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A small hand reached out, rested on my knee then made its way up my thigh before moving away. I did and said nothing. A few moments later the same thing happened, this time the touch was firmer, more confident, resting for a moment in the crease between my groin and leg.

I looked over at the skinny strawberry blonde woman who was sitting in the car seat next to me. She was staring impassively into the distance. Although skinny this woman has a certain raw sex appeal about her. As I say skinny, but with long legs and what I would guess to be firm hard tits. Due to the size of the rest of her body, they always appeared to me to be bigger than they must be.

I turned my face back to the road, but I was aware that my cock had already registered the fact that a hand had just been resting very close to it. The problem was the hand belonged to my friends’ twenty-five-year-old wife, Anne. She had an eighteen-month-old son.

“What would you do if I did that to you?” No answer.

For a third time, her hand moved up my leg this time resting in my groin, not moving, not doing anything, just resting there. She must have known what she was doing, she could plainly feel the effect it was having on me.

I moved my left hand onto her knee, squeezed, then moved it in a long slow sweep up her leg, pressing against her thigh, she didn’t react or pull away. She seemed to part her thighs imperceptibly as my hand moved higher and higher. When it got to her groin I didn’t mess about. I pressed it hard against her mound, cupping it. Anne didn’t say or do anything. I pressed my hand harder against her rubbing firmly. She arched her hips to meet me.

She’d expected what I would do. A couple of years ago Anne had gone through a silly phase of tweaking the nipples of everyone she met. When she did it to me she got a shock. I grabbed both her tits and gave them a good squeeze telling her, “I’ll do to you whatever you do to me.” Anne was dismayed at my nerve as were the whole crowd we were with who stared at me as my hands squeezed and played with her tits. I took my time, fuck it I was enjoying the feel. Let’s face it nobody could object, not even Anne or Andy, who was her boyfriend at the time. güvenilir bahis It showed one thing, what you do to me I do to you.

My mind was in a whirl, what the fuck was going on. OK, Anne has always been a bit of a flirt and a tease but that was all it was. Actually she wasn’t my type. She was a tad too skinny, still nice tits and good legs and a cute firm little arse. All we had been doing was going to the cinema together. Andy didn’t fancy the film Grease but Anne did so I said I’d go along with her. Andy had joked about no snogging in the back row as we left their house.

“Open your jeans,” I ordered.

Anne obeyed a once, as soon as they were open I slipped my hand inside under her panties and used one finger to rub up and down her slit. Fuck me it was wet and hot. I kept my hand and finger moving as Anne’s breathing started to get shorter. She was not going to stop me as I pushed my finger into her opening, feeling her pussy clamp onto it tightly.

I don’t know how I was managing to keep driving.

I pulled my hand out of her panties, pushed it in her blouse under her bra and moved the finger that was sticky with her juices over her nipple. It was hard already but appeared to harden even more as it felt the stickiness on her own juices coat it. I pinched her nipple hard, this wasn’t a tease I intended to hurt.

I pulled on the nipple, twisting it, Anne squirmed but didn’t say or do anything. Her hand was still on my leg squeezing it.

“Get your clothes off.”

Anne didn’t hesitate, struggling to kick her shoes off at the same time as she was pushing her jeans down her legs. Her jeans now in the foot-well of her seat she unbuttoned her blouse, flicked at the clasp of her bra and let that fall off. Ripping her panties off I pushed two fingers knuckle deep and kept them inside her.

I finger fucked her for a few seconds before needing to get my hand back on the steering wheel.

“Play with yourself, I want your fingers deep in your cunt.”

Anne obeyed, I could see her frantically moving her fingers in and out of her cunt as her legs spread wide. I pulled her hand away, moved it to my face and licked one finger clean. “You can clean the rest.”

Anne türkçe bahis unhesitatingly did as ordered making slurping sounds as she licked and swallowed her own juices. Glancing across she was ghostly white as she sat there, seeing I was looking at her she spread her legs wider. As I continued to drive I made Anne keep playing with herself, occasionally I would reach out and pinch a nipple or flick it hard with my finger. At last, I found what I was looking for a quite dark spot I could park up in.

“Get in the back seat.” Anne obeyed climbing over the seat giving me a great view of her arse. I joined her seconds later. My cock was throbbing so much it was bloody well hurting me. She better not try and stop now, there was going to be no backing out.

I got underneath her and immediately started to suck on her tits. They were as firm as I had hoped. Anne didn’t hesitate, she straddled me, took hold of my cock, positioned it in her pussy and slammed down hard. She grunted as the air was forced from her.

We fucked hard and fast, I don’t think we even kissed once. It was frenzied, fast, primitive fucking. Anne’s weight, what there was of it was resting on my hands that were continually mauling her tits. I was pinching and squeezing them. Anne was slamming herself up and down on me, riding my cock. Her cunt clenching and releasing it.

I arched my back and came, howling as I did, firing my cum deep into my friends’ wife’s cunt. Anne screamed and shook her head as she followed me to her own climax. Staring into my face with unfocused eyes lost in lust.

Anne was lying on top of me, sweaty and hot, hair a dishevelled mess, both of us panting for breath.

“What the fuck was that all about?” I finally found enough breath to ask.

“I wanted… I just wanted a quick, hard, fast dirty fuck. I knew you wouldn’t bother.”

“Oh, thanks! Why not get your husband to do that?”

“No, not like that. I just need a fuck, with someone else. I know you would do it and I know there is no way you would tell anyone about it. Nobody is going to know about this, I know that I can trust you for that if nothing else.”

She was right I might have the morals güvenilir bahis siteleri that would let me happily fuck a mates wife, but I wouldn’t rub his nose in it.

I could feel Anne’s pussy hot on my thigh as our combined juices leaked from it. Anne was starting to look for her clothes.

“What do you think you’re doing? You’re not finished yet.”

Anne looked at me wondering what I had in mind. She could obviously feel my cock getting hard again.

“You wanted a quick fuck, well I want a quick blowjob. You’ve always been a bit gobby, now’s the time to use your mouth to its best.”

Anne looked at me aghast, shaking her head. I pushed down on her shoulders forcing her lower and lower. She resisted but only a bit just to show unwillingness.

A hot breath wafted over my groin and my dick was encased in her hot soft mouth. God, she was good, her mouth was so soft and her tongue talented as she swirled it around my cock head. I didn’t want teasing. I wanted a hard fast blow job, just like she had wanted a hard fast fuck. I started to fuck her face as my hands entwined themselves in her hair.

She gagged as I forced myself down her throat, held for a second then withdrew slightly allowing her to get her breath, then in deep again, this time holding for longer. Even for my second time, the action was too good for me to last long. Without warning her I came in her mouth. Cum splashing on her tongue going down her throat. I held her tight in place as she struggled to free herself. I only relented when she started to swallow, then I eased back, but didn’t let her go until I was sure she had drunk as much of my cum as she could.

When she looked up at me, there was shock on her face, tears filling her eyes as she gagged and spluttered.

“You bastard.”

“No, that is the one thing that I’m not. Oh get real Anne, you wanted a hard fuck, you got it. I fancied a blow job. I got that. As you say nobody is going to know about this are they. Although I may give you a call if I fancy a rerun. I know now where I can get a quick fuck anytime I want one.”

That was never going to happen and we both knew it. The flirting and teasing continued whenever we met, but Anne was always wary that she might get a call from me asking her for a quickie.

There were several times I almost did that, but I’m not that type. It was close though because she was one of the best quick, hard, raw, fucks I’ve ever had.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32