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Chapter Four

Blow Job for a Special Son

When Mrs Jackson had finally composed herself, she straightened her clothing and got unsteadily to her feet on legs that didn’t seem to belong to her. Her orgasm had left her physically and emotionally drained. She went back into Jason’s room and found him dozing. He looked peaceful, almost serene. It was as if all the strain, all the tension of the past few weeks had been lifted from him. She watched him breathing, the light rattle of a gentle snore already in accompaniment. His ample chest rose and fell slowly with his steady, even breaths. Her eyes swivelled to his crotch. No sign of an erection now. She wondered when he would need relieving again with a mixed sense of apprehension and excited anticipation. Having done it once, surely the second time would be easier now that the initial fears of guilt and embarrassment had been negotiated. The only obstacle that seemed to remain now was the fear of enjoying it – the act of taking her son in hand – so much that she became hooked on it. But she couldn’t deny that she was kind of looking forward to her next call to arms, even though it scared her a little. It would surely be better than before, without the awkward tension that existed the first time between mother and son. Perhaps the next time, or if things continued to progress well, she could even spice things up a little?

With the prospect of more illicit fun on the horizon, there was also a downside that occurred to her. She began to view the eventual removal of Jason’s arm-casts with a sense of trepidation. Once her son was restored to full health, she would no longer be needed for all the things that he was at the moment incapable of performing for himself — the washing, the dressing, the feeding, the… And while it was the least she could do in performing these duties for him, she was being held prisoner as much as her son by his incapacitation. But having tasted the pleasures and sins of intimacy with her own flesh and blood, there remained one duty she would now be loath to relinquish.

What if the next visit to outpatients resulted in the casts being removed? Normal service would then be resumed. There would no longer be a legitimate reason for continuing intimate relations with her son. She felt closer to him now than ever before and there was an extra bond developing that had little to do with maternal love. Mother and son had become intrinsically linked by an act of mercy, yet one that was nonetheless sexual in its application. Inducing one’s own son to orgasm had an excitement and appeal about it that could not be obtained or equalled by normal sexual relations – that is, those outside of the family blood circle – and this was something that Mrs Jackson had become, perverse as it seemed, well aware of.

It was Thursday. The next visit to outpatients was the coming Tuesday and the possibility of good news for Jason – if not his mother. Since his motorcycle accident, Carol had arranged to work only afternoons until her son could see to himself. In this way she was able to attend to Jason’s morning needs and he would then be okay until she returned at around half-past-five. She had modified certain items of clothing for him, two or three pairs of jeans that had the front and back cut away to facilitate his toilet needs, and while these looked comically obscene, it was a necessity that couldn’t be ignored. Of course, if it came to bottom-wiping, it was still a problem. Fortunately, he wasn’t often caught short in the afternoon. He was regular as clockwork, and then at the times his mother was on hand to see to him – namely mornings.

She felt reluctant to wake him from such a relaxed sleep, but it was necessary to get him up, washed and moving about. She knew he needed some sort of exercise and to take an interest in the things around him. She didn’t want him to die of boredom sitting on the sofa all day.

Once Mrs Jackson had seen to her son’s needs and got him comfortable on the sofa, she kissed him on the forehead, ruffled his hair and left for work.

In the days illegal bahis that followed, Carol Jackson masturbated her son for a second time on the Saturday morning, following his first pee of the day. It wasn’t planned — it just happened that way. For only the second time that week, Carol had found Jason in a state of repose. The release of semen two days previously had obviously gone some way to addressing and relieving the constant hard-ons Jason had been suffering the last few weeks. He had finished peeing, but instead of his mother tidying him up straight away, she held onto him, pulling on his limp dick gently until she felt it twitching, coming alive like a fledgling sparrow finding its wings for the first time.

Jason had been quite content to allow this to happen, and without a word between them she brought him to a full erection before tossing him off vigorously to another superb climax. This resulted in Jason shooting his cum all over the low-level cistern and upturned toilet seat, the last watery dregs of which settled around her fingers. She could not resist putting them to her mouth and licking them clean of the warm, sticky, slightly soapy-tasting goo. It was not at all unpleasant.

So agreeable was this discovery that she planned to capture all of Jason’s sperm in a condom the very next time she gave him a wank and then when she was alone, empty the thing into her mouth and guzzle it all to see what it was like to swallow a decent whack of cum. This happened on Sunday evening while they were watching Midsomer Murders on the TV, seated together on the sofa. His mother had already changed into her nightclothes.

