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The heels were four inches. The glossy black shoes reflected the Christmas lights hung year-round in the dorm room. Outside, the sun was disappearing over the horizon. She sat on her raised bed so that her feet hung some distance from the ground. The girl merely had to point at the shoes and he was on his knees before her, taking and sliding them slowly onto her feet. Outside the room in the shared space drunken voices blended with the fast beat of techno music that frantically attempted to make the students enjoy their nights and forget their fears. It succeeded for all except the boy who had just risen from his knees and stepped forward into the embrace of his lover and partner. She did not share in his drama. In fact she was hardly aware of it. Her mind was occupied with guessing how the next several hours would play out for her; wondering if she’d be able to follow through on what they’d discussed.

“Is the bag packed?” she asked him.

“Yes, Allison,” he responded.

“Okay. Are you ready to go drink some more? We leave here in about an hour.”

“Sure if that’s what you want to do.” He stared past her at the wall where his vision rested out of focus.

“Hey,” she said stroking his arm, “don’t forget that this was your idea, not mine. I wouldn’t do this if it wasn’t what you wanted. And if it makes you feel better I’m not sure I’ll even follow through.” She tilted his head so he was looking into her eyes and gently ran her thumb up and down his cheek.

“I know. I know. It’s just…now that the moment is here, I’m not so sure. You know?” He closed his eyes.

“I’ll tell you what. Tonight, I’m going to try to do exactly what we talked about so long as you don’t say anything. But if you tell me to stop, and I don’t mean by saying ‘stop’ but I mean if you say the safe word, then I’ll stop. You can trust me.”

“I trust you,” he told her. He pressed his face against her breasts and she wrapped both arms around his head, squeezing tight.

“Just think,” she said, smirking now, “this will be the most action you get out of me all night. In fact, I think it would be best if we just didn’t touch each other after this. I don’t want to lose sight of my goal.” Allison gave him one more big squeeze and unwrapped her arms and gently pushed him back to the end of her reach. “Now get dressed, Kyle, I’m tired of looking at that thing.” She stood up facing him, her nose lined up with the top of his head.

Kyle turned from her to begin dressing in the outfit she’d picked out, starting with a pink thong, followed by pantyhose. He took an extra second to look at his red-painted toenails before sliding on his socks. Next came a pair of brown pants with a black belt and then a gray button-up shirt left untucked. When he was dressed she walked out the door and into the shared-space room without a word. This room was a little larger than the dorm room. At the front was a door leading to the hall and within, a couch and a television with a table between. A bottle of cheap vodka sat on the table with several shot glasses beside it. Allison had just begun to pour her second shot when her inebriated friend turned from the group and noticed her presence.

“Alli!” the friend shouted before running over and giving Allison an overly enthusiastic hug, causing her to spill some of the vodka. “What were youuuu two doing in there?”

“Just fucking on my bed,” Allison responded.

“Haha haha haha ha! You’re funny Alli! So,” she teetered and put her arm on Allison for balance, “you’re sleeping at Kyle’s tonight, right?”

“Well it isn’t Kyle’s house, Kyle goes to college a hundred miles away. But yes I will be sleeping there. Kyle,” she said, turning to her quiet partner, “we are sleeping at Mike’s, correct?” Then in a lower voice: “Amanda needs me out of the room so Greg can sleep over.”

Kyle moved in closer so only Allison could hear. Amanda watched. “You know we aren’t sleeping here tonight either way. It’ll be Mike’s or, you know…”

“No, I don’t know. Where else might we be sleeping?” Allison asked, feigning ignorance.

“Greg’s and Alexander’s apartment.” Kyle nearly whispered it.

“Yes, we will be sleeping at Mike’s house tonight,” Allison said to her friend, “so you go wild.”
“Oh shut up, Alli!” The friend rejoined the group gathered by the door. Allison and Kyle remained separate from the group, talking and drinking and laughing as they reminisced about their first time going to a party together. Kyle had nearly gotten in a fight when a flying beer can made contact with his temple, and he thought it was only just that he throw it back.

“I was ready to kill you that night,” she said.
“I remember. It was cute.”

Thirty minutes later it was time to catch the party bus. Allison filled a water bottle half way with vodka then grabbed her bag and threw it over her shoulder. It was more tote than purse – in case she needed to change her clothes, was her excuse. The group from the suite met up with illegal bahis several more people on the walk to the bus stop.

