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This story contains BDSM but the focus is once again on incest so it goes in this category. I plan on this being the second and last chapter of this series, so thank you for your feedback. If you have any new story ideas, please let me know.

All characters are 18+, enjoy!


“Have you picked out anything yet?” Brian asks his mother, Amanda.

Amanda shakes her head, “No, I’m just kind of looking around.” The truth is, Amanda was uncertain about this whole thing. She had learned that her son and his live-in girlfriend Leah were into BDSM. While Amanda found that to be a major turn on, she was unsure if she could be the dominant person. The dom, not a sub like I was. Amanda thinks, correcting herself. All of this terminology is still new to her.

“What do you think Leah would like?” Amanda asks, brushing some of her curly brown hair out of her face.

Brian shrugs, “It’s your choice. Because Leah is the sub, she has to deal with whatever. If you want to find something sexy to wear, then you can, otherwise, you can just go into this naked.” Brian brought his mother to this sex shop because Leah had wanted to be dominated by both Brian and Amanda, something Leah had assured him several times was one of the hottest things in her mind.

“Do you have any suggestions for me?” Amanda asks.

Brian thinks for a minute, “Well there is this latex dress I found over here…” He starts to lead the way over to it, turning slightly red as he does so. A few days ago I would have been so embarrassed to do this… hell, I would have been embarrassed for Mom just to have found out what Leah and I are into. And just look at me now, picking out lingerie for her to wear next time we do this! Brian motions to a clear latex dress that looks like it will fit Amanda.

Amanda holds it up to her body. It is all made of a clear latex and goes from about her breasts to barely covering her upper thighs. “Is this something you want to see me in or something you think Leah wants to see me in?”

Brian looks at his mom and shrugs, “Both.”

Amanda laughs, “Well, all right. Maybe we can find some alone time so I can model it for you.”

Brian smiles, “I like the sound of that.” He and Amanda go and pay for the dress before making their way home. During the drive, Brian feels the same nervous excitement he felt the first time he and his mom had sex. Will this happen every time we do this? Brian asks himself.


A short while later, Brian and Amanda reach his house. The two of them enter the house and Amanda asks, “Do you know when Leah will be home from work?”

Brian nods, “A couple of hours, giving us plenty of time together.”

Amanda smiles, “Well then, let me go get changed into this and you can come tell me how it looks.” Amanda takes her new dress and goes into her bedroom. She closes the door behind herself and carefully takes the latex dress out of the package and lays it flat on her bed. Amanda starts with her shirt, tugging it over her head, before tugging down her shorts. Amanda admires her body in the mirror mounted on the inside of the door.

Still got it! Amanda thinks, slowly rubbing her hands over her toned stomach and upper thighs. Amanda then reaches behind her back and unclasps her bra, placing it on the bed. She fondles her D-cup breasts for a second, making sure to pinch both of her nipples. Amanda then drops her panties. Her fingers begin to explore the soft folds of her inner lips. Amanda lets out a sigh and shakes her head, “Brian is waiting to see me in this dress.”

Amanda walks over to the bed and unzips the back of the dress. She steps into it and pulls it up before zipping the back up. The material is tight and hugs Amanda’s curves. The strapless dress makes a crinkling sound as Amanda moves her torso and legs. Amanda goes back to the mirror on the door. All of Amanda’s body is on display through the clear material. Her breasts, nipples, stomach, ass, back and pussy are all clearly visible. Not going to lie, I look pretty good in this! Amanda thinks, running her hand over her newest article of clothing.

Amanda turns and looks at her back in the mirror. The dress “covers” to just below her ass. Smiling to herself, Amanda reaches down and rubs her slit several times, feeling herself start to grow wet. “Hey Brian, I think there is something you should come and see!” Amanda calls to her son.

She makes her way over to the bed and leans against the wall, waiting for him to come in. The door opens and Brian walks in and he starts to stare at his own mother. Amanda can feel her son’s eyes take in her body, staring at her breasts and then down to her pussy. “Damn mom, you look sexy!” Brian says, a smile coming to his face.

Amanda smiles back, “Thanks!” Brian crosses the room and begins to kiss Amanda. Almost instantly, their tongues are inside of each other’s mouths while their hands feel the other’s body. Amanda rubs her son’s cock through his pants, illegal bahis while Brian reaches under his mother’s dress to cup her pussy.

Amanda and Brian part, and Amanda instantly sighs with pleasure at having her clit rubbed by her son. Brian pulls away from his mother and pulls his shirt over his head, before taking off his pants as well. “It’s only fitting I get at least as naked as you are!” Brian says, with a laugh.

