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It was a matter of principle mainly I went with Charley to the party in a hotel because it concerned his job and that is what he said, like I was expected to go with him.

Okay so I was a trifle too encouraging maybe when dancing with a few guys, but all the time Charley had his beady eye on me so if I did want to have a sweet kiss on the quiet it had to be well out of sight of beady eyed Charley.

I guess he loves me and that’s what it is all about and he is terribly jealous, but I do wish he wouldn’t be so bloody obsessive and let me have some fun once in a while.

I was dancing with David for a bit. He is some guy Charley knows and kissed like a dream, very sensual, deep and suggestive the way he tucked his tongue below mine.

There was me thinking if only Charley wasn’t around then I could just let go a bit, it wouldn’t do any harm, it was only a quick flirt and a bit of harmless fun and anyway Charley would get my best later, in fact a little bit of excitement on the side could make it all the better for him if he only knew it, I did!

But what David was doing and what he was saying made it very difficult for this girl to keep her hormones from erupting and for a start I could feel his energy between my thighs slowly pressing as his tongue still worked on mine.

“I can’t” I said weakly in a meek attempt to push the guy away. But he was persistent and those deep sensual thrusts were so very compulsive and desirable that I longed to go further – but Charley was there so what could I do.

“I need a Pee, look give me five and then follow me Huh, there is a private room I can use, because I work here?”

Before I could agree he’d gone, turning to me as he went and giving me the eye in a most wonderfully come on and have me way.

But there was Charley.

What could I do? I was pulsing and my temperature was rising and to be frank, if I ever needed cock I needed it now and how. Not any cock but this guy. The guy who had just snogged me, the guy I don’t even know but the guy I was immediately chemically attracted to and I know he felt the same.

My God! I just had to have him, Charley or not. Charley could have his fill later so what the hell.

“Charley, I feel sick, I will have to go” I said and güvenilir bahis hoped it would work. But of course he said he’d come with me didn’t he!

But luck was on my side because just then his boss caught him, said he needed to talk to him about an important new assignment relating to his work.

I said “Please don’t worry on my account baby, I will see you later.”

So like a teenager on her first date I was away like a gush of wind and there was this David waiting in the foyer, looking really gorgeous and wonderful, and he was going to be all mine.

“I adore you in that little black skirt with the creases in, it looks so very tempting.”

“Then do be tempted” I said not believing I’d said that to a complete stranger, because that is what he was and yet it seemed I had known him for ages.

We were soon into a room, he grasping my hand and pulling me in, closing the door behind and then he had me in his arms and I was feeling the heat of him, as his hands grasped together behind my waist as he gave me another of those so divine deep French kisses of the like that Charley could never compare.

I simply loved them and he could do anything to me, I was all his and as we both breathed some air after a long series of kissing, I felt the size of him through his pin -stripes, it was just instinct I guess that led me there – or rather my searching intuitive hand, was it real or just a dream. It was real sure enough, I could tell as soon as I squeezed with some ardour and by the way he moaned.

I squeezed some more t feel the real zest of the guy, “My name is David”

“I know, Charley mentioned you, my name is Lorraine” I returned.

“I love you Lorraine!” he said without reservation as I was surprising myself again by dropping down on my knees. It just seemed natural for me to do that.

“You Don’t mind do you David?” I whispered

He moaned, No words, Just the way he pushed himself out to me, that bulging orifice that was asking for the full works!

His kisses still feeling as though they were in my mouth I had the sudden urge for something else in my mouth. Unzipping him was a dream and as he popped out and I chuckled because it was like a jack in the box, like when I was little girl playing with a toy.

But türkçe bahis now I was a big girl playing with a woman’s toy and it was a dream. The firmness and the wholesome feel of it, and the aroma too of that certain masculinity that really made me so horny and wet.

I didn’t have to ask if I could taste him, he made that quite apparent, grabbing it profusely with his hand and pointing in the direction of my mouth. ” Here goes ” I was saying to myself, that warm vibrant t feel of cock between my lips, that first taste of so earthy and pungent cock which always thrilled me, making me very wet and ready for his ripe deep fuck inside me. I wanted that, but first he said was going to give me the most wonderful mouth fuck I had ever known. He kept to his word!

Well how can a girl resist such an opportunity as this, a guy as raw and handsome as this, a guy who’s eyes stripped me from the onset, who’s eyes told me he wanted me and was going to have me.

Yes please!

I sucked him, tasted and balled him at the same time, he got rough and squeezed my bottom, reeling me over onto a very large leather bound settee, now he was going t have his taste of me I knew it as he madly stretched open my thighs, exposed my black lacy panties and stocking tops and really let himself go, his mouth doing all the things and more he had done when kissing me, with the addition of those wonderful exploring finger tips stretching me open so wide as he went for it hook line and sinker.

By that time I was wreathing with sexual hunger, yelling at him to “fuck me, fuck me!”

Was I saying that? Well yes I was, the very passion of his touch made me say all those things to this wonderful dark stranger. I was compelled to talk dirty and isn’t it lovely under the influence of sexual deprivation?

But he was still busy down under, he liked his ass too that was apparent, I was thinking this guy is going to fuck me both ways which Charley never did, the last time I was ass fucked I was a teenager and it was in the middle of a field, until the cows started parading around us and it was almost as though we had given one of them a notion because there as large as life was a great big bull ramming her like wildfire so we had to move pretty quick .

I felt him güvenilir bahis siteleri touching and exploring underneath my rolled up skirt and then beneath my bra, doing things to my tits that drove me crazy, his touch so wonderful and so lovely, he was kissing me again on my mouth, it was like I could taste the both of us, the flavour of his beautifully sculptured cock and the nectar of my pussy, a wonderful recipe for intimate togetherness and when I felt that cock enter me, and yes from the back as I th0ught he would, it was not hard for him to slip easily into me because I was so very wet and ready, the wetness running down into the crevice between my ass as he stretched back my thighs as far as he could and took me with a deep plunge and a groan and we were joined, I felt the pulse of him inside as he grunted and groaned, it was divine and I was yet to feel him fuck my pussy, I did not have long to wait, this guy knew how to please a girl and wow! did he please, his fuck was all a girl could ever imagine and much, much more.

And girls, if you have ever felt the slap of a guys balls as he fucks you, you must know how great that is.

I am not usually a girl to compare but there was me thinking when he’d cum with a terrific final thrust and me thinking it was all done, not like I was complaining because I had been well seen to. Well that is how it was with Charley, a quick in and out and often an unrelieved girl who had to masturbate herself to Waterloo.

But not with David. There he was sucking me again for all he was worth, his face drenched with me as he urged me to smother him between my thighs, holding there until he gave me the signal to come up for air. And of course he wanted me to do likewise and for the first time in my life I knew how it felt to be face smothered with so wonderful and warm a cock and balls, easing around my face to get the full thrill of the moment, but most gorgeous of all, when he cum, spurting his rich man cream all over my face.

What had I been missing!

It was divine, it was beautiful and wonderful and here was a complete stranger who had given me such joy. But not so much a stranger now and I had a feeling he would want to see me much more of me, which he did – and there was a lot more times I was having these vomiting fits as far as Charley was concerned, and his fucks just didn’t mean anything any more, I had to come clean, I told him sorry.

He cried, really cried. But a girl has to so what a girl has to do.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32