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He beats his wife. She landed up in hospital once. After that incident, his wife whined by my wife, about the abuse and battering. I have tasted his roused tensed temper. I know that look in his eyes when his fertile fury nears flood. I have felt him shuddering when he blasts his blistering rage. Yes, his eruption is forceful: it is uncontrollable and brutal. And the cock-flashing hunk at the barbecue or the well-hung half-naked neighbor or the rugged muscled guy riding his motorbike sensually…they don’t understand the reasons for Sean’s aggression. Unlike them, I know how to tame his rough rampant need.


Both Sean and I have hectic jobs. We are away from home for months on end. Our private joke is: “Are your children calling you uncle yet?” because that is how seldom they see us. Yet, when we are both at home, Sean and I enjoy hanging out together. We bask in each other’s company.

We were on our way picking up heavy equipment he procured. He asked me to come with him for the ride and to give him a güvenilir bahis hand. He needed the equipment urgently.
It was late afternoon, when he ventured the lengthy lane in my rough region. On arrival at the pick-up spot, he asked that I load the huge jackhammer into his van. He helped me fit it in. The clouds burst, announced. We got drenched. Everywhere was flooded in seconds. He wiped the downpour off us. He re-started his van’s engine. We were cruising again; headed back home.

Along the way, we spoke about this and that. For some reason, he shared about his childhood. He told me how lonely it was growing up in that small scary town. It was only him and his mother in the one-bedroom house. His only sibling did not stay with them. She was raised by her grandmother after her hymen was mysteriously torn. He told me that his mom was seldom at home. If she was not working, she was getting laid by one of the sugar daddies in town. He told me his most vivid childhood memory was that of him – a freshly fondled five-year old türkçe bahis – standing by the window and pulling the curtain, ever so slightly, to watch the other children playing merrily and praying to God to save him from the frequently visiting vicar.

“That was my life growing up, Dave,” he looked at me through teary eyes. “I never had any friends and I never got to deal with my turmoil,” he confessed.

In contrast, I had everything growing up. We were rich and our lives were very full. Yet, like Sean, I never had any friends. Yes, my brothers, sisters and cousins were always nearby, albeit most of my days were spent locked in my room, alone with the thoughts that I was different. See, I was afraid that the big hung men would notice how I gazed their cocks.

I squeezed Sean’s muscular thigh as he drove me home. He snaked along the slippery street. He changed gears, up and down, until he was in full throttle. I did not want our drive to end.

“I am glad I found a fine buddy like you,” he whispered. “Now there güvenilir bahis siteleri is someone in the world, who not only listens to me, but invites me in,” he exhaled.

His thigh muscles contracted. I kneaded his tension. The soothing steered his release. Afterwards, he placed my hand flush on his big bestial bulge. Then he put his hands back on the steering wheel and beamed as proceeded to drive home.

On the drive, we made time for a quick pit-stop.

“There the bitches are!” he enthused.

In the distance I saw some sluts scheming in the shadows on the side of the street.

“Shall we pick one of them up?” he asked. “She can give us both a blowjob?” he urged, nursing his quivering cock.

“Sounds like a plan,” I nodded.

We picked one up and parked the van in a dark lane. We got into the back of the van. At his insistence, she rubbed our hard cocks together and simultaneously took them in her mouth. Our thick milky cum mixed deliciously in her mouth.

We got back in the van. We continued driving. When we offloaded the jackhammer, we were both spent.

Much later, he parked his van in my garage.


Sean and I have a penetrating friendship. We fully appreciate each other’s needs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32