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Here’s the chapter I’m sure many of you have been waiting for. I appreciate all the feedback I’ve received, positive or negative. Please keep letting me know what or whom you’d like to see more or less of.

I did try to do a better job editing this time, I am admittedly new at this. If anyone would like to volunteer and read ahead to help me get these stories out faster, I’m sure many would appreciate it.

Thanks & Enjoy.


First Times

Alex walked upstairs to his bathroom with the intention of taking a long hot shower to clean the sweat and other various residues from his body. As he stood under the water, he realized how much he missed Carrie. He greatly needed her advice and opinion of what he’d done. So much had happened in the past day and a half that was beyond his ability to fully understand.

A week ago Alex was shut in his office in self-imposed exile, actively avoiding a flock of beautiful young women. And just minutes ago he was in the middle of four girls with his cock stuck inside one while the other three pleasured themselves and each other. This sudden transformation came so quickly that he hadn’t had time to reflect. Bouncing from one encounter to the next, he couldn’t remember the last time he had more than an hour or two to himself, let alone gone half a day without having his dick in someone else’s hands.

In the beginning, it was simple to justify, Alex was just going with the flow. Opportunities presented themselves and all he had to do was not run away. But now something else had changed. What he’d done at the party, especially with Sonya, was uncomfortably different. He’d always had the potential to be assertive, his success in business at a young age confirmed he wasn’t some awkward shut-in. It was the shift in his behavior around the opposite sex that he struggled to explain.

What Alex had done to Sonya was troubling, he’d barely had time to consider his actions following their two encounters at the start of the party. The audacity and suddenness with how he’d broken her in the shower was so out of character it defied his ability to interpret. It wasn’t the act of forceful penetration that disturbed him; the full realization of the significance of that event was lost in the muddle of his mind. It was the fact he instinctively knew what to do to her to bend her to his will that was most concerning. That such perverse behaviors could come to him in such a natural way made him second guess his own self-awareness. He’d shown himself capable of actions that he’d never intentionally want to perform, and it was frightening.

Everything came back to Carrie and that night on the couch. Alex was growing more and more convinced that she’d done something to him. She claimed to have simply given him confidence, and he knew that to be true, but it was not a complete enough answer to calm his trepidation. These tests that she was giving him seemed too extreme to simply be a way for her to help him open up so she could find him a girlfriend. Alex laughed to himself in sudden realization: Carrie’s games were decidedly irrelevant now, at least insomuch as her stated goals. He still longed for her guidance and judgment, but he was done jumping through her hoops.

There was only one thing left for Alex to do under Carrie’s tutelage. He’d made the decision that morning while he watched Casey wake in his bed. He knew where the night would end if he continued being his new self. There was no alternative except to revert to his former ways, and the thought of doing that seemed ridiculous. Nothing he’d done in the past week left him feeling remotely like crawling back into his shell. Even his treatment of Sonya was justified now that she’d emerged and embraced her own transformation.

A half hour passed before Alex finally shut off the water and dried himself. He returned to his room and dressed only in a pair of loose-fitting shorts. Downstairs, he found the girls still napping peacefully. Busying himself in the kitchen, he quietly put away the last of the food and cleaned up any messes they’d made. Counters wiped and dishes stacked neatly by the sink, he poured himself a glass of wine and left through the back door. It was dark out, but the night was still young. The air was cooling, and after such a long hot day he felt reinvigorated.

Alex switched on the newly-installed lights and marveled at how they lit up the pool and yard while sipping from his glass of wine. Arcs of warm-colored incandescent bulbs surrounded the large pool, hung between tall posts just above head level. Alex circled the pool, turning on the new LED lights installed just below water level and adjusting each light to red, the softest color available. He stood and admired his work as the pool’s rim glowed and rippled with reds and pinks under the surface. He dropped his shorts and lowered into the pool. He swam around and found the floating lights and turned each on, scattering more bright bursts of color across illegal bahis the water.

Drifting to the center of the pool, Alex let out a momentous sigh and laid back. He lounged peacefully in the cool water, eyes up at the crossing arches of balloons. The huge columns of blue and white orbs glowed brightly, illuminated from below as they arced up into the black sky. It was a special sight to behold all by himself. He felt pride in what he’d accomplished for Casey and her guests and enjoyed a brief moment of solitary relaxation, emptying his mind of worries while floating lazily around the pool.

