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Refer to Ch. 1 & 2 – A Good Teacher

“My baby is drinking all my cum out of me. Ahhh yees, nooow I feel it flowing. Drink Mummy’s juices.”

There were no other chasm to cross. We had leaped over the final one, so we thought.

Now read on.

Chapter 3

From that night on, having filled my Mothers mouth and cunt with my jism several times, we now share the same bed. I can now fondle her well rounded boobs or touch her wet, shaved cunt whenever I want. That also applies both ways. I’ve on occasion woken with a hard on, only to find Mum sucking on my cock, or stroking my hard shaft. She told me that I’ve awoken her sexual desires so much that she thinks about it for most of the time. I’ve also woken a few times where she had her hand on my cock and with the other she was dildo fucking herself. She knows that I love watching her do that, so she has no inhibitions about it now.

It was on one such occasion I woke, as the bed was shaking and Mum had my cock in her mouth and was fucking herself. The sheets were pulled back and she was hunched over me and working her dildo in and out of her cunt.

“Sorry baby for waking you, but I had this real sexy dream and woke all turned on and your cock was all hard. Please baby, I want you to fuck me. Come round the back of me.”

“Sure Mum now that you turned me on as well, I want it as bad as you.”

“Want to know what my sexy dream was?” “Ohhh yes please Mum.”

“Hope you don’t get jealous, but I got home and you were still out when I got the hots, so I was fucking myself here on the bed and the door suddenly opened and you and your friend Jamie walked in on me. There was nothing I could do. I felt very embarrassed for both of you to see me fucking myself. Then you said to Jamie, ‘This is my Mum, she does it a lot. Do you want to watch her?’ To which he answered ‘Oooh fuck yeees.’ Then both of you sat on either side and I continued to fuck myself. You took your shorts off and stroked your shaft and fondled my boobs. I saw Jamie’s cock nearly bursting out of his shorts and told him he can take them off and that he can fondle boobs as well. Are you jealous?” “Ahh no Mum. I know Jamie has been talking a lot about sex and how he’d like to get himself a fuck. Gee I wish I could tell him this. He’s often said what a good looking Mum I’ve got, bet he’d love to be able to fuck you.”

“Baby, you telling me this is turning me on even more if that’s possible. As I said I want to leave the dildo up me and I’d like you to try something different. It is part of my dream, but in place of the dildo, it was Jamie’s cock in me. You were both fucking me at the same time and it was sooo fucking nice having a cock in each hole.”

“Mum you sure you want me to ass fuck you? I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Its ok baby, your dad sometimes did it and I always loved it and it enhanced my orgasm tremendously.” She reached under the pillow and handed me some lube.

“Here, put some of this on.”

In one of my ‘Girly Magazines’, there was a picture of a guy fucking this woman in her arse and I had wanked myself a few times looking at it. I found it to be very perverse, yet it still turned me on. I thought that they were only pretending, but here is my Mother wanting me to do the same. For some reason there was a tremble going through my body. It was an adrenalin rush like you get when you do something forbidden. My hand was shacking as I guided my cock towards her pucker. I was amazed that the head of my big knob actually entered her tight hole.

“Ahhh yes baby, ahhh that feels gooood. I’ve wanted this. Do you like having your cock in my tight arse? Now I’m güvenilir bahis really going to fuck myself. Can you feel the dildo up me?”

“Oooh yeees Mum, I can feel you fucking. I feel your rubber cock going in and out of you.” “Bet Jamie would love to have his cock where my dildo is. Do you think he would?”

“Ooohh fuck yes Mum, we could both be fucking you and fill you up with heaps of spunk in both holes.”

“Ooohh baby, what a turn on telling me that. I’ve seen Jamie checking my boobs out whenever he’s here. I just might let him see more then my boobs next time he’s here. Have any others told you that you’ve got a good looking Mum?”

“Some have.”

“Bet they would love to come here and wanting to fuck me. You’d get so jealous seeing your Mum having all those young, hard cocks fucking and spunking me, wouldn’t you? Ooohh Baby, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, ooohh fuck, push your cock hard up my arse, shoot your cum up me now.” I grabbed her hips and furiously began to fuck her arse and as my cock was about to erupt, I held her hard against me and as it began to shoot the cum up her, I half shouted, “Here you fucking sexy Mother of mine, cop this up your tight fucking hole.”

