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It almost seemed like something out of a movie.

There they were, two old friends in a new city.

He, recently arrived and waiting on a new job.

She, a long-time resident who knew the city well.

A chance encounter in the middle of a busy sidewalk turned to drinks and dinner plans to make up for all the lost time.

Over food and wine, they opened up to one another far more than they ever would have in the past, time having broken down countless foolish teenage walls which had kept them separated. Small talk led to shared secret desires never before spoken aloud, and the light in the eyes told them that the cheque could not come fast enough for either of them.

When she invited him up to her place for some ‘dessert’, he practically jumped at the opportunity. And while it wasn’t exactly what most people would have had in mind, he certainly was not going to complain about their chosen after dinner escapades.

At least, not while the gag was still in place.

She looked simply ravishing, standing there before him in the pale living room light. Her thin frame managing to fill in the tight leather pants and corset rather nicely, the elbow-length black leather gloves and the knee-high heeled black leather boots completing the look he’d only dreamed about until tonight.

But the cherry on top, that which was making him drool even with the leather ball gag firmly in his mouth, was the pretty pink strap-on she was seductively stroking

even as he knelt there, watching in awe. Not illegal bahis too big, not too small, just right for what they had in mind.

Her heels clicked along the hardwood floor of the apartment as she approached him, the sound echoing out and sounding the proverbial bell for the next course of their evening. One he couldn’t wait for.

She removed the gag then ran a gloved finger over his panting lips, a smirk making its way across her own red-painted ones. He gazed up at her, taking in the sight of her pale skin and long, almost golden-brown hair, standing out as they did against the black of the leather.

Never had he imagined he’d be in this position, let alone with her. Actually, that was a lie. He had fantasized about such things countless times in the past but never expected such dreams to come true. Yet here they were.

“Open wide,” she commanded, and he gladly obeyed, the hard rubber cock pushing its way through his eager lips, gliding along past his teeth and nearly touching the back of his throat. He wanted to gag at first but refrained. He didn’t care how deep it went, he’d take it all for her.

And he did.

In and out, in and out, slowly but surely fucking his mouth for all it was worth.

“You suck like a pro”, she praised him as her gloved fingers slid through his hair, her deep brown eyes staring softly into his green ones. “Such a good little slut aren’t you?”

She smiled, and it was so beautiful he swore he’d melt into the ground. This was a dream come true for him, illegal bahis siteleri for both of them, and he relished in finally having the chance to give in to desires he’s long ago pushed to the side, as well as giving her cock the attention it so rightly deserved.

“There you go sweetie, keep sucking,” she giggled at his thoroughness. “Take it deep into your whore mouth, and imagine it exploding cum all the way down your throat. Would you like that?”

His tongue licked along the pink shaft as it continually penetrated his mouth, her words pushing him onward and making him so hard. Yes, he would like that. His cock was sticking up and poking at her boots but he didn’t care. All that mattered was what she wanted.

Above him, she smiled at the sight and sensation of his erection reaching for her, begging to be touched. Increasing her thrusts, she kept at it until she was certain his mouth and tongue had thoroughly lubed up her cock for the next part of their evening’s fun.

Gently, she slid it out, stifling a laugh at the look of despair on his face, like a child who’s had their lollipop pulled from their mouth before they were through with it. Without a word, she wrapped her fingers around the end of the leash she’d placed around his neck upon their arrival, and led him towards her bed.

“Bend over baby,” she whispered seductively, and he did as he was told, raising his arse in the air in complete and total submission towards her. He was hers to use. While his cock ached against the soft, silken canlı bahis siteleri sheets of her bed, it didn’t matter. He had to wait. Only when she was through would he ever think about finishing.

He felt her cool gloved hands rub his ass cheeks, felt the saliva-coated strap-on slide into his waiting bottom, smiling at the sensation he’d often wished to experience and no resisting in the slightest. “Good boy” was all she said in response, and he certainly felt like one.

Then, she began to thrust, taking him and his arse to a place he never dreamed he’d go.


In and out, she pegged him relentlessly, her own juices flowing freely out of her sopping wet cunt and along the inside of her leather pants. She felt so hot right now, panting and pressing on, eyeing his hard cock pointing at the floor as she did so.

He grinned and groaned as he heard the moans behind him, and though she hadn’t as much as touched it, he knew from the tightening of his balls that his aching cock was not going to last much longer. Neither would she from the sound of things.

With one final thrust, the sensation of the strap-on sent a surge through him, right to his waiting cock, and he came like he’d never come before.

His cock exploded all over the floor and the bedsheets and her boots and pants, and still, she fucked him, screaming in ecstasy as she joined him in the glorious rapture of orgasm, not letting up until the strength left her legs and she had to grip onto his hips to stay standing.

They both shut their eyes as the bliss washed over them. He smiled beneath her, feeling the warmth of her body and the coolness of the leather. He could get used to this.

She smiled from behind him. She could get used to using him this way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32