“Did you guys hear?” one of the new guys asked, knowing full well they hadn’t heard.

“Hear what, Daren??” Allison asked. She pulled her short skirt down to cover her butt cheeks, a habit of hers on party nights.

“Lacrosse team won tonight! This party’s gonna be pumpin!” Allison looked at Kyle excited. On the outside he was immune to the news; internally his apprehension grew. The guys at the party would be rowdy. The group of drunk college students clashed with the larger group at the bus stop – girls shouting to each other, complimenting appearances, guys pushing and shoving and even wrestling hoping the girls would look over, and couples standing off to the side fueled by the excitement. Kyle and Allison were one of these couples, but unlike the others, their hands were not intertwined nor arms linked. She had kept her word about not touching him and he respected her decision to be left untouched. She was his partner, not his girlfriend, and so he had no authority over her.

The bus came and the students filed on. In the crowd Kyle and Allison got separated by a large group of guys. She ended up in a seat next to a handsome man he’d never seen before and he ended up standing near the front among strangers. The bus ride consisted of lots of yelling and pushing and singing and a retch (fortunately the experience driver had garbage bags on hand). At the stop, Kyle got off the bus and waited for Allison to lead him to the destination. Their group from the suite had fragmented into twos and threes. She came down the steps beaming, phone held in front of her.

“What happened?” Kyle asked.

“Got’is number!” She handed him the phone and he saw her contact list where the name ‘Jake’ was highlighted. “His name’s Jake. He’s reallyyyyy cute.”

“Oh,” Kyle said.
“Come on!” she grabbed his hand and started dragging him in the direction of the party. “Only a couple more minutes!” Kyle could tell which house was the party – which house was Greg’s and Alexander’s – before they reached it. There was a crowd of people gathered on the front porch, all holding a beer or a red solo cup. As they got closer they could hear: “Everybody inside. Come on now, we can’t have the cops showing up just yet.” The speaker was a tall with blond hair. He ushered everyone in and nobody gave him a hard time about it. From a distance Kyle could see that he commanded respect.

“That’s Alexander,” Allison said looking forward. She was smiling. Kyle’s apprehension was made bearable only by his anticipation for what was coming. He was horrified and horny, fearful and elated. They had reached the base of the porch. Kyle looked up to see Alexander, standing with two of his friends, looking down at them. Allison whispered in Kyle’s ear, “When his friends aren’t around, you call him Mr. Richards.” Kyle nodded.

“Alexander, I’m here!” Allison said

“Hey slut! I was wondering if you were gonna make it,” Alexander said. Kyle, transfixed by a small bush now, shifted his weight from his right leg to his left.

“You stop it. I told you I was coming.”

“That’s right, I do remember you saying something about cumming.” He nudged his friend with his elbow. Behind him the house was filled with the dull roar of voices underscored by the steady pulse of electronic music. Another group of people had just turned down the street on their way to the house.

“I told ya,” Allison said. Kyle looked at his partner as she spoke. The attentiveness she gave the stranger made him uneasy. She spoke to him with comfort and familiarity. Allison stood there, the bottom of her butt just visible beneath her skirt, oblivious of Kyle’s existence. Alexander’s friends went inside to mingle with the crowd.

“Looks like you dressed to party,” Alexander said. “Do a spin, I wanna see your whole outfit.” She looked up at him, hesitating briefly enough that only Kyle noticed. Then, without pulling down her skirt she turned around slowly, pausing while her backside was to Alexander. She wanted to make sure he was looking down and more importantly she wanted Kyle to know. Kyle followed Alexander’s line of sight two the two round butt cheeks trying to escape the tight black skirt. Then Alexander looked at him and Kyle looked away quickly. “Who’s this you brought?” Alexander asked.

“You knew I was bringing my boyfriend. This is Kyle.” Then, so only Kyle could hear, “Be polite. Say hello.”

Kyle inhaled deeply to slow his heart. “H-Hello Mr. Richards,” he said.

