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Tina and her mother entered the house from the garage into the kitchen after a long morning of yard-selling. 19 year old Tina dropped her mother’s bags onto the counter and rushed to the bathroom. She had to pee bad. Returning down the hall, she passed her twin brother’s bedroom door, finding it cracked. The reflection in the mirror on the right side of the room stopped her in her tracks. Backing up a bit, she studied the reflection of her brother lying fully clothed on his bed jerking off.

Always looking for an opportunity to rib or embarrass her twin, Tina rushed to the kitchen to retrieve her mother. Putting her forefinger up to her lips to indicate quietness, she slowly led her mother to her brother’s door, maneuvering her so she could look through the crack, whispering to her to look at the mirror.

Rita was startled and her hand went to her mouth to silence the gasp that almost escaped. The two women stood for a long minute watching the actions of John, hearing his soft moans and barely distinguishable words, but understood by his mother, she being closest to the crack and seeing his mouth form the words.

“Ahhh. Oh god. Fuck yes, mom. I’ll fuck your pussy good.”

“What is he saying?” Tina whispered.

“Come on, girl. Let him have his privacy.” Rita demanded, tugging at her daughter’s sleeve.

But Tina was not going to let such a moment pass. She skirted around her mother and barged through the door, “what’s UP, bro?”

John was startled beyond belief, desperately trying to stuff his erection inside his pants. Failing that, he grabbed a pillow to put over his groin. He was embarrassed and red-faced. His eyes were darting between his sister and his mother. Considering what he was thinking as he was stroking his cock, nearing his climax, his focus mostly fell on her.

“Tina, come on now and leave your brother to himself. I’m sorry John but you know how your sister can be.” Rita apologized.

“What! I was just reading National Geographic!” John offered.

“There must be some good-looking native gals in that magazine or were you just reading the articles?” Tina accused sarcastically.

“I don’t know what the big deal is.” John exclaimed. “Everybody does it. You know damn well you have?” He rationalized slinging dirt at his sister. “I’ve seen you!”

“He knows you well, Tina.” Rita joined in the accusations. “You’ve spent a lot of time with your hands down your panties. Probably still do when Don is out of town! ” She turned her attention towards her son. “Don’t you have a girlfriend to attend to these things for you?”

John dropped his head even lower on his chest. He was ashamed that at his age he was so lacking in his “real world” physical knowledge of girls.

“Mom, I bet he hasn’t even seen a naked pussy up close and personal.” She said with conviction, knowing it was so as John had told her so, causing John to look scornfully at her.

Rita could not tolerate her daughter picking on her brother any longer. She sat down on the bed and placed her hand on his left thigh.

“John? Is that true? You have never seen a vagina other than in a magazine or on a video?” She asked with motherly concern in her tone.

“Yes.” John replied sheepishly.

“My, my, my.” Rita sighed, sitting silent for a brief moments in thought. “Then, I think that should change. I am sure that your sister here would be more than happy to accommodate you, wouldn’t you Tina?”

“Like hell!” Tina gasped. “I work hard to keep the sneaky bugger from spying on me, seeing me naked.”

In the back of Rita’s mind was the words that she had heard her son utter in his lustful quest to ejaculate. She pondered if she should “feed the beast” by offering to show hers right off, but……..

“Come on Tina.” Rita coaxed her daughter. “I know you have a kinky mind when it comes to sex and you’re no longer a virgin. That surprises you, John? It would be quite a lesson to teach her brother. Sooner or later a girl is going to let him close to her treasure. He should at least know what to do with it, don’t you think. Now, be a good sport and get your panties off, and stop being such a bitch! John, you stand up and get naked from the waist down. Come on, now. It’s all nature. Kike you said ‘we all do it’ and yes, even me.”

Tina was not on who was raised to bark at her mother’s demands. Her body language shouted defiance but she began to unbuckle the belt on her white shorts, putting them down over her still girlish ample hips, stepping out of them after they hit the floor. Then went her bikini style panties. Her belly was a bit pudgy, her ass beefy. Naked together, güvenilir bahis mother and daughter were pretty much alike, except Tina had a more lust bush, Rita a bit more weight.

