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The bar, or more accurately the patio of the bar, was loud with sounds of music, laughter, and people yelling. Among the throng of happy people were Jen and Dan. Jen, 24, and Dan, 23, were good friends and roommates. They had met the previous year in an English literature class and bonded over their love of Faulkner and the fact that they were both several years older than their fellow classmates. Each had taken a few years to get their lives moving forward but, now that they had, they were both thriving.

The idea to move in together was mutual. Dan’s roommate from the previous year was graduating and moving away and Jen was dying to free herself from the confines of her parents’ house.

Jen and Dan’s friendship involved more than just movies and hanging out. They both decided that they did not need or want a relationship anytime soon. However, they had urges. And there was a clear sexual attraction between the two. Jen was about 5’4″, with long brown hair; tanned skin, and big blue eyes. She was chubby, but that only added to her cuteness, and it fit with her large pillowy breasts. However, to Dan her best feature, physically that is, was her large and shapely butt. Dan loved watching in jiggle when Jen walked around, especially when she had discarded her pants. Jen’s ass often garnered a large amount of Dan’s attention when he and Jen foolaed around and it occupied many of his fantasies when he was left to take care of his erection himself.

Dan wasn’t bad looking either. He stood at 6’2″ with blue eyes and dirty blonde hair that he wore longish, which gave him more of a shaggy he needs a haircut kind of look. He kept in shape and while he diadn’t have a models body he looked fit.

But back to the bar. It was a hot and humid day, abnormally so for mid-May. Jen had convinced Dan to join a kick ball team with him. She thought it would be fun. Dan was largely indifferent but decided it couldn’t hurt. They played on Saturday’s in a nearby park and after the game the teams from the league convened on this bar where the real fun began. On this Saturday, by the time the players reached the bar they were all soaked with sweat. Even those that just stood around, never breaking into so much as a slow jog could not escape the game without a drenched shirt and drops of sweat falling from their hair.

The mood at the bar on this particular day was still rather rambunctious, though it was tempered slightly from to the heat. Most of the people were sitting around, rather than up dancing or playing games in an effort to conserve energy and avoid sweating even more. Because of this, Jen was planted on Dan’s lap.

Sitting there, Dan acould feel a real dampness on his thigh underneath Jen. Dan figured it was sweat from the heat and humidity. Not that Dan minded. Not only was he not squeamish when it came to these things, he actually enjoyed it. But more on that later. As Jen sat on his thigh he could feel the wetness growing. He then noticed than Jen was rocking back and forth slightly. Jen turned her head slightly toward Dan and sent him a sly, devilish grin before turning back to the other people at the table. The idea that Jen was grinding her hot, sweaty vagina on his thigh, even if it was through her shorts and panties, was a huge turn-on for Dan. Before he knew it he had a full erection. Jen must have noticed as her left hand casually went back and brushed up against it. She then gave it a gentle squeeze through his shorts.

Jen removed her hand and turned back to their friends at the table and announced, “I think Dan and I are going to head out.”

A few of their friends called out, “No stay” or “come on, it’s early.”

“No, we have to get going, we need to pick up something for our apartment.”

And with that she got up and quickly started illegal bahis for the sidewalk before any of her friends could realize the weak excuse she gave them, even though most were too drunk to notice or care. Dan was right behind her, eyes fixed on Jen’s ass, with his book bag strategically being carried in front of his body to cover up his still raging hard-on. They walked at a quick pace until they had left the noise of the bar behind. Their apartment was about ten minutes away from the bar.

“So, what was getting you all hot and bothered?” Jen asked.

“Why you, of course,” Dan asked without a hint of sarcasm.

“Just me? Like, I know I turn you on at times but why so much so today?”

“I don’t know,” Dan answered. “Maybe it was feeling you grinding on me.”

Jen laughed, “I was wondering if you noticed.”

“I did,” Dan replied.

Of course Dan had noticed. But it was more than that. He was turned on not just by the fact that Jen was grinding her crotch up against his leg. It was the thought of the effect the heat and humidity had on Jen. Dan had been imagining her hot and sweaty crotch, the taste, and the smell. As the walked Dan’s thoughts returned to that and he stared off imagining what would happen when he finally got to experience it. Finally they reached their apartment. They ran up the stairs. Dan pulled out his keys. The anticipation was building and in the excitement he dropped the keys. Quickly he picked them and on his second attempt unlocked the door. Jen quickly ran in followed by Dan.

