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“Uh,” Greg was completely taken aback by the gesture, searching his mind for a verbal response. Bruce took advantage of the moment, leaned his head to one side and filled Greg’s slightly open mouth this his tongue.

Instantly, the doctor took him into his arms, not giving any kind of protest whatsoever. He latched onto the man aggressively, pressing his entire body against Bruce firmly. Their tongues danced with the others in a sense of struggle for dominance. But in Bruce’s arms Greg was always submissive, yielding to the man whatever he desired of the doctor.

“Lose the gloves, Greg,” Bruce pulled back only enough to whisper to the doctor.

“Oh,” Greg detached from him, taking them off, habitually allowing the one glove to turn inside out. As he pulled off the remaining one, he turned the glove inside out with the first one stuffed in the palm. He tossed them into the trash receptacle between the bed and the nightstand nearby.

Immediately, Bruce slipped his arms around Greg’s waist, pulling the doctor as close to his body as possible. Inertly, he leaned his head down brushing his lips to Greg’s lightly producing a soft moan from the expectant man. It seemed to them that it had been an eternity since they had made love to each other. The remembrance of that morning he had taken Greg to work in the car returned.


“That’s was dern close, Bruce,” Greg commented, as Bruce was driving the doctor to the hospital that morning. They had all just had breakfast together when Peter and Maurice had come in.

The man sighed. “I just hope Peter hangs around for a long while. At least until this is over. It makes me nervous leaving you knowing Maurice is about.”

“I’ll be fine, Bruce. I don’t think Ben will let anything happen to me. You just be sure to call me once a day so I’ll know you’re alive out there.”

“Yes, dear,” Bruce teased.

“I mean it, Bruce. Don’t play that with me. I’ll worry myself sick about the three of you,” he fussed watching with a serious expression as Bruce drove glancing over at him periodically.

“I will, Greg,” he reached a hand to him caressing a cheek. “I promise.”

Greg took his hand kissing each knuckle lovingly. Lingering over them, nipping gently, tugging one finger at first into his mouth to suck on it lovingly – slowly – sensuously – erotically. Bruce’s breathing altered slightly at Greg’s tender ministrations.


With a twinkle in his eyes, Bruce lifted a hand softly brushing his lips over Greg’s knuckles. He wondered in his mind if the doctor recalled that morning when they had made out in the car at an old abandoned parking lot like teenagers. A gentle smile lifted the corners of his lips as he parted them, taking the index finger slowly into his mouth. Closing his lips around it, he sucked on the digit while he inertly slid it out. Taking the next finger in, he did the very same thing.

Their eyes were locked in a long stare. Greg was curious as to what Bruce was up to seeing the expression in his lover’s eyes. He knew that look. It had only been a while since he had seen it and might would have forgotten the whimsical nature of Bruce at times, except that he had known him for so long.


Greg grew excited at the change in his lover’s breathing. It encouraged him to explore further. Looking up at him with adoration shining, he inserted another finger, teasing them equally and expertly with his tongue.

Letting his tongue travel the length of both to rest at the apex of the fingers, nudging against the sensitive skin. Bruce let out a long throaty moan at Greg’s foreplay.


Bruce allowed the finger to drift from his lips before he inertly followed the length of it with his tongue. Pressing the tip of the muscle between the two fingers, he lapped at them playfully while moving the tongue back up to the tip of the digits, taking one into his mouth once more.

Greg moaned at the implications of Bruce’s actions. His breathing altered visibly, gentle erratic puffs rushed over Bruce’s face that caused the man to continue on. He moaned again when Bruce brushed his lips against the palm of his hand planting a soft kiss in the center.

“What are you up to, Bruce?” Greg asked, as if he didn’t know, even though the memory canlı bahis şirketleri of that morning had yet to occur to him.

Without a word Bruce grasped the back of the doctor’s head pulling him to him. He sealed their lips driving his tongue into Greg’s mouth with urgency. His hands then tugged at the shirt that was tucked into the pants the doctor wore, pulling it out. He began to unbutton the shirt as quickly as he could manage. All the while he continued to engage the doctor in the kiss, long sweeps of his tongue exploring Greg’s mouth fervently.


“Hey, when we get back, I’ll take you anywhere you want to go. You’re choice. We’ll make it a date.”

“Just you and me?” Greg perked then.

“Sure, babe. We’ll go where you want and do what you want. So, you think about that this week.” Bruce then moaned as Greg pressed his lips to the palm of his hand. “You keep that up and I’ll find a hole to park this thing. We’ll go at it in the back seat. And you’ll be late for work.”

“I don’t care at this point.” Greg informed him not thinking about his job or anything else at the moment.

He just wanted to feel Bruce’s arms around him, he wanted to explore and taste him, knowing that it would have to last awhile. Greg sullenly looked at his hands, not quite sure what else to say or do at this point. He was happy they were going to be safe and yet, sad they were leaving him behind. He was never indecisive, but he was feeling that way at the moment.