A few days later, Jamie did come round to watch a DVD I had bought. We were about half way through watching it, when Mum joined us. She sat in her favourite lounge chair near the TV. Jamie was sprawled out on the carpet. It was a very warm evening and Jamie and I only had our board shorts on. Mum wasn’t wearing very much either. Just a top and her very short mini.

There were a few magazines and newspapers lying on the floor and she said, “Here Jamie, I’ll pick those up and get them out of your way.” She bends over and her boobs were nearly falling out of her top. I could just about see her nipples from where I was sitting and Jamie was a lot closer. I saw him looking at Mum’s boobs. She picked those up and put them away, then came back and squatted down to get the rest of them. As she did that, her mini rode up to be virtually non existent and you guessed it, no panties to be seen. She took her time to collect the rest of the papers, all the while having her cunt semi exposed right in front of Jamie. She shifted her weight to reach for some others and for a brief moment her cunt was in full view. I saw Jamie’s jaw drop and he just stared at it.

“Sure is hot tonight.” Mum was saying, as she settled back in her chair, tucking her legs up under her. There were beads of perspiration trickling down her cleavage, making her top cling to her boobs and with her legs tucked under her, I could just make out her cunt lips as they glistened from the light coming off the TV. Jamie would have a birds eye view from where he was and he had his head slightly turned, but not in the direction of the TV.

Fuck Mum, you’re letting Jamie perve on you, just as you said you would and I’m getting a hard on. “Wish I could take my top off like you guys. Look, its getting all wet.” She traced her boobs with her hands, making the material cling even more, divulging the roundness of her firm boobs and her hard nipples even more.

“Go on Mum, I dare you, what do you reckon Jamie?” He blushed. I then double dared her.

“Double dare me, will you. Jamie would you mind if I did?”

“Eerrr why no….”

“Ok son, on your head be it, right Jamie?”

As he looked up to give his answer, her top slid over her head and her firm boobs bounced free. She took the top and began wiping the perspiration from her cleavage. Jamie’s eyes were glued on her boobs. She took a lot longer then necessary to wipe them. Separating, lifting them as she türkçe bahis wiped. She was putting on a fucking good show for us. Mum looked over to me and saw my cock standing straight up in my board shorts and gave me a smile.

She was still fondling her boobs, but not with the top anymore, just her bare hands. Cupping them from underneath, making them bounce as she let them go. “What do you reckon Jamie, not bad for an older woman?” As she leaned forward to let him have a birds eye view

“Errr yes, they are very nice.”

“A lot of girls would love to have boobs like these. They are still very firm as well.” She proudly cupped one with both hands, leaned a bit more forward, “Here you can feel how firm they are.” She reached out for his hand and placed it on her boob. “It’s ok, you can touch it.” She took her hand away and Jamie was now fondling it. Without touching my cock, I nearly spunked at the sight of Jamie playing with my Mothers boob. I could no longer hold back and walked over to them and placed my hand on her other boob.

“Ahhh I see, you boys like to play with my boobs and I’m naughty aren’t I.”

“No Mrs….. It’s real nice to let me feel your first breast.”

“Ahh Jamie, your sweet, please call me Fay from now on. Haven’t you ever touched a woman’s breast before? What about some of the girls when you were at school?”

“No, I’m a bit too shy to try it.”

“Well, we will have to see to that. Would you like me to help you overcome your shyness?”

“Yes please.” Jamie said nervously.

“Ok, I’ll help you, but you’ll have to promise not to talk about it to your other mates, otherwise I’ll have to stop helping you.”

“I won’t, I’ll promise Mrs….. I mean Fay.”

“You are a sweetie.” She reached up and gently lowered his head to hers “You deserve a nice kiss.”

Her open mouth meet his and I watched them kiss. I moved my hand to her now dripping cunt and began to play with her clitty. They were still kissing, no doubt she had her tongue in his mouth, but strangely enough, I wasn’t jealous. In fact I was getting that same indescribable pleasure of perversity as when I first shot my spunk all over her as she had asked me to do. Jamie’s cock was in the same state as mine, rigid. Mum’s hand wondered up Jamie’s leg into his shorts and she’d be touching his hard cock now. I took my shorts off and began to play with my cock whilst still fingering her dripping clit. Her other hand came up as well and she now pulled Jamie’s shorts down, exposing his rigid hard on. She made herself more comfortable. She lifted her arse a little and said to me,” Be a sweetie and take it off.” I slipped her mini skirt down to her ankles and she kicked it away. Now she laid there totally naked. She had everything on show for us. Spreading her legs a bit wider apart, she said,

” Why don’t you show Jamie how I taught you to lick me and I’ll show Jamie how a woman is supposed to suck on his cock.”

