, do you like being naughty and doing naughty things?” Mr. Wilbur asked.

Roslyn said, “I don’t know, I’ve never done anything naughty like this before,” she replied, as she let out a giggle of embarrassment. “The only thing I do know is how it made me feel today, and how it kind of controlled how I acted. I hope that doesn’t sound like I’m making an excuse, because I’m not. What I’m telling you is the truth. But to answer your question, I did enjoy being naughty, and enjoyed seeing how it affected you.”

“I believe you, Roslyn. Any time you feel like you want to once again be naughty, know. . . you’ll always have a willing participant,” he said, as he gave out a loud, hearty laugh.

Roslyn giggled, and said, “Thank you. I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Please do. It would be my honor.” He patted her hand softly with his own, and continued, “Now, I need to get going on this lumber.” He then got up, less the erection, and headed down the deck stairs. He turned to Roslyn, and said, “Oh by the way. Thank you for the iced tea. Thank you very much also for being honest, and making this old man feel alive again. Please don’t stop, whether it’s naughty or not. I like the feeling just as much as you do. Oh, and also. . . that was very gracious and thoughtful of you to make lunch for me, and leave it in the cooler for me. The sandwiches were perfect, and the beers were nice and cold. Thank you.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed the lunch. We appreciate all that you’re doing for us. It’s my pleasure knowing you enjoyed everything today.” She turned and walked towards the sliding door.

“Mr. Wilbur,” Roslyn called out. “I’m glad I made you feel good today. If you need anything, just let me know,” as she entered the house and closed the slider screen.

“Thank you, Roslyn,” responded Mr. Wilbur. “What I really need right now, you’re not willing to give, pretty lady,” he thought to himself, and continued removing the two sections of side railing from the deck he had just started.

“What made me say that to him? That sounded so suggestive. Jeesh! Do I really want us to continue teasing each other sexually?” she asked herself quizzically. “Damn! Adam and I need to have a serious talk. Now I need to concentrate on dinner,” she said, and proceeded to begin preparing the food.

Roslyn was still distraught about how she acted like a loose woman when she heard Adam pull up in the driveway. She went to a front window and noticed that Adam was coming into the house rather than go right in the backyard. She met him at the door, and before he could completely get into the house, she began nervously rambling on without stopping.

“Oh honey, I’m so embarrassed, and feel so guilty. I accidentally teased Mr. Wilbur today, to the point that he got a hard-on. I saw it, and he saw me staring at it. It was an accident honey, honest, I’m so sorry. I —”

Adam interrupted her by putting up his hands and said, “Woah, Woah! Slow down girl. What do you mean you teased him, and what exactly do you mean by you saw his hard-on?”

“I brought him an iced tea wearing this dress. I didn’t even think about the sun being at my back, and the sun shined right though my dress showing my whole body. He’s wearing baggy shorts, and when he sat on the lumber, his shorts lifted up a bit and wrapped tightly around his leg outlining his entire cock. All of a sudden, I noticed it growing and I couldn’t take my eyes off it. When I did, I noticed that he was looking right at my stomach and legs. He didn’t do it on purpose, and neither did I. It was something that happened purely by accident canlı bahis siteleri by both of us. He was a perfect gentleman and didn’t do anything but sit there. I got him another glass of iced tea, and when I got back, he had adjusted himself and was sitting at the table, to ensure I could see nothing more. Oh, Adam, I felt so naughty and bad, but also excited to the point of a slight arousal. I’m so sorry, honey. Please forgive me, but I couldn’t help it.”

“Hey, nothing was done intentionally, and he obviously did not try to make an issue of it, for your sake, I’m sure. You getting aroused is only natural. Enjoying feeling naughty is not a bad thing, and it only makes everything more interesting for us. I’ll talk to him about it, if you want. Just to make sure he knows that you weren’t trying to seduce him,” he suggested, as he let out a smug, soft chuckle.

