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It was a cold and windy winter evening. We were all ready to go, to leave, to jet off to a warmer climate for a nice relaxing winter holiday. However the weather soon changed that. We stood at the airport, Adam and I, praying the flights wouldn’t be cancelled this evening because of the weather. Sadly we were disappointed.

“I’m sorry, the flight has been cancelled because of a severe weather warning” the airline representative said at the check in desk. “It’s been postponed until the morning.”

“What time?” asked Adam.

“Possibly at 8am although we can’t be sure” she replied. “We have reserved some hotel rooms though if you and your wife would like to go there to rest.”

His wife? When we handed our passports she must have seen that we both have the same name and assumed we were husband and wife as opposed to what we really were, brother and sister.

We were brother and sister, flying off to meet our parents on the tropical island of Mauritius. Our parents had already been there for a week.

“That’ll be fine” Adam said, not correcting the obvious mistake. The airline representative rung ahead to the hotel and we were directed to a bus that was to transport us there.

Outside it was snowing still and it was windy. Razor sharp gusts of wind cut through us as we walked to the bus. As we neared the road a taxi sped through and caught a puddle, sending icy cold water straight into me. I was soaked.

I stood there for a moment thinking if I could get any colder before being motioned towards the bus by Adam. He took off his coat and wrapped around me but by then I was cold regardless of what was put around me.

When we got to the hotel Adam went to the reception desk to sort out a room and I sat on the chairs. The doors were kept closed and the heating was on but I was still cold, although I had dried out a bit.

When Adam had finished and came over to me he looked more comfortable.

“We’ve got a room” he said, sitting beside me. “It’s a double room because it’s all they had, plus they think we are husband and wife.”

I nodded. A strange mistake to be make, but never mind. As long as I got into the room to get warm.

We were directed to our room by a young handsome man who was from Zambia. Probably my age or güvenilir bahis a bit younger, he was talkative whilst we were not. But he didn’t seem to mind.

In our room the heating was turned up and Adam started running a hot bath for me. I started to peel off my damp and cold clothing until I was in my underwear. I wore a matching light blue bra and panties set. Because I was cold my nipples were erect and visible through my damp bra.

Adam emerged from the bathroom. “Come on, get yourself in the bath” he said. I started walking towards the bathroom but even before I was in the bathroom I was taking off my bra, I did it without even thinking about it. I dropped my bra by the door and started to lower my light blue silk panties, not realising the door was still open and that Adam was standing there.

He had seen me naked before, and I had seen him. He had walked in on me and I on him, however this time we were sharing a room whilst being mistaken for husband and wife.

I turned around and looked at him and he turned away, slightly ashamed.

“It’s ok” I said “I don’t mind.” And with that I turned and went into the bathroom. “You can come and join me if you like” I called.

“I don’t think we should Jenny”

“It’s ok Adam, even if it’s just to scrub my back.”

The door which was ajar opened slowly and he appeared at the door. I was standing with one foot in the bath and one on the side, slightly raised. From where he stood he could see me in all my nude glory, including the lips of my vagina. I saw a bulge in his trousers grow. He was interested whether he knew it or not.

He walked over and I got into the bath. He picked up some soap and ran it over my back, but soon he was just rubbing my back regardless.

“That feels nice” I murmured.

He said nothing, moving his hands in larger and larger circles to cover my back more and more.

I leant forward to splash water on my face and without warning he moved his hands down under the water and around my ass cheeks. He rubbed them slowly.

I moved onto my knees and went on all fours, living my ass out of the water. He moved behind me and started to rub and massage my ass, and then as I opened my legs he moved one of his hands down, brushing my pussy.

It felt türkçe bahis electric, his touch felt special, warm and delicate, but so very good.

He stopped to take off his t-shirt, so I turned around and immediately reached for his jeans, unbuttoning them. I pulled his jeans and his boxer shorts down in one go, revealing his semi-hard cock.

I touched it and it flinched, I touched it again and it moved again, getting harder each time. Finally I took it in my hand and started moving it back and forth slowly. It didn’t take long for him to get hard.

As soon as he got hard I moved my head forward and kissed the tip of his cock, then licked the shaft. First one side, then the other, then I plunged his cock into my mouth, moving my head back and forth whilst using my hand to massage it.

He moaned softly as I gave him what was probably the best blowjob I have ever given.

In and out, back and forth, I slowed then went faster, slow, then faster. He put his hand on my head and stroked my hair. I tried to do it as quietly as possible but I could hear myself making soft moaning sounds too as well as the odd sucking noise.

After three minutes of consistent oral I sat back into the bath and he finished undressing. His cock was completely hard and practically throbbing.

I turned away from him and went back onto all fours. I felt him get into the bath behind me and put his hands onto my ass, rubbing it gently.

Finally I felt his cock press against my ass, and he started stroking it up and down my pussy. He then slowly guided it in. I gasped as the cock went in for the first time. He was about 7 inches, maybe a bit more and he had decent girth.

Slowly he moved back and forth, in and out, holding onto me, rubbing me all over. Every so often he would lean forward and run his hands around my body, fondling my breasts.

I felt him deep inside of me, pumping me. I felt so happy, so at ease I just couldn’t describe it.

He pulled out, and then lay back in the bath. I sat up whilst he got comfortable, then he lifted me slightly and told me to sit back on his lap. Facing away from him and using the side of the bath I lowered myself down onto his cock which was still rock hard. It slipped in and once again I gasped as it penetrated me. güvenilir bahis siteleri

I started moving back and forth, and then up and down, moving at a faster pace than he was going. The water from the bath splashed up as our movement got faster and faster, so Adam used his toes to pull the plug on the bath. I carried on.

I was moving up and down, and then as I moved up he pulled himself out. He then pushed my hips forward a bit and then told me to lower myself again. I did and as I lowered myself onto him this time he slid his cock into my ass.

I hadn’t had anal sex for a little while and so it took me by surprise. I leant as far back as possible as I moved with him as he pumped his cock into my ass, both of us breathing faster and faster.

He started to slow a little, concentrating on going deeper rather than faster. I felt it inside of me and felt overwhelmed by the feeling of his rock hard cock in my ass.

Eventually he started to pick up speed again, faster and faster, moaning first softly then more and more and getting louder.

“Ooooohhhh yeaaaah” he moaned out load as he shot his load all up inside my ass. He didn’t pull out, he just slowed down. Eventually he pulled out.

I got up to turn on the shower and his cum started running down my leg.

“That was nice” I said, smiling at him. I leant over and we shared a passionate kiss on the lips.

“It was a long time coming” he said “I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time.”

“Likewise” I said. “I’ve been seeing the signs.”

We shared a shower together, first he cleaned his cock thoroughly, then I cleaned myself out, then we hugged and embraced each other, sharing one kiss after the other, hands all over each other.

We dried off together and went into the bedroom.

“I’m pretty hungry” I said.

“Me too” he replied as he pulled on some jeans and a fresh shirt. “I’m going to go downstairs to see what they are doing in the form of food. Why don’t you stay here and relax, Mrs Williams.”

“Whatever you say Mr Williams” I said smiling back at him. He gave me one last kiss then left, leaving me sitting on the bed with just a towel wrapped around me.

I sat there, tingling all over. The feeling of euphoria was the best feeling a girl could have, and I couldn’t wait to do it all again.


Author’s note:

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! The next part will hopefully be along very soon!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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