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This story is the sequel to the five chapters of the story with a similar name, which was all about sibling incest. There is more of that here, but maybe not with as much detail as when they were discovering everything they wanted to do together. This chapter is in the category Lesbian Sex because I was having more fun letting Vicky and her new college roommate find each other. They have fun too.

It was only about six weeks from the end of July until we went to college, Vicky to a women’s college quite near the city where my men’s college was. We were both going to have roommates whom we didn’t yet know. We agreed that we wanted to continue, of course, deciding to say that we were cousins to explain our same last names.

At the beginning of the term, we both were a little the envy of our classmates, immediately dating, while others were going to freshmen mixers to meet someone. The first weekends, we tried to enjoy just exploring each other’s campus and sightseeing in the city, since we couldn’t go to my room. We could, but didn’t know how to suggest to my roommate, Tim, that we wanted to be alone for long enough to do what we wanted to do.

On my campus, we quickly discovered that we both were looking for places where we could make out. Chuckling, we spent the rest of the evening wandering around with just that in mind, later in the evening seeing other couples making out on park benches. Those protected by shrubbery were obviously preferred, and then those further away from lights.

We found the best one we could and did as much as the others were, which wasn’t as much as we wanted to do, of course. When we noticed that one couple were wearing raincoats, although it wasn’t raining or cold enough, we hummed and agreed: “next time.”

“Next time,” Vicky was wearing a full skirt and a sweater under her raincoat, and I had bought boxer shirts. When I whispered that to her, she hummed with a grin and replied that she had “forgotten” to wear a bra. When it started to get dark, we weren’t the first couple who found a protected park bench, but that was kind of reassuring; they could only be there already to do more than kiss. Very soon, we also were, after we had arranged our coats to hide what our hands wanted to do.

I hadn’t had much experience making out in high school, but enough to assume that the couples we had seen the previous week were kissing as arousingly as they could; it had looked like it. If she was letting him fondle her breasts, she was “letting” him, maybe encouraging him with moans, but not being so open as to tell him anything, even if she was being bold enough to fondle his cock. They must be students who already knew each other, sophomores, juniors, seniors. If they knew each other like Vicky and I did, I thought they would already know somewhere to go to do everything they wanted.

Vicky and I started with kissing, but then were whispering. We didn’t know where to go to do everything we wanted, but we were in complete agreement to do everything we could where we were. My hand was inside her coat as we started kissing, then inside her sweater. She hummed cheerfully and whispered:

“Like high school kids.”

“Not if you told me you forgot your bra.”

“Hmm! And your new boxer shorts.”

Her hand was fumbling with the zip of my fly, mine already playing with her aroused nipple. If – IF – those other girls were just holding his cock through his pants, we didn’t have to go through that. She unzipped and her hand slip in and then found the opening of my shorts, easy, since my cock was already holding it open. Her cool fingers slipped around it, and I moaned softly with a nod. I had worn dark pants, knowing what was eventually going to happen. She whispered:

“Let me first, then you.”

“Inside your panties?”

“Thought I had forgotten them too?”

I shook my head, and then we did kiss again, while her hand did what it could in the constraint of my fly. I tried not to moan, when she made me come, but she did. Then she whispered:

“Got to taste it.”

Her fingers reached up in my shorts and found as much as they could. She cupped her fingers together and drew her hand out of my pants. When she raised it to her mouth, she had to lick it up from her palm. Then with a soft chuckle, she turned her hand stuck her fingers in my mouth. I sucked and licked them, humming. She retrieved her fingers and licked them clean and then whispered:

“Now you, me,” and gathered up her full skirt. As my hand slid up her thigh, she pulled her coat over it. She had not forgotten her panties, and they weren’t moist, which surprised me, also that they were cotton panties, the same kind of material as my jockey shorts. When my fingers crept up the elastic, they were even more surprised; she was wearing two pairs of panties. She felt my fingers discover that and whispered:

“Could have told you; didn’t want to drip.”

“Hmm? Why they weren’t even moist yet.”

“Good! Just didn’t seep through, yet.”

She was right. The fingers of her hand that was holding up her illegal bahis skirt caught the elastics and let me shove my hand inside her two pairs of thick panties. My fingers scratched in her pubic hair on their way to her pussy, moist pussy. She had been right. She moaned, holding me with her other hand to kiss again. My fingers did what I had seen hers do, while I muffled her moans with my mouth. When they stopped, my fingers and her panties were all wet, and my cock was again aroused.

