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With all of this hullabaloo going on in the news of late about battered women, I have felt compelled to tell my story. My name is Marie.

I know I am probably in the minority, but I am a woman who doesn’t mind being slapped around a bit if it leads to me getting a good screwing.

I have always been a woman who doesn’t mind giving a man a little lip if it’s in order. If I have been drinking a little bit I will get up in a man’s face, the face of my two husbands, and give them what for. When they were I live, I would antagonize them to the point to where they would lift their hand to me, threatening like. All that did was make me more arrogant and mouthy, until I would get slapped around bit. As always was the case sex would come up and I would swear they would never get any my pussy, which usually got me threatened or beat a little more. I know it was the alcohol talking, cause I really wanted to screw, but at the time tempers flared. My mind was set on not giving it up, while theirs was set on getting it – pussy.

I’m 64 now and in my younger years there were very few women being taken up for like they are today. In my time you had three choices – except the occasional smack upside the head (in my case I usually deserved it), go home to mama for a while, which I have been known to do, or fight back. I chose to fight back, literally. But damn, the makeup sex was awesome!

You get a man thinking about taking what he thinks is his and his cock will feel like a steel shaft inside of you. You won’t get a “Wham Bam thank you ma’am” screwing either. Both my men would screw my ass off, letting me know that they were more than willing to rape my ass if that’s what it took. A few good orgasms and I would become a kitten and love them all the more for it.

But all good things come to an end and I have been alone for the last 10 years. My men are dead. But there is my 43-year-old son and that’s why I’m here writing.

I was a good mother and rarely picked on my son for much of anything. The proverbial mother, my son could do no wrong. We were close and when he got married it bothered the hell out of me. I thought his wife domineering and he never seemed to want to do anything about it. She was continuously trying to get him to move out of the area. Who would take care of me if that happened.

I needed to keep him near – give him a reason to want to stay near – sex was the answer. But I was not capable of a subtle, loving seduction.

My combative nature took over and I began to harass his ass excessively, continuously accusing him of cheating on his wife with a woman in my apartment building, getting stains on his car’s back seat with some slut etc. or looking at me in an inappropriate way. Of course I gave him reason to look at me, as I began to dress to attract the roaming eye of any man I passed. Nat, my son, took me often to a truck stop to have breakfast. Boy! I got the looks there. Used to drive him nuts! As I did with my husbands, I did everything I could do to make Nat angry, always with a sexual connotation fitted in broad thought where it would do the most good.

Then one day I told a welfare worker, a black male, that I had not had a man in 10 years. You’re damn right, I was hoping! But, the son of a bitch told my son what I had said. We both had a fuming argument about it and when I got right up in his face, telling him it was none of his business who I screwed, I was certain he was going to slap me. I was disappointed when he didn’t, plus the argument left me horny as hell as it usually did when I upset him and we argued. I was anxious for him to screw me.

I will tell you that at 64 I can still have two orgasms in short order and three if I want to work at it a while. I love casino şirketleri to lay on my belly, putting my finger on my clit and flex my ass on my finger. It’s good stuff, I tell you!

Now for the good stuff! I know you’re are wondering if I succeeded.

Nat had taken me to the bank and I had mentally thought myself into a frenzy to sound sincere. Nearing my apartment building I spat across the car to him, “which one of those bitches at the bank are you screwing to get her to give you money out of my account!”

His face turned beet red and I saw his knuckles whiten as he gripped the steering wheel. “What the hell are you talking about!” He shot back at me.

I knew I had hit a nerve. He was in a bad mood, not getting any pussy at home, as he complained often, just this morningh, or whatever. In any case I knew I had my cat claws in him deep and I wasn’t about to let go.

“It must be the blonde bitch.” I accused. “You always did like a fat ass bitch. Does she screw you good?”

“You’re bat crap crazy! You silly bitch! What do you do, wake up and go to bed horny. I know what you’re trying to do. What you have been trying to do for a month or more. You want me to fuck you! Ever since you told that social worker you haven’t had a man in 10 years.”

“Don’t you use that kind of damn language with me, young man! I’m knock the shit out of you!” I shot back at him, knowing I had his goat but I honestly really didn’t like that word.

