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Dear Reader, This is the fourth installment of my “Spa” series. Please read the first three before reading this one.

Ben, Trish and baby Will arrived at the cabin much later than he would have liked, but he didn’t mind. He and Trish had been two kids in an adult toy store and a large bag held their purchases. They also stopped at a drug store and purchased an enema kit, plenty of personal lubricant and batteries for the assorted toys they had purchased.

Ben let Trish unload the car while he got the cabin livable. He built a fire in the wood stove, turned on the gas refrigerator and started the generator.

Utility water for the cabin was usually pumped from the pond, but George had pulled the pipe and drained the system for the winter. They had discussed whether or not to hook the system back up. They could dip buckets of water from the pond for toilet flushing and sponge baths, but the weather report didn’t call for freezing cold and their little getaway looked like it would be a messy one, so Ben decided to hook up the pump.

He was standing next to the pump, waiting for it to catch it’s prime. He looked out over the pond. The fall foliage was at full peak. In the setting sun, the reflection of the colors on the still water was breath taking. Somewhere a loon called and a murder of crows was making its presence know on the other side.

Lost in the moment, he thought back to the previous night. He had never considered his and Trish’s sex life as vanilla. They had dabbled in light bondage and other variations, but last night had been mind blowing. He had never seen Trish so worked up, so horny, so wild. The only word that came to his mind to describe her was carnal! He had given her three enemas and she had orgasmed at least twice with each. She sucked his cock like a pro and she screamed for him to cum in her ass. Her breasts sprayed milk everywhere and he had tasted her milk for the first time. The evening had been magical. It had been her idea to come to the cabin and continue their newfound sexuality.

The sound of the pump catching it’s prime broke his reverie. He noticed his cock was straining against the confines of his thong and jeans. Yes, he was wearing a string thong. That, too, had been Trish’s idea. He was wearing her underwear and it was amazingly comfortable. He wasn’t sure what had gotten into his beautiful wife or how long it was going last. He didn’t care. He was going to ride the wave as long as the wave rolled. Either from the thought or from the evening chill, he shivered.

“Water’s hooked up.” Ben announced when he got into the cabin. Will was sleeping soundly in his carrier. The fire had warmed the cabin. Trish was stowing the last of their provisions.

Trish walked over to him and gave him a big wet kiss. Her tongue darted in and out of his mouth, making his knees go weak.

“Are you hungry?” She asked. She had her arms wrapped around his neck.

“I can wait.”

“Well, how about a cocktail?” Trish opened her shirt and nursing bra, exposing her large swollen nipple. “Not to much, Will will be waking soon.” Ben lowered his head to her breast. Milk flowed into his mouth the moment he began to suckle. “Oh God, that feels good!” She moaned.

Her milk was sweet and thin. Like drinking sweetened water. Ben savored every drop. He placed his hand on her crotch and rubbed her sex through her pants. Her milk flowed heavier and Trish enjoyed her first orgasm of the evening. She pulled her nipple out of his mouth. “That’s enough for now, lover.” She placed her hand on Ben’s crotch. illegal bahis “Oh my, I see I’m not the only one how needs milking.” She gave him another kiss.

“Come watch the sunset.” He said to her. “It’s beautiful.” He took her hand and they walked out onto the porch. Holding each other close, they watch the sun fall behind the mountains.

“It looks like nobody else is here.” Trish had noticed that there was no smoke coming from any of the chimneys of the other half-dozen camps that dotted the shore of the pond.

“It’s the middle of the week and hunting season hasn’t started yet. We are probably the only people within fifty miles.”

Trish turned and kissed him again. “How about we spend the next five days naked? I want to be available for you when ever you want.” She cupped he hand over the bulge in his pants. “And I want this available to me whenever I want.”

Ben’s mind was swimming. He had barely uttered out a weak “Sure” when they heard the baby begin to cry.

True to her word, Trish stripped naked before she pulled the baby from the carrier and nursed him.

Ben did the same and watched Trish nurse. It was a beautiful sight. His beautiful wife was naked, sitting in a rocking chair cooing to their beautiful son at her breast. The nipple that the baby was not suckling on was leaking- a small stream of the opaque fluid trailed over the curve of her breast and down her belly. He had never known such bliss.


