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Author’s note: Welcome to my latest story. This is only my second entry in the mature category so for people unfamiliar with my style a disclaimer. I truly believe a good build up in erotica is the equal to good foreplay in the bedroom; it just makes the climax so much hotter. So be warned I take my time and enjoy building the story before we get to the fun stuff. If you’re more into shorter stroke stories this one may not be for you. For those who are familiar with me, welcome to my latest tale featuring a fantasy that many of us, men and women alike can relate to; the hot teacher. So enough yapping, let’s get to the good stuff! Lovecraft68


I sat at my desk trying hard to focus on the book in front of me, but it was a losing battle. Although Rhyme of The Ancient Mariner may be an all time classic, it was nowhere near as interesting as Miss Ross’s amazing ass. Friday’s were dress down days for the teachers and I lived for them. Usually on these afternoons I was treated to the sight of my favorite teacher’s fine ass in a pair of fairly tight jeans.

Last week those jeans were accompanied by a pair of black boots the heels of which had to be four inches. They were fuck me boots if I’d ever seen a pair and I’d be more than willing to oblige them! As good as that look had been last week, today’s ensemble was nothing short of unfair! The fuck me boots had been replaced by a pair of black heeled sandals which were accompanied by a short black skirt that could really only be referred to as a mini. Miss Ross’s skirt fell well short of her knees and as she’d stood in front of the class writing on the board the sight of the backs of her creamy thighs had me hard as a rock.

The biggest turn on of all for me was that she knew it! When she was writing on the board she’d made it a point to reach up several times to make notes above her original sentences. Each time she did her skirt raised even higher. There was no way Miss Ross wasn’t aware of the effect a hot cougar like herself had on a room full of eighteen year old guys. She’d never wore anything this racy before, but more often than not her blouses showed a decent amount of cleavage and her skirts were tight enough to show off her well rounded ass.

At times I wondered if anyone had ever complained to the office about how she dressed, but then I figured, who the hell would? Hell my old man had been drooling when he’d met her at the open house earlier this year. Giving up on the depressing poetry and opting for a more pleasant distraction, I looked up to see Miss Ross was sitting on the edge of her desk looking over at the other side of the class. Taking advantage of her head being turned, I stared at her long legs. She had them crossed and the skirt had ridden up the leg on top to the point I could see a hell of a lot of thigh. Miss Ross was slowly kicking her leg back and forth and was letting her sandal dangle from her toes.

That move screamed sex to me and staring at her deep red nail polish I swore I would suck on those toes if it would give me the chance to work my way up. My eyes wandered up and I sighed in appreciation as the top was hot as the bottom. Miss Ross was wearing a short sleeve black blouse that was unbuttoned to reveal a red shirt underneath that was so tight her full tits looked as if they were ready to fall out. I licked my lips at the tops of her tits and the little bit of black lace that was showing. I wondered if she were wearing some nice lacy black panties to match that bra.

Miss Ross reached up and with a flip of her hand sent her long black hair over her shoulder. Another hot fucking move! Damn straight she knew what she was doing. Her head started to turn and I quickly glanced the other way. I smiled when I saw two other guys staring at her then quickly look down when she turned their way. I looked back down and flipped the page in front of me, giving the illusion I was reading. After waiting a minute I looked back up to see Miss Ross had stood up and was walking along the front row away from me.

I watched the slow swing of her hips and admired the shape of her legs. I wondered how those long legs would feel draped over my shoulders while I tongued what I bet would be a completely shaved pussy. I jumped as a ball of paper landed on my desk. I unraveled it to see it was a note from Billy.

“Christ she’s hot today! Hey, you going to volunteer to lead the discussion group on this bucket of suck tomorrow, you ass kisser?

Crumbling up the note and shoving it in my pocket, I grabbed a piece of paper and scribbled, “Damn straight I’d kiss her ass, and lick it. Hell I’d spread it open and give her a fucking rimjob! I’d even suck her damn toes if she wanted me too! Fucking cocktease!”

I folded the note and reaching out, flipped it onto Billy’s desk. He reached for it, but jerked back as Miss Ross who had apparently been standing behind us, picked it up from his desk. Holding it in her hand she walked to the front of my desk. I sat in the front-all the better to ogle her all year-and now standing casino siteleri in front of the entire class Miss Ross held up the note and said loudly.