Pulling into the parking space, he opened his door and got out, slamming the door hard. I got out and followed close behind him as he headed for the entrance door.

As the elevator door closed, I reminded him I needed to give him some money for gas.

“Forget the gas money!” He snapped. “I’ll just get my coat out of your dryer. Then, you can finger-fuck yourself silly if you want to.”

How did he know? It infuriated me knowing that he knew that I did something like that. But maybe he was just pushing my buttons too!

“I don’t need to finger myself. I can have any damn man in this apartment building that I want.”

“So why don’t you have one?”

I slapped him hard. I got the expected response and a bit more. He shoved be hard against the elevator wall and lifted his hand to return the smack, but he stopped short, reached down to lift my skirt and grab a handful of my crotch. His finger jab at my pussy.

“You like that, don’t you?” He said with a ominous tone.

The elevator door opened and he quickly released me. The hall was empty and it took me a moment to collect myself, actually surprised, but satisfied with the response, to follow him to my door which was the first one to the left. The door was heavy and spring-loaded and he had no other choice but to hold the door for me. I walked past him into my small kitchen. Sitting my pocketbook on the kitchen counter I opened the utensil drawer and pulled out a butcher knife. I turned to him standing in the kitchen doorway.

“I should cut your cock off!” I threatened, pointing the knife towards him. “Grabbing me like that!”

“Fuuhhh! You come at me with that thing and I will take it away from you and stick it up your cunt. You must think I was doing and “Ostrich” all those years. I felt like I was watching a comedy – you and dad – you and John – all those years. Now, you think the same act will work on me!” He scoffed. “I’m not fucking you, mom!”

That word again!

I threw the knife towards him and he ducked to the side, the knife hitting the floor noisily. I was frozen in place a few moments, stunted at my action. When I rushed through the kitchen door I saw him headed towards the bathroom. He had to walk through my small bedroom to get there. When I casino firmaları reached the bathroom door he stood pissing into the toilet. I stood staring at hs partly erect cock. He did not look in my direction.

Again, I was totally unprepared for his next action.

“Maybe I should fuck you!” He turned looking sternly at me, leaving his cock out – it was firming up.

He closed on me and shoved be hard towards the bed and I bounced hard when my back hit the bed.

“Take your clothes off or I will rip them off!” He threatened, pulling his T-shirt off and beginning to unbuckle his belt, removing his shoes, jeans and briefs.

I stared at his nakedness and stiff cock. I knew the game was on and I was going to play it to the hilt. If I didn’t, he might change his mind that I couldn’t have that, now could I.

“You filthy bastard! You’re not getting any of this pussy!” Was my instant reply.

He caught me as I was half standing and threw me back onto the bed, lifting me completely, floppy me on my back. He kneed himself onto the bed and straddled my belly. I fought like a hell cat, but he subdued my hands above my head. I kneed him in the back to no effect.

“Heard it all before, you silly bitch!” He growled. “It’s from the playbook I heard so often. I know you really want it.”

He secured my hands with his left hand and leaned to his left side. His hand went under my skirt again, which was already partially up halfway of my thighs. He palmed my pussy and began squeezing. I began to fight once more, but I would be lying if I said it didn’t feel good.

I felt his middle finger slip under the elastic of my panties. I felt that finger poking me and then enter me. He was not playing arounnd! I felt my blood boiling that I was being taken and treated in such a fashion. I fought even harder, to no avail.

“Get your finger out of me, you bastard!” I shouted, knowing the apartment was well insulated and my shouting would not be heard from the back of the apartment.

I scanned the sky through the large window taking up a whole side of the room. They were uncurtained but there was no way for anyone to see mother and son fighting on the bed. The sky was a perfect blue, the sun beginning to appear over the far wall. The illumination was brilliant and raw as was the action on the bed.

He ignored me and fingeredd me slowly – defiantly – then his finger left me. He began to roughly strip me of my panties. First he had to get my skirt up farther and I fought him at every turn, but lost. His fingers pushed under the elastic of my panties. I head butted him and dazed him for a moment, causing him to release me, placing his left palm to his right eye. I scrambled away but he caught me around the waist and levered me back up. A short fight and he had his elbow in my throat. I literally felt like I was going to die and I lay still, defiance and hate in my eyes. In all my years, I had never been so treated so roughed and held immobile.

