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The next four weeks were a blur of busy; but one thing was sure, Paige had a new friend, and it was for life. She had lunch with Marie two or three times per week, and they shared everything as best friends do. Their relationship seemed to reach the point where Marie felt like family…BUT. That “but” was huge; even in their most mundane discussions of life, family, work, etc; Paige was conscious of the erotic undercurrent between them. Things were coming to a head, and soon. Finally on one Saturday she was giving Jamie some early lunch. Sophie and Olivia were gone swimming with some school friends; her mother had taken Jimmy with her to Springfield because she wanted some company.

Just as Jamie spilled her milk, the phone rang; Paige was trying to keep it from running onto the floor, so she let the answering machine pick it up.

It was Marie, “Hey girl! Michelle wants Jamie to come over to play…you busy?”

Ten minutes later they were walking down the block. Jamie had brought her crayons and markers; she was way into coloring at this point, and mommy wanted her to do something quiet before her nap. The two girls got busy right away; the women went to the kitchen and poured some iced tea. As Paige followed Marie out to the sofa, something went off in her head. Marie was barefoot and her outfit was a pair of black, compression work-out shorts and a peach T-back workout shirt. Clearly she wasn’t wearing a bra because her nipples were hard and pointed, and the shirt put them on display. That something in her head stirred her unbearably; but she fought to push it off. She had felt this several times before but circumstances never seemed to line up.

As they sat down, Marie sighed, “Wow, what a rough week; I just had to take a day off. It’s been a “zoo” over there!”

Paige laughed at the intended pun, Marie was grinning. “You make me laugh all the time, Marie! How in the world do you do that? You’re not even that funny!”

Marie did her usual slap-on-the-arm as she always did when she was amused. “It’s a gift, girl! I’m always funny when I’m not!”

“Huh? You’re never funny!”

Marie took a sip of her tea and smiled, “Then why are you always laughing when you say that?”

“Because you’re silly, very silly!”

“I’m not silly, I AM sexy though!”

“Who said you’re sexy?”

“Everyone says it, Robert said it the other day. Don’t you think I’m sexy?”

Paige didn’t answer immediately; she paused and looked at Marie. Her friend was sitting sideways on the sofa with one leg curled up under her. Her hips were twisted just a touch and her arm was angled in such a way that her right breast was jutting to the side in an extremely erotic way. The nipple was punching its way through the material and when Paige looked at Marie’s face, her lips were pursed seductively and her eyes were doing that hypnotic thing again. She looked like she was posing that way deliberately; the feeling in Paige’s red head was now surging through her tummy; her face reddened, and she dropped her eyes. “Yeah,” she murmured, “you’re pretty sexy…I guess.”

“No guessing allowed,” Marie replied, “I’m sexy and you fucking well know it!” They both giggled at that one! “And you better admit it right now; I’m funny too!”

Paige laughed out loud, “No way, I’m not conceding that one! You better find some new material!”

“Pffftt! You and I don’t need any material! We’re always laughing; haven’t you noticed?”

“Yes, this is true…probably because we are positive people. Our glasses are always half full!”

Marie smiled that smile again, “I can be serious too though; you know that, right? For instance, have you told Chad anything about what we’re thinking?”

The question caught Paige off-guard; she thought about this a lot, but she didn’t expect Marie to bring it up so unexpectedly. She should have known better; Marie was the most unpredictable person she had ever met! “No, I haven’t; I’m not sure I want to.”

“Why not? You don’t think he’d approve?”

“I don’t know if he would or not.” Paige felt herself blushing again.

“If you’re going to marry him, it might be best to tell him what you’re thinking.”

Paige sat there for several seconds lost in thought; when she looked up, their eyes locked and held. “Paige?” said Marie in that voice, “I want you bad! But I do NOT want to ruin our friendship.”

“I…I…Uhh,” the words wouldn’t come out.

Marie giggled and that broke their gaze. “I know, you want me badly too; who the hell wouldn’t?” They both burst out laughing then. “See…told you, I’m funny!”

Then Paige found her voice, “Marie, I love our friendship and I don’t think sex will ruin it. But this is a small town and neither of us want tongues wagging, do we?”

“That’s true, we don’t.”

“Here’s what I think, this is a long conversation; we can’t have it now ‘cuz I need to get Jamie home for her nap. Let’s leave it alone for a little while longer, okay?”

Marie’s eyes softened canlı bahis şirketleri and she said, “Want to know what I think? I think today, right now, is the perfect opportunity for us to try this. Your whole family is gone for the day and you can put Jamie down to nap in my room, and while the girls are sleeping we can explore the inevitable!” Paige just about gasped, and Marie continued, “Who knows, maybe we won’t like it, and we’ll never do it again.”