“Tina, sit you ass on the edge of the bed.” She assisted both to take position. “Now Tina, scoot back a tad and put your feet flat on the bed and spread those thighs for him. Be proud of that thing, girl! Look! John isn’t embarrassed at all.”

John was too curious to be embarrassed as he stood a few feet from his sister studying her pussy.

“Lift your shirt up a little bit, dear, and let John see your pretty little tits. Quite lovely and perky aren’t they, John? Nice sized nipples. Hard too. That’s a good indication, John. Despite your sister’s rant, she’s turned on by all this.”

Rita, now sitting next to her daughter, pulled her daughter’s right leg toward her, hugging it. She lightly probed two fingers through Tina’s forested mound.

“Now, any man worth his salt likes a good thick forest of curly pubic hair. Her mound – don’t be shy, push right here – is sufficiently meaty enough to act as a buffer for hard, rapid fucking. (chuckles) Grow up you two! You two are adults. Tina, as you can see has a robust labia, or pussy lips. It doesn’t look like a female baby crack. Now, look here. When you take your fingers and spread the lips…….there it is. John, drop down on your knees. With your middle finger touch that little reddish button, right there.

Tina jumped slightly as John touched her clit. “Mom, for crying out loud! John! Stop that! No! Stop it right now. Damn! You’ll get me upset.”

Mother and son chuckled as John continued to lightly stroke his sister’s clit. She pushed hi hand away. Rita added. “See, she’s wet already. A good sign.”

“Since we are having show-and-tell, mommm, why don’t you take your panties off and show him, what I’m sure you would call, a mature woman’s pussy.”

“Maybe in a minute, sweetheart.” Rhea replied, for she had other plans for the present. “John, I’m sure you have seen it done. I bet all of your male instincts are telling you to put your tongue to that lovely pussy. Go ahead, don’t be bashful. I promise you she will resist but for a moment. Go! It doesn’t bite.”

Timidly, John did what his instincts were indeed telling him. Instinctively, he wrapped his arms around his sister’s thighs.

“Ahhhhh fuck!” Tina moaned. “Don’t you fuckin stop! You make me come or so help me I’ll hurt you.”

Rita watched the action, standing briefly to remove her panties. She too was wet. Touching herself, she leaned over to take Tina’s right nipple into her mouth, sucking on it softly, then, firmly. John was aware of his mother’s action, removing her panties, and taking his sister’s nipple into her mouth. He noted a change in intensity in Tina. His firm erection twitched.

“Put your tongue into her hole.” Rita directed, sliding her right hand over Tina’s mound, her middle finger manipulating her daughter’s clit as John tongue fucked her. Tina’s ass became animated.

Situation aware, as his mother’s finger retreated from Tina’s clit, his tongue returned to take its place. Tina very much aware of the goings-on was rapidly climbing the ladder. The last few minutes, beginning with her busting through the door, all seemed like a blur, with her at the center of it all.

“Mama, I’m coming! Oh hell, I’m coming!”

“Yes, baby!” Rita encouraged, releasing her daughter’s nipple momentarily only to suck on it more firmly when she took it in her mouth once more.

“OOoohhhhhhhh! FFFfffuuuccckkkkkkk!” Tina bellowed as her ass lifted off the bed, John following, keeping his tongue glued her clit.

Rita was fluid in her actions. As Tina’s ass relaxed and dropped to the bed, Rita waved her son to a standing position, mouthing the words “put your cock in her”, while pantomiming the action. She pantomimed the words twice more before John understood and complied.

“John, stop poking me! Damn, you sexually illiterate buffoon!”

Tina reached to acquire her brother’s cock and placed it to her. “Now, dumb ass, push.”

John shoved his cock into his sister’s pussy sending it deep and causing her breath to catch.

“Mama, is this really necessary?” Tina exclaimed, all the while reaching to grip John’s sides to lever herself up to watch their coupling. “Damn, it’s good! But you owe me big time. Both of you.”