“Well class, it appears that Todd is so excited about this poem that he’s sharing his notes about it with Billy.”

As the class laughed and waited expectantly for Miss Ross to further embarrass me, I felt a growing knot in my stomach. Looking up into those big brown eyes that I had envisioned looking up at me from her knees so many times, I swallowed hard and tried to look calm.

“So,” she said with a smile, “Shall we see what pearls of wisdom Todd has come up with?”

There was more laughing and some clapping from behind me and closing my eyes, I thought please just be kidding. If she read that note I was seriously fucked. I’d spent too much time screwing around senior year and because some of my other grades had dipped needed to pass this class top graduate. That note could get me flunked! Never mind the shit I’d catch from my parents when my stupid ass got suspended.

“Very well, let’s see what we got here!” Miss Ross nodded.

“Please Miss Ross,” I began softly, “Don’t”

“You don’t have to beg Todd,” She laughed, “I’ll be more than happy to read this for you!”

There was more laughter from behind me and the knot in my stomach turned into a sharp twisting sensation as she unfolded the note. Miss Ross gave me a wink and after making a show of clearing her throat, brought the note up before her eyes.

“So Todd says, Damn straight, I…” she trailed off and her eyes widened as she read the rest to herself. She lowered the note and no longer smiling, stared down at me. “Really Todd?” She asked, “That’s what you think?”

“I…I’m so sorry M…Miss Ross.” I stammered.

The class had now grown quiet and I felt like sliding down under my desk as her eyes bored into mine.

“No, not yet you’re not.” She said quietly.

Crumpling up the note she dropped it onto my desk and said, “You will stay in your seat when the bell rings Todd, you and I need to have a little talk.”

I could feel the heat in my face as I blushed furiously and slumping down in my seat managed to whisper. “Y…yes ma’am.”

I sat there with my head down staring at the book in front of me, but not seeing the words. Holy shit was I in trouble! The note was still on my desk in a ball and part f me wondered why she had given it back to me. I figured she would have wanted to show it to the principle or my parents. I wanted to take it and shove it in my pocket, but was afraid of her seeing me. After a couple of minutes I risked a glance at her and froze when I saw her sitting on the edge of her desk again and staring directly at me. I put my head down and almost jumped out of my seat when the bell rang.

The other students all filed out of the classroom and leaning over to me, Billy whispered, “Good luck man!” and quickly headed out. When it was just the two of us, Miss Ross said quietly, “Go lock the door.”

“E…excuse me?” I asked.

“I said lock the door. I don’t want to be disturbed during this conversation.”

“Okay.” I answered softly and getting up walked over to the door and thumbed the button to lock it.

As I walked back towards my desk, I could feel my legs shaking.

“Don’t sit down Todd, come over here.”

I did as she asked and walking over to her desk stood in front of her. Miss Ross stared at me and unable to hold her gaze, I lowered my eyes and found myself staring at her impressive chest.

“Like what you see Todd?”

“Huh?” I snapped my head up, “I…”

“As much trouble as you’re in, and you’re still gawking at me?” She asked.

“No, I….”

“Well here, let me help you out.”

Grabbing her blouse, Miss Ross slid it off her shoulders and removed it. The shirt beneath was sleeveless and as I took in the smooth skin of her shoulders, she shoved her chest out at me.

“There you go, Todd, get a good long look at them.” She shook her head, “Is that what you do all during class? Stare and think about fucking me?”

“I…” hearing her say fucking stunned me and I resorted to shaking my head again.

“Really?” she cocked her eyebrows, “That note would indicate otherwise.”

“Well I…uh… I’m sorry.”

“Why?” she asked.

“Well because….”

“Why should a young man feel sorry for looking at an attractive woman?”

“I…shouldn’t I?” I put my hands out.

“Nope.” She answered, “I’m flattered that you look.” She gave me a nasty little smirk, “I know you do, I know all the boys do and I love it.”

“You do?”

“I do, I mean after all,” Grabbing the top of her shirt she pulled it down to expose more of her cleavage, “Isn’t that what I am; a fucking cock tease?”

“I was just um…” I stopped as she placed her finger to my lips.

“See that’s the problem here Todd. Looking is fine, fantasizing is fine, but saying crude nasty things about me is where you were wrong today.”

