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Saturday, June 16th, 2012

It was 11 am of a sunny and glorious morning at a popular international Resort in Cancun, Mexico. My lovely wife Angela and I were enjoying the 2nd day of our 1 week vacation, and, recommended by a friend of us who suggested the place, we were not disappointed at first sight. A beautiful sandy beach and crystal water enchanted the place where, mostly Europeans, were already in full-beach mode, plus hotel facilities and its food choices were amazing.

While looking for an empty tent at the beach to cover ourselves from the sun, proudly, I noticed how Angela’s swim wear was attracting some male audience and turning their heads towards her body.

Even though her stubborn dedication to the gym in Boston was paying off and visual results were in fact obvious, my body was not in good shape and I felt bad for displaying early signs of overweight at the beach. At 34 years old, Angela’s body was showing her discipline and dedication, while mine, 10 years older started to show some mix of negligence and indulgence. Judging by our physical appearance, it was hard to believe we were two souls matched together by destiny and enjoying our lives as a happy couple reaching out our 3rd anniversary.

Her 36D rack looked gorgeous and it was barely covered by the 2 pieces blue bikini. Her top was delicately laced across her back and her voluptuous breasts were at full display. Down there, her small thong barely covered her treasures and her well-toned bumpy latino ass was calling the attention of more than one horny male European tourist. Her buttocks looked fantastic and I couldn’t believe my dick was buried inside that beauty last night.

After finding our tent and settling down, at the rhythm of Pina Coladas and sweet Cuban rum served by the hotel’s bartenders, we were pleased enjoying the sun, the beach and the view. After one hour, Angela and I were talking and making our plans for the baby. The night before we had a lovely session of steamy sex at our suite, where I dumped 4 or 5 loads of my yellowish cum deeply inside her unprotected pussy. After 3 years enjoying the sweet and sour of being a swinger couple, we finally decided to start a family and those 7 days of vacation didn’t come at a better time, as Angela was ovulating and her body was ready to get pregnant, as two months ago she stopped using the pill and we decided condoms were not allowed into our luggage for that trip.

As a sign of the Lord, suddenly, a gusty wind blew Angela’s red hat to a nearby tent where it found its lucky recipient. She immediately stood up and walked towards the tent smiling and excusing herself after her flying red hat incident.

“I’m really sorry, I wasn’t expecting this little thing didn’t want to stick to my head,” said Angela laughing.

“No problem, no need for apologies, it’s windy today, empty cups and beautiful hats are all over the beach,” said the man standing up from his beach chair and passing the hat back to Angela.

For those 2 seconds, he stared at her body from toes to head, as he noticed how lucky he was for having the chance to return the flying red hat to a hot woman, wearing such a sexy and revealing swim suit, showing off her rack, her hips and her firm, feminine and toned legs.

“Thanks again,” said Angela turning her fit body back and walking slowly to our tent.

Then, the following 10 seconds he didn’t care I was watching him. He remained standing while his eyes were glued to her bumpy ass covered discretely by that attractive Brazilian bikini thong. Her two gorgeous buttocks facing him now, were gratefully moving left to right, as they finally introduced themselves to the man they deserved. Finally, as he noticed I was watching the scene, he came back to his tent.

That day, we met again around 9 pm, ironically waiting for the elevator ride to the hotel bar at the 12th floor where we were staying at. For him, a lucky day after all.

We left the suite heading to the bar for some drinks. Angela was wearing her light green sexy tight cocktail dress. Her revealing cleavage explained thoughtfully why she was proud of her body. Her gorgeous boobs looked like two perfectly rounded melons waiting for a hungry tongue of a man, and below her hips, her tight dress ended quite a few inches up her knees explaining why I was proud to be her husband. Her legs and her amazing sexy bubble-shaped ass in full show for me and the male audience at the hotel.

“Going for a few drinks too?” he asked smiling at us and indiscreetly staring at Angela’s dress.

“yes, and luckily no more flying hats for you,” replied Angela.

All three of us laughed at her comments.

The elevator arrived to the lobby and he gently hold the doors, allowing us to exit first. Of course, I felt uncomfortable knowing he was walking right behind us, as I knew where his eyes were pointing at.

“Do you mind if I offer you guys a drink?. It’d be only two shoots and I’ll let you enjoy the rest of your lovely evening,” he said.

Angela looked at me smiling and without hesitation she read my mind.