“You think that’ll happen?”

Marie slipped a hand toward Paige’s knee and touched it with her fingertips. She let her fingers trail up her friend’s leg to mid-thigh and her fingernails scraped the soft, inner skin oh-so-lightly. Paige watched her hand and felt the goosebumps explode all over her. When she looked up, Marie broke out into the sexiest, most beautiful smile Paige had ever seen on her yet, “Actually… no, I think we’ll love it; I know I will!”

“Yes, I think so too,” she shivered, “let’s put the girls to bed!”

The whole nap process took only five minutes, but a fire began in Paige. She had visualized this moment many times already, but the reality was so new. By the time she returned from the bedroom, Marie was standing by the sofa. No words were said; Paige stepped close to Marie and her dark, beautiful friend took her into her arms. It wasn’t a hug; it was a searing embrace, so close their thighs were touching. Marie bent just a bit and buried her face in the crook of Paige’s neck, kissing and nibbling at the tender flesh and working up to her ear. Paige could hardly breathe; she had her arms wrapped around the taller woman and was holding on to her almost as hard as she could.

Marie nibbled and sucked on Paige’s ear for a few seconds, just long enough to hear the redhead’s first moan; and then she took her by the sides of her face and kissed her with the softest first kiss Paige had ever felt. Paige’s hands fell from Marie’s shoulder blades to her ass as things swiftly intensified. When their tongues touched for the first time, her fingers closed on Marie’s ass cheeks encased in the compression shorts. Both women couldn’t speak, but their throats were filled with the urgent sounds of passion. Tongues began fighting for control, and the kiss became so physical that their teeth bumped together a few times!

Paige wasn’t sure how long they kissed, it had to have been at least five minutes; but all of a sudden Marie stopped, “C’mon, let’s get your shirt off!” she said breathlessly. Paige raised her arms and Marie whisked it off and tossed it away. She sat down on the sofa, pulled the redhead between her legs, and reaching behind her, unhooked her bra in one swift motion. Paige shrugged it off and pushed her tits into Marie’s face! Her nipples were aching to be sucked and Marie obliged, taking first one then the other into her mouth, her tongue flicking each one mercilessly!

It was here that Paige found her voice, “Holyyy…Oh my Godd, Marie…shit! Mmmm…” Marie sucked her left nipple hard and with her right hand she started rolling the other teat between her thumb and forefinger. Paige grabbed her by the back of the head and held on, her nipples shooting arcs of electric fire straight to her pussy! “Ohhh Goddd, yesss…suck my tits Babyyy, yesss!”

Marie pulled a bunch of moans out of her, then backed off just a bit because she needed to catch her breath. Still, she started flicking both of Paige’s nipples with her thumbs! “You like this, Huh? You like your nipples teased, don’t you, you dirty girl!” Paige was loving it, and she reached down with both hands and started pinching at Marie’s nipples right through the thin material of her shirt. Marie gasped, “Oh yess…let’s do my nipples too, God damn it! Mmm… Fuckk yess…I like it as much as you, naughty!” Then she started sucking on her friend’s other nipple.

Then Paige had another thought. She took Marie’s shirt off and then pulled her up to her feet again, “Here… rub your titties against mine, you horny bitch!” Marie giggled and pushed her tits against Paige’s, sweeping their small boobs together and making sure their nipples raked against each other’s. It was more fun than erotic and soon they were both giggling uncontrollably.

“I would much rather suck them,” said Marie, and she leaned down and licked at Paige’s right nipple four or five times before finally raising up again for a kiss. This time the kiss settled down into something much softer…and wetter. They both sat down and made out for perhaps five more minutes. Paige played with Marie’s boobs, but Marie’s hands were moving all over her lover’s body, and pretty soon she slid one down the front of Paige’s shorts and teased the top of her slit with her middle finger!

As she felt a woman’s hand on her pussy for the first time, Paige pushed away and stared into Marie’s eyes while the finger searched for her clit. She bit her lower lip as she felt Marie pushing closer and closer to her button. When the fingertip swept over her clit, canlı kaçak iddaa Paige’s head fell back and she groaned, “Ohhh…kkk!” Marie smiled and kept her touch feathery light. Paige’s head rolled to the side and more words kept spilling out, “Oh Goddd…my fuckinggg God, Marieee…Ohhh Shit, Yesss!” She clutched at her tits as the hand was working its magic; Marie noticed and dropped her mouth onto Paige’s right breast and sucked the nipple in deeply! Paige had to stifle a wail, or she might have awakened the girls…or the neighbors!