It relaxed a little, while she recovered, but then her hand was back in my pants and shorts. We did it all over again. When I whispered to her how wet her panties were, she nodded and replied:

“I know, down under my ass too. Good thing I’m wearing a coat; my skirt is also probably wet.”

“Like my shorts and pants,” I whispered in reply.

We chuckled softly, as she pulled the front of her skirt back down, and kissed again with my hand back up under her sweater. On the way back to the bus stop for her to return, we complained that we couldn’t have done more. At the bus stop, we embraced and kissed, like the other couples waiting for the bus.

On the way back to my room, I enjoyed the unaccustomed sensation of my cock and balls moving freely in my new boxer shorts, as I strode along. Then suddenly I felt cooler air down there and realized that my fly was still open. I chuckled and held the front of my coat across and zipped up.

We could have girls in our rooms, but roommates were a problem. Tim and I got along fine. He was more gung-ho about sports than I was, trying out for the freshman soccer team. That turned out to be very advantageous for Vicky and me. He was all enthused about going to the first football game. He hadn’t met Vicky yet, but knew that I was dating her. I said that I would probably invite her to the game, hoping I wasn’t showing how enthused I was to know that he would be safely out of the way for a couple of hours. I didn’t buy tickets for the game. When I called her, she was just as enthused, whispering that her panties were already wet.

When Tim told me that he was going to go early to watch the teams warm up, I replied that Vicky and I wouldn’t, but that let me know that he would be out of the room some time before the game started. I called Vicky again and told her to arrive early, and be near our dorm, that I would meet her as soon as I knew Tim wasn’t around.

Tim hurried off after lunch, earlier than I had expected. I had to wait for Vicky to arrive. When she did, grinning, I realized that others in the dorm could see me taking her in. I couldn’t change that, just hoping that they would assume that we would be going to the game later.

In our room, after I had taken her coat, Vicky glanced around, recognizing the bedspread on my bed.

“Clean sheets,” I murmured.

She just nodded with deep hum, giving me slight smile, as she began to unbutton her blouse. I had wondered how we would start, didn’t have to any more. We stripped off our clothes as fast as we could with aroused expressions. When she had taken of her panties, she automatically fluffed up her pubic hair. I jostled my sack free of my thigh, my cock already standing out from my balls. She looked at it with another hum, glancing from my bed to Tim’s and my desks, then recognizing which one was mine from my old dictionary.

She smiled slightly with aroused nipples and hummed again, murmuring:

“On your desk, like in the kitchen, lick and fuck.”

Even a less obedient younger brother wouldn’t deny that kind of a request. I almost swept everything else all my desk, leaving my dictionary for her to rest her head on. Before I turned back from dumping the things on my bed, she was already sitting on my desk, dropping back and drawing her thighs up. I dropped to my knees, only enjoying the view of her open pussy long enough to recognize that it was already moist, and then I was tasting it, and soon it was more than moist.

How many weeks had it been since I had tasted it? “Like in the kitchen,” lick her asshole too. I did and she moaned and began to rub herself. Yeah, when she had done that, when we had been doing it like this, she came, spurting in my mouth – all her good pussy juice! And then we had fucked, and how we had fucked! And my cock was as stiff as it could be, wanting to fuck!

She came, all in my mouth. I could only hope no one else could hear her. She wanted it like that time in the kitchen? Did she remember that I had plunged my cock in her pussy before she had recovered from her orgasm? My cock and I couldn’t wait.

It did, and she was just as surprised: wide eyed with a shocked expression. Then she did remember, apparently, catching her breath and demanding: “Yeah, like that!”

Fuck! I did! Almost immediately, her body began to convulse again, pussy juice flooding me. I came – before I wanted to – feeling how hard and how much my cock was shooting in her pussy, but it wanted more: her hips twitching insistently again, her pussy clutching. Fuck! I continued to.

When her body illegal bahis siteleri began to convulse a third time, I suddenly remembered something about why people were strapped in the electric chair. Were her orgasms like feeling an electric shock?! A long, non-lethal one; she was still convulsing!

