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This story is a sequel to ‘New Year’s Kisses.’ As readers might recall, New Year’s night was quite eventful. What made it so exciting was meeting young Jeff Martin again after ten years. Jeff was my son, Josh’s boyhood friend. The two of them were the same age and inseparable pals for years. At least they were close, until an incident occurred when that completely changed their relationship.

Without making you sit through the details, they witnessed my husband and I having sex. Soon after that, their friendship waned and they both went separate ways. Since then, they have matured into handsome twenty-four year old young men, poised to make an impact on the world and break a few hearts along the way.

When I heard the two of them had recently rekindled their friendship, it was no surprise to hear these two eligible bachelors were moving in together. What concerned me was whether or not Jeff had told my son about the New Year’s incident. Although it had been one my most sexually exciting moments, there’s no way my son needed to hear how his mother was low enough to fuck his best friend.

Josh had been away at college and was used to living on his own for several years, so it wasn’t critical that my husband and I help him move in. I did consider it a show of respect, when he invited us to help him get settled in his new two-bedroom apartment. “The place is pretty clean Mom, and we should have most everything moved in, by the time you and Dad get here,” said Josh on the phone.

“Sounds great Honey, we’ll see you tomorrow then,” I answered.

My husband had to deal with an unexpected job crisis and couldn’t accompany me. I dressed for the warm spring day in a pair of white cut-offs and a white, sleeveless cotton blouse. Making the drive across town, I wondered if any of their girl friends would be there to help out. Josh had an on-again-off-again romance with a fiery brunette named Michelle. But it was blonde Amy, Jeff’s affable girlfriend from New Year’s night, who met me in the parking lot of the boys’ apartment complex.

“Well hello again, Mrs. B! I’m so glad you could make it! At least I’m not the only girl here, with these two studs prancing around,” squeaked the petite blond, in her hip-hugging jean-shorts and hot pink tube top. Recalling Jeff’s problems with Amy, I was a bit surprised to see the preppy little cock-teaser.

“So you and Jeff still got it going on?” I asked, as she grinned and took my hand.

“Oh yeah; gotta keep that one on a short leash,” she spouted a well-rehearsed line.

The shirtless guys were wrestling with an oversized sofa in the stairwell, when I first saw them. Grunting and bitching, they heaved the sofa through their apartment door. Tall, dark and sexy Jeff was the first to say hello. “Hi ya Missus B, glad you could make it.”

“Hey Mom, thanks for coming; that’s the last of it!” sweaty Josh echoed.

Watching their toned muscles ripple, as they placed the sofa next to a wall, it zipped through my brain what great looking young hunks they were. Amy gave me a fifty-cent tour of the upscale apartment; while I heard the guys crack open a pair of beers. When I asked about Josh’s girlfriend, Amy said Michelle and Josh were on the “off-again” cycle.

“Have a cold one Barb,” Jeff said, tossing me a beer, as Amy and I ended the quick tour.

“Don’t mind if I do,” I said, popping the top. “Hey, looks like you guys got a nice place here. There’s even a little room that would make a nice darkroom for you Josh!”

“Thanks Mom. Yeah, I think there’s enough room to set up my photo stuff. Well, I’m glad you approve – should be a great place to hose chicks, don’t you think?” Chuckled my blond-haired son, giving me a squeeze around the waist.

“Hey you, watch your language,” I reprimanded him and blushed, for appearance sake.

“You know I’m only kidding. You’re the only girl for me,” he schmoozed and planted a kiss on my cheek.

“Well, I don’t know about you guys, but Margaritas sound good to me – how about it Barb, err I mean Mrs. B?” Bubbled Amy.

“Sure Amy, we should celebrate and christen the new abode in style,” I replied.

The boys pointed us to where the drink fixings should be packed and went off to start setting up their bedrooms, while Amy and I mixed up a double batch of Margaritas. As we girl-talked, she apologized for her abrupt exit on New Years. “I’m so glad you guys were able to give Jeff a lift home. He was just pushing me too hard, you know, about the sex thing,” she admitted.

“No problem; I understand what you mean, about not wanting to rush things,” I said, pseudo sympathetically.

“It’s not that I don’t want to. I mean I really WANT to, especially with Jeff. I’m on the pill and everything. It’s just my Mom. She thinks I should wait, you know, until we’re sure he’s serious,” she sighed and downed two quick drinks.


“Yeah me and… my Mom, I guess,” she admitted reluctantly.

“Maybe that’s the problem,” I started, when Amy let out a blood-curdling illegal bahis scream.