“Pleasure to meet you, Kyle.” Alexander held out his hand and Kyle walked up the stairs – Allison following – to shake. After getting his hand nearly crushed Alexander gestured for him to lead the way. Kyle entered the party with Allison and Alexander trailing. Half the people were dancing and half the people were attempting to socialize over the music. The dancers were in a large dark illegal bahis siteleri room that had been cleared of furniture and the socializers were in a smaller bright one adjacent, the one they’d entered in to. Alexander went to speak with a girl in the smaller room and after depositing her bag behind a couch Allison led Kyle by the hand into the larger one. Kyle was a timid dancer. Allison, on the other hand, was able to let go of her thoughts and let the rhythm control her movements. Kyle would dance to appease her but he never enjoyed it. Tonight was no different. He moved mechanically and self consciously. He knew that he looked awkward. Allison always encouraged him, saying that he was a great dancer. But really, he wasn’t, and watching him attempt to connect with the music was amusing to her. He made his hands into fists and held them stiffly in front of him, bouncing around, off-beat. When it came to grinding he was a little better. All he had to do was move his hips with hers. At least he didn’t look awkward doing it. As they were dancing they both drank vodka from her water bottle until reality was distorted and nothing mattered but the moment, when they were able to perceive it.

“I thaw you-wern’ gonna dance wimme! Said you weren’ gonna touch-me.” The music was louder now and Kyle had to yell in her ear to be heard.

“Blue balls!” Alison yelled back, laughing. The vodka was gone but they continued dancing, pausing from time to time to regain a sense of their surroundings. The party had reached a peak. Everyone present was in the dance-room either with a partner or dancing in a group. Kyle and Allison were grinding when Alexander approached from the front, silhouetted against the light of the small room. Allison saw him coming and turned to Kyle.

“Go sit in the living room,” she said. “I’m going to dance with him. Isn’t he hot? Go slowly, though, and make sure you bow to Alexander on your way out.” Kyle let go of his girlfriend. In the heat of dancing he’d forgotten about the plan. His arousal and his past experience had lied to him, telling him that when they got back they would be having sloppy drunk sex. He’d forgotten about the plan. But to remember it again excited him even more. Before stepping out from behind Allison he tucked up his erection, then he walked toward the smaller room, stopping in front of Alexander and bowing his head.

“Remain like that,” Alexander said. He held out his hand below Kyle’s face. “Kiss it.” Kyle looked to his left and right. Nobody was watching. He kissed the hand before him. Half a room away Allison was enjoying the spectacle. She covered her mouth with both hands in attempt to hide her surprise but only succeeded in making it more obvious. Alexander looked at her and smirked while her boyfriend’s lips made contact with his skin. He was bold and she wanted him. Alexander sent Kyle on his way. From a couch in the small room he watched as this stranger approached his girlfriend and put his arms around her waist and looked straight down into her eyes. He watched them start dancing slowly and progress over the course of several songs until their dancing could almost be called foreplay. Slowly people began to leave, heading back to their dorms and apartments. Allison’s friend who was all over Greg waved to Kyle as she left. Now only one resident remained in the house. He was dancing passionately with Allison as. When the party was less than half its maximum and dwindling faster than ever, Allison and Alexander approached Kyle. Everyone was sobering up a bit now. Kyle had been on the couch nearly an hour.

“Wait ’till I text you,” Allison said

“Lock the door when everyone leaves,” Alexander told him. Kyle just looked at him.

“What do you say?” Allison asked.

“Sure, Mr. Richards” Kyle said.

“Thanks,” Alexander said. Then Allison stepped in front of him and put both hands back for him to grab. She led him to the stairs and began ascending. When she was up a couple steps she moved his hands to her partially covered butt cheeks – even more exposed after dancing. He squeezed them tightly and pushed her up the steps, all of this occurring for Kyle to see. A moment after they disappeared from sight a door slammed. Kyle was shocked. She hadn’t even consulted him first. There was no warning. It was probably better that way, though. No time to second guess the situation. But now that he was downstairs and the girl he loved was upstairs with a stranger – in a bedroom! – he was having second thoughts. Not enough to call it regret, but pretty close. As he watched the party continue to shrink he checked his phone. A minute went by and it felt like ten. Ten minutes were an hour. After twenty minutes the music stopped and everyone was gone. Still no text. Thirty minutes after she disappeared he became worried. Not worried that his she might be making love to a stranger but worried that Alexander might be a dangerous person. How could he be so stupid! He let Allison go off alone with canlı bahis siteleri someone he didn’t even know! Thirty-one minutes had passed; there was no way Allison would make him wait this long. She was in trouble. Kyle stood up slowly. He was torn. On one hand he wanted to sprint up the stairs and save her from a malicious captor. On the other, Allison may simply have forgotten to text him and if he just stormed up there freaking out it would be humiliating. But he had to make sure she was safe, he decided. He walked to the stairs and went up the first step when his leg vibrated. He pulled out his phone.

