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Big Tits

I heard Dad’s war stories for years. About the firefights in “Nam” and the “LBFM’s.” I took it as ‘glory talk’ about the good ol’ days. But Mom died suddenly just before I got out of High School. And what do you know? He found himself a Thai wife not 6 months after the funeral. She was a pretty good looking woman. Min was her name. A little young for Dad, but that’s not my business. She had two teenage girls in tow too.

I took off for college while they were still honeymooning. I learned a few thing about Asian racial myths “Americans are oversexed.” And their prejudices “Divorced women are little more than whores. At least you pay for a whore.” It’s no big mystery why Min and her children chose this life. Four years go by quickly. I stayed away pretty much. And after I graduated, I come home and home was very different. So was Min. She and dad met me at the airport.

She had put on a pound or two. And she had a boob job. She liked showing it off with a low cut dress and her hair short to help show them off. She took me by the arm and led me off like the long-lost-son. Dad just grinned and followed. All the way home she talked about her beautiful daughter Gin. And what a cute couple we’d make. I just listened, trying to remember if there was a Thai word for ‘yenta’. The incestuous implications didn’t escape me either. But good manners kept my mouth shut. When we got home, we were met at the door by the most angelic face. She smiled slightly and made herself busy. She’d obviously been preparing a small dinner party. And party we did. We ate and talked until late in evening. I minded my manners and ate what was put in front of me.

Min contained her sales job about her beautiful daughter. The daughter listened expressionless and without any embellishment or comment. Dad on the other hand got soused. At one point, I had to help Min get him to bed. She then excused herself, and retired. As did her daughter. I went off to the room they’d prepared for me next to Min and Dad’s. I was just getting to sleep when I heard the door creek ever so quietly. I could make out a thin frame in a flannel nightgown.

With long raven hair and a finger placed to her lips (the international sign for ‘keep quite’). The nightgown quickly drooped to the floor. And without a word, she stuck her furry mound in my face, pulled my boxers off, and started suckling my cock. I remember the faint smell of strawberries. It must have been a douche. I grabbed her butt, and pressed her pubes tighter to my face. Her breathing grew heavier. We worked at it for quite a little while. She would cum with little explosions every illegal bahis one in while. It would ripple through her body as if she’d been shocked. Her breathing grew heavier and heavier until she suddenly stopped sucking. She took a deep breath and bit into my thigh.

I could hear her muffled scream. Her legs locked them- selves against my sides, and she pulled her muff slightly away from my face. After a few seconds, she relaxed. She then turned herself around and mounted me. I could see her pretty, dark eyes. And the gentle smile on her face. She placed two fingers on my lips, grinding our hips together. Her gaze suddenly turned serious. Her eyes rolled back in her head. She stared grinding harder. Her breathing grew harsher too. She lowered her face next to mine and I could feel her breath in my ear. No warning shots this time. The orgasm came suddenly. She had barely enough time to bury her mouth in my shoulder. Wave, after wave. I could feel it move through her body.

After a minute or so of rest she sat up straight, still mounted on my pole, and started moving. Only this time, she was out for me. She wasn’t grinding our groins for her orgasms. She was milking me for what I had to offer. She put one had on my stomach, and went at it. And pretty soon, she felt my stomach tighten. She knew she was about to get what she was after. At just the right moment, she grew quiet. Leaned forward, and let me fill her up! When I stopped. She gave me a quick kiss, a smile, and a thank you. She then climbed off the bed. Grabbed her nightgown and slipped out of the door. I couldn’t even muster enough strength to get up and piss. I just pulled the sheet up midway and fell asleep. I had this very realistic dream of my getting a blow-job. When I heard the slurping stop, and a muted whisper “You certainly didn’t get this from your old man.” That was Min’s voice, and it wasn’t a dream!

“Min! What in the hell are you doing her!!” I said in a loud whisper. “That old fart woke up long enough to blow his load. And just fell over and went back to sleep. What’s a girl to do? I saw that daughter of mine scampering out of here butt naked, so I figured it’s my turn!” explained Min.

“But what if her hears us?” I asked. “His hearing’s gotten bad since you left. Without his hearing aid, he couldn’t hear a rifle go off if it was right next to him. Now let’s get back to bus- iness” She worked me like a pro.

Sucking me to the scantiest erection. And running her tongue around the peehole. Then the glands. Then finally up and down the poke like a candy cane. She sucked me long enough to get me up to full staff. illegal bahis siteleri Still stroking me she said, “now why don’t you show me how well you can use that thing,” and she turned her butt toward me. I barely noticed the warm KY jelly she smeared on with her hand. I kneeled behind her and started to slide my cock in her. She quickly pulled away, and said “Wrong hole, silly. Move up a little bit” I did what she asked, and slipped it in her poop shoot. Ever so slowly at first. I was still pretty slippery, and she’d greased her behind up before coming in. My stomach pressed against her ample but. “That’s it, honey,” she said knowing I was buried up to the hilt in her bowels.

