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Aaron had always enjoyed acting, for him it was a way to escape real life and enter a whole new world, fully immersing himself into the character he was playing. So, when he moved away to university, the am-dram group was the first one he’d signed up to.

In his first term, the group had performed a play that he had only a small part in, but as the year progressed, the rest of the group were impressed with his skills, and so when the final show of the year was cast, he was pleasantly surprised to get a leading role.

‘Dark Secrets’ was the title of the play, and as Aaron read through the play, he started to have mild misgivings about taking part. The script was the story of a guy who discovers the love for his neighbour, and the paths they follow to true love. AS he finished reading through the script, he realised that he would actually be kissing his “co-star” in one scene.

Aaron was still not sure about his sexuality, finding himself admiring both guys and girls, although he thought of himself as straight. “What would it be like to kiss another guy, even just acting?” he thought.

As the term went on, the rehearsals for Dark Secrets went on. Aaron found himself enjoying the play, partly down to the rapport he had developed with the other lead in the play, Ollie. Ollie was in his final year, so a little bit more world wise, but the two of them seemed to click, and got on well with each other, both on and off set.

Today though, Aaron was nervous. Today they were doing the scene that involved the kiss. He knew that Ollie would be totally professional about it, but the thought of kissing a guy, even just acting, in front of other people, was making him nervous. As they ran through the scenes he tried to stay focused on the acting, and not think about the end of the scene.

Aaron delivered the final lines of the scene, after which, according to the direction in the script, he was to cross the gap between him and Ollie and pull him into the embrace. He finished his words, and with a final deep breath, stepped forward, towards Ollie.

“OK, that’s fine for the scene” Alex, the director called, “Onto the next scene.”

“Aren’t we doing the whole thing?” Ollie asked as people started to move onto the next staging.

“Why, you eager to kiss this guy?” Alex sneered at him.

“Well it’s just the scene says that there will be a kiss before the lights go out, and it needs to be believable for the audience to see the two guys care for each other. That isn’t going to come naturally.” Ollie argued. “Did you see how nervous Aaron was walking over to me? It’s something we need to practice to give the illusion of reality.”

Aaron flushed at the fact he had been so obviously nervous.

“Ok, if you want, then let’s go again with the scene” Alex said.

“Don’t worry,” Ollie said to Aaron as they reset the staging back to how it was, “It doesn’t mean anything, it’s just acting, there’s nothing to it, just picture I’m someone you fancy, and not some guy you’re acting against, and it will feel more natural.”

“Ok, thanks” Aaron replied, taking on board the advice.

The scene started again, and before he knew it they were at the end and he finished his lines. Remembering the advice, he steeled himself and stepped across to Ollie. As per the directions, he wrapped his arms around Ollie, feeling the guys strong arms encase him, and slowly their lips met in a gentle peck. They lingered together for a moment, and suddenly Aaron wondered why he had been so afraid, he felt so safe and natural where he was.

“Cut” Alex broke into his reverie, and the two broke apart, a small smile creeping over Ollie’s face.

“See, not so bad!” he said.

But Aaron didn’t reply, his mind racing. Although just a chaste kiss on the lips, and an acting one at that, for a moment he’d felt so alive, so needed, and it confused him. Was he attracted to Ollie? Shaking his head, he slowly moved into position for the next scene.

For the next week he couldn’t get his mind off the kiss from the scene. The feeling of Ollie’s lips on his, the slight thrill of charge as they’d accidentally brushed arms, kept going through his head, and he couldn’t focus on anything. He knew that what he was feeling was daft, that there was no reciprocal feeling from Ollie, he’d had illegal bahis a scene to act and had done it, noting more nothing less, but still he kept picturing them together again, random daydreams which ended up with him in Ollie’s arms again.

His focus was so bad, and made worse at the next rehearsal when he saw Ollie again, that he was completely useless, messing up lines and cues that it was if he’d never seen the script.

“You OK?” Ollie asked after one particularly bad slip up.

“Yeh, fine, just on off day.” Aaron mumbled back, not wanting to share the real reason.

“It better be!” Alex snarled, “The show is only a couple of weeks away, I’ve not got time to replace you, so you better get back in the game fast. Anyway, that’s enough for tonight, everyone back here tomorrow to run through the whole production.”

As everyone started to pack up and head out the door, Ollie caught up with Aaron again.

“Are you sure that you’re OK, if it’s Alex that’s getting you down, don’t worry, he’s all bark and no bite.”

“It’s not him, it’s just…” what could he say, that he was haunted by a kiss? He blurted out the first thing that came into his mind. “it’s just I’m struggling with my lines.”

“Really? I hadn’t noticed before last week, you seemed all good with them. Anyway, if it’s only that, why don’t we go through some of them now?”

“No, it’s ok, I’ll work them out.” Aaron stammered, caught in the lie.

“Nah, it’s no trouble” Ollie replied brightly, “need to have you at your best for the show. Alex – Aaron and me are going to stay and work through some of the lines, see if we can sort some of the issues out.”