Amanda shakes her head and smiles at him, “I think you need to take off your underwear to reach that level of nudity.”

Brian shrugs, “If that’s what you think…” he says, tugging down his boxers and letting his cock spring out and point at his mother. Amanda feels herself blush slightly as she thinks, a few days ago, I would have been embarrassed to even think about this situation, now we are both ready and willing to have sex…

Brian closes the distance between him and his mother. The two of them once again begin to passionately kiss while Brian rubs his mother’s clit. Amanda feels herself grow wet at this forbidden touch and at the sensation of her son’s hard cock poking into her thigh. As they part, Amanda whispers, “God, you make me so wet!”

Brian smiles, “Lay back and I’ll see how wet I can make you.” Amanda lays back on the bed and spreads her legs with the now familiar sound of the latex creaking. Brian pushes up the bottom of the dress slightly, allowing him easy access to his mother’s pussy. Brian lowers his mouth to his mother’s soft folds and begins to lap greedily at her slit. Amanda lets out a soft sigh of pleasure.

She begins to grope her own breasts through the latex, squeezing and enjoying the feeling of the new material covering her body. Amanda’s breathing quickly grows heavier as her son laps at her folds. Brian reaches his hand up and slowly starts to rub Amanda’s engorged clit.

Amanda groans with pleasure. Brian pulls away from his mother’s pussy and slips his index and middle fingers into her snatch. Amanda groans at the penetration as her juices coat her son’s probing fingers. Brian slips his fingers from Amanda and holds them up to her mouth. Amanda cleans her juices off of Brian’s fingers with a slurp. Brian once again lowers his mouth to Amanda’s pussy.

Under his tongue, his mother quickly grows wet, and her breathing heavy. Finally, Amanda groans out, “Oh fuck…” as she cums. Brian pulls his mouth away from Amanda but slowly rubs her clit with his thumb. Amanda’s thighs quiver slightly as she rides out her orgasm. Her face contorts with pleasure as her pussy begins to dribble her hot, white cum out. Brian lowers his mouth and laps greedily at his mother’s cum.

Amanda lays on the bed for several more seconds, enjoying the feeling of her son’s tongue on her wet mound. She pushes herself up on her elbows, as Brian looks up from Amanda’s snatch. He leans forward and begins to kiss her passionately on the lips as he cups her pussy with his hand.

I can taste my cum on his lips! Amanda thinks, sighing with pleasure as she and Brian part. Amanda pushes Brian back slightly and drops to her knees at the foot of the bed. Her latex dress makes a creaking noise as the material flexes and stretches. She grabs the base of her son’s cock and takes the tip in her mouth. Brian groans with pleasure as Amanda takes the head of his cock into her mouth. Amanda slowly strokes her son’s member as she takes more and more of it into her mouth. Amanda pulls away from her son’s hard member.

“Fuck me!” She says, a smile on her face.

Brian laughs, “Well if you say so.” Amanda gets back up on the bed and lays on her back. She spreads her legs, presenting her dripping wet pussy to her son. Brian places one hand on her hips and the other on his cock. He takes aim and places the head of his cock in between his mother’s soft lips. Brian rubs it up and down several times, teasing Amanda and coating his member with her juices.

Finally, Brian sinks the tip inside of Amanda, causing her to gasp with pleasure. Placing both hands on Amanda’s hips, Brian begins to slowly sink inside of his mother. Amanda groans as her son sinks his cock into her. Brian slowly slides back out before sinking all the way in. He keeps his cock embedded in his mom’s pussy and leans forward, kissing her. They part and Amanda smiles up at him, “I want you to pound mommy’s tight hole!”

Brian smiles down at her, “I hope you’re ready for this.” He pushes her further up on the bed and then climbs on top of her, sinking his cock back inside of Amanda. Brian then grabs her shoulders and kisses her on the lips one more time. Amanda wraps her legs around Brian’s back. Brian leans forward, close to his mother’s body.

Brian then begins to thrust in and out of his mother as fast as he can. Amanda moans with pleasure as her son pounds in and out of her pussy. “Fuck… that’s it baby… keep going” Amanda groans as Brian continues to fuck her. Amanda can feel her son’s balls swing against her asshole with every thrust. illegal bahis siteleri Now that’s an idea… Amanda think just before Brian’s thrusting pushes her over the edge into a powerful orgasm.

Amanda cries out as she cums, her pussy clenching around her son’s cock. Brian kisses his mother’s neck as she rides out her orgasm. “Damn, mom!” Brian says, as her hot cum coats his member and her pussy tries to milk him for his cum.