To retain a degree of modesty and decency when in the presence of his mother, Jason would often sit with a tee-shirt or something draped over his private parts. But the sudden tenting of the men’s handkerchief that this time protected his modesty caught Mrs Jackson’s eye and without making an issue of it she reached over and began fondling her son through the cotton material.

“Are you okay?” she said.

“Will you do it for me, Mum? “If you like. Are you up for it then?”

“Mum, I’m fucking aching for it. Can’t you tell?”

“All right, I’ll do it here. But I’m going to use a condom on you this time.”

“Why? I thought you liked seeing the spunk fly?”

“I do… but I don’t want a mess on the furniture, it’s not even paid for yet.”

She fetched her handbag, sat back down and rummaged around inside. She brought out a packet of three, took one out and split the foil with her teeth. She removed it from the foil, squeezed the air out of the teat, rolled it down over her son’s swollen cock and smoothed out the creases. This was a new sensation. Carol loved the slick, tight feeling of the condom’s gossamer skin around Jason’s dick. And for him, his mother’s hand felt wonderfully warm and sensual wrapped around the slick rubber sheath. There seemed something more risqué, perhaps even a little obscene about the introduction of a condom to their sex games. And this heightened the sexual tension and anticipation between them.

She rubbed moisturiser into her hands and began playing with him.

“How does it feel, lover boy?”

“Great… absolutely fucking gorgeous, mother.”

“Brings a new feel to it, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, and I thought it would spoil the fun. Like it would be like having a bath with my boots on.”

“But I can tell you love it, don’t you? Now your mummy can watch all your lovely creamy cum collect in the end. What a thrill for her. Tell me, darling… if I wasn’t your mum, would you find me attractive? I mean, if you’d never seen me before would you fancy me?”

“How can I answer that?”

“It’s hypothetical. If you saw me walking down the street and you had never seen be before, would you like what you saw?”


“What..? Fancy me?”

“Yeah, probably… Look, Mum, can you concentrate on what you’re doing and stop playing twenty questions?”

“Sorry, darling… I just wanted to know how you felt.”

“I love you, Mum… illegal bahis siteleri and I also think you’re very sexy. So do a lot of my mates. Now please…” “You never let on before.”

“You’ve never asked. Oh, fucking Jesus, Mother… that is so good what you’re doing now.”

Carol was using both her hands, squeezing the slippery rubber cock through her palms as if it was a bar of soap.

“Come on, my lovely boy… spunk for Mummy… give me lots and lots of cream…” And even before Carol had completed her playfully goading sentence, Jason felt his insides tighten, like an arrow being drawn back in the bow, then the release and the loosening of the arrow.

“Woo, woo, woo! Oh yes, Jay, look at that what a lovely load you’re making.”

The familiar melting away from his guts seemed to last an eternity, as Carol watched the end of the condom filling with her son’s hot spunk. “My God, Jay, you’re ballooning the end.”

“Oh, Mother… you are something else.”

When it was finally over, Carol kissed her son’s forehead, carefully removed the condom, wrapped it in a tissue and wiped his sopping prick. She left him to himself and went to the bathroom and sat down on the loo. She unravelled the condom from the tissue and studied the opaque, slimy, floppy tube. It was still warm and the bubbly contents swilled around inside as she tipped it end to end. She sniffed at the open end where an acrid mixture of ammonia and rubber greeted her nostrils. She began masturbating while continuing to inhale the potent aroma. She dipped the tip of her tongue in now and again as she became bolder and more excited by her frigging and soon the moment was upon her, threatening to fold her body in half. But she maintained her upright sitting attitude, tossed her head back and tipped the entire contents of the used condom into her mouth as her own liquid flowed between her legs and soaked her hand.

She swilled the ejaculate around her mouth, savouring and acclimatising to the viscous soapy taste that dominated her taste buds. With one great gulp, accompanied by a shudder, she swallowed it all down, leaving a strange burning sensation at the back of her throat.

On Wednesday the news that Jason’s casts were to remain on for another week was greeted with mixed feelings. Jason was visibly deflated, but his mother reflected on at least one more week of illicit fun.

On Friday night Carol went out with some friends from work. She had been invited along to a hen night by some friends from work. A workmate was getting married in a week’s time. At first she wasn’t sure about going, thinking that it was a little unfair on Jason to be left again after being alone all afternoon. But she had been talked into it by Jody and Karen and although Jason was a bit grumpy about her going, he reluctantly agreed that he’d be okay for a few more hours.

It was quite a relief for Carol to get out with the girls and she made the most of it, having quite a lot to drink and having a nice long feel of the male stripper’s enormous cock.