“I’m sorry Miss slot oyna Ross.” I said more firmly this time. “I know I was wrong, but could you maybe not tell…”

“You are wrong.” She nodded. “How do you know I’m a tease? That’s an assumption made by men who know they’ll never get a woman so they say they’re teases. It’s a very petty misleading statement. Never mind harsh and hurtful.”

I started to answer, but stopped when she slid off the desk to stand in front of me. In her heels she was almost as tall as me and her eyes were only inches from mine.

“You know how much trouble you can get into for this, don’t you Todd?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Well I suggest that you start doing some serious ass kissing if you don’t want me to say anything.”

“What…what do you want me to do?” I asked, confused, but relieved that I might have a shot at getting out of this.

“I just told you.” Miss Ross said, “Start kissing my ass.”

She turned around so that her back was to me and seemed to be waiting. I stood there unsure of what to do and looking over her shoulder she said, “Well?”


“Get on your knees Todd.”

“What?” I asked, my eyes wide.

“You can’t very well kiss my ass while you’re standing now can you?”

Reaching back Miss Ross grabbed her skirt and as I watched stunned, lifted it up over her hips.

“Damn.” I said softly as I stared at her perfectly rounded ass.

Miss Ross was wearing a black thong that was little more than a string and showed off both of the cheeks of her ass.

“Start kissing Todd.” She said softly. “Get on your knees and do just what you wrote in that cute little note of yours. Tell you what; you do a good job and this stays between us.”

“Y…yes ma’am!” I exclaimed.

Dropping to my knees so quickly I banged them hard on the floor, I placed my hands on her hips and began kissing her left ass cheek.

“There you go.” She sighed, “Show me how much you want my ass.”

I began not only kissing, but licking and sucking her warm firm ass and sliding my hands down, started fondling it as well. I trailed my tongue down her ass and began sucking on the bottom of her cheek. Miss Ross started to wiggle her ass back and forth and I was aware of a painful throbbing in my jeans where my hard cock was bent at an angle.

“Pull my thong over and spread that ass Todd, just like you said you would!”

Grabbing her thong I pulled it from between her cheeks and sliding it to the side stopped and admired the sight of her smooth pink pussy peeking out at me from between her thighs. I felt something brush my hand and saw that Miss Ross had reached back and grabbing her ass, spread her cheeks wide open for me.

“Go ahead Todd, give me that rim job you wrote about.”

I licked my lips and leaning forward, eagerly stuck my tongue into my teacher’s asshole. She emitted a squeal that caused a shiver to run through my aching dick. I teased my tongue around her rosebud, and then growing bolder pushed it into her ass.

“Oooh, you weren’t kidding were you?” she asked as she shoved her ass back into my face. “You do like that ass!”

I removed my tongue and taking a chance she wouldn’t care slid my tongue down and plunged it into her pussy. Miss Ross cried out and I moaned at the taste of her in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around inside her and then slowly slid it up through her wet lips until I found her hard clit.

“Stop.” Miss Ross snapped and I reluctantly did as she said, sitting back and removing my tongue from her delicious pussy.

Standing, she turned around and sitting on the desk, said, “Take that shirt off.”

I yanked the t-shirt up and over my head so quickly I heard it rip, but could care less. As soon as I tossed it to the side, Miss Ross raised her legs and placing her soft feet on my shoulders reached down and spread her pussy open for me.

“Come and get it Todd, let me watch my hottest student lick my pretty pussy.”

I just about dove into her pussy. Placing my hand son those firm creamy thighs, I fastened my lips to her clit and began gently sucking it into my mouth. Miss Ross placed her hand on my head and as she began playing with my thick black hair, said, “Look up at me Todd, let me see those big blue eyes while you eat me.”

I looked up into her eyes and saw that they were wide and bright. There was a look on her face that was one of pure lust and again my cock fought for release. I started swirling my tongue around her pussy and as she moaned she reached up and pulled her shirt and bra down far enough to cause her huge tits to pop out. While I continued tonguing the pussy I’d been stroking to for two years, she cupped her tits and started playing with her hard pink nipples. She sighed softly and spurred on by that sexy sound I brought my hand up and slid two fingers into her wet and very hot pussy.

“You are a good student aren’t you Todd?” she purred as I started pumping them in and out of her.

“Yes ma’am.” I whispered around her clit.

“Well canlı casino siteleri good students should get rewarded shouldn’t they?” she asked.

“Whatever you say Miss Ross.” I answered in between sucking her clit into my mouth.