She tried to push her shorts down farther so Marie would have better access, but she didn’t have much success; not that it mattered. Marie’s fingers were working her pussy now, and her tongue was whipping her nipple non-stop! Marie paused for just a second and hissed at her, “Babbyy, I need you to cum for me!” Then she went right back to licking Paige’s teat!

Somehow, Marie’s request shoved Paige directly toward an orgasm. Her fingers were so fuckingly insistent now; and in a matter of seconds, the orgasm was upon her! She clapped a hand over the top of Marie’s (which was in her shorts,) and exploded! “Ohhh Gawwdddd…yeah, Oh Myyy Goddd… fucckkkk!” Marie’s head snapped up and she watched Paige’s body convulse as the spasms wracked her. Marie held her new lover close until the trembling stopped. “Ohh Marie…Mmmm…Woww!”

“I’m not finished with you yet!” Marie smiled, “But I’ll let you rest a bit.” They kissed softly again for another

five minutes; then Marie stripped Paige’s shorts all the way off. She knelt between her legs and said, “Here, put your feet on my shoulders.”

Paige was starting to shiver again; it was clear Marie was going to eat her out; and her breath was coming in pants and gasps. Today was a day of firsts, and she could hardly think straight. The brunette was in control and she kissed and licked and nibbled at Paige’s labia and the creases between her pussy and thighs! In no time Paige was moaning loudly, and when Marie worked two fingers into her cunt and started tonguing her clit, Paige almost lost it. She grabbed at her titties and squealed, “Ohh shittt… Here I go again Marie…Oh Godd…here it comes again, Goddd dammnn…I’m gonna cum again…SHIT!” When Marie heard that, she quickly inserted a third finger and after maybe four or five thrusts, Paige erutpted again! “Ohhh my Goddddd…”

This time though she recovered more quickly. Marie was stroking her thighs through the orgasm, but now Paige pushed her away and rolled her onto the floor. She whipped off her compression shorts, and Marie asked her, “Have you ever licked a pussy before, Baby?”

“No, but I know what I like!” Paige laid down on her tummy between Marie’s legs, and Marie reached down with both hands and opened herself up to Paige’s eyes. “Mmm!” Paige purred, “your pussy is so beautiful, Marie!”

“Kiss it, Baby; kiss my pussy for me!” Paige started slowly and softly kissing at Marie’s pussy lips and pink inner parts. She had to have been touching some really sensitive areas because Marie’s ass was clenching and her moans were changing to groans. “Uhhnngg, yesss, oHhhHhh Godd, you’re good! Mmmm… ohhhh…FUCK yes!” Then Paige took the tip of her tongue and swept it around and around Marie’s swollen clit. Marie’s ass jerked a few times and after thirty seconds of those circles, Paige gently sucked the nub between her lips! “Holyyy Fuuckkk, Paige! Ohh yeahhh…That’s soo good! That’s it right there!”

Paige started tickling Marie’s anus with her right forefinger; her pussy was leaking and her wetness was lubricating her ass crack. Marie’s mouth was frozen open in a silent scream as the tongue and finger worked her slit and ass. Paige sucked harder; or rather her lips sucked harder and her tongue lashed at Marie’s clit without mercy. Finally, Marie found her voice, “Ohh Fuck yesss! Oh Goddd…Ohh myy Godd…Oh Goddddd…it’s coming, oh God, it’s coming…Fuckk…” Paige looked up at Marie’s face just in time to see her eyes roll back in her head! Her body jerked and shook, and Paige was sure she would have screamed if the girls had not been in the next room.

Feeling very pleased with herself, Paige crawled up to her new lover and snuggled up close. Marie was lying there with one hand on her forehead, so Paige asked her, “Are you in pain?”

Marie turned her head and giggled, “Yeah, I’m a real masochist!” Paige leaned over further and began fondling Marie’s boobs. “Mmm, that hurts too…really good!”

So the redhead closed her mouth around Marie’s left nipple and began sucking it oh-so-gently! Marie groaned and Paige paused and said, “Okay, and how does THAT feel?”

“Horrible, but don’t stop!”

So Paige propped herself up on one elbow and lowered her boob into Marie’s mouth, the brunette sucked the hard nipple greedily. “Yes, I see what you mean, Oh my God!” Marie laughed and rolled on top of Paige, and they made out like that for several minutes.