Bruce whipped the car into an abandoned warehouse parking lot. Finding a dark corner to hide in he put the car in park and turned on a little air. Without another word or thought he leaned to him grasping him at the back of the head. Pulling him to him he planted his lips to Greg’s.

The doctor quickly latched onto him half turning to him. He drove his tongue deep into his mouth enjoying the feel of him that almost seemed forgotten, even though they had relished each other the night before.

“You didn’t get enough of me, did you?” Bruce barely pulled away to ask in a whisper.

“Not even…” Greg half laughed.

“You want to take advantage of me, doctor?” Bruce teased.

“I’ll take what I can get.” the man scarcely returned.

Bruce pulled away stepping out of the car. He ducked, as Greg seemed surprised that he did and only sat there watching him. “Well, come on, stud.” the man teased, closing the front door getting into the back of the car.

Post-haste, the doctor jumped out and into the back. Bruce sat waiting as Greg climbed in moving quickly toward him. Without hesitation, the doctor straddled his hips, took his face in both his hands, beginning to ravish Bruce’s mouth urgently.

It was never the same, never grew old. His ardor for Greg increased every time they were together, every time they touched. He loved this man and would die for him. He ached to experience him fully, to feel him lie quiescent in his arms while he made love to him so very tenderly. He knew Greg’s thoughts as if they were his own. Being dominant was not called for at this moment, but tenderness was.

Bruce wasted no time at loosening Greg’s shirt and lifting the t-shirt underneath. His hands roamed his upper body licentiously. His fingers lightly traced the outlines and every detail of his chest and abdomen. They lingered here and there to tease with so much painstaking care.


When he had unfastened the last button, Bruce pushed the shirt off Greg’s shoulders; he grasped the bottom of the t-shirt, gathered it in his hands and lifted it up and off Greg’s arms. Tossing it aside, he led the doctor to the far side of the bed, where he deposited Greg on the edge of the bed. Then guiding him with gentle hands, he leaned him against the headboard, straddling the man’s hips.

Greg quickly reached to Bruce making agile work of undressing his lover’s upper body. When the shirt came off Bruce’s arms, he leaned forward laying another urgent kiss Greg’s lips. The doctor’s hands searched Bruce’s chest, teasing him with light, gentle touches. His fingers explored the hard muscled contours of Bruce’s chest, shoulders and upper arms.


Greg moaned at the feel of a nipple being tormented so very gently. His kiss became ardent almost canlı kaçak iddaa forcing Bruce’s head back against the seat. Another moan escaped him as the gentle fingers squeezed his stippled flesh even more. Then he felt the flat of both hands move slowly across each one.

It felt so good to have this man’s hands on him, to know he was restraining himself in anticipation of their release. And knowing the danger this posed to them all if Jonathan should be taken, while they loved each other. Greg sighed, making his final decision.

“Oh, god, Bruce…” he breathed wildly to him. “…I want you so bad.”

Looking seriously into his face Bruce moved so that Greg rested beneath him on the seat. The doctor recognized that expression on his face quickly. Without being told, he opened Bruce’s shirt and jeans as Bruce did the same for him. It seemed a tug of war for a moment until they were prepared to do what they intended. Bruce had come out of his jeans and shoes and now maneuvered over his lover.

“What are you doing?” Greg asked suddenly. “What if we get ca–“

“Shhh, don’t say it. We won’t get caught.” He then came down over him pushing onto him fully. His lips met Greg’s in a most passionate kiss. Exploring his oral recesses fully, he lingered there for so long. Fulfilling his need and the need of his friend and lover, he remained in his arms, holding him, kissing, touching slowly, gently, and riding Greg all the while.

Greg accepted all of him totally and without reservation. He watched Bruce through half-lidded eyes, his desire for this man overcoming all the problems they faced. This was the Bruce he knew and loved so very tenderly. The side that he rarely showed. And Greg knew that he was doing it for him, which made him love Bruce more.

His lips moved down Greg’s throat, planting kisses as he went. A hand moved to his chest beginning a new torture of an erect nipple. The finger lightly traced the areola, as his lips and tongue teased his flesh. Tasting. Relishing. Moving out over a shoulder.

The nipple hardened more under the care of Bruce. He lightly took it between a finger and thumb squeezing gently. A tug and Greg was trembling. And he knew it was from the combination of all that he was affording him.

“Bruce!” the man called to him suddenly pulling his body fully to him.

“Yes, Greg?” he almost laughed feeling his demise in the same instant.

Feeling the doctor arch hard toward him, he began to hear Greg’s urgent cries of ecstasy. The feel of him pulsing deep inside him flung him quickly over the edge. He pressed his lips almost right over his ear filling it with his labored breath and rapturous sounds.

The harshness of his initial release subsiding, the slickness of his skin underneath his hands, the gentle changeover to muted sounds of residual pleasure all were important to him. He wanted to leave Greg satisfied, content and knowing his love for him. He held the doctor gently to his breast; their combined breathing calming the other. Rocking them gently in the world they had created for themselves. No one else mattered in that moment. Time stood still. They reveled in their shared intimacy, knowing that it would be awhile before they would be together again.

