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This is part 2 of a story that is in the main true which happened in the early 60s.

That magical time for people of my age, when the whole world opened up before us.

As I passed throuh the camp gates the lad on sentry duty passed a few ribald comments about the time, and my appearance, asking if I had been shagging sheep, or, if I had fallen in a ditch in my drunken state.

What would he be saying if he knew the truth I thought to myself as I stumbled to the barracks, and so to bed.

Morning,,, and my brain in turmoil, had I dreamed about this, or had I realy been with an old lady the night before, must be a dream I thought as I set off to the showers.

As I started to soap myself I suddenly noticed the bite marks, or, suck marks, on my thighs, then on my stomach!!

Cricky it must be true, they will not wash off, my mind was racing again but getting nowhere, I dried and dressed and headed for rollcall, in a panic, and waiting for the first mocking calls from any of the lads who may possibly have seen me the previous night, and I found myself even blushing.

No remarks, Whew had I got away with it.

It would not leave my mind, until, mid morning I feigned a toothache and got permission to go to town to see a dentist.

Once in town I re-traced my steps from the night before until I found the gate.

It was a small gate in the middle of a hedge, leading to a small field, surrounded in the main part by shrubs and bushes, I had passed there dozens of times never realising it was there.

Confirmation, it was true, cripes.

So I returned to camp, it was in my mind the rest of the day, and, although I kept getting aroused, I had no intention of returning that night.

After shaving and showering I set off to town with the usual gang, to our usual pub, but could not stop myself looking at the gate as we passed.

Clock watching all evening, as it approached 10pm I excused myself saying I needed the toilet, and slipped out of there heading to the gate.

Having no certainty of her being there I stepped through the gate in the darkness, and as I turned to close the gate I felt a hand on my rear,,,, I almost cleared the gate in fright.

Then the soft voice and the hand pulling me, I was led across the grass to the side of the field, then she had her arms around me hugging me, she smelled lovely and scented as she pulled my head down to kiss me, that was all it took, I was lost.

She wore the same long black coat fastened closed, her hands were already roaming until she found my illegal bahis cock, it was like an electric shock and I was erect, immediate, like clicking a switch.

She moved back slightly pulling at my belt and in seconds my jeans were off along with my shoes, and that toothless mouth was playing magic tunes on my rampant cock.

I dont think I lasted much more than a minute before I almost choked her with a fantastic eruption, my legs shaking and trembling, her hands gripping my arse cheeks and pulling me into her. She continued to milk me until my glans was too tender and I had to push her off, I will be back to him later she told me.

As the clouds cleared a bit and I was regaining my breath she openned her coat,,,, even better than last night I told her, as, eyes flashing in the moonlight, and with a wide smile, she said she was pleased to hear so, and that she knew I would like it, It was a basque with sussies and stockings which pushed her small tits up, what there was of them, she was so tiny and thin, but,,,

her legs were like those of a 20yrs. old, full and shapely.

As I gazed at her she leaned back against the fencepole, bending her knees so she was in a squat, Get licking she said, it was more an order than an invitation, not that it bothered me, there was no way that I would not be tasting that lovely honeypot.

I dropped to my knees, but, as I moved forewards she grabbed my hair, closed her legs until my cheeks were trapped between her stockinged thighs, what a lovely feeling, I was looking straight at her vaginal lips, in the dim moonlight, just inches away, I could smell her perfumed garden, so inviting and heady, the scent of a woman aroused.

Ask me if you can lick it she said, please I said, something inside me wondering why I was begging a woman of this age.

Next, I was smothering myself in that glorious place, thrusting my tongue as deep as I could in to her, as she dragged my head into her, she squeeled out loud, put both hands behind my head and ground herself into me, rocking backwards and forewards till my teeth found her clit and my fingers slipped into her.

Nibbling at her, it took no time before she started squealing and bucking, then her thighs gripped my face again, this time with that lovely soft tender flesh above the stocking tops.

My face was soaked and it was dripping onto my chest, I was in heaven.

We collapsed to the ground gasping for breath and hugging each other, she said it had never been better in all her life.