Slowly, taking his time, he began to pull at my panties. I was helpless to prevent him, finding it difficult to breath. He inched my panties down, victory in his eyes.

He had gotten them down as far as he could. I was not going to lift by feet to assist. He eased his elbow from my throat, pointing his finger at me not to move. He lifted my feet and pulled my panties free.

I kicked his shoulder hard and knocked him off the foot of the bed. He caught me at the door, lifting me, carrying me back to the bed, flinging me through the air to the middle of the bed.

My knees naturally lifted, causing my skirt to expose my nakedness and he was on me in a heartbeat, pushing my legs wide. I fought like a wild woman!

“NO! YOU WILL NEVER güvenilir casino GET ANY OF MY PUSSY! YOU DAMN PERVERT!” I shouted. “You won’t get your cock in me!”

“You thing not! You think not!” He exclaimed, as he swatted his left hand back and forth in my face like a child, confusing me like a child, as I slapped back at his hand with both of mine.

I felt his cock poking at my pussy, then, pushing into me.

He had won, but in reality we both had won.

As he reached to grip my ass with both hands, I ceased my fighting. An involuntary moan of pleasure escaped me.

He began to screw me like the victor and conqueror he was. His cock was long and thick and rockhard – a steel shaft being repeatedly withdrawn and pushed into me deep. My moans were plentiful. I listened to his labored breathing close to my ear. There was nothing that needed to be said. I only hoped that he would screw me long and hard.

Side bar – Nat

I had been played like a fiddle. She had gotten me riled up to the point where I wanted to sexually take her. My blood had been boiling for weeks. I was getting very little pussy at home and today had been the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Us, physically fighting had aroused me to the point where I did not care about anything except getting my cock into this manipulating bitch that was my mother.

I had my cock in her now. She had stopped her fighting and regardless of how victorious I thought I felt she was the true victor. I was in no way personally deflated though – nor was my cock. This day, pussy was pussy, and I was getting it. It was good pussy too, her ass matching my rhythm as best she could, locked in an all.


“Oh God! Oh God! OH GODDddddddddddddddddd!”

Nat was indeed screwing me hard and long. The orgasm was wonderful and he never slowed down, still pounding me. My pussy was soppen wet. It felt wonderful. And indeed, it had been a long, long time.

“Don’t stop! It’s wonderful! Please don’t stop!”

I felt the need to encourage him, but just for a moment. This was our first time and I had a lapse in judgment.

“Stop it! Get your dck out of me! Damn you! Stop screwing me! I’m your mother!”

“You didn’t think I would do it, did you! ” Accusation rather than question in his tone. “Well, you were wrong! I got it in your cunt now. I got my cock in you and you’re not going anywhere. I’m going to FUCK your ass off. Give me another orgasm. You want to come again. I know you do.”

I did want to come again. Ohh, how I wanted to come again!

I didn’t hate that word anymore.

“Let me up! Let me up damn you! You’re hurting me!”

My lament only caused him to screw me harder. He was stabbing me relentlessly, sending his cock deep into my pussy – my belly.

“OH! OH HELL! Harder! Harder damn you! I’m coming! YESSSsssssssss!”

The orgasm hit me hard, my body quaking uncontrollably, shaking me hard, leaving me trembling as he continued screwing me with abandonment.

I knew where he was headed. I knew he would not stop. I didn’t want him to stop! I wanted him to shoot his load of hot cum into my pussy.

I lay there passively. Passively with intent – intent to piss him off, giving him even more reason to soil my insides with his incestuous semen.

“You bastard!” I said with a harsh tone. “Take it. Take it! I’m not going to stop you! Take it damn you! Mark it! Mark it so no other man can have it!”


Happily, happiness I would never let on to, I felt his cock jerk once, twice, three times spewing his cum into my belly. As far as I was concerned, it WAS his from now on though I did not envision any loving relationship “after the act” like was present in my marriages. Any intimacy between us would begin with an argument. It was the only way our “”mother and son’ relationship could survive. So be it! Time would tell if such a relationship, ie, my pussy would keep him near.

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