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Having a hot (half) sister who was a model sounds like a dream to most guys but most of the time, it really wasn’t. Picture having to wait ages to get to use the bathroom at home, constantly being hounded by guys to ‘get in a good word with her for me’ and yea, you can see why I didn’t really care. We got on okay, our parents divorced when we were young, Dad split with a much younger woman and Mom kind of took it to heart for a while before bouncing back and made sure she and Clara always looked amazing. Mom had been pregnant with Clara when she met my Dad (result of a one night stand), he didn’t care enough about me to keep in touch with me when he left.

I kept to myself mostly, when I got to college a year after Clara it was nice to distance myself from the fake friends just trying to get close to her and focused on my own future.

One afternoon I was sitting at lunch, listening to music as I read a book when Clara came and sat with me.

“Hey, how are you?” She said with a smile.

“I’m as fine as I was this morning when you asked me then. What brings you to the food place, thought you were avoiding that for your figure,” I said, teasing her.

“Very funny, I work out as well you know. I uh, I need your help with something.”

“What is it.”

“I um, well, I have a paid photo shoot and I need a male talent. It won’t be of your face, you just need to stand there while I lean on you and stuff.”

“What’s wrong with my face?”

“Nothing but in case anyone seen the pictures.”

“Um, why would that be an issue?”

“Well, I’ll be in pretty skimpy lingerie.”

“You’re my sister Clara, I’m not supposed to see you in stuff like that.”

“Please, you don’t even have to look at me, it will pay me enough to buy that car I’ve been looking at and I promise I’ll teach you how to drive with it.”

“I’d want that in writing. Don’t you have a bunch of model fuckboys you could just summon?”

“No, not at such short notice.”

“Wait, when is this?”

“I kinda need you after lunch sweetie, you have a few free periods right?”

“It just as well I love you, you’ll owe me big time, it better not get weird.”

“It won’t I promise, Lisa is such an amazing photographer. Here’s the address, I have to go pick up my makeup first, I’ll meet you there. Oh and you’re just a friend, nobody knows I have a brother.”


“It’s complicated, I’ll talk about it later.”

I turned up at the address and was met by a really pretty lady in her 30’s. She greeted me with a kiss on the cheek and took me through her house to the studio.

“Thank you for doing this for Clara, I’m Lisa, she told me you’re a good friend. I have a pretty specific shoot for a magazine and I really need a male. You’re in good shape too, hiding under those baggy clothes but you’ll do perfect. Change into these for me and I’ll get some light readings while we wait for Clara,” she said, handing me a pair of cycling shorts.

“I uh, you have a changing room or something?” I replied.

“Honey, I’ve seen every inch of many men, you don’t need to be shy.”

She wasn’t paying any attention to me anyway but I did my best to get changed without fully exposing myself. I kept my boxer briefs on and my t-shirt.

“No, that looks silly, lose the boxers sweetie and no shirt.”

Inside I was thinking ‘what the fuck’ but I went along for Clara. The doorbell rang and I took the opportunity to take my boxers off and get the cycling shorts back on without flashing my cock. Lisa and Clara came back as I took my shirt off, Clara was wearing a long coat and had fixed her hair.

“Hi Marcus, you made it, I really appreciate this you know,” said Clara who kissed me on the cheek.

“Well, you’d do the same for me I’m sure,” I replied awkwardly.

“You’re a model too?” said Lisa, raising her eyebrow.

“No, I meant, I don’t know.” I stammered. They both laughed.

“Sorry, I want you to relax my dear, Clara is one of my favorite models and I really wanted her for this shoot, I’m so glad she was able to find a good friend that would do this for her, especially one who’s in shape like you are,” said Lisa.

“Yes! I owe him big for this, best friend ever,” said Clara, I just smiled.

“Well, get your coat off Clara dear, did you wear what I asked?” Said Lisa.

“I did.”

I’m sure my jaw went like those cartoons, wide open with my eyes popping out of my head but Clara looked stunning. She was wearing a white lace lingerie outfit with stockings, suspenders and it looked amazing on her. The bra was pretty sheer, did nothing to hide her beautiful round nipples that crowned her perfect 36D’s and looking down I could see her labia and the fact she was fully shaven. With what I was wearing I did my best to think of other things, there was no way I’d be able to hide my impending erection.

“Well, you at least have one approval, I knew I was right with that outfit.” Said güvenilir bahis a grinning Lisa looking right at my growing cock.

