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I see your toes curl and watch your body begin to squirm as you clutch the pillow, tearing into it as you claw at it. You groan as his tongue burrows deeper and deeper between your legs. I don’t know how much longer you can hold out. I can tell that you don’t want to give in and let him make you cum. Suddenly you call for him to stop. He does; but not before giving one final long sensual flick of his tongue across your swollen clit. Your pussy is dripping wet. I now see that you had in fact cum; visible in the thick white cream exuded by your twat.

He suddenly rolls over, his rock-hard member pointing to the heavens. As he does I watch, surprised, as you throw your leg over him so that you’re now straddling him. I watch you grind up against him rubbing his cock against your clit. You close your eyes as you slowly swirl your hips, a small smile coming across your face. His cock grinding up and down your slick wet slit. You stop. Raising yourself up, I watch as you reach down between your legs and grab his thick member. You aim it straight at your moist, freshly shaved snatch.

A groan escapes your lips as I watch you slowly sit on his cock. Impaling yourself on his shaft. I watch your pussy wrap itself around his thick rod. You bite your lip, eyes closed as you slowly feel inch after inch of what must be a least eight inches of him entering you. You pause once it’s all the way in to enjoy the moment, a slight grimace on your face as you feel the head of his cock pressed firmly against casino siteleri your cervix. Slowly you begin to slide up and down the length of his cock. Gradually you increase your pace. I look at your face. Watching as I see your enjoyment turn to sheer bliss. Your moans become louder and louder. I can tell that you’re close. Then it happens. Your head flies back. Your chest thrusts out. Your pace increases as you thrust your pelvis forward with each downward thrust. You scream through your orgasm.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!!” you cry each time you bottom-out on his cock. I’m suddenly embarrassed. “Oh God, yes!!” you scream. Never in our marriage have I ever made you blaspheme.

“Yes! Yes!” you continue to scream. “Fuck me! Oh yes, fuck me! Make me scream” you call. “Oh! Umm! Yes!!” you sigh. It’s then that you reach your peak. With head thrown back you groan followed by an ear shattering squeal as I hear your bodies slamming hurriedly together.

“Oh yes! God, yes! You’re fucking me so hard. Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” you cry. “Fuck my cunt! Fill my willing cunt with your cum. Oh God! Oh God! I’m such a slut for letting you fuck me. Don’t stop!!! Please cum inside me.” You shriek as your entire body explodes under the power of your orgasm. I know that his cum is pouring into your screaming pussy.

It’s around this time that reality begins to sink in. It suddenly dawns on me that as I was watching you vigorously drill his cock deep into your pussy; and I as watched the unmistakable clenching slot oyna of his cock, a sure sign that he was filling you with his seed, I occurs to me that he was not wearing a condom and that you have been off the birth control for nearly six months.

Although you’re exhausted, you continue to ride. I’m surprised, I expected you to stop. It’s soon apparent why. It’s not long before I watch you have back to back orgasms. You cum a second time. As you collapse on top of him I whisper that it’s my turn.

You know exactly what I want. With a smirk you climb off of him, a long string of milky white cum dripping from your freshly stuffed hole. You position yourself down on all fours. You wiggle your rear at me as a taunt. I pause to watch a large gob of his cum dribble out of your wet, puffy, pink hole. I anxiously climb up behind you, eager to fuck you doggie-style. With no trouble at all my cock disappears between your legs. I begin slowly sliding myself in and out of your dripping cunt. I expect that nothing will happen for you. This is all for me. But to my surprise, as I began to increase my pace, thrusting harder, faster and deeper each time, you begin to moan, soon it’s a groan.

I listen to you groan as I continue to try to work my cock ever deeper into your cunt with each thrust. You groan and moan. Not like you did with him, but I know that you’re enjoying yourself.

“Oh!!” you grunt. I know the moment is near.

It’s not long before we’re both cumming in unison. Our canlı casino siteleri bodies find the rhythm and we are moving in perfect synchronicity. A nearly inaudible grunt escaping your lips each time our bodies slam together. You call for it faster and harder as you feel that recognizable sensation of my warm cum about to shoot into you. Your moans become muffled. I quickly realize that he’s shoved his cock in your mouth and is working to get it down your throat. I can tell that you’re resisting, but soon he succeeds. You gag briefly as he catches you off guard; your lips are soon pressed against his body where his shaft meets his abs, as you feel his cock filling your throat.

I watch as he begins thrusting his cock down your throat. Do my eyes deceive me? It appears that your head is bobbing. Watching more closely I see your head begin to bob on his shaft; not only allowing, but welcoming his cock into your mouth. Your lips and tongue dance up and down his shaft as he fucks your face. I know that you’re enjoying this. I’m slightly jealous that I’m not the first to enjoy your oral satisfaction.

I continue to pummel your hole as I watch this scene. It’s not long before I explode, showering your cunt with my warm seed. It’s soon after I fill your twat with my cum that he grunts and your eyes open wide; wider then I’ve ever seen them open. He’s holding the back of your head, which keeps you from pulling away as he drains his cock down your throat.

We both collapse. Exhausted. Smiling. Looking forward to doing this all over again soon. I love family reunions. I thank your dad for joining us and soon drift off to sleep, looking forward to the surprises your brothers and I have in store for you tomorrow night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32