I thought it wise not to tell her about illegal bahis siteleri the many previous compliments I had recieved about my oral skills. (They were developed I suppose to compensate for my not so large penis)

For me too I told her,

I never imagined it could ever be like this, she told me, it has taken a lifetime to find the right partner, and, I will not be letting go of you for awhile, she told me.

I very much hope not I heared myself saying.

As the clouds cleared the moon again I looked down on her and wondered where such a frail woman got all the energy from, and marvelled at those fantastic legs, then, as I looked up to her face those eyes were sparkling, it was unreal.

She pulled herself on top of me reached round and grabbed my cock, and, that electric again, instant hardon, (this was at an age when the power of recovery was at its most powerful), now I am going to fuck you to death she said with a chuckle, And this time it is going to last a lot longer, understand?.

This again was more like an order, who was this old lady?, since leaving school no woman had given me orders, then again, were they orders, and was I not enjoying it all, would I not have been doing it all anyway? I asked myself silently.

This old lady was seeming to have some kind of a hold on me, or was it my cock ruling my brain?, had I not told myself earlier that I would not even come here tonight?, had she not told me that she knew I would be here?, had I not begged to eat her out?, and now this.

All these thoughts flitted through my mind in seconds, and now she was straddling me and lowering herself onto my rampant cock, wich she only had to touch to make erect, then I was gone, driving myself up into her.

Slow down, she seemed to order me, away my mind went again, how many of the dozens of my previous conquests had taken the lead, even fewer had been on top riding me, and then my senses were assaulted by the squeezing on my shaft as her vagina gripped and eased, ooooh, back in heaven, her head on my chest she was nibbling on my nipples, and, as I looked down, those twinkling eyes gazed back with fire in them.

She was almost right about riding me to death, I was knackered when she started to speed up, biting my neck and moaning and bucking and twitching as I then felt myself errupting into her as she gripped me and cried out, she clamped her legs closed inside mine and I felt as if she was going to chop it off, our juices were running down over my balls, as we both panted for breath, she must have canlı bahis siteleri been riding me for an hour or more, I had never gone so long, we laid there and fell asleep.

How long we slept I do not know, but I was woken by her shuddering, she was cold, I reached for her coat and pulled it over her.

As we were coming round she said, you are still inside me.

I could not get out I told her.

She smiled and asked if I meant that.

Thought you were trying to chop it off I told her.

Now I know that I will be able to keep you as long as I like, she laughingly replied.

I know how to get warm she said and reached down and stroked my balls, Electric again, instant hardon again, I rolled us over before she spread her legs and off we went again.

Do not come inside me this time she said, was this another order?, I told you earlier I wanted another load in my mouth, fair enough I said and started driving into her yet again until I was getting near, it was not easy to leave this heavenly place, but, orders is orders, as they say in the services, so I then pulled out, spun round and buried my face in her hot sloppy vagina, as she swallowed me to the hilt,,,,

Bliss, as we writhed about till we both came into each others mouths copiously, and shatteringly, I felt completely spent.

I rolled to the side as I was afraid I would crush this frail but fabulous lady, she turned and hugged me as we realized it was beggining to get light.

Must be about 4.0am, Crumbs we must have been there 6 hours.

She used my name to say its time to go, then I realised that I still did not know her name, and how did she know mine?.

She told me she was Agnes, she knew my name weeks before she said, as she had decided the first time she saw me that she would have me, and had sat close to me when I was with another woman and listened in to our conversation.

The previous night had been her first opportunity to approach me, and she knew I would succumb. (nice to be so sure I thought), and then???

Be here at nine on friday she said, no asking, we wil be going to bed, I want to see you in the light when you are naked, I also want to watch your face as you shoot into me, I also want to try other things.

Whew,, this seemed like another order but I knew as well as she did that I would be there, even though I had a date with the 20yrs old.

What other things I asked,

Her eyes glinting she said you will have to wait and see.

With that she hugged and kissed me and thanked me for the two best nights of her life, then whispered in my ear that we had only just started and had many more nights to come, then ushered me out of the gate for my long walk back to camp.

There is more to this story if anyone is interested, please let me know.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32