“I’m sorry, you’ve never seen me like this, I hope it’s okay, you uh, can adjust, I’ll be blocking that in the shots anyway,” said Clara.

I turned around and adjusted my cock and felt myself get red, Clara actually bit her lip as she stared.

“Okay sweetie, lets get started, I wanted to use this natural light while we can.”

Clara and Lisa briefly looked over a rough story board then had me get in position. Most of the shots were with Clara leaning against me with her arms up, some facing the camera, some with her back to it but most had her head near or touching my cock. My erection wouldn’t go away but Clara didn’t seem to care. After a pause they both looked through the pics they’d taken.

“These are perfect, lets do the last 8 topless,” Said Lisa.

Clara didn’t hesitate, she took her bra off and stood before me topless then posed a few more times with her back to me then turned to press her breasts against my thighs, her arms reaching up my body. She looked up and me and I could swear she was in a daze.

“Perfect, perfect, I love that last one.” Said Lisa as she looked at the new pics.

“They look awesome, his skin looks great in contrast to mine, I’m glad he’s tanned,” replied Clara.

“I’ll send you a copy but you can’t share them anywhere, they’re for a magazine.

Speaking of which, I do have another job if you’re up for it sweetie, gauging by his reaction to you I’m sure he will but one of my other sites asked for more content. They blur the guys face anyway but you’re what they’re looking for just now. Pays $5k each, I’m only taking 10%,” said Lisa, I zoned out most of what she said staring at Clara’s breasts.

“How involved?” Said Clara, I had no idea what she meant.

“Fully, close ups and climax, they like them internal,”

“I uh, give me a minute to talk to him, we’re not really that level of friends but I could really use the cash.”

“Okay, I’ll go use the restroom real quick.”

“So uh, the shoot we’re talking about is uh, sex, Lisa does a few premium adult sites, I’ve done solo shoots for one of them before but not this one,” Clara said to me.

“You’re my fucking sister Clara, is crazy enough seeing you topless but what the fuck?” I said in a loud whisper.

“Nobody will see your face, and nobody else will know. I really need this money, will let me buy a much nicer car rather than a beater and think of what you could do with 5 grand!”

“You’re seriously just ‘it is just a photo shoot’ with this, she wants me to cum in you, isn’t just a pose with my cock hidden Clara,”

“You’ve been staring at my tits for twenty minutes, you’re already hard, you can’t tell me you are repulsed by this.”

“We’re not supposed to do this Clara.”

“Fine, I’ll call your friend Steve, he’s been trying to fuck me for years.”

“Oh bullshit, first of all he’s not my friend and he’s a fucking pig. I’ll do it but this goes no further, I mean it!”

“Thank you.”

“Well, do I have a shoot or should I start calling my list?” Said Lisa as she came back in the room.

“I had a little chat with my good friend, I promised him nobody will know and he has agreed,” said Clara.

“Wonderful, I thought he might, he’s been drooling over you since you took your coat off.” Laughed Lisa.

“Well we’ve been friends for years but I’ve never worn anything this revealing and never topless around him, he’s a good guy though. I’m on the pill too so no worries on that front.”

“Good, studio is already set up, I need quite a few in each position, I’ll direct you, Clara, if he’s never performed on camera before which I’m assuming no then he may need fluffing now and then.” Said Lisa.

“Well judging by how hard he is already I think we’ll be good.”

I followed Lisa and Clara into the studio, watching Clara’s ass the whole time. I was ignoring my inner voice too, “Yes, Clara is stunning hot BUT SHE’S YOUR SISTER.” Nope, just half sister and she’s hot. The studio was pretty much a bed with a bunch of expensive looking lights but it looked clean so I didn’t fuss. They had me strip and I felt a little exposed but when Clara took her panties off and just smiled at me I relaxed a little more.

“Okay, since he’s already hard and leaking by the looks of it, let me get a few close up shots of you licking him sweetie,” said Lisa.

Clara and I got up onto the bed where they had me get on my back. She positioned herself for the camera and took my cock in her hand and slowly ran her tongue up my shaft and almost kissed the tip. After a few shots like that Lisa told her just to give me a blow job, being mindful of her hair. Her mouth felt amazing, I’d been single a while so only had my hand as a method of release and knew I’d not last long with her wonderful efforts, my groans got louder as she sucked.