“No can do, I’ve got the keys to the hall and need to lock up, not hanging around while you guys go through the scenes again.”

“Phew” Aaron thought, saved by Alex.

“It’s OK, I’ve got a copy of the key as well, as president of one of the other clubs I’m in, I get one.”

“Ah, ok, then knock yourselves out.” Alex replied, heading for the door, leaving the two of them alone.

“So, which scenes do you want to start with?” Ollie asked, turning to Aaron.

Aaron’s inner devil was shouting at him, telling him to say the kiss scene, but instead he named one of the other scenes where they were the only two in the scene.

“I’m not sure what your problem is?” Ollie said, after they had run through the scene almost perfectly. “you got that one almost perfect, not only the words, but the tones and everything. Is there any other scene you want to do, how about the penultimate scene, that’s the only one you haven’t nailed?”

“The kiss scene!” Aaron thought, why would he suggest that? “Sure, let’s go through it.” He said, in a small voice, mind already on the end of the scene, where he’d get another chance to kiss Ollie.

Slowly they worked through the scene, Ollie giving Aaron directions as they went along. Finally, they were at the end, and as Aaron delivered the final words, he looked across at Ollie, standing beside the bed that was one of the props for the scene.

Standing there, his tanned arms hanging by his side, the script clutched in one hand, he looked so attractive, and Aaron found himself almost drifting into how his character would have felt in this position. Slowly, he stepped over the Ollie, and as per the script direction, reached around his muscular chest, and wrapped him into an embrace. Ollie responded, and as before, they slowly closed the gap until their lips met.

Aaron felt a small jolt of charge pass through his body and let it warm him as he stood there, strangely enjoying the moment. The moment extended into seconds, and still neither of them pulled away.

Then all of a sudden, Aaron felt Ollie’s tongue, as the other man opened his mouth, probing his lips. Almost instinctively, he opened up to the other man, who hungrily entered his mouth. Forcefully, Ollie pulled Aaron closer, and it was as if a dam broke on their restraint, and hands were roaming up and down each other’s body, script discarded over the floor. Ollie’s tongue continued to writhe around in his mouth, and in response Aaron moved his own in time, darting it out into the other man’s mouth, running it along the smooth teeth, before entwining around the other tongue.

They continued in this breathless illegal bahis siteleri embrace for minutes, each trying to devour the other, hands going from neck to lower back, and back again, caressing each other through the fabric of their clothing. Eventually Ollie broke away from Aaron, and stood slightly out of breath.

“Wow, if I’d have known you felt like that, I’d have suggested we do this scene sooner!” he grinned.

“I, erm, didn’t know how I felt,” Aaron stammered, “But the kiss last week has been on my mind since and couldn’t get you out of my mind. And you’d said it meant nothing.”

“I was lying. Didn’t want to scare you in case you didn’t feel the same.” Ollie said, closing the gap between them again. Slowly, delicately, he lifted a hand to caress Aaron’s cheek, the younger man looking up into the dark brown eyes and feeling safe, like what was happening was natural.

Gently, Ollie kissed Aaron again, whereas before it had been urgent, this time in was gently, sensual as they explored each other’s mouths. As they kissed, Ollie reached out and untucked Aaron’s shirt, reaching underneath to run his hands along Aaron’s bare skin. At the touch, every nerve tingled with pleasure, the delicate touch sending sparks of excitement through him.

Gently, Ollie manoeuvred them towards the bed, and then slowly pulled Aaron down onto it, so they were lying side by side, mouths never leaving each other.

As they kissed, Aaron found himself relaxing, enjoying the thrill of the kiss, the gentle massaging of Ollie’s hands as they caressed him. Carefully, Ollie started to undo Aaron’s shirt, taking it a slow button at a time, working upwards until they were all done. He gently pushed it back, and Aaron turned to help it off his shoulders, until he was topless. The air of the room, or maybe the gentle caress of Ollie’s hands raised goose bumps on Aaron’s skin as Ollie continued to explore his body.

Ollie broke their kiss, and slowly trailed kisses along Aaron’s neck, causing him to shiver with delight. Gently, he kissed the tender skin, and Aaron felt wild with ecstasy. The kisses moved down until Ollie took one of Aaron’s nipples into his mouth. Gently nibbling on it, he ran his tongue around the sensitive skin, before moving over to the other, leaving a trail of saliva across the bare skin. Giving this one the same treatment, he then moved back up to Aaron, kissing him deeply on the mouth once more.

For his part, Aaron wanted to see more of Ollie, and so his own hands reached down and pulled at his t-shirt. Wriggling to assist, Ollie broke their kiss briefly to allow Aaron to pull it over his head, before kissing the younger man once more.

As they made out, Aaron took in the beautiful torso he was feeling. Strong, tanned arms, paler where the sun had not touched him ere reached over and caressing his own chest, which was nothing compared to Ollie’s. Gently, he ran his fingertips over the pecs, and downwards to the strong, hard stomach of the other man.

Ollie was taking it slowly, careful not to scare the less experienced man, but his desires were building. Slowly, he let his hands reach over and encase Aaron’s pert ass, pulling the him closer until their chests were touching.

