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Sandy woke the next morning disoriented. Having her son carry her to bed and care for her till she fell into a deep sleep seemed like a dream. Yet there she was safe and comfortable in the PJs he changed her into. The earlier part of the night in Tijuana was a vivid memory. Stripping naked for the police officers. Sucking their cocks and swallowing their cum. Then blowing her own son. Being brought to an orgasm simply by the taste of his cum in her mouth.

Going over the events started to excite her. The part with her son frighten her until she start to remember the rest of the evening. Dressing and washing up. Her son’s loving arm gently around her shoulders as if protecting her as he led her from the police station to the car. His hugs and tenderness as he told her, ‘I love you mom. I always will no matter what. Now let me take care of you.’. She was no longer frighten but felt warm and safe. Her arousal returned as she remembered his cock softening in her mouth and she having to be pulled away. She didn’t know what would happen next. She did know she had to stop thinking about last night or she would soon have her hands between her legs.

Sandy showered and dressed in shorts and a tee shirt. She went to the kitchen to find her son Tim making breakfast.

‘Morning sleepy head! I’m making pancakes and bacon. Do you want some coffee?’

‘Coffee please. Pancakes and bacon sounds good.’

Tim filled a mug and served it just as she liked it, dark and sweet. They were silent as Tim finished cooking and served. Once seated they both attacked their food as if they hadn’t eaten in a week. When they started to get their fill Sandy looked up from her plate.

‘Tim, we should talk about last night. I…’

Tim cut her off. ‘Yes but not now. Let’s have a nice breakfast. Then we can plant the flowers you bought and straighten the yard like you planned to do. Finish up. I’ll meet you outside after I clean up.’

Sandy agreed. When outside she couldn’t help thinking how mature and loving Tim was acting. It warmed her inside.

Tim cleaned up quickly while going over the instruction the Tijuana officer gave him. ‘Don’t speak of what happened right away. Treat it as something not as important as your feelings and relationship with your mother. Make her feel safe, wanted and loved when you are together. When you speak of it tell her how illegal bahis you have always felt. Take the blame on yourself. Your mother is a very sexual woman. Don’t be afraid to tell her your deepest fantasies.’

The rest of the day mother and son spent enjoying each other’s company. That night after showers they ordered take out. Tim opened a bottle of wine for his mom. They sat in the family room eating chatting and drinking. Finally, Sandy again brought up the topic of last night.

‘OK mom but I have to go first. First, I want to tell you how sorry I am about what happened.’

‘OH Tim NO! It wasn’t your fault. I…’

‘Mom I thought I was going first. Mom I love you. I always will. For the longest time I’ve had feeling for you more the just a mother and son. Just being near you makes me happy. Last night I was behind the mirror.’ Sandy gasped, knowing he saw everything.

‘It ok mom. You are so beautiful. I watched dreaming you were undressing just for me. I thought I would explode. Seeing you with those men. Well I know you’ve not been with anyone for some time. At first I was jealous. Then when I realized how much you were enjoying yourself I was happy for you. But I still wanted for it to be me that was making you happy. So when the officer asked if I wanted to go into the room for you to…well you know I said, yes.’

‘Tim I don’t know what to say. I acted like a common slut with strange men and you were happy for me? I could have stopped when I saw it was you but I didn’t want too. I became so excited I couldn’t stop. You…you made me orgasm when you came in my mouth. Then last night and today you made me feel so warm and loved. Tim after all of this I would do anything for you.’ Sandy leaned into her son and kissed him gently on the lips. ‘Anything.’

Tim stood and pulled his mother to her feet. He kissed her passionately for several minutes as she readily accepted his tongue. He slipped her tee shirt over her head and sucked her long hard nipples. Sandy’s head was spinning and her pussy dripping. A day ago things were so normal. Last night she ate the cum of two strange men and her son. And now she was engaged in sexual activity with her son again. To what end she didn’t know but she knew she would go to any end. Tim accepted and even enjoyed what she did last night. Something she wouldn’t even suggest to his father. illegal bahis siteleri He loved her and she realized she love him more than a mother. She wanted to please him. She would do anything he wanted.

