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Kyle was in the island by fluke, his plans to gather with a few friends to discuss the latest in NLP had been laid to rest as the third bailed out. Kyle was alone, on the island, with bare feet as he walked on the sand. It was a beautiful sandy beach, white sand till as far as the eyes could see. He wished he had Shannon by his side.

The chalets were laid with two rooms to a block, facing the sea, side by side and each had a little bit of space for itself. The huge weeping willow trees lent a nice cool shade to the chalets in the day time and it was pleasant to be here. As he walked slowly, he saw a women sitting on the decks laid out in front of the chalets, two to each chalets. Alone, and in loose pants and a t-shirt. He crinkled his eyes to get a better look. Another couple had probably moved next door. She was reading a book and from time to shaded her eyes and looked at the sea.

As he came closer, a smile of pleasure appeared on his lips, it looked the woman he and Shannon had talked about so much, the doctor in her very early fifties, but with a body that could slay many half her age. As he approached he saw her engrossed in reading the book. He looked around for her husband, couldn’t see him. His first thoughts were that at least he had found good company, would enjoy having a drink and dinner with him. She looked up from the book and noticed him and a smile of recognition lit her face.


“Jit? What a pleasant surprise.” He deliberately let the title of doctor drop to denote he was on holiday too.

She put the book aside, patted the deck next to her and said with a wife smile. “Come, sit, you are alone, where is Shannon.”

He told her why he was here and alone and she replied.

“I came alone too, was getting a little sick of everything, Biddoo couldn’t leave so I said, I am going to soak in the sun and sea for a weekend. But it is not as fun if you are alone, glad you are here. Staying for the weekend?”

They talked, about this and that. While they talked he noticed her, actually for the first time, began to appreciate her beauty. She had thin lips, a very straight Punjabi nose, high cheek bones, strong chin. Her skin was smooth, her eyes made into perfect arches. She had light brown eyes that expressed the words she was saying with more emphasis. In her long ears dangled two gold circle of ear rings, a nose diamond stud completed her picture.

As they talked, his eyes roved to the rest of her body. She had big tits, easily encased in D cup, and somehow, like Shannon’s seemed to defy gravity and stand out almost conical. Then her torso narrowed, there was no barrel shaped Punjabi here, she had the curves. Her ass flared up, in a beautiful manner, in a large, womanly ass. Even though she wore loose pants, he was sure the legs were shapely too, no flab there. Well not too noticeable, at least.

“And here I was thinking what I am going to do for three days, I don’t know the island too well, where to go, and was planning to get a car and ask them to take me around…”

“You like pristine nature, nearly untouched by humans, natural streams..”

“Oh yes.”

“Well at some distance is a place I have been to once. What do you say we take a picnic lunch and go there? We have to drive for a while, and then hike for a couple of kilometres, up to it?”

“Oh yeah. Do I need to change?”

Kyle leaned back, pursed his lips, and made her blush with a lingering look. “Just put on sneakers. I will go arrange for the picnic, a little white wine perhaps?”

“Wouldn’t mind.” She got up and dusted herself off the sand, she did have a wonderful ass.

Kyle went to his chalet, right next to hers and made the calls, he took a couple of large towels to act as mats to sit on, stuffed them in backpack. The food arrived, sandwiches of different types, some freshly cut fruits, some plastic cups and a bottle of wine in a small cooler bag. All fit into his bag quite easily.

She knocked the connecting door, he opened it and she was all ready to go. She had tied her, ruefully he thought, into a pony tail. She had looked nice with them flowing down.

He slipped into his sneakers and offered his hand more out of habit than with wanting to, but she reached and took it, her grip strong and firm.

They went to the entrance of the resort; all sorts of services were sold in shops surrounding the place. He went to a familiar face and negotiated a price for the day trip. The man would leave them at a designated spot and then pick them up later when called.

The roads were narrow, sinewy, as they both sat at the back they were bumping into each. At one point he had to lean into her, his hand accidently cupped her tit. It felt as firm as it looked from outside. Then another turn, and she had to lean into him, her palm went to his crotch, touched his growing hardness. She leaned forward and crinkled her eyes and pursed her lips while she squeezed it gently.

“Is that for me?” She smiled.

“Is there anyone else here?” He replied, she stroked it from top down and began to look away.