“Let türkçe bahis me know when you’re ready to cum, Marcus, Clara, I want to see it spray on your tongue sweetie,” said Lisa.

It didn’t take much longer, I managed to moan a sound that resembled ‘cumming’ and groaned as I erupted into Clara’s open mouth. I watched as each spurt sprayed across her tongue as she looked up at me, Lisa was beside her snapping pictures and giving direction.

“Good, hold there a second then swallow, now suck him more, make sure you got it all. Okay, your turn Marcus, lick her nice and slow, turn your head so I can see your tongue though, don’t worry, I’ll be blurring most of your face,” said Lisa.

Clara smiled then got onto her back and opened her legs, I gazed at her pussy for a few seconds then started to lick her. Other than the occasional ‘turn your head sweetie’ I was left to enjoy Clara’s pussy. She tasted pretty amazing, I always loved giving oral, I’d dated an older woman for a while and she taught me how to please, Clara was soon moaning, her juices flowing over my tongue as I found her pleasure spots, when her breathing got heavier I focused on her clit and was rewarded with her climax, her back arching as she repeated ‘oh fuck yes’ as orgasm burned through her. When she got too sensitive she gently pushed me away and had a big grin on her face as she rested on her elbow to look at me.

“That was amazing, where did you learn to do that?” She said softly.

“Oh I do like the stamina of youth, he’s nice and hard again Clara, you ready for more,” said Lisa, interrupting.

“Y… Yes please,” she replied.

Lisa had Clara get onto all fours and was there right at my cock with her camera as I pushed into her for the first time. Her pussy felt exquisite, I’d only been with 3 other women before but the way Clara felt as each inch slipped inside her was like I was made for her. After a few thrusts, Lisa capturing my glistening cock as it got coated in her juices. She had Clara get up so I could grab her breasts while I was inside her then left us just to fuck, getting pictures from every angle as we did. When I groaned that I was getting close, Lisa had us switch and had Clara ride me, a position that I took ages to cum in and I got to enjoy Clara’s breasts as she enjoyed my cock. Clara came a few times before I did, I held onto her thighs as I pushed up, filling her with what seed I had ready since I’d came in her mouth. She got off me slowly as she caught her breath then when my cock slapped against my stomach she held in place, letting my cum ooze from her pussy as Lisa snapped her pictures, a few close ups and a few further back. Clara and I just gazed at each other, she had a beautiful smile on her face and I was letting the self doubt creep into my head.

“I uh, I guess I should go if you have your pictures,” I said softly.

“I’ll be right back sweetie,” said Lisa, she left the room.

Clara leaned forward, pressing her breasts into my chest.

“This was wonderful little brother, don’t you dare feel guilty on me okay? We can do this any time you like, without the camera but I enjoyed every second and I can tell you did too,” she said.


Clara kissed me with a tenderness I’d never felt before.

“Now go get dressed, I’ll give you a copy of the pics for you to keep but they do not go online okay, ours will be uncensored.”

“You can see yourself out sweetie, I’ll be showing Clara the pictures before I edit them so we can delete any she doesn’t like, when I get the payment I’ll have Clara give you a check,” said Lisa.

I got dressed and was on my way out but I couldn’t find my watch, didn’t remember if I’d taken it off before the regular shoot or before Clara and I had sex. I went to go back to the bedroom studio, not sure why I stopped to listen but I heard them talking.

“I still can’t believe you pulled it off, he didn’t put up much resistance,” said Lisa.

“Do you think he’ll like them?” replied Clara.

“Oh I know he will, when I told him I thought I could do it he said even a picture of simulated fucking would get him off. These are going to make him cream his pants. Now, are you going to eat my pussy or just gaze at it?”

“Sorry, I’m still after glowing from my brother’s cock.”

I felt my cock grow again, yes it ached a little, no I didn’t care. I moved closer to the room to see what they were doing, Lisa was on her back on the bed with Clara between her legs starting to eat her pussy. Lisa was pretty sexy, I couldn’t see her pussy but she had a nice slim body and a pair of firm looking 36c’s. She was pinching her nipples as Clara licked her. I decided I wanted more, I didn’t care what I’d heard but the prospect of fucking Clara again while I watched her eat pussy was too much. They didn’t see me enter the room until I cleared my throat.

“What the…” gasped Lisa.

“Oh uhm, I think I left my watch in here,” I replied.

Clara güvenilir bahis siteleri just looked at me, wide eyed.