“Your brother is well hung, isn’t he.” Rita stated more than questioned. “Slow down a little bit, John. Enjoy that first pussy. Don’t let yourself ejaculate. That will really piss her off.” John did as prompted, but he stared at his türkçe bahis mother’s vagina. “You like what you’re seeing? Like Tina said, you’re looking at a mature woman’s pussy. Two children – 28 years of marriage – once, a demanding husband – having fucked in a variety of positions – you’re looking upon the real treasure, John.”

John was fucking his sister but he had lost interest in her female attributes. He was using her treasure hole but it was his mother’s pussy that had his attention. Once, he glanced at his sister’s pussy, but only for a moment to compare. The two vagina were very much like, except a thinner bush on his mother’s mound. But like his mother had said, her pussy was the more mature – more experienced – well used and broken-in – and, from his point of view tenfold more desirable. It being mom’s vagina was just icing on the cake.

Tina’s gaze had went from brother to mother as her mother had talked seductively to her son about her own pussy, all the while lightly fingering it.

“John, I think mom wants some of your cock.” Tina said, coming to a realization. “Go ahead. Pull it out and get between her legs. That’s what you were saying while you were jerking off, wasn’t it? You were fantasizing about fucking mom. Here’s your chance. Look at her eyes. They’re glazed over. Her pussy is there for the taking. Go.”

Rita was indeed in heat. She smiled knowingly as her son moved between her lifted and spread thighs. “You do it, John. You stick it in mama’s pussy.” John took hold of his cock and placed it perfectly to his mother’s treasure hole. Slowly and with intent, watching the head of his cock disappear, not feeling the resistance he had felt with Tina’s young pussy. It was much to his desire. He pushed slowly into her.

Rita sucked in a large breath of air. She felt a new and different sensation – one of ample firmness and length – and the bitter-sweetness of being penetrated by one other than her husband.

John placed his hands in the crook of her knees, pushing them back as he began to stroke into her with a moderate rhythm. Tina jostled herself into position so as to watch mother and son fuck. She watched for long, long minutes as her mother’s arousal and breathing increased. Tina was on an incestuous high and felt inclined to do a bit of teaching herself.

“Hold you cum and pay attention, dear brother.” Tina said as she reached to touch her mother’s clit with her middle finger. Rita’s rhythm increased twofold. “Oh Fuck! Don’t stop!” She moaned.

“You see what that did?” Tina said removing her finger from her mother’s clit, contrary to Rita’s wishes. She pushed lightly on her brothers back. “You could stroke inside of her all day long and she wouldn’t come. You need to get your shaft against her clit. Lean over her. A courteous lover will be aware of his weight, get down close to her and listen and react to her as to where to position you shaft.”

John resisted only long enough to remove his T-shirt and push his mother’s cotton shirt up over her tits, thankful that she too worn no bra.

“Good job, bro, very intimate.” Tina praised.

Seeming to be the natural thing to do John reached and grabbed his mother’s buttocks with both hands. Instantly, he was aware of his mother’s rhythm returning to the twofold increase, her knees ratcheting along his sides.

“I can’t believe we are doing this.” Rita moaned. “Your cock is wonderful. I never meant to go this far.”

“Save it mom.” Tina retorted. “Dad should be doing his homework.”

“Do you really like it, mom?”

“Yes, baby. Do it hard! Do it fast!” Rita commanded.

“Go ahead, John, fuck that mature ass. She’s ready. Make her come.”

Tina was enjoying the sight before her, her mother and her brother fucking robustly and passionately. She saw that her brother was able to take her right nipple into his mouth without breaking stride. It made her mother moan all the more. She leaned in to suckle the left. They fucked hard another three minutes. Rita’s body stilled momentarily.

“Don’t stop! Right there! Don’t move! OH, FFFUUCCKKKKK!”

Tina’s heart raced as she witnessed her mother having a strong orgasm. “Keep fucking her, John. Fill that mature pussy with your cum. Fill mama’s belly.”

“No, John. Don’t you dare!” Rita declared with alarm.

It came too late as John gripped her ass tighter, he, shoving deep into her, her, feeling his cock jerk numerous times as he flooded her pussy with his Jism.