Aaron gave a small moan of pleasure as Ollie continued to knead his ass, the feelings inside of him also growing. He felt his own erection growing ever bigger, and then felt that he was obviously having the same effect on Ollie, as their crotches ground together, he could feel Ollie’s cock against his own.

Taking the lead, Ollie, reached between them and carefully undid Aaron’s belt. The younger man stiffened briefly, but a calming word from Ollie calmed his worry, and let Ollie pull his trousers off, leaving Aaron in his boxers. Aaron could make out the outline of the other guys cock, and couldn’t resist. Slowly, he reached out and gently massaged it, feeling it stiffen and grow.

For his part, Aaron was in heaven, the gentle caress of his cock, whilst a shock at first, was hot as hell, and he made it clear to Ollie he was enjoying it, moaning into the other man’s mouth, and doubling the intensity of the kiss. He felt Ollie’s hand tugging at his waistband, and soon his boxers were on the floor, and Ollie’s hand around his cock.

“This is so hot” he canlı bahis siteleri thought, as the semi clad guy continued to wank him off. Suddenly, all too soon, he felt he was on the edge, and before he could utter a word, he came, powerfully jetting cum all over Ollie’s hand.

Shame, washed over him, what would Ollie think, cumming so easily, but he needn’t have worried.

“Hey, don’t worry” Ollie said “we aren’t done yet,” and with that, moved his hand up to his mouth, and sensually, teasingly, licked it clean, allowing the cum to trail along his tongue.

When they kissed again, Aaron could taste his own cum on the other man’s tongue, and whilst a part of his said that was wrong, he found it was turning him on even more.

All restraint was gone now, and he reached down, urgent now to see Ollie naked. He practically tore the other man’s trousers and boxers off, until they were both lying facing each other naked. Ollie’s cock was now free, and Aaron saw it was larger than his, and sticking straight at him. Tentatively, he reached down between their now sweating bodies, and took hold of it, feeling it throb and buck under his fingers.

At the same time, Ollie reached over, and continued to massage Aaron’s ass, licking his fingers and slowly running them over the ass, towards Aaron’s hole. Aaron gasped into Ollie’s mouth when Ollie gently pushed his finger into the tight ass, unconsciously tightening his grip on Ollie’s cock as he ran his hand up and down, almost instinctively as if his hand had a mind of its own.

Ollie was now swirling his finger around in Aaron’s ass, and the pressure was getting Aaron hard again. Gently, slowly, Ollie worked his ass until he could get a second finger in, then a third. All the time, their mouth stayed glued to each other, eagerly entwined. Aaron continue to stroke Ollie, his pace now matching the hand which was slowly becoming more up his ass.

Suddenly, Aaron felt empty as Ollie pulled his hand from out his ass. Curious, he looked at the other guy who broke their kiss.

“Do you want this?” Ollie said.

Aaron didn’t have to ask what this was.

“Take me.” He almost pleaded, wanting to feel Ollie inside of him, and not just his hand.

He lay there as Ollie quickly grabbed a condom and come back to the bed. Rolling Aaron onto his back, Ollie climbed between his legs, and stuck his head down, licking the rim of Aaron’s ass, which was now well lubricated and wide from Ollie’s fingering. Aaron was writhing on the bed as Ollie’s tongue continued to probe, hands digging into the sheets.

The tongue stopped, and Ollie positioned himself. Gently, slowly, he lowered himself down, and got his cock in position and slowly pushed. Despite his earlier work, Aaron was tight and he draw a gasp from the other man as he pushed. Gently, he pulled out, and pushed again, entering the head into Aaron’s ass.

“Fuck” Aaron gasped between breaths, the slight pain of Ollie entering him eclipsed by the pleasure it sent through him.

Ollie continued to gently push forward, entering a little more into Aaron. Rhythmically, he started to pull out and push in, each time entering a little more.

He could feel Aaron’s ass clenching around his cock as the young man took his full length for the full time. Confident that he was loose enough, he started to thrust forward a little harder, this time balls slapping into Aaron’s ass.

The two men were panting now, their voices blending together. Unfamiliar at first, Aaron soon found Ollie’s rhythm and started to push his ass forward as Ollie thrust, maximizing the pleasure for both. His cock was rock hard again and he reached down with one hand and started to wank himself, legs in the air as Ollie thrust into him.

“Harder” he found himself panting, and Ollie responded, thrusting with all his might into Aaron, their skin slapping together, sweat now dripping off the two of them. As Ollie increased in speed, Aaron continued to speed his own speed with his hands, and felt a wave of euphoria hit him as he came, cum stilling onto his stomach and over his hands.

This must have spurred Ollie on, as he increased for a moment, before grunting with pleasure as he came as well. Slowly, he pulled out of Aaron, and gently flopped down onto the bed, back beside the other man. Gently he kissed Aaron, before saying:

“So glad that we were able to have this rehearsal time. Hope it’s helped.” He joked.

“Not sure it’s helped with the lines.” Aaron replied, “but is should help with making the kiss look more believable!”

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