I came again and collapsed over her. She was still breathing; I hadn’t killed her, but she was lying inert, her thighs hanging down over the edge of the table. It was as though she had passed out.

Before she could complain that I was too heavy on her, I rose up, and my wilted cock slipped out, but she still didn’t move. I heard her dripping on the floor. Had I licked it all up that time in the kitchen, or was it another time? Not this time, I didn’t want to do anything to disturb her. I did want to hold her breasts, but I didn’t do that either.

Finally, her eyes opened, and she gave me a tired smile. She sighed, moaning softly. Then she raised her eyebrows with a slight, wry smile and murmured:

“Almost fucked to death.”

“Um-hmm,” I agreed, thinking that I could tell her later how her remark agreed with the thoughts I had had.

She reached up her hands, and I helped her off my desk. We embrace and kissed. We went in the bathroom, and I gave her a fresh washcloth, taking my used one to wash myself and then wipe up the desk and floor. She used the toilet, and I did. Back in the room, she said:

“Now your clean sheets.”

I opened my bed. As she was lying down, she remarked:

“Oh, we should listen to the game on the university radio station; have to know what happened, who won, and when the game is over.”

I found the station on my radio. We were delighted to discover that the first quarter hadn’t finished yet. Good boy, Tim, I thought, leaving so early to watch the warm-up. When I lay down with her, she smiled and said:

“At least another hour and a half.”

“Um-hmm, but not enough time to risk taking a nap.”

“I wasn’t thinking of that, not after having waited so long.”

“I wasn’t really, either,” I agreed.

“Is he – Tim’s his name? – always going to go to the games?

“I hope so. Yeah, ‘Tim’.”

“Nice, get on well?”

“Yeah. Maybe he will have soccer games on the frosh team.”

“Hmm! Hopefully the weekends when the football team is away.”

“Too much to hope for. Oh, if he makes the team, he won’t be able to go to the football games.”

“His problem; he’ll still be busy.”

“Yes,” I agreed.

We got more comfortable, thighs overlapping, and listened to the game for a few minutes. The teams changed ends, and the game continued. Then Vicky’s hand slid off me and down between us. She fondled my soft cock and hummed, then murmured:

“I bet you know what else I want to do.”

“Oooh! That too?!” I asked with feigned surprise.

“Um-hmm! And then, if I can make it want to again, I want to sit on you.”

“I didn’t think freshman girls said anything like that, that they even knew they could do all that, would want to do that.”

“Maybe most of them don’t, but I do. Hmm? Keep that in mind, when you start dating one.”

“Hadn’t thought about that.”

“I hadn’t either, just occurred to me now.”

We were silent for a few moments. I assumed that she was also considering that we wouldn’t carry on like this forever. We were silent, but her hand was fondling my cock. As long as – whenever – she could do that, we would, even if we dated someone else. She could spoil some guy, but it seemed likely that she was right, that I would have trouble finding a girl who wanted to suck my cock.

Without saying anything, I turned around on the bed and grasped her hips, pulling her down to have space for my legs at the head of the bed. We forgot about the game, didn’t hear it. It was so good to have my cock in her mouth again and feel her sucking and licking; it was so good to have my tongue in her pussy and taste it again. Our fingers hadn’t forgotten what else we liked to feel.

We were in no hurry now. After our so desperate fucking, we both were enjoying the oral pleasure of what we were doing. Of course, I was arousing her, and she was arousing me, but that was secondary to our enjoying what our mouths were doing. I could tell that she felt the same way, her tongue just caressing the head of my cock, not trying to rub her pallet on it’s most sensitive spot.

Eventually, I remembered that she also wanted to sit on me; we couldn’t do this forever. I concentrated on licking and nibbling on her pussy close to where my finger became more active. She nodded and began to move her head and finger. After our prolonged arousal, we both soon came, moaning in response to our own orgasms and from our delight at tasting each other’s. From her moans each time my cock spurted, I knew again that she felt the same way. It did seem very unlikely that another girl would give me such pleasure and enjoy it so much.

We sighed and rubbed each other’s hip. My cock was still in her mouth: still there, “Still,” no longer canlı bahis siteleri twitching, although it felt her tongue savoring what it had given her. Then it slipped from between her lips, and she murmured:

“Just like I wanted.”

“Me too, there and here.”