They casino siteleri reached the foothills of the place, Kyle asked the driver to stop at a certain place and they got off. They walked was winding, many place he had to take her hand to help her negotiate a steep climb. They arrived at a clearing, there, out of breath a little and paused to take a drink of water and rest. They had to go a little further according to him. They were away from every prying eyes, in a solitary part of the island.

As they walked again, she looked ravishing from the exertion. Her skin glowed pink, the beads of sweat on her brow made him want to hold her and lick them away. He reached to brush away a strand of hair that had got loose and she mouthed a thank you with a smile.

They reached the place he had promised her, there was a small waterfall, and that fell into a clear pond and then into a stream that gurgled away. The water was crystal clear, the bushes and wild flowers grew around it in abundance, flower of different hues.

She looked at it, whistled softly. “It is beautiful.”

“Just as you are.” He countered.


“Truth teller.”

They got out the things from the bag, arranged them nicely on the wild growing grass. Spread the towels.

“I think I want to take a dip in the water, is it safe?”

“It is perfect.” He replied. “I will go first.”

He took off his t-shirt, and his shorts, in his boxers began to walk to the pond.

“Hey,” he heard her call from behind. “You are not going into the pond with boxers while I am naked, are you.”

She had stripped off her t-shirt and the pants and stood there naked. Her bangles gleamed in the air and as she turned her head a little her nose stud caught the sun and sparkled. He noticed she was well trimmed, like she used waxing or laser to remove the hair and her body was free of hair except for a small thin line of hair that started below her belly button and pointed to her precious gateway. He actually blushed, turned around and not wanted to show his raging hard on, he took off his boxers and threw it over his shoulders towards her and entered the pool.

Fat lot of good that did, the pool was shallow, the water so crystal clear that all was plainly visible. She joined him, her nipples hard. Her eyes a little misty, like a woman aroused.

His hardness, stubborn for once, refused to abate even in the cold water.

“That is a beautiful piece there.” She looked at his hardness. “You should be proud of it. Does it get hard with every woman?”

“Oh I am proud of it,” he replied. “And no, such blatant show of desire is reserved for certain pretty women, you happen to be one of them.”

She came closer, reached to hold his cock, stroked it and made him groan. “I am wet too you know, I don’t mean with this water.” She whispered, his hands reached for the tits.

“Then let us get out of here and see how wet you are.” He whispered back.

They splashed some water on their faces and stepped out into the warm sun. The warmth of the sun felt good on their skin. He took her hand and laid her on the towel, lying next to her on his elbow. He leaned and kissed the forehead, the bindi had come off, he took it and flicked it away, and he kissed her eyes. She sighed. Now his kisses began to get wet, as he traced the contours of her face, kissing her chin and kissed her lips. The kisses were soft, she moaned in his mouth, her hand reached to fall on his bare back.

He moved down, kissing his way to her throat, to the cleavage, he kissed her shoulders and the sides of her large tits. One hand cupped the tits as he brought his lips to the thick dark, chocolate-dark nipple. She moaned. He did the same with the other.

“You like it Jit, you like me sucking your tits?”

She let out a deep breath. “Oh yes.”

His mouth suckled her tits and bit them a little and his one hand crept to her pussy. His middle finger parted the thick pussy lips, and slid from top to bottom and back again. Then it went in, sliding into her wet warm tunnel.

“That feels good.” She murmured with a deep sigh.

He added his ring finger to his middle. She moaned.

He massaged her G-spot, she began to cum. He rose and entered her.

His cock entered the slithery tunnel and he began to slowly, deliberately stroke in and out. Her moans were that of a matured well fucked woman, one who knew what pleasures a cock could bring, one that enjoyed the pleasure by embracing the moment, becoming the symbol of lust.

“Oh yes, Kyle, yes. Fuck that choot.” She drawled, her sentence stretching long. “Give this choot a hiding, yes, man, oh yes.” It had been a long time since he had heard the pussy referred to in Punjabi.

Hooking her one hand under her knee, he leaned forward and told her yes he would.

“Does his choot like this lund, hmm?” He asked, his face set, and thrust in. His passion making him refer to his cock in Punjabi.

“Oh yes, Kyle, this is heaven, Oh God, this is heaven.”

“Does the woman want this lund, hmm?” He thrust hard again.

“Ohhhhh, slot oyna yes, fuck yes.”

“Want to drink my semen, Jit, want to drink it? Hmm?” He thrust even harder.

