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Please read “A Family New Year’s Eve – Chapters I, II, III, IV, V, and VI” – before you read this (if you haven’t already.) This will make more sense if you do.


Lisa looked up at her eighteen year-old brother, her eyes so dark and deep. “Please?” She whispered her darkest desires to him, “Please, Matty?”

Even though it was mid-morning on this bright, crisp New Year’s Day, it was dark and hot in our living room. The blinds had been drawn, blocking out the bright sunlight. The only illumination in the room came from the flaming logs in the fireplace.

My son was on his back, stretched out on the thick Oriental rug in front of the fireplace. His head was propped up on a pile of soft pillows. He brought a thin joint to his lips and took a drag. Biased as only a parent can be, I still have to say that he was so beautiful, so perfectly shaped, laying there in front of the fire.

As was the gorgeous piece of nubile young ass laying curled up at his side. Her sleek, tanned thigh was draped over her brother’s and I could see the subtle movement of her hips as she hunched her sweet pussy against him. Her raised leg put the curve of her luscious, little ass directly in my sight. God, it was heavenly! The highlights from the flames behind her reflected against her smooth, taut flesh.

In her left hand, she held her brother’s magnificent cock. She licked him slowly from the base, swirling her tongue around the thick shaft until her lips held him softly under the flared crown. My baby girl took him out of her mouth and looked up at him again. Her voice was just like her mother’s when she was losing control. “Say you will, Matty…make me do all those things for you…Please, Matty?” My cock thickened as I stared at Lisa’s ass, those sweet cheeks clenching against each other as her body shuddered against her brother.

With his left hand idly stroking his twenty year-old sister’s long, wavy brown hair he took the joint out of his mouth with his right hand and held it out for his mother. I started to say something and Matt flicked his eyes over to me. I knew immediately that he was showing his new-found control – and I let him. Without saying a word, he held the joint out to Laurie again. I was shocked to see her take a small drag, inhale the smoke and hold it inside. I held my breath along with my wife until she blew out a thin stream of smoke. She was smiling as she looked up at me. “You should have made me try this a long time ago, baby. This is really…uhm…I don’t know,” she giggled, “but I really like it.” She took another small hit and handed the joint back to Matt.

My son took a drag and then handed it to me. “Well,” he said, “why didn’t you make Mom try it?”

I had to laugh. “I tried, Matt, the first time we ever went out. After I got Mom from her dorm, we went back to my car. After I drove out of the parking lot, I took a joint out of the ashtray, lit it up, and handed it to your mother. She told me she didn’t smoke, didn’t want to try. I asked her if she minded if I did – she said no.” I took a hit of the joint and sucked it down, enjoying the fact that the three of them were waiting to her the rest of the story. I finally exhaled. “I didn’t have much money at the time…I figured she just cut my dope bill in half…I never asked her again.”

We all laughed together. Then Lisa twisted around, raising her perfect torso in front of me. She wanted the joint in my hand. I couldn’t move – I was stunned by how beautiful she looked in front of the fire. She was so much like Laurie at that age. Then Matt’s voice snapped me out of my trance. “Give that to your daughter, Dad…I’ve got something here I think you’d rather suck on.”

My heart about stopped as I heard my son’s words. I heard Lisa gasp as she realized the significance of what her brother just said. I looked across the room at my wife. She was sitting on the thick pile carpet, leaning against the front of the couch. My eyes moved slowly upwards, taking in her long legs with her knees drawn up and spread apart. Her slick thighs framed her bald pussy; by the light from the fire, I could see her swollen lips spread and moist. My eyes caught hers – they were glazed with lust, her feelings and desires heightened by the pot she was smoking. She slowly moved her hand until she was sliding a fingertip up and down her swollen lips.

“What are you waiting for, baby?” Her voice was soft, almost a whisper. “You told me you wanted to…” Her finger was moving in slow circles around her hard, pink pearl.

Lisa’s hand took hold of my hard dick. She looked up at me, the perfect angel/temptress. She licked her lips with the tip of her tongue. “C’mon, Daddy,” she tugged me towards her younger brother. “You told me you would get Matty ready to fuck me…just like you do to all of Mommy’s lovers.”

My skin was burning as she pulled me down between Matt’s parted legs. I heard Laurie moaning to my left and Lisa still canlı bahis urging me on from my right. I could hear them, but all I was aware of was the buzz in my ears and the rapid heartbeat in my chest. I knelt down slowly between my son’s outstretched legs. His hand was wrapped around his thick shaft, stroking it lazily up and down.