I turned quickly to see the two guys creeping up from behind to shoot her with a pair of huge water guns. Like a pair of commandos on a raid, they continued to pepper her from head to toe with long spurts from their weapons. Seeing they weren’t soon to let up, she took off after Jeff, while Josh stood there laughing.

“Boys and their toys,” I shook my finger at Josh. “I hope she’s got something else to put on; you guys drenched her,” I concluded, hearing boxes falling and Amy’s shrieks from one of the bedrooms.

“I just hope…” Josh started.

“What?” I smiled.

“I just hope YOU’VE got another change of clothes!” He smirked and opened up on me with his water gun.

“Oh no you don’t! Josh, now quit it!” I demanded, as he took aim at my cutoffs, then my blouse. Wherever I covered up, he sprayed me in another pivotal spot, until I was soaked in all the strategic places. It was all in play, but with my blouse and white bra saturated, you could clearly see my nipples.

“OK Mister, that’s quite enough,” I said, walking toward my bare-chested son. He stood solid and shot me up and down. By then, I gave up on covering up and ignored the streams of cold water spraying me.

“Just letting off some steam, Mom; that’s all,” he laughed, trying to hide the gun behind him. Standing chest to chest with him, he played keep-away, as I reached behind him for the gun. As I moved my wet boobs against his naked chest to reach for it, he looked down at my hard nipples. “I think you’re the winner,” he whispered.

“Winner of what?”

“The wet t-shirt contest, silly,” he laughed and finally relinquished the gun.

I backed away from him, looked down at my big round boobs, well formed by the slick water and winked. “Never lost one yet,” I said, proudly sticking out my chest. “I suppose now you expect me to dance around and strip, like the rest of your honeys, hmmm?” I suggested and sprayed his crotch.

“That’s a great idea!” His eyes opened wide, as I shot his jeans over and over again.

“Well it ain’t gonna happen!” I stated and looked down to see the outline of his hardon forming. Excited and embarrassed at the sight of my son’s arousal, I ran down the hall into Jeff’s room.

Wet Amy was spread out flat on her back on the carpet, with her tube top down around her waist, while Jeff knelt between her legs. Still shirtless, Jeff had undone his jeans and was lowering them over his cute bare ass, when Amy spotted me at the door.

“Oh my God Jeff, there she is – get off,” I heard Amy whisper and watched her pull her top back up.

Jeff glanced back at me, smiled, but let his pants fall to his knees. My eyes lit up with a degree of interest, as he jacked his familiar ten-inch erection for our mutual benefit. Like a Pavlov dog in heat, my pussy wet with desire for it. “I don’t give a shit. She can watch all she wants,” he said and unzipped her shorts.

“Well I CARE!” Yelled Amy and scooted from underneath him.

“Here Mom, you can use the bathroom to change,” said Josh, tapping me on the shoulder from behind. Like a frozen ice sculpture suddenly thawed, I turned toward my son. He handed me a chambray shirt and a pair of boxers. I regrouped enough to say “thanks” and headed for the bathroom.

Closing the door behind me, I heard the muffled voices of Jeff and Amy, clear enough to figure they were in a heated argument. I pealed off my wet clothes and donned the dry, oversized denim shirt and shorts. I heard slamming doors and then an eerie silence, while I wrung out my wet clothes and hung them up to dry. I was working on my wet panties, I heard a tiny tapping on the door.

Closing my unbuttoned shirt collar, I cracked open the door enough to see who it was. A crack was all Jeff needed to force the door open, backing me against the wall with it. “Sorry you had to see that, Barb,” he said, closing the door.

“Oh that’s OK Jeff, but maybe we should talk about it another time,” I nervously suggested, trying to keep everything covered.

“Man, I don’t know how you do it,” Jeff said, letting his eyes scan my sparse but less than appealing attire.

“Do what, Jeff?” I asked, trying to secure a few buttons.

“You just can’t help looking sexy in any old damn thing, can you?” He asked rhetorically and pushed my shoulder against the wall to undo the two buttons I had just fixed.

“This is not a good idea, Jeff.” He closed in on me. “My God Jeff; Josh and Amy are right outside – now stop!” He ran his warm hands inside my shirt, fondled my boobs and kissed me full on the mouth. The deeper he kissed me; the more I pushed against my hands against his bare chest. It was no use. My desire for young muscular body overruled my sense of reason. I broke away from our sloppy kiss, leaned my head back against the wall and let his magic hands strip me.