“Sure why not!, thanks a lot,” she answered bahis firmaları while we waited to be seated at the bar entrance.

For the next two hours, sitting at the hotel bar, enjoying a good talk with plenty of jokes, shared life experiences, Mojitos, Pina Coladas and good rum, Angela and I met Mr. Nicholson.

Funny and charismatic, Mr. Nicholson didn’t reflect his age. Leaving his hometown Boston behind, a broken marriage and 2 young daughters, he was 47 years old and ready to rock again. Co-owner of a well-known restaurant in downtown, he was pushing for a franchise of his business and it looked like nobody could stop him from getting his plan right on track.

It was a sweet feeling for all three of us that night, like sibling souls we just met for the very first time. Chemistry covered our thoughts and we all got involved somehow to reflect mutual empathy between us. While he was running his successful business, we shared with him our lives and all those bumpy roads we had passed through. He was happy to hear how Angela’s job as a restaurant manager of a well-known dinner place was full of challenges and stories of failures and success. At the same time, he showed interest on how my skills as an Electrical contractor matched what he was looking for his own franchise. All of the sudden, three stories and three lives converging together at the right time, at the right place.

Of course, I was aroused and excited to witness how Angela’s dress ended up way above her knees while she remained seated, crossing her legs and, on purpose, leaving her thick thighs perfectly exposed for Mr. Nicholson’ eyes. Even better, when she didn’t care and let her dress to show off her boobs rack to him through that daring cleavage. It was nice to witness how Angela stood up twice on her way to the washroom and Mr. Nicholson, silently and indiscreetly, glued his eyes to her ass enjoying how her rear gorgeous bumpy asset caught his attention and sincerely expressed himself his personal interest for Angela’s body:

“She is just a gorgeous girl Jose, you’re a lucky man,” he said when his head was already pounded by more than a few drinks.

2 hours later I screamed like a tortured victim while someone put a hot iron on my back. Lifting my head to the suite roof while my arms where grabbing firmly Angela’s naked hips, with my eyes closed, I felt in heaven when my dick was pounding her pussy doggy style and it exploded in a brutal discharge of fresh cum that virtually flooded her cunt. For those glorifying 30 seconds, that nice feeling of my shaved balls pumping their thick milk and emptying our their sticky load inside Angela’s unprotected pussy was fantastic.

Ironically, I left my feelings to float when I said to her, while my heart rate was still at 180 beats per second and still some drops of cum were being discharged deeply inside her treasure:

“I know Mr. Nicholson would do anything for being here in my place,” while I left my hands to slide through her naked torso and gently grabbed her boobs hanging down heavily while I was hammering her from behind.

Angela didn’t say anything while she was still moaning and enjoying her orgasm.

Finally, she spoke out as soon as I pulled out my dick, still leaking lousy cum:

“I like that guy, he seems to be honest and diligent, plus he didn’t stop staring at my boobs and my legs, he told me I have a killer body when you went to the washroom.”

A truly shakedown went through my body, as Angela shared with me what he said to her. And I loved it.

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

After trying to get her pregnant without luck for almost a year, Angela and I decided to get some professional help and finally we’ve got the test results.

It was devastating news as it appears my cum has a really low count of good sperm. In plain English, I am not able to fathered my own child. Both, Angela and I took it really hard, as our plans to be happy parents came to a sudden unexpected stop. We were offered instead, to join an expensive artificial insemination program, not covered by our basic health plan, and a free pass to join an adopting program.

She decided to put on hold our swinger lifestyle, and those monthly gatherings with the group of swinger couples became a thing of the past. As the cascading slide of events unfolded, Angela’s contract was not renewed and she ended up staying home looking for a job in the highly competitive food business industry. On the positive side of things, I started working, updating and replacing some old electrical installation at Mr. Nicholson’s restaurant, and he immediately offered his help to get Angela back on track.

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

It’s 1 am and a cold night outside in Boston suburbs. We just came home after attending a very friendly gathering with Mr. Nicholson’s friends at a local Irish pub. The TV was on and some random shooting was happening in an early 90’s action movie. We were not paying attention to it anyways.

Angela’s sexy short skirt was over the floor. Same as her black thong, her black high heels, her revealing blouse kaçak iddaa and her bra.

I’m sitting over the sofa naked, and Angela’s voluptuous body is sitting over my lap riding my firm dick slowly after having her orgasm just a few minutes ago. My cock still drips fresh cum while she rides it gently moving her body up and down.

