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The day was starting off perfectly, I thought as I scrubbed the soap into my muscles. The sun was hot, the sky blue, and I was extremely aroused. I leaned my head against the shower wall and closed my eyes. The steam wafted up around me in a haze as I climbed from the shower and softly padded my body with the lush terrycloth towel.

Checking myself in the mirror I took the extra time to fix myself perfectly; eyebrows plucked, shiny nose scrubbed then powdered, hair just right. Feeling a little wicked I even rouged my nipples just a bit.

Today was the annual town 4th of July picnic and Tom had invited me. I had wanted Tom for so very long, all the girls did. Finely chiseled with a boyish smile, and chief of the local volunteer fire department at 37. Many a fireman fantasy had starred that gorgeous man, I’d bet. I know mine had.

I finished primping and went out to dress. A soft butter yellow demi-cup bra and a matching thong covered the important part then a nice summery cotton dress of that soft jersey material. It draped well showing my figure wonderfully. A matching sun hat and I was ready.

I went down stairs to gather the crushed strawberries and sponge cakes I was bringing to the picnic. Shirley my best friend arrived soon after and off we went.

We arrived at the picnic grounds on the edge of the lake shortly after. We had just enough time to ditch the food before the parade started. The flags snapped in the breeze as the band played and started around the park road. Our town is not big and the parades never last longer than about 15 minutes. They are the same every year, first the high school band, then a few old cars with the mayor and business people. The legion usually follows and then finally the fire trucks, my favorite.

I watched the boys pass noticing that all of them where whispering to each other and staring at me. That damn Tom musta been talkin. I tried to look mad but the site of him hanging off the side of the truck with no shirt on and a fire jacket loosely draped on his shoulders made me weak.

I turned and ambled back to the shore lost in my thoughts.

The thong, not normal attire for me, had me completely aroused feeling very exposed. I could swear the breeze coming through my dress was cooler on my pussy because of the… dampness… maybe? mmmmm. I came out of it to just catch the last words of Shirley saying something about the Band. I mumbled uh huh and started to cut up the cake

I looked up to watch him striding canlı bahis şirketleri across the grass. God he was gorgeous in his tan pants and white shirt. He came up and greeted everyone flashing a flirtatious smile at every single girl as usual but I didn’t care, tonight he was all mine. He asked if I could get free and Shirley butted right in to assure him I could. Hahaha, So off we went.

We walked hand and hand through the throng of people. We watched the kids play, the ducks swim, and ate dinner and ice cream. The sun sank as we walked the shoreline around the cove to the other side. We were not far and had an excellent view of the festivities.

We could clearly hear the soft dance music that had begun to fill the gap from dinner to the fire works. The colored lights were beautiful reflected upon the water. And we started to sway to the music. We were in a natural clearing so dancing seemed very natural. He spun me around and be began to dance intimately close.

He was the perfect gentleman. I desperately wanted him to be less so and finally nudged his hand lower causing it to caress my smooth ass. I heard his breath slightly quicken as he gently caressed me. I turned to face the party and felt his arms so strong around me. His manly scent filled my nose as I leaned back, my head on his chest.

His hands explored both up and down till they were cupping both my pussy and my right breast. I felt so wicked as we were close enough to see everyone in Town yet they couldn’t see into our dark little world. The realization hit us both at the same time I think for as I reached back to grab his hard shaft, I felt him start to pull my dress up my thighs. I started to slide my hand up and down his erection feeling every vein in his manhood. He reached the bottom of my dress and dipped his fingers below the waistband of my panties and down to my pussy. His thick rough fingers made me shiver as they slid across my newly shaved skin. I felt them slide along the lips of my pussy, it parting hungrily. He soon reached wetness and the slick juice coated the rest of me quickly easing any friction. My knees weakened just as the first explosion went off.

The bright blue flash startled me as it lit up the night. Tom never missed a stroke. The fireworks began to pop and hiss and Tom worked the other hand up under the dress to pop free my front clasping bra. He reached up and began to tug at my nipples.

The lake continued to flash green and blue and red and white as the show canlı kaçak iddaa reached its midpoint.