“Yesssssss.” She wailed as the orgasm spread in the clitoris and zapped through her body.

He body shook, he waited for her to calm down, to let her enjoy the beautiful surging of climax. He leaned and suckled a nipple.

Then he began to thrust again. Increasing the speed as he went, bringing her closer to another orgasm, she was panting, as was he, close to his own imminent, explosive climax.

“Where else you want this lund, Jit?” A thrust.

She just panted, gurgled, words were becoming difficult to formulate, hard to pronounce.

He gruffly held her face, pulling it from the side to face him.

“You want this lund in your ass Jit, hmm? Tell me you want it in your ass.”

There are women who come with action, there are those whom words trigger the best orgasm. She was one of those.

“Oh you madar chod, yes, yes, yeeeeeeeeees.” He body arched, she began to shake like her body was erupting with earthquakes, mini quakes all over, then a volcano exploded in her cunt, she screamed.

“Kyle.” Her voice was hoarse, deep throated, her body arched upwards, and she thrashed the pelvis against his crotch. She was cumming. And this orgasm had taken her by surprise, she was drooling, her eyes dazed. Between the words she gasped, yes, yes, yes.

She nearly blacked out, the long walk, the unending procession of orgasms, had left her depleted of strength, she close her eyes and her chest heaved. He pulled out of her, turned her side ways, put her head under is arm, gently he slid back his still hard cock into her cunt from behind and spooned her.

They fell asleep.

Covered by the shade of the giant tree, the cool air lulled them to a nice slumber. He woke first, watched her as she slept and gently pinched and played with her nipple. She moaned softly and opened her eyes.

She went stiff for a few seconds as her mind collected the data, she remembered where she was and what she had done, she relaxed and snuggled her ass into his groin.

“Wanna fuck my ass?” She wiggled her ass to his crotch.

“Jit that is all I have been thinking of.”

She pulled her knees up, huddled to a foetal position and said.

“Play with it first, use your fingers. It has been a long time since I was fucked in ass.”

“A long time? A Panjabi?”

“Oh it is a long time since I was fucked you silly ass, anywhere, like this.”

He took the semen still oozing in her pussy and lathered her ass with it. He began to finger her, he began to get hard.

“Ohhhhh.” She moaned. “Oh that feels so fucking good.”

He spat on his finger and added another finger to his one. She was incredibly tight; her sphincter shut itself around his finger like a vice. He leaned closer to her, her head was buried in the towel, in a state of drunkenness.

“Oh God, you are so fucking tight Jit, I can’t wait to feel my cock inside this tight ass.”

“Then put it in, I don’t care about the pain, just give it to me, Ohhhhhh.”

He added a third finger to the mix, scooped a little more her juices, now flowing freely from her cunt and applied to her ass. Then wiping his finger on the grass, he held his cock to her relaxed ass and he thrust in. The crack resisted and then opened and swallowed his cock.

Her face buried in the towel her fist clenched, she beat the grass in pain. And then pleasure surged into her as she felt herself full, like never before, like old times, like she was an ass virgin. The orgasm that had rocked her earlier when he had fucked her seemed like a baby compared to one that was building in her right now.

Her hand were thrashed against the grass, Her mouth was open, her eyes wide open as she turned to look at the big throbbing cock impaled into her ass.

She was hyperventilating, as he began to pump her, slowly rising to his feet to take her like a dog. She began to cum, she begged him to stop, her body lost its strength, she fell to her belly, he followed, still impaled in her. His thrusts were harder, ripping her insides out with each thrust and withdrawal. She wanted to stop him, begged him to and when he slowed down, she screamed for him to ram into her harder.

“Jor laga madarchod, jor laga, gand maar meri.”

(Fuck harder you motherfucker, fuck my ass harder.)

Even in the shade of the tree, even with the breeze cooling them, they were dripping of sweat, dripping and slipper. He was like an animal, ferocious as he mauled his prey. She was like a trapped prey. She wanted to get free but wanted to be mauled. He hammered her, until her ass was a slippery tunnel, when he drew out; the hole remained gaping for a while, waiting for it to return. He would return it immediately, filling her and sending to new heights of passion. Then he began to play.

He withdrew, waited for the gaping hole to close, and when it started to close back, he rammed his cock in her, sending a ripple of pain into her, canlı casino siteleri but with the pain, sending a dozen ripples of pleasure.