“Just a little sugar Baby, that’s all, OK?” He whispered plying my neck and chest with illegal bahis siteleri kisses. I knew what he wanted and quickly undid his pants. Without the luxury of decent foreplay, I fell to knees and took his familiar ten-inch monster in my mouth. Grabbing my blonde hair, he forced more of his meat into my mouth and throat. A mix of his precum and my saliva gave my throat enough lubrication to take most of him. Pumping his hard cock deep in my throat, my hands gripped his ass, as I eagerly devoured him. After several minutes of intense face fucking, I sensed his tool start to throb and moaned to let him know I was ready to take his hot cum. That’s when he yanked my head back off his thick rod.

Like a wanton whore in heat, I glared up into his eyes and sneered. He locked his hands under my arm pits and raised me up to my feet and then sat me on the edge of the sink. Spreading my legs wide, I lay back against the mirror and watched, as he poised his proud cockhead at my pussy. “You want this in your hot cunt, don’t you Bitch?” He said, splitting my tender lips with his fingers. I caught my breath and turned all my focus to watching his long, succulent muscle penetrate me.

Wrapping my mature legs around his hips, I felt his formidable cock fill my slippery hole. My arms flew around his neck. With my big fleshy boobs crashing into his chest, I rode him fast and hard. It didn’t occur to me at that moment, how he knew he could fuck my pussy, without prior approval. I’d gone back on the pill for the last few months, but did he know that? “Oh, who the hell cares? Right now, right then, I had to have him,” I thought.

Jeff’s fucking quickened to a fevered pace. His cock raced in and out of my snatch like crazy. My nails dug into his back. My teeth bit into his shoulder, as an orgasmic wave rushed through me. His strong back and ass tensed and tightened, as the bathroom door swung open. It was Amy, but it was Jeff’s pulsating cock taking center stage. I released my hold immediately and pushed him off me. Jeff’s ferocious beast plopped out of me shooting long streams of cum onto my boobs and belly. She couldn’t have interrupted us at a worse time.

Poor Amy watched in utter horror, catching her boyfriend fucking a woman twice his age. With her borrowed bathrobe wide open, she was obviously hoping for Jeff’s appreciation. Instead, her frozen eyes were treated to the unnerving sight of his spewing cock on autopilot. Like Amy and I, Jeff too was relegated to bystander status, as white ribbons of spunk erupted from his raging hardon to cover my pussy. Her eyes finally blinked, her open jaw closed, she gulped and let out another high-pitched, blood-curdling scream and bolted down the hallway.

“Oh shit, OH SHIT!” I yelled, promptly shoved my arms into the oversized shirt and did a quick search for the discarded boxer shorts. Bending to reach the shorts, I felt Jeff’s cum leaking down my thighs and did a quick clean up with the shorts. The buttoned, super-long shirt covered my lower half, so I opted to pitch the unsavory shorts.

Jeff gave up any pretense and jacked off the remains on his surprise ejaculation into the sink. I pushed passed him and met my alarmed and confused son in the hallway. “Please Josh; I can’t explain things right now. You guys…you guys go have a beer or a swim or something. I have to talk to Amy, OK?” I demanded, in my urgent maternal voice. He nodded, as if caught in the eye of a hurricane.

Amy’s loud sobs emanated from Jeff’s bedroom. “Please Amy, Honey, can I come in?”

“Go AWAY, you – you SLUT!”

“Oh Amy, please let me explain,” I pleaded and turned the doorknob.

Lying face down on Jeff’s unmade king size bed, with her robe hiked up to her waist, she wailed uncontrollably. I closed and locked the door this time, warding off any further surprise interruptions. Her shapely tanned legs, bent at the knees were on full display. “Honey, what you saw in there… well, I’m sorry you had to see that,” I said, pulling her robe down to cover her sexy young legs.

“You are just a damn – a damn old whore!” She shot back, and spread the robe back open, more to refuse any gesture from me. Observing her rattled state, I sat down on the edge of the bed and smoothed away her long blonde hair. “That was supposed to be ME, not YOU!” She said, turning to face me. Her eyes blackened by running mascara, I glanced down for a split second to see her youthful perky tits and slim tummy.

“Oh really? So, you would have let Jeff go all the way?” I asked politely.

“YEAH… I mean, yeah, I could have. I don’t know!” She cried again, at her indecision.

“Well Amy, maybe I’m not really the problem,” I suggested, knowing she was caught between her feelings for Jeff, but still needing her mother’s approval.

“Yeah RIGHT and just how can I ever compete with big boobs like that,” she stated and ripped open my dilapidated shirt. “And look, you still have his stuff on you! I haven’t even tasted it, and you’re practically covered with it!” canlı bahis siteleri She said sniffling.

