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A Taste of Love, A Taste of Lust

2. Love me dirty

Kelly didn’t resist as she was thrown on the couch, pinned by her tutor-turned-lover, Laura Danason, who now groped her breasts, licking her lips as she stared down at Kelly, who futilely tried to grind her crotch against the older woman’s ass.

“A perfect “A”. A perfect score from a perfect student.” She looked down, squeezing Kelly’s smaller, but firm breasts. “You did it because you wanted me, didn’t you?”

Kelly managed to moan “Yes” before she gasped as Laura pinched and pulled at her nipples through her shirt and bra.

Laura leaned down, embracing Kelly in a passionate kiss, grinding her knee into her crotch gently. For two minutes she fondled Kelly’s body, groping and massaging her shapely ass and breasts, as she explored her mouth with her tongue, keeping the all-too-willing Kelly pinned down.

Finally, Laura came up for air. “Well, I’ve waited for this a long, long time. Even before I caught you staring at my ass.” She licked at Kelly’s neck, making the younger woman shiver.

She came up, looking her in the eyes. “I want you, Kelly. But if I move too fast…”

Kelly cut her off with another kiss. For years, she had tried fruitlessly to gain arousal from stories and pictures of sexual encounters with men to no avail. Only after meeting Laura did she realize that she was a dyed-in-the-wool lesbian. Only after learning under her had she felt love and attraction.

Her eagerness was rewarded by Laura standing up, smiling wickedly. “My bedroom, young lady, now.” Her eyes and smile belied her stern voice, and Kelly happily sprinted to the bedroom, following her teacher’s pointed finger.

The room was nothing too elaborate, but the bed was a king size, plenty of room for two people to sleep or play on.

The door behind her closed with a click, and she felt a pair of arms wrap around her, pulling her into her lover’s cleavage.

“Kelly, do you trust me?” Laura nuzzled her neck and the back of her head.

“Yes.” Kelly breathed, melting into her embrace.

“I don’t just want to have sex with you, Kelly. I want us to play around, have fun, get dirty.” There was a pause. “But I don’t want to hurt you.”

Kelly felt warmed by her lover’s compassion, and curled against her as best she could. Then ice formed in her stomach as she considered something. “It’ll be my first time with anyone… but I’m not a virgin.”

She was afraid Laura would pull away, but instead her teacher ground her breasts into her back even more. “Oh? Do tell.”

Relief filled her when she didn’t express revulsion, and with it came a dirty desire to confess one of her more intimate moments alone. “You remember how I was always staring at your ass?”

“Oh, I like where this is going. Continue.” Laura’s hands roamed over Kelly’s shapely bottom, squeezing and massaging.

Encouraged, Kelly continued. “Well, after that, I realized I was a lesbian, and went home to try masturbating again. It never worked for me before, until I thought about you… then I got a cucumber, and imagined it was you taking me with it… and I got a little carried away.”

“It hurt, didn’t it?” Kelly nodded as Laura continued to rub against her. “It hurts the first time, but don’t worry. I won’t penetrate you… unless you ask for it.”

Kelly tilted her head back until she could see her lover’s smiling face. “And if I want you to take me?”

Laura leaned down to her ear, voice barely above a whisper. “Then I’m going to fuck you until you pass out.”

Kelly purred. “Sounds good to me…”

She saw a red cloth being draped around her eyes. “I don’t get to see you naked?” she asked, slightly pouted.

“Oh, you will. Up close and personal. I just want the first part to be a surprise…”

Kelly let herself be blindfolded, the fabric blocking out all vision.

“Now, strip for me. I want to see your cute, bare ass on my bed, young lady.”

Here Kelly had a pleasant surprise for Laura. Not only did she slowly and teasing strip, turning all the while so that her lover could see her in her increasing state of undress, but she had shaved- armpits, legs, and pubic hair. She heard an audible intake of air from Laura when she was down to her bra and panties, and she turned her back as she undid her bra, prompting a moan of frustration from the teacher.

She turned slowly, hands over her breasts, slowly parting them, blushing happily when she heard a soft ‘ooh’ of appreciation. Once more she turned, and, feeling more and more confident with each sound of approval Laura made, reached down to slowly pull off her panties. There was absolute silence as she slid them down to her ankles, baring her ass at her teacher, and she gave a seductive wiggle as she stepped out of her white panties, tossing them in the direction of Laura.

There was a sudden movement and a deep inhalation from Laura, and Kelly felt herself get wetter as she realized her ex-teacher was sniffing her panties.