The band that held her hair in a pony tail had long since come off. Her hair was all over her. He gathered enough in her one hand, pulled her face above the ground, his own climax close.

“You… like… this… Jit…?” He gasped.

She grunted loudly back at him and he released his load in her, shaking as he did, It had been years since he had fucked an ass, he had almost forgotten what it was to fuck an ass, to cum in one.

He fell on her, calling her name, groaning her name, screaming her name into her ears. She replied him with his name.

It took them a while to catch their breath; they smelled of her ass, they did not care. They stumbled to the far side of the stream to wash themselves, still drunk from the lust, still breathing hard, still in a daze. Satisfactorily clean they went to the pond and sat in its cool waters.

At last she looked at him.

“You know what? I am glad I came here all by myself, I am glad your fucking friends bailed out on you.”

“Me too.” He replied. Never in a million years could he have guessed such a meeting, such a picnic.

They put in their clothes, ate the picnic lunch, and drank the chilled wine.

They lay side by side, he playing with her hair, kissing her cheeks, she stroking his cock over the shorts. When the sun began to fade a little, he called the driver. They began to walk towards their rendezvous point. At one point she stopped.

“Kyle, are you going to leave the connecting door open?”

“One one condition, Jit. While you are in the room, you will remain nude.”

“Oh that I promise.” She laughed. “I want to.”

“Then we have a weekend to look ahead of us.”

As they got in the car, she put her lips close to his ears and licked his lobes. “You know something; I never got the chance to suck that beautiful cock.”

“Tonight, Jit, tonight.” He laughed back at her.

“On the deck”

“Is that a promise?”

“You bet your lund it is.” The tingle of her laughter was musical.

They took their time in their rooms, he unlocked the connecting door from his side and called at the door that it had been unlocked, she opened it from her side and smiled and left it open.

“I need a fucking hot bath and some things to do.” She said.

“Dress so we can go out for dinner.”

Leaving the door open, he went and took a long and luxurious bath, he looked at his crotch, he had trimmed his hair recently, he did not like a bald cock in men, as beautiful as a bald pussy looks, men’s crotch of hair looks odd. A little stubble looks much better.

He washed himself well, sprayed a lot of perfume and sat in his boxers, wondering how long she was going to take.

It was long indeed; more than two hours after she had opened the connecting door, she stood in it. She was wearing basically three triangles, two that covered her nipples, and one that covered her snatch. The rest was made of strings.

“How do I look?”

“Smashing.” He replied, and meant it. The triangles barely did any job of hiding, were there only to titillate. She walked into his room, with an exaggerated sway. He noticed she was wearing high heels. Leave it to women to carry heels with them even when coming for a weekend of rest.

“You mean it?” She came closer and knelt in front of the couch, her hands on his thighs. She saw his tent, the bulge that had begun to grow as soon as he spied her in the door and smiled. “Oh, you really meant it.”

Her had reached and pulled it out of his loose boxers, and stroked it. It was semi hard. She took it in her mouth, sucking it all in and sucking it hard.

His hand automatically went to her head, he took her loose hair and bunched them up so he could watch her face.

“Oh Jit!” He exclaimed.

She pulled her mouth away; his cock was rock hard now.

She licked her lips and smiled. “I like a little dessert before dinner.”

She went back to the cock and pushed his pelvis at her.

“Oh yeah baby… that’s right, suck it.”

He kept mumbling and she licked and sucked him, his hands reached to grab her tits, they felt better than before, as he pushed the triangles aside and lightly pinched her hard thick nipples.

She moaned over his cock, ending vibrations. And her head began to bob up and down on his shaft.

He loved this vista; he loved seeing a woman mouth surrounding his cock. He loved the feel of tongue on his cock. She removed it from her mouth and her eyes closed began to lick all over, his balls, his shaft, the tip of his head, and under the balls, he hand meanwhile kept stroking his cock softly.

“Come on, baby, Jit, suck it darling.”

She sucked, and he was too far gone to care about being gentle, she was woman enough to take it all in. He grabbed her head and began to fuck her mouth, her mouth looked like a horizontal vagina, and a damn good looking pussy at that. His cock hardened and he began to shoot his cum in her mouth. The first one took her by surprise the second one she sucked it all in. She brought the tip to the opening of her mouth and her tongue out, she stroked hard as he burst his final spurt into her mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32