My mouth and my tongue are busy devouring Angela’s amazing breasts and I enjoy sucking her tiny nipples. My hands are busy keeping her toned buttocks wide open while I stimulate Angela’s glory hole finger-fucking her tight ass hole.

“I don’t know what to do baby, I want to thank him for what he had done for us,” said Angela stopping her erotic pelvic movements.

“You know what he wants, he couldn’t keep his eyes off you tonight, he was so fucking turned on watching your body all night long staring at your boobs, your ass and your legs all the time,” I answered taking a break while her breasts were rubbing my naked chest.

Angela got a new contract with a upscale restaurant in Downtown Boston and she started working one week ago. All thanks to Mr. Nicholson’s help in just less than a month.

We all have secrets and dirty minds. And we always pursue our happiness, regardless on what sacrifices we need to make. Sometimes they go beyond the regular moral boundaries and offer us to take risks we are not sure we are prepared for.

“Honey are we still thinking on a plan B for the baby?” asked Angela looking at my eyes deeply and showing me her strong interest for moving forward on our lives at all cost.

A truly shakedown went through my body, as Angela shared with me what she was thinking to do. And I loved it.

I didn’t reply back to her as my accomplice silence and my dirty smile were the real answer she was expecting to hear from me.

Then, smiling at me, she kissed me passionately while I started to play with my finger inside her ass hole.

Saturday, October 12th 2013

It’s 10 minutes past 1 am. The huge living room is filled with empty bottles of expensive Californian wine, American whiskey, Mexican tequila and Peruvian Pisco. Plenty of snacks, chips, BBQ chicken winds, popcorn, Pepsi and cold burgers are over the table. A spilled bottle of rum lays on the ground kicked by one of Mr. Nicholson’s drunken friends.

3 hours ago Mr. Nicholson’s home was packed with people, all really close friends and his coworkers, including Angela and myself, celebrating all together his 50th birthday.

Prepared for a special occasion and a unique celebration, Angela looked drop-dead gorgeous. Her sexy and darling red miniskirt was showing all the reasons she had to be proud of her hot body. Her feminine and toned legs were visible for all of us and her amazing bubble-shaped ass was a living monument to beauty and eroticism. Her tight miniskirt covered and perfectly shaped her bumpy butt cheeks glamorously and deliciously seductive, leaving Mr. Nicholson and his male friends at the party with plenty of dirty thoughts. Her revealing open-minded top was a piece of art to expose a good rack of boobs. Her high heels gave the male audience the music needed to watch a sexy woman walking.

For the last 3 hours, I felt in heaven watching how almost all his friends were, indiscreetly, checking out her body, especially her sexy and seductive ass, her toned legs and her visible melons rack.

Sitting on the sofa I read again the birthday card we gave him 3 hours ago while all of us were singing the birthday song wishing Mr. Nicholson all the best for his 50th birthday:

“To a true and close friend who deserves the best gift on such an special day, enjoy it, love Angela and Jose.”

Now the house is empty and the sounds of the torrential rain hitting the window provide some background music to the hot scene happening upstairs.

Angela’s heavy moaning noises and her diminished voice broke the night.

With my sweaty hands, I can’t denied I’m really nervous and decided to face the reality, so I stood up, walking upstairs to the main room. Once I arrived to Mr. Nicholson’s suite, Angela looked so fucking stunning, right from the wide open door.

Her red miniskirt, her high heels, her top and her bra were lying over the floor, right at the corner of the night table. Probably the place where he finally put his mature hands all over her sexy body and explore every single inch of her virtuosity. Probably the place where he unwrapped slowly a unique birthday gift.

Angela’s naked body was shiny and covered by her own sweat and probably, his too. She was all fours with her upper body and her face facing the room entrance, like knowing, at one point, I’ll be there watching them.

Her body was shaking wildly and her amazing 36D boobs rack was moving back and forth, swinging and hanging from her torso, bouncing like an erotic pattern, matching the same speed Mr. Nicholson’s abdomen was hammering her from behind.

Of course, he was naked too, fucking her in a glorious doggy style position, probably, the best sexual position to fuck a hot woman with a beautiful rounded ass, like Angela’s.

Once kaçak bahis they saw me, he increased his rhythm and Angela’s facial expression showed me, without words, what she was going through. Feeling a hungry and mature dick pounding wildly her unprotected pussy without shame or regrets.