“May I join you? I’ve watched this kind of thing on porn but Clara felt amazing and seeing this has me hard again.”

“You still have your clothes on, I’m already wet,” Said Clara who decided to carry on licking Lisa.

I stripped in record time and got behind Clara and pushed my cock back inside my sister. Watching Lisa’s breasts jiggle as I fucked Clara kept me going and despite the dull ache in my cock I felt myself getting close. When Clara climaxed and Lisa started to moan in pleasure I couldn’t hold back any longer and pushed in deep as I came too, I was certain it was just air I was cumming at that point but it felt good.

Clara kept licking until Lisa came and we all collapsed together on the bed.

“Were you listening to us talking?” Said Clara after a few minutes.

“It wasn’t intentional, I really did come to find my watch but yes, I heard,” I replied.

“Are you mad at me?”

“No but I’ll expect us to do this a lot.”

“Well that was kinda my idea.”

“Who is the ‘he’ you were both talking about though?”

“You do not utter a single word of this outside this room but a friend of mine, pretty wealthy, likes to get off to the more taboo porn that you don’t find on most sites. He asked me to find a real brother and sister and get pictures of you fucking, is paying $12k for the privilege. He’s met Clara, she showed him family pictures of you both and is pretty eager to get the shots we took today. The other pictures I really am using for a magazine but the ones of you two having sex won’t see a website,” said Lisa.

“What about you two, are you bi Clara?”

“Well duh, Lisa and I have been fucking since I came to college, she’s beautiful and tastes like heaven. I’ve wanted you for so long though little brother, I jumped at the chance to seduce you with Lisa’s help.”

“Even though I’m your brother?”

“I don’t care, you’ve always been there for me, even when I’ve been a pain in your ass. You always stood up for me when every guy in school was hitting on me and when I seen how sexy you’d grown up when I caught you in the shower at home I knew I wanted you.”

“When was this?”

“Months ago, you didn’t see me but I watched you jerk off in the shower at mom’s, you’d left your phone unlocked on the vanity and you had a picture of me in a bikini pulled up on your screen. At first I was mad but then I got so wet thinking about you jerking off to my picture.”


I didn’t get to see Clara for the next few days but I couldn’t stop thinking about what we’d done. I didn’t have any regrets, she was easily the most beautiful woman I knew and the fact I already loved her made things easier for my mind. When she came round to see me at my dorm room I was thankful my roommate was out. She greeted me with a soft but passionate kiss.

“Well hi, good to see you too,” I said, holding her to me.

“I have something for you,”

“Is it something that will leave me with a smile?”

“I hope so, it’s a check and our pictures.”

“Cool, I was hoping you’d say you.”

“Well by your boner growing in your shorts sweetie I figured you’d want me too, put this away then come join me in your bed.”

I put my check and thumb drive into the mini safe Mom had bought me and by the time I got to my room, Clara was laying naked on my bed.

“Lock the door, lose the clothes and come and taste me.”

I stripped naked in record time and crawled onto my bed and after kissing her again I slowly kissed a trail to her nipples then down to her pussy. I took my time eating her, exploring her labia, sliding my tongue between them then when her moans got louder I focused on her clit, rasping my tongue over and around it until her stomach tensed and arched her back as her orgasm burned through her. When she finally started breathing again from her deep gasp she pulled away from my mouth.

“Th.. that was fucking amazing.. I could kiss the girl who taught you that sweetie,” said Clara, still catching her breath.

“Was a woman not a girl, Mrs Jennings from home,” I replied, wiping my mouth.

“No way, our neighbor? Her husband would kill you if he found out sweetie, be careful.”

“Not if he was there watching.”

“Really? Holy shit, did uh, he join in?”

“No, he gets off on watching but she loves being eaten, taught me how to please a woman. Anyway, enough talking, are you ready for me?”

Clara nodded, she reached between us and guided my cock to her pussy and inhaled slowly as I pushed into her. We made love slowly and when we were spent, climaxing together in wonderful bliss, we laid together as we caught our breaths, just gazing at each other.

“I can’t believe we’re really doing this,” said Clara, eventually breaking the silence.

“Need me to pinch your nipple so you know it’s real.”

“No, not into that, you can shower with me if you like.”

Clara comes to see me at least three times a week now, we make love and we talk. We go on spring break next week so will be going home, both looking forward to more fun there…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32