The sound of a sliding door soon brought his attention back to the present. He stood in the shallow end of the pool and watched his guests filter out onto the patio, their sleepy eyes wide with wonder at the light show. Alex spread his arms and said, “One last surprise for my lovely guests.”

“Amazing!” Casey said as Megan and Brittany nodded in agreement.

Sonya said nothing and quietly slid her nude body into the red-tinged water and swam over to Alex. He welcomed her with a warm wet embrace. She put her head against his chest and whispered, “Thank you for giving me what I wanted.”

Alex kissed the top of her head and said, “You’re welcome, Sonya. You’ve treated those girls very well and I can tell why they want to be your friend.”

“I hope one day I can be your friend, too,” she said softly.

“Oh, Sonya. You and I will never just be friends. We’re already something else. Maybe something even better,” he said. Alex lifted Sonya’s chin and kissed her lightly, feeling her nakedness pressed against him under the water, her large soft breasts molding to his body.

Sonya sighed and said, “I like that.” She bent her neck up and kissed him again, then broke off and added, “Master,” with a devious grin.

Alex smiled and said, “I love it when you call me that, but let’s keep it between us. I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea.” Sonya nodded and reached back up to continue their kiss.

“Save some for us, we’re coming in,” Casey said. The three girls started walking quickly to the pool, pert breasts quaking as their bare feet slapped the concrete.

“Stop,” Sonya said suddenly, turning away from Alex. “There’s no clothing allowed in this pool after dark.”

Alex chuckled and quietly said, “Great idea.”

The couple watched as the three girls pulled their crotchless panties down over their narrow hips and shook them free. They stepped forward together and jumped into the water, surfacing in front of Sonya and Alex.

“Did you enjoy your nap?” Alex asked.

Brushing off the question, Megan said, “I’m not sure how you’re still standing after what you did to Sonya. That was so amazing, I couldn’t believe it when you two started…you know…” She trailed off, leaving the words unspoken.

“I can’t believe you can even walk,” Casey said to Sonya. “That had to hurt,” she added and then cringed.

“I’m a little sore, but I’ll be fine soon. The water feels nice,” Sonya said. She squirmed when she felt Alex’s strong hand slide between her cheeks and softly caressed her tender pocket. She pulled tight against him, nestling her wet hair into the crook of his shoulder as he helped heal her soreness. The other girls surrounded him and joined their embrace. Alex stood in the center as his four guests covered him with their naked bodies. They rubbed and slid their smooth skin on all sides, searching for a comfortable place to rest against him. In unison, they relaxed and looked up.

“It’s so beautiful,” Casey said. “I still can’t believe you did all this for us, Alex.”

“This is the best party I’ve ever been to,” Brittany said.

Her friends chuckled at her obvious statement and Megan said, “We know Britt, you showed us how much you enjoyed it just a little bit ago.”

“I still can’t believe I did that in front of all of you. If you told me in your room this afternoon that we’d all be naked in a pool together I probably would have run out of the house screaming.”

Sonya laughed and moved her arms to embrace Brittany. “Aren’t you glad you didn’t, though?” she asked as she pressed her large breasts against the lithe blonde.

“Oh yes,” Brittany said as she leaned in to kiss Sonya. A few moments later Sonya disappeared underwater and they heard the blonde gasp. “She’s licking me,” Brittany said in disbelief. “Oh, it feels so nice,” she moaned. When Sonya surfaced Brittany immediately lunged in for another kiss.

Casey and Megan also paired off and started making out, their hands caressing each other’s tight little bodies. Casey dropped down and took one of Megan’s pointed breasts into her mouth, working the opposite nipple with a free hand. Megan mewled and smiled up at the black sky.

Alex, feeling that he wasn’t needed anymore, got out of the pool and laid in a lighted lounge chair, propping its back up so he could watch the girls play. Casey and Megan illegal bahis siteleri were locked together, hands exploring bare skin and then disappearing underwater. His gaze swept to Sonya who stood alone gasping, arms clenched across her large breasts and shaking in delight. “She’s licking up my behind,” she said with her wide eyes pointed toward Alex. Sonya bent her face skyward and moaned into the darkness. When Brittany surfaced Sonya immediately went under and continued her oral exploration of the giddy blonde schoolgirl. Surfacing with a gasp, she said, “I can’t hold my breath long enough, let’s go over by Alex.”