Tom started to ride directly on my clitoris when I suddenly realized we too, were being lit by the fireworks. The thought of being seen by the whole town sent rockets of my own off. I sagged as the orgasm shattered my night. A low moan escaped from my lips as I fought desperately not to cum for the whole town. Tom caught and held me up as I let the orgasm subside.

He went and pulled a blanket from the woods. He had obviously stashed it there earlier. I shucked my clothes and dropped down to my knees upon the blanket. Tom stood there as I reverently worked his belt and freed his cock. I took it into my hand and rubbed it against my cheek.

A sticky trail of pre cum left behind as I rubbed it across then onto my lips. Sliding them out I took him deep into my mouth. My saliva coating him as I slide pulled back, the shiny skin reflecting the colors of the fireworks.

I wasted no time having a wicked thought in my head. I start to slide him deep in my mouth and out, with nice long strokes, setting a good constant pace. I hear his approval as he moans over the loud report of the rockets.

He grabs my hair and starts to help me. I reach around cupping his firm ass in each hand. He works my head back and forth and I drop a hand to my pussy.

My juice is flowing and a work a finger inside, stroking my own pleasure. My cream coats my fingers and I hear the finally begin for the fireworks. Toms other hand grabs my head and I feel him begin to tighten. I reach up and around and work my slick finger into his ass. He bellows as the sky explodes with light and crackling. His cock pulses and fills my mouth with cum, he thrusts inside forcing some out to dribble down my chin. As he pulls back it comes free and the next shot splashes on my tits. I immediately start to rub it in as he takes my hair and pulls my head back.

Tom captures his cock and aims the next shot onto my face. The warm semen cools quickly in the night air as the last sticky strand lands. He sinks down and we hold each other watching the crowd slowly melt away.

About an hour goes by and Tom rises to go into the woods to relieve himself. He comes back out and goes to the waters edge and dips in a toe. He comically shudders and continues on in.

I have no idea what to do. The dancing has started again and it is mostly adults left over there, but we could so easily be spotted in the water. Of canlı kaçak bahis course the important parts would be under water. I jump up and go over and quickly slip in before I can change my mind.

Once in, Tom swims up and starts to kiss and bite on my neck. The world shrinks around us till its just he and I. We swim and frolic, chasing, and diving, until I realize we are quite a ways out and I am starting to tire. The float is closer than the shore so we head for it.

The night is dark so we pull ourselves up onto the plywood worn smooth by the feet of generations. We lay on our backs catching our breath. A few meteors greet us in their dying seconds.

I start to get a little chilled and roll to my side as Tom snuggles behind me. He lazily brushes his fingers across my nipples making them ache with the cold and excitement. I can feel his excitement grow, pressing into the crack of my ass. I bend forward pressing against him. Tom leaves my breast and I feel him grasp his shaft and start to rub it against my slit. Our juices combine to lubricate it nicely and he slips it in between the folds, I feel myself spreading open. He is careful to keep backing out and inserting slowly till he is buried all the way.

He grabs my hip and starts to thrust into me. He isn’t rushed, its just gentle lovemaking. I can feel his breath on my cheek as he whispers in my ear his love. He asks me for mine and I give it to him. The chill fades and I feel his devotion warm me inside. He asks me if I will take care of him and I groan out a whispered “Yesssssssssss.” He asks if I will do anything for him and again I moan “Yesssssss,” knowing its true. My senses start to flash and my orgasm races forth. I hold it off as long as I can, waiting for my lover, and yet I do not succeed. Trying to hold it off making it all the more intense. I cum.

Tom doesn’t slow. Overwhelmed and overly sensitive, I clench my teeth and grunt for him to wait, he does not. If anything his pace quickens. My pussy, unable to deal with the raw pleasure starts to spasm again and my passion bursts from my lips in an animalistic wail. Tom seems unstoppable as he continues to thrust. I reach out, certain my nails will dig into the cool plywood of the dock, as my voracious lover takes his pleasure in me.

I feel every ridge on his steely shaft as he pistons in and out. Finally I feel his cock swell, my own body on fire as my lover cums. I feel each jet of warmth as he fills me inside, again and again, until he finally slows and stops.

I feel him panting against my neck as his member slowly softens, eventually sliding free. I give a slight unconscious whimper of loss and Tom wraps me deeper in his embrace. We drift off and awake to the sun of a new day, a new life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32