Kelly turned, lifting one leg illegal bahis in an arc, to give her teacher the best view of her bald pussy she could…

“Oh my God.” Laura gasped. “It’s beautiful.”

Slowly, deliberately, Kelly reached down, sliding a finger into her moist mound, exaggerating the pleasure it gave her with a gasp, brought her finger back up to her mouth, and licked it clean.

In three seconds she was bodily thrown on the bed, and in ten more, she suddenly found her arms and legs bound, fastened to the head and footrest of the bed, held by scarves of the same fabric covering her eyes.

Kelly found her voice, pleased with how her seductive striptease had affected Laura. “I take it you liked what you saw?”

Laura was breathing heavily. “That was exquisite.”

A pause. “Are you okay with…”

“Being tied up, and subjected to the desires of my depraved teacher?” she feigned fear, before smiling. “Oh hell yes.”

“Good! Now just sit there and relax. I need to get some… ingredients.”

Kelly laid there as she heard her teacher exit the room. As to what Laura would do, she was now unsure. What she was more sure of was that she felt unafraid with her. Eating each other out sounded divine. Being fucked senseless with a dildo or strap-on would be nice. Even being the thought of being sodomized, so long as Laura wasn’t too aggressive, didn’t give her but a moment of pause.

She truly hoped Laura wasn’t into watersports or scat, however, and worried slightly about that before the door opened again.

“Close your eyes, Kelly, and do not open them again until I tell you to.”

Still blinded by the cloth around her eyes, Kelly nonetheless obeyed. “Okay, they’re shut.”

She felt the blindfold removed, but dared not open her eyes. She wanted this to be a surprise as well, after all.

“Now, open them.”

Kelly opened her eyes and felt her mouth water.

Laura was nude, in the sense she wore no clothing. She wore instead a bra made of what appeared to be made of whipped cream, drizzled with chocolate sauce and topped with a cherry. Her pussy was bald, and she stroked and fingered it unashamedly as she climbed onto the bed, straddling Kelly.

“Eat up, my dear. You’re going to need your energy for what comes next…” she leaned in, offering her right breast to Kelly.

She began at once, licking and flicking her tongue at the breast, enjoying the taste of the chocolate, cream, and her teacher all at once. The cherry rolled into her mouth, and she grasped it in her teeth, rubbed it over the cream, and devoured it, smacking her messy lips at her teacher, smiling and enjoying the sensations.

“mmmmm… Go on.”

She cleaned the breast thoroughly, but paid special attention to the nipple, licking it, biting it ever so gently, and sucking on it.

“If I’d known you wanted milk…” Laura gasped, leaning forward…

And she smeared Kelly’s face with her left breasts, covering her face in chocolate and cream, the cherry perched precariously on her nose.

For a moment they both stared, Kelly slightly cross-eyed, before bursting into giggles.

“I guess you’re not weirded out by my little fetish?” Laura asked when they stopped laughing.

“Getting to lick your tits and getting whipped cream on my face? Sounds good to me.” Kelly replied, licking her lips and letting the cherry roll into her mouth.

Laura leaned in again, kissing and licking her face, fingering her as she embraced her, stroking her gently. Kelly kissed back, savoring the sensation of their bodies rubbing together, smearing the sweet mixture all over their breasts, grinding against the invading finger.

They broke apart once Laura had cleaned her face. “Now, one very important rule about wet and messy play is you never want sugary stuff in your vagina, as that can lead to a yeast infection. However…” and here she went over to the foot of the bed and pulled out a large bowl of chocolate pudding. “…this is special sugar-free pudding, meaning I can smear it all over your tasty cunt and all you have to worry about is passing out.”

Laura now gazed at her hungrily, as if she were a starved woman looking at a birthday cake. “If you’re getting uncomfortable, now’s the time to…”

“Pudding. On your pussy. My face. Now.” Kelly pleaded. The older woman deserved her share of pleasure first, and Kelly was determined to let her know that she wouldn’t be solely the giver of orgasms in this relationship.

Laura feigned a scandalized look. “You want me to smear chocolate inside my pussy and rub it in your face? Such a depraved, oversexed, wonderful little slut-“ she stopped, clearly afraid she’d offended Kelly.

Kelly licked her lips and stared at her pleadingly. “I was your slut from day one, Mistress Laura. Will you be my slut, too?”

Laura’s guilt turned to lust. “Of course. But you’re going to need training to be my slut.” Her hands were shaking with anticipation as she dipped her hand in the pudding, taking a handful and smearing over- and illegal bahis siteleri inside- her glistening cunt, forcing as much inside as she could, though some dribbled down onto Kelly’s stomach anyway.