Sonya followed her friend out of the pool, kissing her dimpled backside as she climbed a ladder out of the water. Brittany giggled and waved her pale butt at Sonya. The redhead took this as an invitation and buried her face in the outstretched ass, licking the length of her crevice and circling the girl’s pinched pink hole. Facing Alex halfway up the stairs, Brittany exclaimed, “Oh my god, she’s got her tongue back there! And I like it! Oh, Sonya,” she moaned as her knees wobbled precariously. Hearing her name, Sonya gave Brittany a playful smack on the butt and said, “Move it, we can have more fun once we get out.”

Brittany squeaked and then scampered up the ladder. She laid down on her back a few feet from Alex on a fully reclined lounger. Alex watched Sonya emerge from the water as if stepping into his fantasy. Her heavy breasts swung side to side with each slow-motion step, drops of water rolling down her steep curves. He saw a thick stream pour from the protruding folds between her legs as she lifted her shapely form onto the concrete deck and felt himself stiffen at the erotic display. Sonya, now ever attentive to his needs, walked over and straddled his chest, dropping onto his bare skin. She slid down and he felt her short hairs bristle against his skin. He lifted his arms and cupped her perfect breasts while she reached between her legs and took his girth into her hands, pulling him tight against her pussy. She whispered, “I want this inside me again, master. I’m aching for it.”

“Soon, I promise. But I think Brittany needs you more right now,” said Alex softly as he looked over to Brittany who had begun touching herself the moment Sonya mounted him.

Sonya sighed and kissed his forehead, “As you wish,” she said dutifully, if not a little despondently. She swung her hips towards Brittany and said, “Lay back.” Brittany complied and Sonya lifted a leg over the blond girl’s torso, straddling both her and the chair in reverse. She set a knee down on either side of Brittany’s arms and then dropped to all fours. She slid herself back until she felt Brittany’s mouth make contact. “That’s it Britt, I’m all yours,” she said and then gasped as the schoolgirl found her sweet spot. Sonya pulled Brittany’s knees back and wrapped her arms underneath, holding them spread open as she bent down and feasted on the pale girl’s dainty pink pussy.

Alex focused on the symphony of slurps and moans until he saw his sister and Megan climb out of the pool in front of him. They stood and watched the two girls wrapped around each other. Without speaking, they moved to the chair on the opposite side of Alex and assumed a similar position. Their near identical bodies fit together perfectly, Megan on top and Casey underneath, each lapping at her friend’s dripping body with lustful vigor. Alex was surrounded by a chorus of gasping and squealing girls. With four faces buried in four pussies, he was unsure where to focus his attention and simply closed his eyes and laid back, letting the auditory clues guide his imagination. He could tell Brittany came first, followed closely by Megan and Casey together, and then a minute later he heard Sonya gasp and cry out as another massive orgasm overcame her senses.

“Is anyone else getting cold?” Alex asked as goosebumps rippled across his bare skin. Eyes still shut, he heard footsteps approach and then felt warm hands on his body. Someone guided him forward and then all the way back, his chair now laying flat. He felt two naked bodies press against his sides and two more between his legs, transferring their heat to him. Small hands fondled his nipples, more slid between his thighs, running over his shaved skin and lightly dancing around the outlines of his manhood. He felt hot breath against his face before a pair of lips met his and a probing tongue entered his mouth.

More hands wrapped around Alex’s shaft and coaxed him to fullness. He felt a familiar wet warmth over his tip as a tongue slowly traced the ridges of his knob. Wet hair brushed over his leg and a third tongue reached out to lick and suckle on his wrinkly purse, her hot breath warming his core. He felt the final tongue slide circles around his nipples, alternating its attention between them equally. Alex moaned as the four girls heated his body. It wasn’t long before he clenched and arched his back. He grunted as the first canlı bahis siteleri spasm wracked his frame and felt his four companions once again wrapped tightly around him, holding him until his climax waned.