As soon as Dan closed the door he grabbed Jen and kissed her deeply. He reached down and grabbed her large supple ass and lifted her up. His mouth shifted to her neck as he carried her to her bedroom. He set her down on her bed and lifted her shirt up, peeling it off her body. He kissed Jen’s stomach, tasting the salty sweat.

Jen tried to pry off her sports bra but she couldn’t get a good grip.

Jen shot Dan a sexy smile and asked, “A little help?”

“My pleasure,” Dan replied as he helped pull up the bra, releasing her giant sweaty boobs. Dan filled his mouth with one while massaging the other. He gently worked his tongue around Jen’s brown erect nipples. But all of this was preliminary. Dan’s real treat lay below. Dan worked his way away from Jen’s boobs, kissing her stomach while moving slower with each kiss until he reached the band of her shorts. His hands cam down and with a quick yank her shorts were down to her knees. Jen lift her legs straight up and Dan completed the job, freeing Jen of the remainder of her clothing and tossing them into the corner across the room.

Before even moving closer Dan caught a scent of Jen’s vagina. He took a deep breath but he needed more. He slowly pried Jen’s legs open, exposing dirty pink slit. Dan began to lower his head slowly, taking in her scent until he felt a hand on his forehead.

“You don’t have to do that today” Jen remarked.

“Why not?” Dan asked disappointed, fearful that Jen would say she was not in the mood for oral today.

“Well, it was so hot today and I got so sweaty, I’m probably kinda gross and smelly.”

Dan couldn’t hold back a smile. He simply responded, “I don’t mind at all.”

And with that he resumed his descent. He stopped his head right in front of her vagina and positioned his nose and inhaled her scent. There he fully experienced the dirty smell of her sweat, mixed with her wetness. The pungent scent made his cock pulse. He then stuck out his tongue and licked up and down her already wet vagina. He savored her taste as he inserted his tongue inside Jen.

Jen began to moan at the feeling of Dan’s tongue. Whatever insecurities she had over her cleanliness, or lack there of, had disappeared at Dan’s eagerness to please her. illegal bahis siteleri She lay back and began to massage her own boobs and manipulated her nipples with her fingers as Dan began to work his tongue over and around her clit. Her moans got louder. She felt Dan insert a finger insider her vagina and her moans increased, both in volume and frequency. Instinctively her right hand abandoned her breast and grabbed the back of Dan’s head. She felt herself nearing an orgasm and she pulled Dan in further. Jen’s moans increased; Dan quickened the pace of his tongue. Finally Jen let out a loud half moan half scream as her orgasm took over her body.

As Jen’s orgasm went through her body Dan remained with his mouth over Jen’s vagina until he felt her hand release. He finally moved back and his eyes met Jen’s.

“Wow” exclaimed Jen between pants. “That was so fucking intense.”

Dan only smiled, his mouth glistening with Jen’s wetness.

“I mean damn,” Jen continued.

“There is more to come” Dan added and with that he grabbed Jen’s hips and flipped her over. “On your knees” Dan demanded, though in a light way.

Jen complied, pulling her knees up on the bed until big ass was on display, spread wide. There, Dan could see his main prize. Not just the big cheeks. Though he loved them, what he really craved was that dirty little hole in between. He saw it before when she spread he legs but he resisted. He resisted getting a sniff because he wanted it when it was more accessible. He resisted getting a taste because he wanted his first whiff to be of it in its natural state, without any of his own spit. But now was the time. He quickly moved in and placed his nose right above it. The scent was strong. The natural scent of an asshole, mixed with sweat and arousal. A dirty stink that may be off putting to some but to Dan it was pure heaven.

If it was even possible at this point Dan got even harder. He stayed there for what seemed like half an hour but was likely no more than a minute just simply inhaling her dirty asshole, experiencing her stink.

Jen could feel Dan’s breathing on her ass and was slightly startled. She glanced to the side via the mirror saw Dan’s head wedged between her ass cheeks. She realized what was happening and was intrigued. She decided to remain quiet and let him enjoy himself. After all, he had earned it.

After getting his fill it of the scent was time for a taste. Dan extended his tongue and licked over the dirty hole. He could feel it was already wet. He licked around it, over it, tasting Jen’s filth. Jen moaned. Dan responded to the moans. His tongue began to penetrate Jen’s asshole, moving deeper and deeper inside. In and out; in and out. Then back around the rim of Jen’s dirty butthole before once again plunging inside. He savored everything. The taste. The smell. He was simply in heaven.