‘One Message: Allis¦n’

He opened it and read, ‘I luv it. Sp glsd u hd thws idqa. Put on whts in thw bag an com up. Change rigjt there.’ He felt relief spread through his body when he found out she was safe. Then fear. It was all really happening exactly as they’d planned. He reached behind the couch and found the bag they’d brought. Heart racing, he dumped the contents onto the cushion next to him. Using his phone to see what he was doing he slowly applied the red lipstick. He’d practiced putting it on thick and neat and the practice showed. Next he put red nail polish on his fingers. This, too, he had practiced. Then he stripped leaving on only the pantyhose and thong. He put on a tight yellow dress that ended halfway down his thighs before stepping carefully into a pair of 6-inch heels. He was ready to go up. He climbed the steps slowly, teetering as he walked. The heels were something he’d practiced, although he hadn’t come close to perfecting them. Eventually he made it to the top of the stairs. There was a short hallway with three doors: two bedrooms and a bathroom. Two of the doors were parted, the rooms dark. The other was closed. Kyle approached the closed door and stood still, hand resting on the knob. He knocked.
“Come in!” Allison called from within.

Kyle went in, taking small shuffling steps. The first thing he saw was his naked girlfriend. Allison was lying belly-up on the bed, looking up so that her head hung off and she was looking at Kyle upside-down. She couldn’t stop her face from breaking into a grin when she saw Kyle enter all dressed up. Alexander was on top of her, thrusting slowly but forcefully, grunting softly every time he submerged his penis in her.

“Kyle,” Allison said in a voice softened by elation. “I love you.” Kyle didn’t respond but stared wide-eyed at the spectacle before him. Alexander continued thrusting without acknowledging Kyle’s presence. “Kyle there’s been a change of plans.” Alexander looked up now.

“You’re an even bigger slut than she is,” he said. He stopped what he was doing and stood up. “Get on your knees.” Kyle pointed to himself looking uncertain. “Yes, I’m talking to you. Your girlfriend already did her part. On your knees.” Kyle obeyed. “Close your eyes and open your mouth.” Kyle obeyed. A moment later he felt Alexander’s warm penis enter his mouth and he recognized the taste of Allison’s natural lubrication. Alexander held the back of his head and thrust in and out of Kyle’s mouth, picking up speed as he went. Allison was watching from the bed. When it seemed like he was about to finish he stopped and went back to her. He rolled her over so she was on all fours and entered from behind. Then he went back to Kyle who hadn’t moved from his spot on the floor. He hadn’t even opened his eyes. The alternating continued for a long time. Whenever Alexander felt himself finishing he would switch holes and the small break would be enough to bring him away from the edge. “Come down here, Allison,” he said after a while. “Get on your knees next to the faggot.” Allison climbed off the bed and got on her knees next to Kyle. “Why are your eyes closed? Open them, weirdo.” Kyle obeyed. He looked at Allison and held her gaze and their eye contact didn’t break, not even when Alexander put his penis between them and pushed their faces toward it. They held each other’s eyes as they licked and sucked his shaft. Their lips made contact as each of their mouths encompassed half the penis’s circumference. Then after some time the penis was gone and it was just the two of them kissing, making out, hands on one another’s faces and tongues battling. Kyle had just realized that Alexander was masturbating beside them, watching, when he felt the first spurt of semen hit his cheek. As Alexander unleashed his load the tongues battled harder and hands slid up and down each other’s faces and bodies faster, more forcefully. Finally it was over. Kyle’s and Allison’s faces were both dripping with semen.

“Time to go,” Alexander said. “You have thirty seconds to get out of my house. If you even try to wipe that off your face before leaving I will beat the shit out of you.” Afraid of enraging Alexander (no one is grumpier than a guy who just ejaculated) Kyle and Allison stood up and quickly made their way out of the room and down the stairs and out the door, not even pausing to gather Kyle’s clothes. They were Alexander’s now, to wear or sell or burn. They walked together on the sidewalk, holding hands and not speaking, semen left untouched, drying on their faces. Sunrise was still some time off and there was no reason to ruin the powerful reminder of their fantasy come true.

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