Sooner than they desired, they were redressing after a moment of afterglow. Bruce jumped back into the driver’s seat driving the doctor to the hospital.


Taking a nipple between his finger and thumb, Greg teased it gently. The throaty moan that escaped Bruce encouraged him to more of these loving gestures. Lightly squeezing the erect nipple, he gently turned it letting it go, only to take it again and begin to tease it more.

Carefully, his fingers drifted over the ridges of Bruce’s upper body. He thought of how this man could always manage to be so gentle, yet the feel of such strength that had always been able to protect him and often be dominant when he needed Bruce to be. He admired the man’s strength and agility. His body was perfect in every way.

Finally, not able to stand it any longer, Bruce grasped the doctor’s sides pulling him down on the bed. Reaching down between them, he unfastened the doctor’s pants, tugging them off, he then ridded himself of his own. Coming up over Greg again, he took canlı kaçak bahis the doctor’s member in hand guiding it into his body. Propping himself on his elbows on either side of the doctor, he leaned down kissing him urgently, riding him slowly.

Now the memory of that morning flooded Greg’s mind. He realized Bruce was reenacting an event they had shared together, one that he cherished with all of his heart. It brought tears to his eyes as the emotion of deep love for Bruce flooded his being. His arms surrounded the man holding him as close as he could manage. Clinging to the very man that had brought such joy to his life, along with Jonathan and Tony, he wept as Bruce made love to him.

Kiss after kiss, touch after touch, giving and receiving, the love they share was unfathomable. Created in the years of knowing each other, distance had almost drove them apart, until Jonathan came along. If not for that sickly little man that had come into their lives that one cold rainy day, there would never have been such a love between them.

He arched toward Bruce, as the man’s body came down upon his member. Then in a moment of sudden urgency, Greg forced his lover onto his back coming up over him. Being taken into Bruce’s arms again, he was pulled close, knowing what the man felt deep inside. And for Greg to take the top was a moment to remember always. It wasn’t something he normally did, being as submissive as he was. And Bruce soaked in every bit of emotion Greg offered him in that moment. Drinking it in, as if offered the sweetest of wine, Bruce relished all that Greg was affording him.

Wrapping his strong legs around the man, he arched to meet Greg’s thrust. He could feel the urgency of the doctor’s need in the kiss, in the undulation of the man’s body, in every action that was being executed in the moment. Returning it, he savored the feel of Greg’s warm sultry kiss. He relished the feel of the doctor’s body gliding atop him, brushing against him. Their senses electrified by the static of their emotions for each other, fueled by the friction of flesh against warm flesh, they bonded once more.

“I want all of you, Greg,” Bruce disengaged the kiss to whisper into the doctor’s ear.

Greg moaned softly, pushing deep into his lover’s body. The fluent motion was slow to start, then became moderate.

“More, Greg,” he insisted. “I want it all,” Bruce almost demanded.

Greg had never been aggressive with Bruce. With Jonathan, he could easily loose himself in dominance and control, but never had been in that place with Bruce. It was almost taboo for him, now, to even conceive of being controlling with this man – after having been submissive to him for so many years. And why Bruce was insistent that he took that roll was beyond him at the moment.

“Give it to me, Greg,” the man groaned into his ear.

Just a moment later, Greg felt something brush his ear, “fuck him, Greg. Or do I have to do that for you too, doctor?” the whisper was breathy, but clearly heard.

His head snapped to his right staring into Tony’s mischievous grin that also dared him to rebuttal his claims. Narrowing his eyes, he pushed up onto his hands, gazing down at Bruce with an altogether different expression. Swiftly, he thrust into the man’s body, watching Bruce’s response keenly.

“Yes, baby,” the man called out his head tilted back abruptly. It was followed by a slow migration, as Jonathan sneaked between them, filling his mouth full with Bruce’s member. He worked it savagely in and out of his mouth, relishing the flavor, aroma and feel of it.

Tony eased in behind the doctor, his hands rippling over the man’s flesh with wanton desire. Eagerly, he explored Greg’s body while he ground against the man’s hips from behind.

“You want some of this?” he teased the man ruthlessly, with a chuckle.

Greg’s attentions were divided, as he rammed his way home inside Bruce, yet enjoyed the effectual touches of Tony’s hands, body and his incessantly teasing whispers. It had been even longer since he and Tony had been alone, not even considering they had been together with the rest of the guys. And how he loved the way Tony worked him, so perfectly, so brazenly, he was as much a god to Greg as Bruce was.

“Oh, gawd! I’m coming!” the howl lingered in the air, making Greg chuckle as he watch and felt Bruce’s release. The contractions were strong, causing him to lean closer to the man, trapping Jonathan between them. He felt Tony’s quick smooth entry, which was all she wrote for Greg.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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