Tim step back from his mother. ‘Take off the rest of your clothes for me. Like last night except for me.’

Sandy undid the button and zipper for shorts. Pushing them over her hips they fell to the ground. She stepped out of them and kicked them away. She turn her back to her son and bent over as she removed her lace panties. With one arm she covered her breasts and the other hand her crotch. Turning back towards Tim she slowly moved both hands exposing herself for his pleasure.

‘Is this what you’ve been waiting for?’

‘Yes, for the longest time.’ Tim moved her backwards to the couch. Sat her down and lifted and spread her legs as his mouth went to her swollen pussy. Sandy moaned.

Tim tongued his mother’s clit the way he gently kissed her earlier. He kept this up till her juices were flowing. Rubbing her pussy lips he easily inserted two finger. He continues to lick and finger her as she thrust her hips harder and harder into his face and hand. When he thought she was about to explode he stopped. Stood up and dropped his shorts. His cock was hard and erect.

Sandy could understand why he had stopped until she opened her eyes to see him stand naked. ‘Oh my god Tim, oh my god.’

Tim knelt between his mother’s legs and rubbed his cock between her swollen pussy lips. Sandy could hardly catch her breath. He continued to rub his cock between her lips and over her clit wetting it with her flowing juices. He started to rubbed her clit with the head of his cock and would move it down to her opening teasing her but not yet entering. He continued this till his mother was grabbing to pull him into her.

‘Mother I’m going to fuck you. I been dreaming of this for a long time. I’m going to put my cock in you and fuck your pussy till I cum. Do you want your son’s cock inside of you?’

‘Oh please, please, please, please…yes god. Put your cock in me, fuck me, fuck me.’ Sandy wanted his cock in her more the anything. She wanted her son’s cock. Tim worked the large girth of his cock into her pumping her deeper with each stroke till he was into his balls. Sandy never had anything that thick in her before.Holding her canlı bahis siteleri legs up and spread he fuck her hard and long.

‘Yes fuck me. Fuck me hard. Oh god fuck your mother’s wet pussy. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck…’

Tim reached for her nipples and gently pinched and rolled them between his fingers. Sandy screamed as she had her first of several orgasms. Her pussy clamped down on Tim’s cock. He continued to fuck her holding out as long as possible. He had dreamt of this for a long time. He wanted to make it last.Releasing one leg Tim wet his thumb to rub his mothers clit. Tim wanted to make her cum again and again. Watching her body stiffen and thrash as she reach another orgasm excited him. He knew this was the best affirmation of her commitment to him he could ever have. He could no longer hold out.

‘Oh fuck, I’m going to cum! Fuck! He shot lodes and lodes of cum as his mother hot pussy milked him.

He remained in her recovering. Sandy remained on the couch head back, eyes closed, trying to catch her breath and composure. Eventually Tim pulled his cock from his mothers pussy. Startled, Sandy came back to reality. She leaned forward to give her son a loving kiss. Then left to freshen up.

Tim sat on the couch taking in what just happened when he hear his mother return.

Sandy stood naked in front of her son.

‘Well you’ve certainly ruined me for any other man. So I guess you will have to take care of me for now on. ‘ Sandy straddled her son’s legs sitting on his lap facing him. They kissed passionately.

‘I’ve had lots of kinky fantasies but fucking my son was never one of them. If I had known what it would do to me it would be the only thing I’d fantasize about.’

‘So you’ve had lots of kinky fantasies? I’d like to hear about them.’

‘Would you now! Well I might get embarrassed and you may think I’m…uh…’

‘Mom, I watched you strip naked and blow two strangers. I told you I didn’t care as long as it was what you wanted to do and it made you happy. I want to be the one that makes you happy. I don’t want you to hold in your desires anymore.’

Sandy pulled her son close to her and held him tight. ‘Oh Tim you surely are ruining me. This is happening so fast but it feels so right.’ Sandy pull away and looked him in the eyes.

‘What if some of my fantasies are with other people?’

‘Whatever makes you happy. Besides you’re more than enough women for several men.’

‘OK, then let’s talk and see what comes up!’

Sandy started to grind her pussy on Tim’s hardening cock. She leaned forward and started to whisper into his ear.

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