“Good answer!” she cooed, “Now stand up so I can give you something a lot better than a gold star!”

As much as I was enjoying her pussy I had no qualms about standing up, hoping she was thinking what I was thinking. I had no worries as the second I was on my feet; Miss Ross slid off the desk, onto her knees and immediately unsnapped my jeans. Looking up at me she licked her full red lips and as she pulled my dripping prick out, smiled,

“So tell me, Todd, am I a tease?”

“No…no ma’am.” I moaned a she slowly pumped my cock in her hand.

The sight of her long slender fingers around my swollen cock was incredible, although it quickly became a second thought as she lowered her mouth to my oozing tip. Looking up at me, she said softly, “Tell me what you want.”

“Miss Ross would you….” I swallowed, “Suck my cock?”

“This beautiful cock?” she asked, “This nice young hard cock?” she blew on the tip causing my hips to twitch, “I’d love to, Todd, know why?”


“Because I love sucking young hard cocks and I’m going to swallow every fucking drop!”

“Oh goddamn.” I moaned as her tongue flicked across my cock.

“That’s right Todd, I am going to give you the longest hottest blow job you ever had, and then after you suck me off I am going to let you fuck the shit out of me right over my desk!”

“T…thank you Miss Ross.” I moaned.

It sounded lame, but she giggled, “I like that! Very respectful, now where were we?” she again teased her soft wet tongue around the head of my cock. “That’s right I was going to blow you!”

Miss Ross opened her mouth wide and lowering her mouth wrapped her lips around the tip of my cock and started to….

I jumped as my cell phone rang next to me.

“Shit!” I exclaimed as I picked it up, I’d been on a roll!

“Yeah?” I answered.

“Hey Todd its Kim, what’re you up to?”

“Just doing some writing.” I answered as I leaned back in my chair away from the keyboard.

As I did I became aware of the throbbing erection between my legs. As always I wondered if other people who wrote erotica got turned on by their own work. Then again I didn’t always; usually it was when I was working with my favorite subject matter, Miss Ross.

“Good!” Kim exclaimed, “That’s why I was calling, to make sure your flighty ass remembered that our final story for Miss Ross’s writing circle is due tomorrow.”

Oh, fuck me! I thought, I had to have that e-mailed off to Miss Ross before midnight tonight. Out loud I answered, “Nope, I actually remembered this time.”

“I’m glad.” Kim said, “You’re always late and I don’t get it, you’re stories are really good.” She paused then added, “They’re always my favorites in the group.”

“Thank you.” I said with a smile.

I was pretty sure I was Kim’s favorite in general and had been thinking of asking her out. Kim was a pretty petite little blond who was as sweet as she was cute. I’d been holding back because lately I’d been obsessed with older women. Miss Ross in particular, but she was only a fantasy, there were however quite a few older women who came into the restaurant I waited tables at and I swore some of them were flirting with me. I’d been writing about cougars for the last year now and was dying for the actual experience.

Because I was raised not to be a player or dog as my old man put it, I wouldn’t fool around with one if I had a girlfriend so was stalling on dating in hopes of landing some older sex crazed Milf.

“It’s true.” Kim said, bringing me back. “You’re a good writer; I think you could do it for a living if you wanted to.”

‘Don’t know about that.” I told her, “Thanks for thinking of me tonight Kim, I appreciate it.”

“That’s okay,” she giggled, “I like thinking about you.”

Well that was pretty blatant. Frowning, I tried to think of a way to brush her off, but couldn’t come up with much and went with,

“I like that you like that! Well listen, I really have to clean this thing up so I’ll see you on Sunday at Miss Ross’s?”

“I’ll be there.” She replied. I was getting ready to say good bye when she added, “Hey Todd we’re having a cook out Sunday at my house, want to come over with me after the group?”

“Uh…yeah sure.” I told her.

Not sure I wanted to go down that path, but didn’t want to be an asshole to her either.

“Great! See you then!”

She hung up and putting the phone down, I sighed and thought about jerking off. Usually my pattern was to write my stories while horny because it made the sex hotter. Now however, I was going to have to shelve my latest nasty little piece currently dubbed “After School Special” and get to work finishing the lame horror piece I was doing for the group. Maybe I would take a few minutes and watch some porn, get off and get to work. Of course I could always just close my eyes and think of Kim. In fact it was getting pretty obvious that I could do more than spank it to her, she was giving some pretty clear signals.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32