Amanda, still breathing heavily, looks up at her son, a smile on her face. “Can we try something that’s um… kind of different?”

Brian laughs, “You are asking your son, who is currently balls deep in you, if you can try something different?”

Amanda shakes her head, “This is serious, I want to try something new.”

Brian pulls out of her and nods, “Sure, what were you thinking?” He asks, Amanda’s cum dripping off of his cock.

Amanda smiles and asks, “Do you have any lube?”


A little while later, Amanda is ready to try something she always wanted to do, but had never found the right person. She had taken off her latex dress for this and was currently bent over on the bed doggy style. “Spread your cheeks mom.” Brian says, holding a bottle of lube.

Amanda reaches back and grabs both of her ass cheeks, pulling them apart, revealing her tightly closed, pink asshole. “Jesus Christ!” Amanda cries out, jerking forward.

Brian lets out a small laugh, “That was just lube mom!” He says, still surprised that his mother had asked him to be the first one to fuck her in the ass. Not that he was opposed to the idea. Sometimes Leah wanted to do a bit of anal, but his mother asking him for it was so unexpected.

“It’s just cold is all…” Amanda says, feeling excited and nervous for what is to come. She shudders as her son’s fingers rube the cold lube over her sphincter.

Brian makes sure both his mother’s hole and his finger are well lubed up. He says, “Alright I’m going to stick a finger in.” Brian says. He holds his well lubed thumb over his mother’s asshole before sinking it slowly inside her. Amanda groans loudly. “Everything good?” Brian asks.

Amanda looks back at her son, “Yes… just go slowly okay?” Brian nods, and begins to slowly slide his thumb in and out of his mother’s tight ass. Amanda begins to groan loudly, slowly getting used to the sensation of having a finger in her ass. “I think I’m ready.” Amanda says, looking back at Brian.

Brian nods, “Alright, give me a sec.” He slowly pulls his thumb from Amanda’s ass. He squirts a generous amount of lube on his cock and strokes it several times, making sure the whole thing is covered. He presses his head against his mother’s sphincter, “Ready?”

Amanda nods, “I’m ready.” She answers. Brian pushes the tip of his cock into Amanda’s ass. “Oh shit…” Amanda gasps, feeling a strange sensation in her ass.

“All good?” Brian asks.

Amanda nods, “Yeah, just keep going slow, I need to get used to this…” Brian nods and starts slowly pushing deeper into Amanda’s tight ass. Amanda groans as her son’s cock sinks deeper into her. Finally, all of Brian’s member is buried inside of Amanda’s ass.

“How’s that?” Brian asks.

“Fuck… it’s kind of hot… keep going.” Amanda sighs.

Brian smiles, “Good!” He then begins to slowly slide his cock out of Amanda, making sure to keep the head of his cock inside her. Brian slowly starts to fuck Amanda’s ass, stopping every once in a while to make sure there is plenty of lube. Amanda begins to moan with pleasure as her son slides his cock in and out of her ass.

“Oh, fuck… you feel so good!” She moans, reaching between her tits to rub her clit. Brian is now fucking Amanda at a constant pace.

“Like my cock in your ass?” He asks, spanking his mother as he slides out of her.

“Oh fuck yes!” Amanda groans. Brian picks up speed slightly, causing Amanda to gasp out in surprise. She groans as Brian holds onto her hips and slips in and out of her lubed up ass. She can feel some of the lube dripping off of Brian’s member and sliding over her pussy. Amanda starts fingering herself, beginning to enjoy the sensation of having her ass fucked.

Brian begins to groan with pleasure as well, “Oh fuck mom… I’m going to cum…”

“Fuck… my tits!” Amanda gasps out between thrusts. Brian slips his cock out of his mother’s ass as Amanda gets off the bed and kneels in front of him. Brian strokes his member several times and grunts loudly as she shoots his load across Amanda’s tits. Amanda smiles as the hot cum splashes across her breasts and begins to slowly drip down between them and onto her stomach.

Brian smiles down at his mom, “So, how was your first time trying anal?”

Amanda thinks for a moment, “It was different, but I ended up liking it. Actually, it gave me an idea for when Leah is our sub.”

Brian smiles and raises an eyebrow, “Really? What is it?” As Amanda tells him her idea, Brian’s smile only grows.

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Leah finally gets home from work and her, Brian and Amanda eat a quick dinner, so they can get to playing faster. “Brian helped me pick out something nice for later.” Amanda says, as Leah goes to find something nice to dress in.

Leah raises an eyebrow and smiles, “Oh really? Did he only help you pick it out or is there more to this story?”

