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Although Amy and I have had an interest in each other for while now, we never actually had the right circumstances to get together. We met at a club and instantly hit it off. We would exchange emails and pictures but we never were able to get to the final step. Well, that would all change with one phone call.

Amy had called me and said that she was going shopping and asked if I would be interested in going. Of course I was excited to see her and I am always excited to go shopping. So I got dressed and told that I would be happy to go. I didn’t dress in anything special, just jeans and sweatshirt but I hoped to find something nice while shopping. When Amy pulled up, I hopped in the car and quickly noticed how amazing she looked. She had on a jeans and white button down shirt. She looked very good but also very sexy and I couldn’t help but notice how great she smelled. “How are you” Amy asked.

It took me a few seconds to respond, I was still taking in the sight of her. “I’m ok I guess” was the best I could get out.

“We will have fun today. We need to find you a new outfit for this weekend” Amy said with a giggle.

“What’s this weekend” I asked.

“Oh nothing” she said.

She must have had a plan all along because Amy had a specific store for us to go to as soon as we got there. We went and found a new pair of jeans for me. Now these were not just any jeans. These were definitely “fuck me” jeans. This was typically something that I would not even try on let alone wear but Amy insisted that I at least try them on. I have to say that I was a bit excited by the look on Amy’s face when I walked out of the fitting room.

“Turn around. Wow, you look great” she said. I gave her a quick smile. “Especially that red thong you have poking out.” Like I said, I am not used to wear clothes so revealing and I didn’t even notice that I was exposing half the store to my underwear. As I turned to walk back into the fitting room Amy stopped me. “There is just one more thing that I need you to do before you change” she said. “I need you to give me thong when you come out”

“But what for, what will I wear home? ” I said.

“Don’t wear anything” she said with a grin.

As we left the mall, I was a bit confused. I had no idea what Amy had in mind for this weekend but I went with it. I must admit that it all did have me quite curious and quite excited. As we were driving home Amy asked me for the thong and just kept on talking like nothing happened.

“I’ll illegal bahis call you Friday” She said as I climbed out of the car.


About 2:00 Amy called and asked if I was excited about tonight? Which of course I was, I haven’t stopped thinking about it all week. I had no idea what was going on but I knew that something special was about to happen. She said she would be by at 8:00 to get me. Now all day I was getting more and more excited. At about 7:00 I hopped in the shower, which got me going even more. The hot soapy water rushing all over my body felt amazing. My hands washed over my now hard nipples, while visions of the pictures Amy had sent me danced in my head. “Ok, get a grip” I said to myself and got out of the shower and walked to the bedroom.

Underneath my brand new jeans I wore a sexy pair of see-thru panties. I had no idea if I need to get all dressed all fancy but I didn’t want to disappoint. Next I put on a nice but sexy shirt that hugged my breasts rather nicely and finally I put on my favorite perfume.

Just then I heard a knock at the door which almost startled me. I was in another place, thinking of Amy, thinking of the shower, thinking of her pictures. As I opened the door, I saw her standing there and knew that I was in trouble *wink*. She looked incredible once again. Amy had on a short black skirt, with a red shirt. Her hair fell over her shoulders and she just looked so sexy.

“Can I come in” Amy asked.

“Sure” I replied. “So where are we headed tonight”

“Who said that we were going anywhere” she said as she leaned in gave me a soft gentle kiss. Her lips felt so soft and amazing that instantly all I could imagine was her lips touching and kissing my body all over.

Amy walked over to the couch and I went to the kitchen and got a bottle of wine. As I sat down next to her I noticed how great she smelled and I kept thinking about her kiss. I kept staring at her lips as we talked, imaging them running up and down my neck.

We started talking and wondered why we never made to this point before. We had no answer but I knew that there was no going back now. Glass after glass of wine had been drank and before you knew it, the bottle was empty.

“Excuse me” Amy said “May I use your bathroom?”

“Of course, it’s down the hall” I told her. As she got up and walked away, I couldn’t help but stare at her from behind. The way her ass looked in her tight skirt, mixed with the half illegal bahis siteleri bottle of wine I drank, I was getting so excited. A million thoughts came to mind while she was gone. Mainly how attracted to her I was, how great her kiss felt. I had hardly noticed how wet I had become And I was about to take a step that I had never taken before with Amy. I was excited, I wanted her and I was going to get her. As walked out of the bathroom, I was standing there waiting. “Oh, you scared me” she said laughing.