“Ready?” Laura asked breathlessly, dangling her chocolate-smeared mound over Kelly’s face.

Kelly only licked her lips and winked at her, and she closed her eyes as Laura slowly pressed her crotch into her face.

Her musk and the chocolate drove Kelly into a frenzy, and she licked and sucked ferociously at first, slowing down to steady, slow deliberate strokes on her nether lips. Her hands still bound, she was forced to grind her face into the mess to get leverage, but the moans and gasps of pleasure Laura gave as she bucked to meet Kelly’s tongue made it all more worth it.

“Oh baby, I’m gonna cum, let me get up-“

“NO!” Kelly pleaded as Laura ascended. “I want- I need to taste you!”

Laura looked down, sweating from Kelly’s oral assault, with a mixture of shock, lust, and love. “Oh my God… I don’t deserve you.”

“Yes you d-“ and Kelly happily accepted the interruption of Laura’s cunt grinding back into her face, probing as deep inside her as she could with her tongue, causing her lover to scream and gasp.

“Yeah, dig in there, get it all out you dirty little lovable slut, eat my- FUCK!” Laura gasped, and Kelly knew her tongue-flailing had found her teacher’s clitoris. Determined to bring her to orgasm before she could change her mind again, Kelly lashed the spot again and again, nuzzling her nose into the pudding-smeared crotch, relishing how dirty she was getting, until finally, she tasted Laura’s juices in her mouth, her body shaking with release. Her ears were muffled by the pillow and legs, but she could still hear Laura babble as she came, and she licked up the ejaculate, proud of her work.

Finally, Laura was able to climb off of her, giving her a look of admiration. “That was incredible, darling. Fucking amazing.”

Her adoration turned to amusement. “You’re a mess.”

Kelly laughed. “Hey, it’s not like you gave me a spoon or anything.”

“Where’s the fun in that? Speaking of, it’s your turn.”

Kelly sucked in her breath, heart rate going faster, as Laura took out a can of whipped cream and chocolate syrup.

“Go ahead, teach. Make me the dirty slut you always wanted to have.” Kelly dared.

Laura smiled as she got to work, rubbing Kelly’s breasts before starting to cover the right with whipped cream in a spiral, working her way to the nipple. The cream was cold, and Kelly shivered, but the fact she would soon be licked clean made her warm and wet.

Laura switched the can to her left hand, and, taking a handful of pudding in her right hand, reached down to massage the goo into Kelly’s pussy as she sprayed the cream over her breast, making the younger girl moan and buck as the sensations of warm and cold crept over her. She moaned as she felt it ooze and squish into her, pressed in by Laura’s fingers and rubbed all over her crotch.

“No fair cumming just yet,” Laura cooed as she took another handful, caring not one wit for the stains on the bedsheets. “I want to make a proper slut sundae out of you.” She spread Kelly’s increasingly messy lips open to slop in more pudding with her fingers, and Kelly gasped as the sensation of her pussy filling with the muck brought her closer and closer to release.

Laura abruptly broke off her work to attack her breasts, crawling atop her, smearing chocolate as she plunged her face between them, nuzzling Kelly with such tenderness that she couldn’t help but feel love amidst her intense arousal…

…then she got to work licking and sucking, and Kelly arched her head back, cooing softly as she enjoyed the squeezing, licking and sucking she was subjected to as Laura licked off the whipped topping even as she smeared pudding around with her hands. She reached back, taking another handful of pudding, all traces of the whipped cream now gone, and began to use the chocolate treat to massage Kelly’s breasts, rubbing her nipples with her thumbs, drawing gasps and giggles from the bound girl.

In all her fantasies, Kelly had never exactly seen the first encounter between her and Laura being like this- but if this was what Laura’s fetish was all about- tying each other down and making a mess out of the victim before eating them out to orgasm- she wouldn’t have it any other way.

She was brought back out of her haze when Laura playfully reached up and smeared pudding all over her already messy face, making sure to get her nose as well.

“Dessert, massage and a facial?” Kelly purred. “You know how to treat a girl, Ms. Danason.”

Laura only smiled that hungry grin that made Kelly wet with anticipation, and winked. “Now, I want to do something else, but it may be a little intense…”

“Mistress,” Kelly said, enjoying being the submissive position she was in, “I trust you.”

Laura’s happiness showed in her face, and she turned, moving to her drawer, took something canlı bahis siteleri out, and turned back…

A strap-on. Not too big, but enough to ensure anyone on the receiving end would feel it.