“Just so you know,” canlı kaçak bahis said Marie, “I’m not near satisfied; I really want to play with you all afternoon. But I know Michelle, and she’s gonna wake up any minute.

“That was such fun,” Paige replied, “I’m glad we did that today!” They got up and started getting dressed.

“So, are you going to tell Chad?”

“I don’t know yet, Maybe I don’t have to tell him.”

“That’s true,” Marie countered, “if this was just a one-time thing, then you don’t have to tell him.” Paige looked at Marie; she was standing there with a huge grin on her face, and Marie slapped her on the shoulder!

That night, Chad never knew what hit him! A fire was lit in his lady; he didn’t know where it came from, but he wasn’t about to question it or quench it! Paige rode his face for a good ten minutes and then he banged her doggie for ten more…and that was just the warm-up (or so she said!)

Two days later, Paige was getting undressed to take her morning shower. Her mother was taking Olivia and Sophia to school, so she took Jimmy and Jamie since she was going to do some grocery shopping anyway. Just as she stepped into the tub, there was a noise at the bathroom door. With her heart in her throat she yelled in a panic, “Who’s there?”

“Relax, It’s your best friend!” said Marie.

Paige paused…her heart beating wildly, “My best friend? Well…you don’t sound like Chad!”

Marie pulled the shower curtain back and peeked in, “Now that hurt my feelings!” she quipped.

“Good! Cuz you scared the shit outta me!”

“Now that’s funny, have I ever scared you before?”

Paige smile crookedly, “You’re lucky I don’t own a gun!”

Marie laughed and looked her up and down, “You would bring your gun in the shower? I would think Chad would do that, but not you…pun intended!”

Now Paige laughed, “Okay…Okay…what are you doing here?”

“I was coming over to see if you had coffee and met your mother as she was leaving. Jamie begged to go with them and your mom said yes. Wow, Paige, your mom is a treasure!”

“THAT is an understatement; I don’t think I would have made it through the last two years without her.” She was standing there nude, and Marie was looking at her funny. “Okay, now…do you mind? I want to take my shower.”

“I don’t mind…go ahead.” Marie pushed the shower curtain slightly back and leaned against the wall to watch.

“Uhh, you could go make the coffee, Marie.”

Marie’s face got a little serious, “Or…I could join you in the shower?”

A visible shiver swept over the redhead, and she locked eyes with her new friend, “You serious? What if my mother comes back?”

“Really? You think she will? I don’t…”

After thinking for a few seconds, Paige realized she would love it if Marie showered with her. “Yes, hurry up, you are sooo DAMN naughty!”

“Hahahaha,” Marie laughed and started unbuttoning her blouse. “Know what I’m wondering?”

Paige started the water, “What?”

“I’m wondering which of us is usually the horniest; it just might be you, ya know!”

When Marie got naked she stepped into the tub and pulled Paige into her arms. The first kiss was amazing as both women seemed to know time was short. Marie’s tongue plunged into Paige’s mouth as the smaller woman pulled her ass toward her. The water was cascading down over their shoulders and on that side Paige could feel Marie’s nipple hard against hers.

Without pausing the kiss, Marie turned Paige’s back to the wall and used her body to pin her there. She had her legs spread a bit to do this and her fingers found their way between Paige’s ass cheeks to her anus and pussy slit. One finger tickled her asshole and the other pushed between her labia. The redhead groaned deeply and pushed even harder into her friend as if to urge her to continue. Marie fingered her like that for a couple minutes, and (from the way the kiss intensified,} she knew she was hitting some really good spots!

All of a sudden Marie stopped and said, “Paige, let me do something! Just follow my lead, okay?” She turned the redhead around and took her hands from behind, “Here, put them on the wall up here!” and she lifted them up just above the top of her head and placed them on the wall. Marie reached over and turned the water down a bit and then said, “Now, spread your legs for me.” Paige spread them about shoulder width apart, and Marie grabbed the shower gel and began squirting some on Paige’s back, “This will get you clean,” she giggled, “among other things!”

Marie soaped her all over with her hands gliding erotically up and down and around Paige’s body. Then she massaged Paige’s neck and shoulders for a minute before her hands slid down to her friend’s tits. She massaged the tit flesh for a while, carefully avoiding the nipples. “God, this feels good,” said Paige, “I could let you do this all day!”

“Don’t we wish!” said Marie, “I said the same thing to the guy that did this to me; I thought you’d like it! Back away from the wall a little more, Paige.”

Paige inched back a little bit and Marie’s soapy middle fingers started doing circles around her friend’s nipples. “Holy Fuuuckk,” Paige gurgled as the fingers teased her!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32