Grabbing her from her slippery sweaty hips, Mr. Nicholson’s face said it all. Indeed, it was one of the best birthday gifts he had ever received, and feeling his thirsty dick going in and out of the pussy of the woman he always wanted to fuck since that lucky morning in Cancun.

His eyes were reflecting how desperate he was feeling those 2 toned amazing buttocks hitting his abdomen while his dick was rubbing the wet and tight pussy he always dream about.

His head was moving down watching his dick moving inside her treasure and then moving up, lifting it again, looking at me with obvious anxiety and jealousy, expressing himself like a King over his own bed fucking the woman he always wanted to fuck.

What a scene I was lucky to witness. And what an irony too. 3 hours ago, Mr. Nicholson’s friends chatting with Angela and watching her indulgent and attractive body and feeling envy with her husband, thinking I was the only one who have the privilege to put his hands all over her body and burying his dick inside her pussy and her ass. How wrong they were now.

Finally, Mr. Nicholson’s dick couldn’t hold it and it gave up right in front of me.

“Angela, Angie, oh my God, oh my God!” he yelled at us, closing his eyes suddenly and expressing anger and desperation.

All of the sudden his eyes became wide open, his mouth locked in screaming mode and he stopped those wild pelvic movements.

I only had enough time to unzip my pants and take my dick out, firmed, erected and aroused. I didn’t even rub it or try to masturbate. Suddenly it exploded simultaneously, without shame for being seen by a friend, while he was fucking my lovely wife.

A truly shakedown went through my body, as Mr. Nicholson shared with me what he was feeling at that exact moment. And I loved it.

He didn’t say a word, but judging by his face, he was showing me how a 50 year old guy reacts when his dick, buried deeply inside the unprotected pussy of a woman he always wanted to fuck in the last 12 months, virtually exploded dumping brutal streams of fresh fertile cum, leaving Angela’s pussy totally flooded with hot sticky loads of thick sperm.

Once Angela felt the unique burning sensation of her pussy fully loaded with fresh fertile cum, she looked at me, with her eyes barely open and pronounce those 4 words I always wanted to hear while Mr. Nicholson was diligently trying to get her pregnant that first night:

“I love you baby.”

Then, 60 seconds of sweet heaven for all 3 of us. Angela enjoying her lousy orgasm feeling a dick vomiting a full load of fertile cum in her well-needed pussy. Mr. Nicholson collapsing, letting his hands to slip to grab gently Angela’s breasts pushing his dick deeper inside her cunt while his balls are emptying out his first load of semen of the night. And me, letting my dick to ejaculate plenty of cum all over the carpet, while my lovely wife got the gift she deserved.

Saturday, July 4th, 2015

It’s 7 pm sharp. I hold in my arms my little Andrew, my 11 months old son who is now deeply sleeping, besides the noisy background we heard that lovely night.

I walked through the exclusive huge living room suite we are staying at and I opened the curtains to see the fireworks exploding all over the horizon, lighting the night through the warm sea waters.

We came back to the same Cancun’s resort where we met 3 years ago, now with our lovely boy in arms to celebrate the occasion. I turned back to Andrew and I saw him sleeping deeply, probably dreaming of a happy life besides his parents and I kissed him on his cute head where a few hairs now stand.

Immediately I walked to the room, attracted by Angela’s noises. It’s early in the evening but they decided to start that way before leaving to the bar to celebrate. The light is very dimmed, erotic and invites to live the night with passion. Right over the suite bed I notice two naked bodies interlacing their legs and their arms hugging to each other in a lovely fiery sexual battle. Mr. Nicholson’s body, on top of Angela’s, lead the charge and moves graciously over hers, allowing his dick to play his game inside her fertile unprotected pussy in a sweet and comfortable missionary position.

Over the floor I see laying the 2 pieces bikini she was wearing and the famous red hat she used 2 years ago on the beach.

Just a minute before, I heard a sweet call for Angela’s name and I knew he was dumping his first load of cum inside her.

1 hour ago Mr. Nicholson, driven by jealousy, couldn’t stand watching Angela’s sexy swim suit on the pool, while she was talking to 2 British guys in their mid 40’s, at the same time they were staring at her hot sexy body, so he asked her to come back to the suite to fuck her, right on the first day of the 7 days’ vacation we have planned. He was totally turned on watching how the new manager of his new restaurant was attracting some European eyes on the pool while she displayed perfectly the body of a hot latino MILF, while her husband was holding her 11 months old son.

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