“Hey, there’s no need to get violent here! I’m running out of clothes as it is, without you trashing them!” I half-laughed to change the general tone.

“I know, so am I,” her eyes blinked a half-smile. “But just look how big and beautiful they are. How could any guy resist you?” She said, gently pulling the shirt down my shoulders.

“Jesus Christ Amy, don’t be silly. Look who’s talking, with that perfectly awesome young body you’ve got,” I said and pulled her robe open to make the point. With that, she lay back on the bed and pulled her arms from the robe. Completely naked, she ran her hands up and down her taunt, tempting torso, stopping along the way for some nipple teasing.

“You really think, awesome?” She teased and spread her legs.

“You goof, you. I think you had too many Margaritas girl,” I mentioned, making light of her naughty little girl sensuality. It was obvious her mood had changed and, like Jeff and who knows how many other unsuspecting victims, she was trying her cock-teasing style with me. As I attempted to stand up, she took hold of my arm.

“Oh please don’t go away, there are things I need to know,” she smiled and batted her eyes, before she yanked me back down to the bed. My elbow slipped from under me and I ended up flat on my back next to her.

“And what might they be?” I asked, with a degree of exasperation in my voice.

“Oh, just lots of things really,” she started and rolled on her side to face me. “Lots of things, you know.” She slowly continued and began toying with one of my nipples. “Like, how many guys have sucked on these big tits, I mean, besides Jeff?” She said and switched to my other breast.

“I’ve had my fair share, I guess,” I replied, trying to ignore her touch and the light, enticing scent of lavender in her hair.

“Hmmm, and how many women – how many girls, like my age?” She asked, lowering her face to my hard nipple and licking her lips.

“I’m s-sorry, what did you say?” I said, in a daze, my hand absentmindedly falling to rest on her soft warm back. Glancing down, I watched this delicious young creature cup most of my fleshy boob, raise it to her mouth and begin licking and sucking my nipple. “AMY NO!” I shouted and tried to push her away.

The little teasing minx was strong for her size and resisted, by clamping her teeth around my large areole. Squeezing and shoving more of my tit in her mouth, she sucked me as hard as any man. She was relentless at ravaging my mature melon, ignoring my cries to stop. I felt my pussy start to leak with desire. My hands went flat against the bed and gripped the sheets. My brain blurred with lightening visions of her doing all sorts of erotic things to me. I was treated to little fantasy vignettes of fucking her once before at New Year’s, but never imagined this would ever happen.

She switched to my other breast, applying the same forceful sucking, while my hand found its way to my wet pussy. My other hand tugged and gripped the first boob, as I pleasured myself toward another orgasm. It was at that point Amy tired and came up for air. Compensating for her retreat, I rubbed my clit harder and faster, when she raised her face to mine. “I wish you were my mom. There’s so much you could teach me,” she whispered and affectionately kissed my tightened lips.

I let go of my swollen tit, ran my hand up her silky blond hair and opened my mouth. Gently pulling her face to mine, I shot my tongue into her mouth. Surprised and hesitant at first, she meant to break away, but soon intertwined her tongue with mine and joined me in a passion kiss. “Mmmeee – Momm,” she mouthed, between our saliva rich kiss.

“Yeah Baby,” I said, before devouring her tender mouth again.

“Oh Mommy, teach me, Mommy,” she whispered, catching her breath against my cheek. I was ready and willing to play any twisted game at that point.

“OK Baby, OK. See Mommy needs to come She’s really close, but she needs your help, OK?” I beckoned. Young Amy glanced down my mature body to see my drenched hand massaging my pussy.

“You want me to touch you there, Mommy?”

I smiled and nodded. She seductively ran her hand between my legs and I moved my hand away. Her hand lightly rubbed and toyed with my wet lips. “Harder Baby,” I implored, but she was content to tease my outer lips. “Get up on your knees Honey; let me show you what I mean.” She knelt on her heels next to me and continued to diddle around my mature hole. I made her spread her tight thighs and began lightly fingering her sweet little shaven lips.

“Oh Mommy, that feels good! Oooh, I love how you touch me there,” she purred and stopped pleasing me, to wrap her hands around my wrist.

“Your pussy, Baby – say it,” I prompted and fingered her clit.

“Pussy? Yeah, my PUSSY is so wet! Oh God, you’re making my pussy so…” she gritted her teeth.

“Yeah Baby, and this is your clit,” I said, bringing my other hand back to feel my own.

Her back arched, as her head fell back. With her mouth wide open, Amy grasped her C-sized boobs, while she rode my finger. “OH SHIT, OH SHIT! Mommy, my clit is so hot! Like it’s on FIRE!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32