It had been a long day and the night before had been short. They had eaten, showered and the baby was down for a couple of hours. Ben and Trish made love. It was soft and tender, nothing like the tempest that happened the night before. Trish cuddled up into Ben’s arms. “Tomorrow we get to play with those toys. I’ve got plans for you.”

Ben thought about the assortment of toys. There was a variety of butt plugs (including the vibrating one), anal beads, a huge vibrator and the one that Trish didn’t know about- the strap-on. He had purchased it after Trish had left the store. When George had asked him if he had ever let Trish fuck him in the ass, he thought George was crazy but, during their wild romp in the spa, Trish had stuck a finger into his rectum and it had sent him to new heights. Maybe George wasn’t so crazy after all. He was willing to give it a try.

With his warm naked wife at his side and a smile on his face, Ben fell sound asleep.

The temperature in the cabin had fallen during the night, so Ben and Trish had to wear robes. As soon as the wood fire had been rekindled and the temperature comfortable, they got naked.

True to her word, Trish made herself available to Ben whenever he wanted. He even massaged the inside of her vagina while she nursed, giving her the first orgasm of the day.

When the baby went down for his morning nap, Trish opened the enema kit.

“I think you should have yours first.” She declared.

Ben could not ever remember getting an enema. He was a bit hesitant, but it had been such a turn on giving them to Trish. “Sounds fun.” Despite his hesitation, his cock began to stiffen.

Trish filled the bag with water and Ellen’s potion. Ben got on his hands and knees. The feeling of her inserting the enema tip into his anus was intense. With a “Here we go” for Trish, he felt the warm water flood his bowel. Trish was careful not to overdo it. She allowed the water to flow for a couple of minutes, then turned off the flow and rubbed his abdomen. Just to keep his mind off what was happening in his insides, she stroked his cock. illegal bahis siteleri Before he knew it, she had filled him with two quarts.

“You have to hold it for fifteen minutes.” She said, rubbing his distended abdomen and swollen cock.

While Ben was expelling the third enema, he was certain he could get used to having his wife do this on a regular basis. Between the second and third bag, Trish had worked two fingers into him and gave him a playful screwing. He knew he could get used to that!

Trish had all their news toys laid out on the table when Ben entered the main room of the cabin. She held up the strap-on and the life-like seven-inch phallus that was attached to it. “When did you buy this?” She asked with a wicked grin.

“When you went out to the car. Surprised?”

“Very!” She put the strap-on down. “OK, which one of these do you want?” She waved her hand across the variety of anal toys.

“I though we bought them for you. I didn’t think…”

“You bought that strap-on and that is obviously for me to use on you. So, I’ll share one these with you. So which one do you want stuck up that cute little ass of yours.”

Ben hadn’t considered this turn of events, but one look at the moisture running out of Trish’s pussy and down her legs, made him throw caution to the wind. “You decide.”

Trish picked up each toy and studied it. “I think I want the vibrating one for me. You can have it tomorrow.” She finally settled on a medium sized plug, that was the same size as the vibrating on.

It hurt a bit entering him. Trish used plenty of lube and took her time sticking it into his virgin ass. His sphincter clamped upon the narrow base. It felt weird, but very nice.

While he was still on his hands and knees getting used to the feeling of the plug, Trish laid down in front of him, pushed her crotch into his face. “That was so hot pushing that into you. Eat me, baby. Eat me and make me cum.” Ben obliged and Trish enjoyed her third orgasm of the morning.

It felt funny walking around with the ever-present plug, but Ben got used to it. There was a constant ooze of pre-cum from the hole in his dick as the plug massaged his excited prostate. Trish made sure to lick it off often.

After Trish had received her three bags. Ben stuck the vibrating plug into her anus and three fingers into her sopping twat and thumbed the remote to full power. She responded immediately with a screaming orgasm that woke Will.

Ben watched her sitting in the rocking chair, a nursing Will at one nipple, a steady stream of milk flowing from the other nipple, a vibrating plug in her ass and a constant shudder of orgasm. She finally turned the plug off.