“This is not a laughing matter. And don’t you dare discuss it with him. If I knew you two were discussing my inappropriate behavior, I’d never be able to face him again. I’d just as soon go on as if it didn’t happen at all, okay? Besides, I wouldn’t want either of you to feel awkward working together. Now please go out there and act like you don’t know anything about this afternoon.”

“I won’t say anything, don’t worry. We can talk about this better after he leaves here tonight.” Adam kissed her, smiled affectionately, and said, “I love you so much. Who knows? This could be a lot of fun for us,” he said, as he started out to the deck.

“Thank you. I love you too, sweetie.”

Roslyn felt better now that she had shared this with Adam and he was so understanding. She was particularly relieved that he assured her that he was not going to mention it to Mr. Wilbur.

Close to an hour after Adam had gotten home, Roslyn went to the sliding door, and said, “Hey you guys. Dinner will be ready in about 15 minutes. You both need to start thinking about washing up before you sit down at the table.”

“Okay honey. We’ll be in shortly,” Adam responded.

Both men came into the house and sat at the table after washing outside, using the garden faucet. Roslyn directed where Mr. Wilbur was to sit, and told him, “I didn’t know what type of salad dressing you liked, so there are four selections to choose from. Help yourself. The fish will be out of the broiler shortly.”

“Thanks Roslyn. The salad looks absolutely refreshing, and the food cooking smells delicious,” said Mr. Wilbur graciously, and enthusiastically.

“Thank you,” responded Roslyn. “Please call me ‘Rozzi’, everyone else does.”

“Fine, thank you for allowing me to feel welcome. That’s very kind of you. This salad is tremendous.”

Once everyone had finished their salad, Roslyn gathered everyone’s bowls, and asked, “What would everyone like to drink with their meal?”

“I’ll stick with the iced water here, Rozzi. Thank you,” said Mr. Wilbur.

“I’m just going to have a Coke, honey. I’ll get it,” responded Adam.

Rozzi came back to the table with a bowl of steamed asparagus and a bowl of quartered, boiled small red potatoes, drizzled with melted butter and parsley flakes, served a little warmer than room temperature. She then returned with three plates, each with a large serving of hot broiled sea bass and placed a plate in front of each of them. She turned to Mr. Wilbur, and said, “Adam will hand each bowl to you, so take as much as you want. There’s plenty.”

After dinner, Mr. Wilbur pushed away from the table, and said, “Rozzi, that was an absolutely superior meal. Thank you.”

“Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed it. You certainly worked hard for it and deserved it. That’s the least I can do to say thank you for everything. Would everyone like to go into the living room to have coffee, or would you rather stay right here?” She began removing the empty plates from the table.

“We’ll have our coffee in the living room, honey,” replied Adam.

“Okay. It’ll be out in a few minutes. Just let me get the table cleaned off.”

“Can I help with anything?” asked Mr. Wilbur.

Roslyn responded, with a little naughty smile, “No, you’ve had a rather exhausting day. You need to rest and build up your strength.”

Mr. Wilbur smiled back, assuming the innuendo, not aware that Adam had any idea of the naughty game they had played with each other earlier in the day.

Adam caught the smile and the innuendo as well, and thought to himself, “She’s really enjoying being naughty with this old man, and seems to be getting into this scene. This could become very interesting.”

Both men retired to the living room and sat on the couch in front of the coffee table.

A short while later, Roslyn came into the living room carrying a tray with a coffee pot, cream and sugar, and two cups. She placed it all on the coffee table. She said, “Here you go men. I’m going to be busy in the kitchen for a while, so you men just relax and talk about whatever men talk about. I’ll join you both when I’m done.” She then turned and sauntered back into the kitchen.

Mr. Wilbur sipped his coffee, leaned back, and said, “That is one gorgeous lady you have there, Adam. She just seems so perfect in every way to me . . . If you don’t mind me saying.”

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