Most of his cock disappeared into her mouth and her head moved back and forth along his shaft. I pulled her cunt lips apart and let my tongue dart into her wet hole and also flicked her engorged clitty with my tongue. Her sweet juices were streaming out of her and every few seconds I swallowed them. Jamie’s head was tilted back and he was making gargling noises. He was at the point of no return and Mum kept on sucking him. I came up for air and told Jamie to let his spunk shoot into Mum’s mouth.

“You like Jamie to fill your mouth with his cum, don’t you?”

She nodded her head, opened her mouth wide and took his cock all the way into her mouth. Jamie’s body began to shake as he emptied his güvenilir bahis siteleri penned up spunk down her throat. Mum was swallowing as fast as she could, but like me, Jamie had gallons of spunk to get rid off.

When she had swallowed it all and his semi stiff cock came out of her mouth, still glistening with some cum on it, Mum asked him if he liked that and that she enjoys having her mouth filled with spunk and that she also likes to have her cunt filled with it.

“Jamie, did my baby tell you that I let him fuck me?”

“No he hasn’t.”

“Yes, I’m teaching him how to really satisfy a woman. Do you want to watch as he fucks me?” There was his eager ‘yes please’ again Mum opened her legs again and I got between them and inserted my hard cock into her wet cunt. I was slamming it hard into her. I needed to spunk, as my balls were beginning to ache.

“Yes baby, fuck me hard. Slam that monster cock into me. Fill me full of spunk.” She had one hand on Jamie’s cock and it had gone all hard again watching us fuck.

“You want to fuck me too, don’t you? I want that nice virgin cock of yours to fuck me.”

“Aaaahhh boys, I want you to both fuck me over and over. I want both of your cocks up me, but I’ll show you how that’s done another time. For now, you can just take it in turns to fuck me. You guys sure don’t take long to get hard again. Look at you Jamie, you’ve only just spunked and already your cock has gone hard again. Is it because you’re seeing me being fucked? See how my baby is pushing his solid hard cock in and out of me? I want you to do that with your virgin cock to me too.”

Hearing Mum talk like that and seeing her playing with Jamie’s cock, was really turning me on and I felt my jism welling up inside of me.

“Oooohhh Mum, I’m cumming, yeeesss nowww, aaahhh fuuuck, its cumming, yeeea Muuum, I’m spunking your cunt nowwww.”

“Yeees baby, I can feel it. Fill Mumies cunt up. Ooohhh I’m cumming too, aaahh baby……..”

I let myself collapse on top of her once my cock had offloaded all my spunk and Mum was kissing me all over my shoulders and neck as well as my mouth, pushing her tongue in and out of it. Fuck that was sexy.

“Baby you’re so beautiful, you make me cum so many times with that big cock of yours. I love us fucking. Baby, are you sure you’re not going to get jealous if I let Jamie fuck me? You didn’t seem to mind when I sucked his cock off. I won’t do it if you don’t want me to.”

“Mum, its ok. I want Jamie to have his first fuck and what better person then you to do it with. I want to see him fucking you.”

I moved off Mum, taking my slippery cock out of her. “There you go Jamie, put your cock in Mum’s hole and fuck her good. You saw how I did it. Now shove that stiff cock into her and blow her full of cum.”

“Aaahhh Jamie, your virgin cock feels so hard in me. Ahhh fuck I’m lucky having two young studs with big, hard cocks to fuck me. You’re both such good fucks to have. Baby, can you see his cock fucking me? Do you like seeing your Mum getting fucked? Bet all your mates would love to fuck me, but I’m only letting you and Jamie fuck me whenever you want. Ahh baby, come here, Mummy wants to suck on your cock.”

I put my still slippery, cum covered cock into her mouth and let her suck on it. I felt it getting stiff again, as Mum was working her warm mouth up and down my shaft. Every time Jamie pounded her, my cock went to the back of her throat.

Then Jamie was letting out Ooohhh’s and Aaahh’s as he was approaching his climax. Hearing that and knowing what it feels like as your cock is starting to shoot its load, made my balls twitch and I felt my jism coming.

“Mum, we’re going to fill you with spunk, how do you like that? Keep sucking, I’m about to shoot it down your throat and Jamie is already filling your cunt up. Now swallow this.”

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32