“Take the movement slow and easy until I get used to you. I don’t want the lovely cock of yours messing up my insides.” Immediately, she started with the quakes and shivers. I see where her daughter got that from. I pick up the hip movement slowly. Damn, her butt was tight! Before I got too far along, she announced, “this looks like the big one honey, hold on.” I grabbed her butt as tight as I could. She stuffed the blanket in her mouth than screamed with a high pitched wail. That was all it took. She pitched forward, and I startled losing it. It blew it all, right up her butt!! When she felt me relax, she twisted her butt to the left, and I popped out like a cork! She turned around, ran her hand behind my head, and gave me a big wet kiss. She laid me back in the bed. Pulled my face to her chest, stuck one of her tits in my mouth and stroked my hair. “You’d better get some sleep now. You have a big day tomorrow. And an even bigger night.” I fell asleep that way. The next day, I heard footsteps coming down the hall. I looked at the clock. It was 1pm! Without knocking, the door swung open.

“Good afternoon big brother. Mom said you had a full night, so it’s no wonder you slept the day away.” She said. She was wearing one of those traditional dresses, I don’t know if the call it a ghi or a sarong. But it was a pretty floral print, and it tied in a knot. And a blouse that tied in a single knot at the bottom. She had more cleavage than I remembered. She quickly brushed the sheet aside and pulled a warm wash cloth out from the bowl. Setting the bowl on the floor, she washed my manhood, and kept chatting… ” Supper’s at five. You can smell it from here.” I wonder if she realized how good that felt. Wiping off the dried cum. Paying special, loving attention to my hardon.

When she started cleaning my balls and belly, she’d use her free hand to stoke my cock. Seeing the dark hickey on my thigh, she brushed it gently with canlı bahis siteleri her finger. “Oh gee, did I do that? Sorry. Anyway as I was saying. Mom unpacked your clothes and you have the neatest underwear. Especially those little bikini’s. If I owned any underwear, I’d swap with you. Mom and sis don’t have any either, so I can’t even come up with a good bluff…” By now I had a pretty big hardon. She put the washcloth in the bowl. Untied the knot in her skirt and climbed aboard. Impaling herself without skipping a word. That didn’t last long though. She quickly fell quiet. Concentrating on the job at hand. The last thing she said was ..” when Mom and Dad get back….”

“Wait! Back from Where?” I asked. “Just a minute,” she said. Her eyes rolled back in her head again, and I knew she was beyond hearing me. This was a fast one. Her breathing grew heavy, and she started to cum. This time, she didn’t stifle it. She let out a deep throaty groan. Jeez, I swear the mailman down the street must have heard it!! And oh those damn leg muscles of hers could hurt someone. As soon as it was over, her eyes opened. Oh, what pretty eyes! She smiled and said, “Alright then, let’s finish you off,” and she proceeded to grind her hips, and chat away. I pushed the material on her blouse aside. Loosening the knot enough that the two ends barely hel on. I pinched a nipple. She gave a little extra deep thrust with her hips. Taking one of her hands off my chest, and placing it warmly on mine. And she smiled just a little grin. “Oh yes. I like that. Pinch a little harder. I head you’re into the backdoor action. We’ll have to explore that when we have more time. But then, we have a lifetime to fit it in, don’t we big brother? Anyway, as I was saying, Mom and Dad will be back from the airport in a while. After we’re done here, you can catch a shower in my bathroom. I’ll tidy up here and fix you some munches.”

“There, you said it again. Who’s coming to the airport?,” I asked. I could feel the juices welling up. “Why, Jerrod and Gin, of course” she said. “Who in the world is Jerrod? And I thought you were Gin!”

“No, I’m Suu-lin.” That was it, I blew my load. She continued, “Gin’s my older sister. Jerrod’s my boyfriend. Mom’s right. You’ll like Gin, she’s the pretty one. Now off to the shower with you big brother!” With that, she climbed off. Gave me a quick kiss. Picked up her skirt and the bowl. She held the bowl against her hip with her left hand on the lip and the skirt tucked under it. It looked like she had an extra wiggle in her butt when she walked. Did I tell you she has a cute butt?. And just before she went out the door, she turned and said “Jerod and Gin both have Birthdays this week. Let’s take a little ‘shopping trip’ tomorrow after- noon, and I’ll show you EXACTLY what Gin likes. It’ll drive her crazy!!” And it did. But that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32