I didn’t say a word and just leaned in and kissed her. My lips met hers and I flood of passion just overtook me. I could not take my lips off of hers. My hands now pulled her closer to me as my breasts rubbed up against hers. Her hands moved to my ass and I could feel her finding her way into my jeans. Just as my hands started to feel for her skirt, I stopped my self. “Come with me” I told her as I grabbed her hand and let her upstairs. While I walked I made a point of going slow, knowing that her eyes where starring strongly at my ass, at my panties peaking out past my jeans.

Amy sat on the end of the bed as she watched my start to undress. Slowly I pulled off my shirt revealing my breasts. Quickly she sat up leaned in to kiss me and I could feel my now hard nipples rubbing up against her shirt. She kissed her way down my neck, slowly licking, kissing, biting. I couldn’t wait for her to take my breasts in her mouth, almost leaning them into her face. With both hands she held my breasts as trailed her tongue down to my nipples, first one, and then the other. I moaned out as she gently twirled them with her tongue. My hands when to her head while she expertly kissed and sucked on my nipples. The pleasure was amazing and pussy began flood with desire. I unbuttoned my jeans and Amy quickly helped me pull them off.

Standing there in just my panties, I said to Amy “your turn.” Amy stood up and removed her shirt and I leaned in to kiss her. Pulling off her bra, our breast met each other and feeling was incredible. My nipples rubbing against her soft skin, her soft breast was wonderful.

What happened next sent me over the edge. She turned around and slowly, teasing me, she removed her skirt revealing that she was wearing the thong that I was wearing the other day. The thought of my thong rubbing against her wet pussy drove me nuts and I gently pushed Amy forward so she was bent over the bed.

Quickly I kneeled behind her, staring at my thong wrapped canlı bahis siteleri around her beautiful ass. I leaning kissing her thighs. Licking, sucking, and trailing from her knees to her thighs with the tip of my tongue. First one, then the other, licking slowly to the op of her thighs. Sliding my tongue along the curves of her ass.

I moved my hands to push her ass apart. Looking at my thong I could see how excited Amy was, it was soaked with her juices. I couldn’t wait any longer and I slide my tongue against her pussy over the thong. Even with the thong on she still tasted amazing. Tracing every inch of her with my tongue, licking up every drop I could, Amy began to moan.

Sliding one finger under her thong, I moved it to one side, exposing her wet and dripping pussy. Everything about it sent a wave of excitement over me and I dove into her. My hands holding her apart so I could have all of it. My tongue darting over her pussy lips, sliding over every fold. Finally I darted my tongue inside of her. She tasted amazing as her pussy was drooling all over my chin and face.

Listening to her moan, I slide a finger inside of her. She was so wet and the sound of her moan drove me crazy. Quickly I dove back in, licking and sucking her pussy while I slid another finger inside of her. Just then Amy started to buck up and down and she yelled that she was about to cum. She pushed her pussy back at my face, almost knocking backwards. Her juice now all over my face as she moans louder and louder. I slide my tongue out just long enough to tell her “Cum Amy, Cum all over my face”

With one load scream, Amy came with such force that she almost broke my neck. I pulled away from her, staring at her dripping pussy and feeling my own need to cum. I stood up as Amy rolled over on her back. “I need to taste you” Amy told me and I wasted no time in complying.

Removing my panties, climbing up on the bed I positioned myself right over her mouth. As I lowered my pussy to her mouth, I knew that this would not take long. I needed to cum and I was so excited and so hot that I knew Amy would have me screaming in no time. The first sensation of her tongue hitting my pussy almost did it and I started rubbing against her face harder and harder. With her tongue inside my pussy, I yelled ” IM CUMMMINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.” Wave after wave hit and rubbed against harder and harder. Her tongue accepting all that I could give as my pussy flooder her face. Exhausted, I collapsed on the bed next to Amy. Looking over at her I noticed that both of our faces were covered in cum, so I leaned over and kissed her on the lips. By the way I enjoyed the taste of that kiss, I knew there were many good nights to come. After all, I had get my thong back somehow?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32