Again, Kelly felt no fear. She’d already broken her hymen with a cucumber while masturbating to the thought of the teacher taking her, and she trusted Laura moreso now, after she had always let Kelly have a say in case the action got too intense.

Laura put on the harness, took another handful of pudding, and coated the dildo with it, making Kelly’s eyes widen as she realized what she was going to do.

“Ready to become my sundae, slut?” Laura asked as she positioned herself at Kelly’s pussy.

Kelly nodded vigorously, and her tormentor grinned wickedly as she penetrated…

One inch… two inches… the pudding alone was enough to drive her wild… three… four… seven…

“Baby, you took it all the way in.” Laura purred, hugging Kelly once she was buried to the hilt in her.

Kelly fought against the urge to cum too quickly, finally finding her breath. “Fuck me, please…”

“You’ve been very patient, my sweet slut. So your reward is to come as much as you want. And to help you with that…” she held up a switch. Only now did Kelly realize a cord from it ran to the dildo.

There was a click, and the dong buzzed to life inside Kelly.

“Ohmigod- ohmifuck…” Kelly could barely speak, her mouth a wide open “o” as she looked at her teacher with gratitude and lust.

Laura rocked back and forth, thrusting in, pulling out, the incredible sensation of the pudding and the vibrator’s friction making Kelly howl in mindless ecstasy. In only thirty seconds, Kelly was brought to a screaming orgasm as Laura ground her hips into her, pushing her over the edge…

…and she wasn’t stopping. Kelly barely had time to catch her breath before Laura pulled out one last handful of pudding, heaped it all at Kelly’s soaked entrance, and thrust in again, splashing the sheets with the girl’s pudding tainted juices.

Kelly thrashed her head side to side, feeling the oozing dessert slop around inside her was driving her crazy. “Oh God… Laura I love you…” she gasped as she arched her back to meet the thrusts.

“Oh baby you look so fucking hot… so fucking nasty… you don’t hold back, got it, slut? I want you to wallow in your orgasm, like the nasty messy slut you are! I want my sheets soaked!” Laura’s face was the frenzied smile of some sort of reverse-sadist, who got off on seeing Kelly in such intense, uncontrollable pleasure.

Kelly rose as best she could to meet the thrusts, feeling her second release coming fast… she tried to form words, but all she could manage was obscenities and screams as Laura plunged deep into her.

“I… I..” Kelly managed to get out, as her world started to go white.

Laura lunged forward, burying the dildo inside her, and took her mouth in a messy French kiss as the student-turned-lover screamed into her mouth as a second, more powerful orgasm left her a shuddering, sweating mess.

Kelly opened her mouth to moan as the orgasm’s aftershocks shook her, not caring at all if the entire world burst in to see her…

…and was rewarded with the dildo being slid into her mouth, making her eyes shoot open just in time to see Laura shove her face into her now thoroughly slopped crotch.

Mouth obstructed by the dildo, Kelly could only moan wordlessly as Laura used her tongue to dig out the pudding she had so lustfully and lovingly packed in, and as orgasm after orgasm made her shake and scream against the sex-toy, she tasted herself as fatigue took her…

Salty and sweet.

A girl could get used to this.

It was five minutes later that she awoke to find her limbs unbound, her body still messy, and Laura’s chocolate smeared face grinning at her, her arms wrapped around her.

“Mistress… thank you.” She breathed, pulling into the embrace.

Laura hummed happily as she snuggled. “You don’t have to call me mistress…”

“But it’s so fun…” Kelly giggled.

Laura groped her ass. “So you enjoyed your slutty teacher tying you down, and doing all those awful, nasty things to you, making you taste your own pussy…”

“God, yes.” Kelly sighed as she laid her head on Laura’s breasts. A question came to her.

“Where’d you learn how to do all that?” Kelly asked.

Laura suddenly tensed. It was obviously a very personal, very private question, and for a moment Kelly feared she’d ruined the evening…

“Do you know why I stopped teaching?” asked Laura, her voice very quiet now.


“I have friends in the adult entertainment business. Close friends.” Laura started, hugging Kelly close. “I’ve always had a fetish for wet and messy, but never met any girls who would accept it. Then… then my friends told me they knew a studio that did WAM.”

“And you did a video?” Kelly asked.

Laura looked at her pleadingly. “Please, please don’t hate me…”

Kelly turned away. “I don’t hate you. But I want just one thing in return…”

She looked her teacher, on the verge of tears, straight in the eyes, smiled and said…

“I wanna watch the video with you.”

Laura pinned her to the bed and made love to her mouth with her tongue.

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