His cock was mesmerizing. I placed my hand around the hot, thick shaft above my son’s. There was still an inch exposed beneath the ridge of his swollen crown. I felt Matt’s hand slip away; then I felt it on the back of my neck, drawing me down towards his upright meat. As I moved slowly towards that wondrous shaft, I head Matt using his alpha-voice. “C’mon, Dad,” he urged me closer, “they want to see you suck me deep.” He pulled just a little harder. I let him pull me but I kept going, past his cock and up to his face. I kissed him lightly, then moved my mouth to his ear.

“I know they do, Matt…what do you want, son?” I whispered close. “Do you really want to play? You do know this is a game, Matt…right?” I whispered that I loved him and then, “You know you’re number one when we’re together like this, Matt…right?” He nodded his understanding. “You don’t have to worry about the other stuff…I’ll take care of it, you know, like normal.” He turned his face to mine and kissed me on the cheek.

He whispered that he loved me and Laurie and Lisa so much and he knew what was real and what was not. Then sitting up a little, in his strongest tone, he says “Dad…is it true? Are you my mother’s slut?” For a split second, I just felt incredibly proud of my son, becoming a young man. “Do you suck her lovers’ cocks…make them hard and wet for her?” I heard the moaning in stereo coming from both my wife and my daughter.

“Yes…I am…I do,” I mumbled. He was pushing my shoulders back down towards his stiff shaft. My face was burning as he described my devotion to his mother.

“Gonna start doing it for my sister, too?” Matt’s eyes were all over his sister. She was curled around him, her moist, golden skin reflecting the flames behind her. Her eyes were glazed over and her breathing was shallow and fast; her little pink nipples were as hard as diamonds.

Her voice was a harsh whisper. “Please, Daddy…you promised, remember?” She reached between my legs and dragged a fingernail up the length of my cock. I could have screamed from the pleasure she caused. I turned to my wife; she was staring at the three of us in front of the fire. She moaned as her fingers dipped between her plump lips, teasing herself as she watched.

I turned back to Matt and then all there was, all that I was aware of, was the hot, hard and very large cock he now held in his hand. I moved down so my face was even with his imposing organ. I took it out of his hand, my fingers wrapping gently around the hot, taught flesh. I felt my skin heating up as I bent my head and slowly took that first long, wet lick, swirling my tongue around his thick, meaty shaft. It was so good I had to have more of him. I held him upright as I explored around the base of his shaft with my tongue and then the tender skin covering his balls.

“Fuck, Dad…” Matt was moaning as I trailed my wet tongue and lips upwards towards the ridge that so clearly defined the large head of his cock, “that’s fuckin great…”

While my eyes never left the tall, proud beauty in front of me, I heard my daughter whispering with the same lust-filled voice that her mother uses so well. “Suck him, Daddy. God, it’s so big, Matty…” Her fingers were making squishy sounds as she hissed at her brother and me.

I couldn’t wait any longer, the temptation was too strong. I bent over my son and took him through my lips, gliding his thick ten-inch erection over my tongue and into my throat. I started to breathe slowly through my nose, letting my jaw and throat muscles adjust to his incredible girth.

Matt was going crazy beneath me. His hips were making small thrusts up, trying to drive himself even deeper. “Oh fuck, Dad…” he was still moaning, “did Mom teach you how to do this?” I couldn’t answer him, of course. I was busy gliding upwards, letting his rock-hard shaft slip passed my lips. When I had his head in my mouth, I swirled my tongue all over and around him. He was starting to tremble and I could feel his flesh heating up. I lowered myself again, taking him all in one smooth stroke until my lips were sealed around the base. I held him still, knowing that if I let him cum, Lisa would go crazy.

I started to draw slowly upwards, lubricating him with my tongue – and loving the taste of his smooth, young skin. I heard Laurie start to giggle over her shallow breath.

“I didn’t need to teach him that, Matty,” she was almost chuckling as she spoke. “He knew how to do that long before we ever met.” I pulled Matt’s cock out of my mouth, making a pop as his cock-head escaped my lips. Laurie looked at me as she spoke to bahis siteleri Matt and Lisa, “Ask him sometime about his best friend from high school.” My face started burning again.

From Lisa: “Oh my God, Daddy!!! You did that to some boy in high school? That’s so hot! Ooooohhh, Daddy…you really must have been his bitch!”