“Oh hell! What have I done.” Rita wooed with concern. “And you!” Her sternness directed towards her daughter. “You, you….. Ahhh, fuck it!” Softening her voice güvenilir bahis siteleri and turning her attention to her son. “It’s all right. It’s all….right.” She comforted as she patted her son’s shoulders. “We are both on the pill and everything is going to be fine. I haven’t had an orgasm like that in quite a while. AND YOU!……’re a fine teacher.”

After a few long moments, John straightened himself back to a standing position, his cock still embedded in his mother and showing little sign of deflating. He began to slowly stroke into to her again.

“You like my pussy?” She queried with a smile on her face. “I know you do. From the look on Tina’s face and what her hand is doing, I think she enjoyed watching us. I bet she would not object to you two fucking a little more.”

Somewhat reluctantly, John pulled his firmness out of his mother. Watching, he noted a string of cum or natural lubricant stretch and snap. He stepped sideways a few steps and in between his sister’s lifted legs. She did not object as he slapped her pussy with his length a couple of times before, no help this time, pushing his glistening cock into her. He immediately let himself down on top of her and began a moderate rhythm. They were soon fucking briskly as their mother looked on, massaging her daughter’s left tit, thumbing her nipple.

Rita, after long minutes, left the bed to go pee. Her son’s bedroom, having its own bathroom, allowed her to leave the door open and sit on the toilet watching the two siblings fuck. She knew she had started something between sister and brother that, should they cease their bickering, last a life time. She could tell that the two were oblivious to anything around them. After a couple of long minutes, letting the cum drip from her, she left the bathroom and went to the kitchen to heat the tea pot. She did not rush.

Returning to the bedroom, she unexpectedly found the two laying side-by-side on their backs breathing exhaustively and only recently parted. She noted that her son’s cock, though somewhat deflated, had not shriveled entirely from the two orgasms.

“Oh, to be young again!” She chirped.

Seeing his mother come through the door still naked from the waist down, his cock perked up considerably. As she crossed the room, Rita took note also.

“Well, you look happy.” Rita said, stopping in front of her daughter’s still spread stance, sipping her coffee. “Look here, see what you did, John. You soiled her little cuntie. You’re seeping, Tina.”

John was not in the least interested, dropped off of the bed onto his knees and maneuvered behind his mother and began kissing and nibbling on her buttocks.

“Ouuuuuuuu! Do you believe this boy!” She chuckled, glancing behind her to see his cock standing at attention. “I guess it’s my turn again. Maybe a little doggy this time?”

The teacup was small and she did not hesitate to drink what was left, tossing the cup to the bed. “I suppose, I need something to keep me busy while I service this brother of yours.” She said, leaning over between her daughter’s legs, pushing her T-shirt up and prepared to take a nipple into her mouth.

John stood and moved in close behind his mother as she spread her stance considerably. He probed for her hole, found it, and gingerly entered her. He began a slow methodical rhythm.

“I think mama likes your cock a lot. Hell, I hate to admit it but I like your cock a lot too. I don’t think you are going to have any want for pussy around this house.”

John was soon popping his mother’s ass, sending his cock deep occasionally, with a determined rhythm. Rita had ceased to suck on her daughter’s nipples and laid her head on her chest moaning and grunting. Tina hugged her mother’s head and relished the thought of her mother getting doggy-fuckked by her brother. After an Olympic effort, Rita grunting and groaning with every deep continuous thrust, John ejaculated a third time, soiling his mother’s pussy once more. His cock popped out of her, totally limp.

Later that evening, each eyed the other mischievously during dinner as the man of the house asked how their day had gone. The three were informed that he was leaving town with the morning for a few days on a business trip. Mother and daughter exchanged knowing looks. John kept his head down and concentrated on eating.

The following night the three were in their separate rooms and all was quiet. Their minds were not on sleeping. Tina left her bed and quietly opened her door only to see her mother a ways down the hall tapping on her brother’s door.

“John, are you sleeping?” Tina heard her mother whisper after cracking the door, then, enter his bedroom.

Tina pondered whether she should join them. Instead she thought, ‘she beat me to it’, closed the door and went back to bed. There would be no more threesomes – only, first come, first serve.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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