“Me too, here and there.”

I crawled back around, and we moved back up on my pillow and embraced. We kissed, and then said that we tasted like each other, nodding with chuckles. The announcer on the radio was giving a summary of the first half of the game. It was the end of the half time break. We hummed, chuckling. We didn’t have to say that we both understood that we still had about an hour before the game ended. We listened to him announce that the teams were back on the field and the kick-off for the third quarter.

While we listened to the first few plays, I wondered if Vicky was still going to want to sit on me, also if she could make him want her to. I hoped so, in principle, recalling how good it was that way, but after three orgasms, I wasn’t sure that he did. He wouldn’t mind if she had forgotten.

She hadn’t. Her fingers found him and my balls again, easily gathering them all in her hand. Her fingers jostled my balls. She murmured:

“We don’t have to.”

“If you want to.”

“Only if you think he can.”

“Only one way to find out.”

She hummed and replied:

“I’ll try to tell him.”

“Don’t know if he’ll listen, if you just talk.”

“I wasn’t intending to,” she replied with smirk.

Her face was too close to mine for me really to see that she smirked, but I knew her expression, when she spoke like that. She was smirking, however, when she had crept down between my legs and looked up at me. She looked down at him and murmured:

“You really want to, don’t you?”

He couldn’t nod, although I tried to make him. I saw her scowl. She murmured:

“Okay. If you don’t want to, shake your head.”

He couldn’t do that either. She chuckled and said:

“Then you really want to, just need a little inspiration?”

He didn’t nod or shake his head. She chuckled again and said:

“Lost your tongue? Can’t say anything? Hmm! Maybe mine can help.”

She crouched lower and raise him to her mouth. She sucked him in her mouth. For a couple of plays in the game, that was more interesting than what she was doing. Then it wasn’t; my cock was responding to her sucking and licking. I still could follow another couple of plays, but then my mind blocked out the sound of the radio, my cock was twitching in her mouth. She sucked and licked a few moments more. When he twitched again, she raised her head and murmured:

“I thought so, you really wanted to nod before.”

She grinned up at me and began to scramble up, her knees coming up next to my hips. I let her guide him to her pussy. We moaned, as her hips descended on him. She smiled cheerfully and said:

“I knew he really wanted to.”

“With your tongue speaking for him?” I replied, also grinning.

“If he had lost his,” she answered, and then began to move her hips.

Our grins faded, as we moaned. Her hips rocked to and fro and then circled. Was being fucked better than fucking? It was at least as good. No, better, just letting her arouse him – and herself, of course. Her eyes were half closed, she moaning with me. Then she sat still, her weight on my hips, and her eyes opened and found mine. She murmured:

“I just love to feel him in me.”

“I do too, especially when you do that.”

“Wicked! College freshman – ‘freshwomen’ – shouldn’t know.”

“The ‘freshmen’ shouldn’t either, then they won’t know what they’re missing.”

We snickered, and she began to move her hips again. We moaned, and I reached up and fondled her breasts, her nipples. She nodded with an extra moan. I was expecting her to begin rubbing her pussy; her eyes were half closed again. But then she muttered:

“Suck them,” and dropped down over me.

She had to move up a little for me to do so, but my hips rocked up, trying to keep my cock as deep in her as it had been. I sucked, and her hips rocked down. So much for her wanting to just sit on me; we fucked. Our hips slapped together.

Fucking must be a natural reflex. Of course, it is! My hips were moving, although I was concentrating on sucking her nipple, and then the other one. And my hand had slid down over her ass, encouraging it to move, but also finding her asshole. She groaned with a nod, when it did. She pressed her body back on my finger, but that also allow her to meet the thrusts of my cock with longer rocks of her hips. We tried to kiss, our mouths on each other, but our hips were moving too much for us to keep our lips together.

I felt the exertion on my stomach muscles from pumping my cock up in her pussy. It wanted to come so badly! Come, sister! Make me come!

We did, maybe not simultaneously, but so close that I didn’t know if her pussy or my cock had been the catalyst for the other’s coming. She was gasping and moaning. I was too – with her collapsed on top of me. When our heaving stomachs pressed against each other, her hips moved, and my cock slipped out. When she dripped on me, I wondered how much of it was from me. She extended her legs and lay on me, my arms around her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32