From Matt: “Look at his face, Lis’…” my son was chuckling, “he did that a lot!” He looked at his mother for a minute, then turned back to me. “He fucked your ass, didn’t he?” I dropped my eyes from his; my heart was pounding so hard. “Well, Pops? It’s true, isn’t it?” I glared at my wife who, unbelievably, was taking another hit off a joint.

Laurie’s eyes were bright blue, reflecting the flames, moist from her constant laughing. Lisa sat up next to her brother. Her movement drew my eyes back to her perfect twenty year-old body. Her breasts rode high on her chest, her dark pink nipples pushing out and up. Her mouth was shaped in a perfect ‘little girl’ pout. “Remember, Daddy? The whole truth and nothing but…” She looked up at her brother. “I made him promise me last night after Mom said the same thing to you.” She looked quite pleased with herself.

I looked at both my children, their eyes shining with lust and love. I nodded my head in affirmation.

Matt smiled at his big sister. “That was good thinking, Lis’.” Then his smile slowly faded as he lifted his left hand to her right breast. I heard Laurie gasp from behind me as I watched his long fingers knead Lisa’s tit-flesh and then roll her thick nipple between thumb and forefinger. Lisa started moaning as Matt stretched her flesh, teasing her sensitive tit. He pulled her towards him, never letting go of the treasure between his fingers; Lisa had to move to him. When she was very close, Matt spoke quietly, using his alpha-voice as he looked at his sister. “You sure about this, Lisa?” She nodded as she pushed her breast into his hand. “If I fuck you…”

Laurie gasped again as she took another hit. I moved from between Matt’s legs and sat next to my wife. She handed me the joint, turning to kiss me she mumbled, “They’re so hot, baby…our kids are so beautiful.” I kissed my love softly and then looked up as Matt continued, “…there’s no turning back, Sis.”

Lisa looked up at her brother. “God,” she thought to herself, “when did he get so hot?” Her voice was a whisper. “I know, Matty…that’s what I want.” She leaned into him and slid her hand around his neck. Drawing him close, she covered his mouth with her soft, pliant lips. Her mother and I watched, transfixed by the scene unfolding in front of us.

Matt let her tongue play in his mouth for a moment before he pushed her gently away. She whimpered as he guided her down The full timbre of his controlling voice was directed at our daughter. “Use your wicked little tongue down here, Lis’.” He held the object of her lust in his hand. “C’mon…lay down…you take it.” He handed his stiff meat to his sister as she laid down across his thigh, her face cock-high. She started licking his huge, fat dick, her tongue darting around, up and down. Then she held his cock to the side and started sucking his balls slowly into her mouth. Matt looked at me and motioned to the joint in my hand.

I held it out to him and he took a long hit before handing it back. He looked down at his sister as he exhaled the pungent smoke. “What I’m trying to tell you, Lisa…” he moaned as she slid her tongue under his sac and licked his anus. “Fuck, that feels good…listen to me, baby…” He found the control he’d lost momentarily and his voice deepened. “It’s not just for today or for our vacation.”

Lisa picked her head up, her tongue trailing saliva along the hot, stretched skin of his incredible cock-head. When she looked up her eyes were just slits of fire and lust. “I know, Matt.” Her whisper was hard to hear even three feet away.

I looked from Lisa to Laurie, daughter to mother. What I noticed first was the diamond hard tips of their beautiful breasts. Laurie’s tits, heavy and full were capped with dark, dusty pink thimbles, begging to be sucked. Lisa’s pert young breasts were highlighted by the tan line of her bikini top. Golden skin covered the firm mounds except for the faint triangle of pale flesh where it was hidden from the sun. In the center of those sweet tits were two light pink circles, aureoles the size of a quarter. And in the middle of each was a bright pink nub, as thick as a pencil eraser and about a half-inch long. Fuck, I was in heaven!

Lisa held Matt’s stiff pole in her hands as she dropped her mouth over him, wetting his thick head with her tongue. Then she raised herself slowly, straddling his muscular thighs. At my side, Laurie breathing mirrored her daughter’s, getting faster and shallower as Lisa rubbed her brother’s cock back and forth in the hot wet slit of her tight cunt. She looked at me, her eyes just glazed slits of fire as she used bahis şirketleri her brother’s cock to stimulate her swollen little clit. “Gimme a hit, Daddy…” she whispered harshly, gesturing towards the joint in my hand. I held it out to her and she took it quickly, directly to her lips and she sucked in as much as she could take.