When he opened his eyes he saw his sister smiling over him with Megan on his opposite side, perched over his chest. Between his legs were the other two, Sonya licking her lips and smiling at Brittany. “Well, that certainly warmed me up,” Alex said grinning down at his four lovely companions.

“Just saying thanks for this wonderful party again,” Casey said and leaned in to kiss him sweetly.

Brittany yawned and shivered. Sonya stood and took the chilly blonde into her arms, guiding her around the pool and into the house. “I’m going in too,” said Megan with a sleepy nod.

“Right behind you,” Casey said as she leaned down for one more kiss. When she moved back she said, “You really are the best brother. I love you.”

“I love you too, sweetness,” he said, then sat up and accepted Casey’s help standing. Arm in arm, they followed Megan back inside the house.

Sonya and Brittany were curled up together on the floor in a nest of blankets and pillows. Megan started a movie and then joined her two friends. Alex and Casey also knelt and found a spot to make themselves comfortable. Casey nestled up against Megan’s back, and Alex laid down behind his sister, wrapping his long arms around both petite girls. The movie started but no one was really watching. They laid together, sharing their warmth and contentment until one by one they fell asleep.

Alex woke, back stiff but arms still wrapped around his sister and Megan. He glanced up at the wall and noticed the time, it was well after midnight. Standing, he looked down at the pile of naked girls and smiled fondly. He circled around and knelt next to Brittany, her innocent face slack except for a faint curl at the edges of her soft lips. He scooped her up gently and noticed Sonya stir, she blinked into the lights and watched as Alex carried her friend into the guest bedroom.

Alex set the sleeping blonde gently onto the bed and turned as Sonya came into the room with her arms full of pillows and blankets. “I’ll take it from here,” she said, covering the sleeping schoolgirl tenderly.

Alex walked over and kissed her softly and quietly said, “I’ll be back for you later, but don’t wait up for me.” Sonya’s eyes lit up and she nodded briskly in anticipation. He walked to the doorway and turned to watch the beautiful naked redhead climb into bed next to her slumbering friend. He shut off the light and gently closed the door.

Returning to the living room, he knelt next to Casey and stroked her cheek softly, whispering, “Case, wake up, it’s bedtime.” Megan shifted and turned her head to look at him. Her movement caused Casey to stir. Blinking slowly, his sister smiled sleepily and clutched at her friend, not wanting to let go of her warmth.

“Let’s go to bed,” Megan said softly, stifling a yawn. Casey sighed and slowly got to her feet. Alex helped Megan up, turned off the TV and lights, and led the two naked girls upstairs into his bedroom. Casey crawled into his large bed and motioned for Alex to join her. Megan flipped the switch by the door, leaving only the bedside lamp on, and followed Alex under the covers.

Alex laid on his back, an arm under each girl as they turned their soft bodies against his sides. He felt their smooth legs and arms stretch over him as their twin sources of heat pressed against his hips and they caressed his body with their hands and soft thighs.

A few minutes later Casey spoke with a shaky voice: “We want you, Alex.”

“We want to share you,” Megan added softly into his ear.

Alex understood their intentions but said nothing. He’d been expecting this moment but had envisioned an intimate and private coupling alone with his sister. Casey’s choice to include Megan was a surprise, but a welcome one. After all they’d shared it made sense to experience their first times together. Alex knew the two girls were becoming very close, and he would do anything to further strengthen their bond.

After a minute of silence, his sister whispered, “Alex, say something,” and shook his shoulder lightly.

“I want you both, too,” Alex said, hearing both girls let out a faint sigh of relief. “You’ve obviously been planning something together, so how about you let me in on the secret,” he said, squeezing them against his torso with his arms.

“This is as far as our plan went,” Megan said.

“She’s right,” Casey added. “We’ll just have to see where things go from here.” And with that, she picked her shoulders up and leaned in to kiss her brother.

Before their lips met Alex asked one final question out of concern for his precious companions. “Are you safe? Are you on birth control?”

Casey giggled and said, “Of course, silly, Mom took me to the doctor last year.”

Megan chimed in and said, “I got a prescription as soon as I turned eighteen. I didn’t want my parents getting the wrong idea.”

“And why would they do that? It’s not like you go around seducing boys in their own beds with the help of their sisters,” Alex with a teasing grin.

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