When she got back home she was a little worse for wear, but happy and giggly. Unfortunately she found Jason in a bad mood and wallowing in self-pity.

“What fucking time do call this?” he said. His face was like thunder. His mood was totally unexpected.

She glanced at her watch, hoping to make light and diffuse the situation. “Well, my watch says a quarter past twelve. How about yours, Rambo?” There was a slight slur to her words which seemed to anger Jason even more.

“And just what the fuck am I expected to do? I can’t do nothing. I can’t get undressed, make a drink, I can’t piss and I got no fucking arms and you’re out swanning it up all over the fucking place.”

Carol felt her good mood rapidly disappearing. “Hey, what’s the matter with you? I’m not that late. Surely you don’t begrudge me a night out. It’s the first time I’ve been out socially in three weeks.”

“And that’s supposed to make it all right, is it? That’s supposed to make it all better?”

“Look Jason, I have canlı bahis siteleri one bloody night out and you give me a hard time. All the things I’ve had to do for you, surely I’m entitled to some slack.”

“I’m pissed off with it all. I’m a fucking prisoner, I can’t do anything! And you’re out getting cocked by some bloke!”

“I beg your pardon?”

“You heard… You’re a fucking slag. Look what you’ve done to me.”

“What are you talking about?”

“You act like an old prossy, tossing me off. Look at the state I’m in. I don’t know whether I’m coming or going. You’ve fucking ruined me. I’ll never be the same again…”

“You selfish pig, Jason. Do you only ever think about yourself?”

“Me? Selfish? Come off it, Mum. I feel like crap and you’re out enjoying yourself.”

“Oh stop feeling sorry for yourself…” And then Carol saw the tears running down her son’s face. She went to him and put her arms around him. “Hey look… Come on, I’m sorry. I’m here now aren’t I? I know you’ve been through a terrible time, but next week you’ll be free again. You can start getting back to normal.” She pressed her son’s head against her breast. “I’m sorry if you thought I was out a bit late tonight.”

“I was just worried, Mum… that’s all.”

“Worried? About me? That’s very chivalrous of you.”

“Don’t leave me like that again.”

“Shh, I’ll make you a drink in a moment, and then I’ll get you ready for bed.”

“Do it for me, Mum.”


“You know… Give me one before bedtime. I’ll go fucking mental if you don’t.”

And Mrs Jackson kneeled between her son’s legs and took the newspaper away that was covering his huge erection. His cock was indeed in need of urgent attention. She grasped it in both hands, began to caress it, and then thought what the hell.

She looked at Jason who was looking right back at her. “I expect it’s been a while since you last had a blow job, son? Not since you were going with Kim.”

“She never gave me a blow job, Mum. To be honest, incredible as it seems, I’ve never had one before.”

“Are you serious? I thought all young girls did it these days.”

“I’ve never met any.”

“You poor thing. Well… as a way of making things up to you. I’m going to give you a very special treat.”

And with that, Jason watched his mother take his cock into her mouth. He felt her velvet tongue sliding along the length of it and watched her head move against his groin. He couldn’t quite believe it. He must be dreaming… his own mother sucking him off. He closed his eyes, and then opened them almost immediately to make sure it wasn’t a dream. But it was real. Her head began to work and bob up and down on his prick. Occasionally, she would feed it into her mouth with her hands and once she made herself gag until she got the trajectory at a comfortable angle. Then the powerful sucking of a woman who knew what she was doing, taking the thick young cock all the way down, sliding her lips and tongue up and down the slippery shaft as if it was a lollipop.

And then she was licking his balls, taking them into her mouth in turn, from one to the other, and finally both together. The feeling was exquisite and he could feel the sap rising. She rested from the sucking, getting her breath back, but continued to manipulate him with her slender hands. But soon she was on him again, this time giving it some meaning.

Jason began to worry with his climax fast approaching, about coming in his mother’s mouth. Should he warn her about coming, so that she would have time to get clear? Or should he just let it happen?

“Oh, Mother… I’m going to cum… watch out… Ugghh..! Agghhh…”

But her head stayed put, her mouth continuing to suck even as his stuff poured forth.”

“Mmm… slurp… suck..! Give it all up for Mummy, Jay. Your cum is so delicious. I want it all.”

Jason felt like his whole life was being sucked from his balls. He watched his mother’s throat working to get the whole load down. He thought she’d never release him, but finally she came up for air, licking her lips for any errant drops of cum. Then she laid her head in his lap and drifted off to sleep.

“I love you, Mum,” he said, and soon he too had fallen asleep.

(…continued in Chapter Five — Jason’s Nightmare…)

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