“God,” she said. “I don’t think I can do this all day.”

“No turning back now. This was your idea, remember.” Ben licked the leaking milk for her nipple and fingered her clit. She reached around and gave his plug a few pushes.

“Wait ’til tomorrow and you have this thing stuck up your ass. I’m going to glue the control at full power.”

“I can’t wait.” Ben slipped a finger into her and gave her a kiss with her milk still on his face.

They spent the entire day naked, plugged and teasing each other. When Will was awake, they played with him, read to him and sang to him. It was pure Nirvava.

By mid afternoon, the sun was warm, the pond still and Ben thought the colors of the leaves were more brilliant than the day before. He dug out some lounge chairs and the three of them sat out on the front lawn. The heat of the sun felt wonderful canlı bahis siteleri on their naked bodies. They all napped, waking only when the sun shifted in the sky and a cool breeze blew in of the pond. Once they were back in the warmth of the cabin, the games continued.

By the time the sun had gone done, Ben was in need to have his own orgasm. His balls felt heavy and full in his scrotum and the constant pressure of the plug had his prostate full to near bursting. Though Trish had enjoyed countless releases, he had yet to have one. It was part of the game.

“So you really want me to fuck you with this.” Trish was holding the strap-on.

“If you don’t, I’ll fuck myself with it.”

Trish looked at her husband. He eyes warm and loving. “Now that I’d like to see!” She gave him a kiss. “Help me put this on.”

After a few moments, the harness was adjusted and firmly attached, Trish playfully jabbed her new cock at Ben’s leg. She grabbed his fully erect cock and placed her rubber dong along side. “Hmmm. I think mine’s bigger.” She stroked the two together.

Ben felt his knees weaken. “I can’t handle very much of that.”

Trish admired herself. “Take my picture.” She went to the bedroom and grabbed the camera bag.

Ben took a dozen pictures of Trish and her “manhood” with the digital camera. “Bend over and spread your legs so I can get a picture of the plug in your ass and your cock hanging between your legs.” He instructed and she complied.

When the photo session was over, Trish walked over to Ben and slapped his ass. “OK, buster down on your hands and knees!” The power of the cock was going to her head.

Ben did as he was told. Trish pulled the plug from his ass and before it had a chance to close, she put the tip of the dong against his pucker and eased it into him. After he relaxed, she began to pull out and push it back in very slowly and carefully. “OH God, Ben, I’m fucking you! I’m really fucking you!”

“I feels good, baby! Fuck me good. Fuck me hard.”

Trish picked up the pace and she was soon given Ben a righteous screwing. “Don’t cum, honey. Please hold it. I want you to do this me and I want you to cum in my ass.” It was the second time in three days Trish had asked Ben to cum in her ass and it nearly sent him over the edge.

Not being able to take any more, Ben told Trish to stop. She reluctantly obeyed, but she wanted to have her own ass pummeled. She pulled her phallus out of him and admired his open pucker. She realized she had to pee, before Ben had his turn. She unhooked the harness and let it fall to the floor and went to the bathroom.

Ben had washed the dong and was waiting for his wife to return. Without being told, Trish assumed the position.

Ben knelt behind her. Before pulling her plug from her, he inserted the dong into her dripping twat and screwed her with it.

“Oh, yes!” Trish cried. “Fuck me with both!”

Ben pulled the plug from Trish’s anus and inserted his dick in its place. He had a hard time using a hand on the dong and getting a rhythm with his cock. It didn’t matter, because Trish was heaving a bucking. Her orgasm was the biggest she had ever had.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!” She screamed. Her pucker gripped his cock and he exploded inside her.


As they lay in bed, both barely able to stay awake, Trish said, “We still have three days and more toys. Think you can handle it?”

“You bet, baby.” He held her close.

Just before falling asleep. He whispered to himself. “Thank you, George.”


“Nothing honey. I love you. Good night.”

Trish snuggled closer. “I love you, too.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed this series. It was great fun to write and I hope an enjoyable read. As always, your comments are welcome, as are your votes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32