Amanda gives her a mischievous smile, “There’s a bit more to the story!”

Leah returns the smile, “Well I can’t wait to see you in it!” Leah enters her and Brian’s bedroom. Amanda goes into her own bedroom and quickly undresses, flinging her clothes into a pile on her bed. She then picks up her clear latex dress and holds it up to her body for a second.

I hope Leah likes this dress… Amanda thinks, lowering the latex dress and stepping into it. She pulls it up, over her body and zips up the back of the dress. A barefoot Amanda walks to the door and opens it. Standing on the other side is a smiling Brian. He is wearing a tight black tee shirt and black pants. “Looking good mom.” He says.

Amanda smiles, at him, “Thanks! Do you think Leah will like our plan?”

Brian nods, “She absolutely will! She loves being a sub. Just remember if she uses the safe word that you stop. Remember to degrade her.”

Amanda nods, “So is she already downstairs?”

“Yes, let’s go.” Brian says, walking down to the basement. Amanda follows, her dress creaking as she moves. Brian opens the door and motions for Amanda to walk into downstairs before him. On the way down, Amanda can feel her son gently cupping her ass. Fuck… I’m already wet and we haven’t even started! Amanda thinks, feeling her pussy begin to grow wet.

Amanda looks around the room and sees Leah kneeling facing the far corner. She is completely naked and her arms are tied behind her back with a thick length of white rope. Brian motions to her, “As you can see, our slave is all ready to go.” Brian walks over to the bin full of toys. “What do you want mom?” He asks, opening the drawer.

Amanda looks through what is in there, “Can I use the riding crop?”

Brian nods and hands it to her, before picking up a whip for himself. “You ready for this?”

Amanda nods, “Let’s go get started!” She straightens up and leads the way over to Leah, who is still facing the corner.

Brian looks down at Leah, “Turn around and look at us!” He orders. Leah does so, keeping her gave locked at Brian’s feet. “Are you looking at me?” He asks, using the curled up whip to brush Leah’s blonde hair on to her back.

“Sorry master.” Leah says, looking up into his eyes.

“That’s better. Now, what do you think we should have her do first?” Brian asks, looking over at Amanda.

Amanda smiles, “Well, I think I would love to have my pussy eaten by her.”

Leah looks over at Amanda, “Of course mistress.” She shuffles over on her knees until her mouth is lined up with Amanda’s sex. Brian kneels down behind her and unties her hands. Leah places her hands on Amanda’s thighs and begins to eat the older woman’s pussy.

Amanda groans with pleasure as Leah’s tongue pushes past her soft folds and enters her moist slit. Leah pulls away from Amanda, “You like that mistress?” Leah asks, kneeling in front of Amanda.

Amanda slaps her riding crop on the top of Leah’s right breast, causing the younger woman to cry out with pleasure and pain. “Did I say to stop eating my pussy?” Amanda asks, looking at Brian. He gives an approving nod, his cock noticeably hard in his pants.

Leah nods, “Sorry mistress!” She once again lowers her mouth to Amanda’s pussy. Amanda closes her eyes and sighs with pleasure as Leah works her to orgasm. Amanda’s legs begin to quiver as Leah pushes her over the edge. Amanda groans loudly as she cums, and closes her eyes. Leah continues to lick Amanda’s snatch, greedily eating the older woman’s cum.

“Stop!” Amanda finally cries out and Leah pulls away from her, Amanda’s juices and cum dripping down Leah’s chin. Amanda, still breathing heavily from her orgasm, opens her eyes and looks down at Leah. “Well done.”

Brian steps forward, “Get my dick out.” He says, looking down at Leah.

“Thank you, mistress. Of course master.” Leah says, undoing Brian’s fly and pulling his cock out. Leah takes Brian’s cock in her hand and puts the tip in her mouth. Brian reaches down and slaps his girlfriend’s ass, leaving a red handprint.

Amanda stands on the other side of Leah, and Brian leans in to kiss his mother. As they passionately kiss, Brian’s hands begin to grope his mother’s breasts through her latex dress.

Amanda pulls away from Brian’s mouth. “I want some attention too.” Amanda says, looking down at Leah. Leah pulls her mouth off of Brian’s cock and just strokes his spit covered cock with her hand. Leah uses her other hand to lift up Amanda’s dress slightly and suck on her clit. Amanda moans softly with pleasure. “Oh fuck… that’s it…” She moans.

Leah pulls her mouth away from Amanda’s clit and just rubs it with her fingers while also stroking Brian’s cock. Brian looks down at her, “Did either of us stay to stop using your whore mouth?” He asks.

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