Still on her knees, perched over Matt’s steel-hard pole, Lisa handed the butt of the joint back to her mother. Seconds passed in silence, only the crackling fire and labored breathing could be heard. Then my wicked little girl exhaled slowly, turning towards me. “Get closer, Daddy…I want you to do this,” she hissed at me again. I moved towards them and remembering where Laurie was, I continued around to the other side so she would have a clear view of this incestuous coupling.

The flames from the fire behind me were almost as hot as Lisa’s skin as she took my hands in hers. She wrapped my right hand around her brother’s erection. He was so hard and swollen so thick it felt like his skin would burst. Then she placed the fingers of my left hand on her bare mound. She was so hot; her pussy was steaming and the surrounding flesh was warm and moist. I slid a fingertip along her lips, making her moan.

Her words came out slowly, her voice low and throaty. “Spread me open, Daddy…” My heart was pounding so hard and it was difficult to breathe. Drawing her plump lips back with my fingers, I slid my middle digit into her tight canal. I probed her little box and then gently circled my finger around inside of her, trying to loosen her up for her brother’s fearsome fuck-pole. Lisa was moaning as she ground her hips on my hand. She glanced at her mother; Laurie was staring at Matt’s cock, twitching in my hand. “Ohhh, Mommy… Daddy has his finger in my pussy…it feels so good…”

Matt’s voice broke us all out of our reverie. Low, slow and powerful his words collided with his sister. “I made it your choice, Lis’. You accepted the terms.” I could feel my daughter’s pussy spasm around my finger as he spoke. “So quit fuckin around, Sis…if you wanna be my slut…really be my slut…come fuck your little brother now!”

I pulled my finger out of her hot little hole, still spreading her swollen, dark pink lips with my left hand. With my right, I held my son’s turgid cock just below his sister’s open pussy. With my thumb, I spread his clear pre-cum around his huge cock-head.

Laurie was pulling at her nipple with one hand and strumming her clit with the other. Her voice cracked as she spoke to her daughter. “Be his slut, baby…fuck your baby brother, Lisa…when he marks you three times, he will own you. You want him to own you, baby?”

“Yessss!!!!” Lisa wailed as she bent her knees, lowering her cunt onto her brother’s cock. “Oh my fucking God!!!” she thought to herself, “I’ve never felt…never had…anything this big! God, I’m cumming already!” “God, Mommy…he’s so big…unghhh…Oh Jesus, I’m cumming…”

As Lisa kept babbling through her orgasm, Laurie moved towards her children, settling on her knees across Matt’s supine form from me. Her face was flushed and her eyes were slits of fire. She cupped her daughter’s firm breast in one hand and reached towards their incestuous union with her other. “Baby,” she whispered to Lisa, “you only have half of him…fuck him, baby…be his slut.”

Lisa kept gurgling as her stuffed pussy spasmed around the upper half of Matt’s huge tool. Her juices flooded over her brother as she pulled up a little. “God…I know, Mommy…unghhh…” she moaned as she slid down the stiff pole again.

When she stopped she had taken all but the last two inches into her tight little cunt. Matt let her get used to his size for a moment. Then the low, commanding voice broke the intense silence. “You feel so tight, Lis’…so fuckin’ good…your ready to get fucked, big sister?” Lisa nodded mutely at her brother; she hoped he could feel her cunt walls spasming around his ungodly cock. “Good answer, slut!” Matt gripped her with both hands around her trim waist. Once more he gave her a final out. “Your choice, right?”

Lisa’s eyes opened wide as she dropped forward from her waist. Her rock-hard nipples grazed Matt’s muscular chest as she caught herself on her hands, her face just inches from his. “Mark me first, Matty…” Lisa hissed at her brother, “like you did to Mommy.” She slid upwards until her perfect breast rested in front of his mouth; her hardened nipple seemed to throb in the firelight.

Matt grabbed his sister’s left tit in his hand, rolling her nipple between thumb and forefinger. “Great tits, Lis’…” Without taking his eyes off of his sister, he called to Laurie. “Come here, Mother…I think you wanted to be a part of this, right?” A deep moan came from my wife as she moved closer to her children. Matt pushed his hand against Lisa’s chest, causing her breast to swell over his fingers. He licked her tit flesh until it was shining wet and her dark pink nipple poked out between his spread fingers. He spread his lips and put his teeth on her skin. As he marked her for the first time, he pushed down on her hip with his strong left hand.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32