Jen loved being rimmed. Maybe part of her was ashamed. Maybe it was simply the fact that she had never been with a man who enjoyed it that much. Perhaps because of that she had never told anyone. In fact, Dan was the first guy she had been with that regularly did it. Now she knew why. Jen smiled realizing how much pleasure Dan was getting right now. She decided that she would increase that.

She eased her ass away and turned facing Dan. She noticed a slight look of disappointment. That would change soon Jen though.

“Take off your pants dirty boy” Jen said is low sultry voice. Dan looked at Jen and obliged. Jen saw that Dan’s seven and a half inch cock was already rock hard. She crawled over her bed and fished around her nightstand until she pulled out a bottle of lube. She flipped open the cap and squirted a small amount in her palm. Jen crawled back over and grabbed Dan’s cock with her lube covered hand. canlı bahis siteleri She slowly began to stroke Dan’s cock and she looked up and made eye contact with Dan.

“I want you to fuck me in my dirty sweaty tight asshole.”

Dan was taken aback, stunned. He didn’t know what to say.

“What’s wrong? Jen asked. “I thought from how you were sniffing it and licking it that you liked my smelly butt? Don’t you want it?”

“So badly” answered Dan.

With that Jen resumed her position on her hands and knees. Dan slowly stroked his hard, now lube covered, cock with his right hand. His left hand went down to Jen’s, lightly caressing her cheeks until it made its way to her asshole. He slowly moved his finger around her hole, rubbing the rim. He then placed it over the opening and it quickly eased in, guided by Jen’s sweat, wetness, and her natural grease from a day without a shower. Dan slowly eased his finger in and out. Jen responded by wiggling her ass and moving it back to meet his finger thrusts and release quiet but sexy moans.

Dan sensed she was ready and removed his finger. He moved closer and placed the tip of his cock over Jen’s asshole. He slowly rubbed it over her hole, simultaneously stimulated her and adding some additional lube. Jen’s moans increased with the feeling of Dan’s cock on her tender skin. Her moans turned to a quiet gasp as the head of Dan’s cock began to invade her hot, dirty hole. Dan’s cock entered with relative ease. First just the head. But then more and more of him slowly slide deeper. Jen let out a loud deep moan. Once Dan had eased in he began to pull back, slowly. Then once again he plunged deep. Jen met each movement with a moan, getting loader as he bottomed out inside her.

“MMMMMM. You like that dirty ass, don’t you,” Jen asked.

“Fuck yeah,” replied Dan as he kept slowly fucking her. After several strokes he picked up the pace.

“Oh yeah, harder,” Jen encouraged.

Dan grabbed Jen’s hips and began to thrust deeper.

“YES. Fuck my dirty hole. You loved eating it didn’t you? You love my taste” Jen exclaimed.

“Oh yes. I loved it. I loved how your dirty ass tasted. I loved the smell,” Dan answered. Dan spread Jen’s ass cheeks so he could see his cock penetrating her ass. He loved seeing his cock disappear inside her dirty hole and his trimmed pubes up against her big, fleshy ass cheeks. Dan the leaned forward over Jen, causing her to fall flat on her stomach. Dan lay on top of Jen and leaned in and found Jen’s lips giving her a long and strong kiss. Dan’s right hand reached underneath Jen and found its way to her clit. He began ton massage it with his fingers, never stopping his hips from pumping in her.

“Mmmmm. I can taste and smell myself on your face,” Jen said.

“What can you smell?” Dan asked while never letting up his assault on Jen’s ass.

“My dirty ass.”

“Where’s my cock?” Dan asked between deep breaths.

“My asshole,” Jen answered.

“Your clean ass?” Dan questioned.

“Aaaahhh, no, my dirty asshole,” Jen answered.

“And does it smell nice and clean?” Dan once again questioned Jen.

“No. It’s filthy. So sweaty and stinky,” Jen answered again. By this time she was moaning uncontrollably. Dan was getting closer and closer.

“I’m gonna cum,” Dan screamed.

“Fill my dirty hole,” Jen yelled in response.

Suddenly Jen began to yell as she reached another orgasm, setting Dan off as he began to unleash a full load of hot cum deep inside Jen’s ass. Dan kept pumping as more and more cum flowed into Jen’s spread butthole. Dan kept pumping until he had unloaded all of his cum, and then he pumped some more before he needed to stop and catch his breath.

Finally Dan pulled out and rolled over. His cum was leaking out of Jen’s gapping asshole. Jen rolled over to face Dan and gave his a soft, sensual kiss.

“So,” began Jen, “I heard tomorrow is going to be a scorcher. Want to go for a long hike?”

Dan just smiled and gave Jen a kiss. This would be a fun summer.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32