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Chapter 1

The Beginning


I am writing this story as close as I can from the material shared by this amazing couple. They trusted me with their story, and I hope I have done them justice. With their consent, I have taken liberties with the sexual content and some of their dialogue in the interest of telling a more erotic story, but the basic settings and occurrences are accurate. I have chosen to tell it in my friend’s voice instead of as a narrator. Jack


“My name is Daniel Harrison. I am always amazed at my great luck — especially when I sit on my patio overlooking the Simi Valley in California and watch my three kids and their mother. I am seeing what “having it all” looks like. I have been fortunate to love the most stupendous woman ever created. We have been blessed with three bright and healthy children. I was extremely lucky with an idea I had in college that turned into a business with a product that a lot of people wanted. Three months ago I sold out for cash and stock – so much cash and stock that I will never, ever, have to worry about money again, and neither will my family or their families. I am the first one to tell you that without that woman next to me, much of that luck would never have resulted in anything worthwhile. I do owe much of our success against the odds to her constant belief in me, in us, and what we could accomplish together simply because we are right for one another.

Sound like a love story? It is. She is my soul mate, my life’s complement in every way, just as I am for her. There is only one dark secret we carry — even our children do not know the real truth. She and I are not married nor can we be. I have no regrets nor do I feel guilty. It happened — it was much more powerful than either of us, and we know, deep within our hearts and minds, that it is right for us. Let me share our journey with you.

I suppose I should start with a little history. It all started, like most stories, with something simple enough…”

I was the only child of what any observer would call a cordial marriage. My early childhood memories of my parents are relatively few. Most of them are images of my over-protective mother and my warm but busy father without much joy in the house. That doesn’t mean they weren’t attentive parents — they were always there for the good things and bad things a young boy goes through early in life. It just didn’t seem that they were there for each other.

One of the few things I do remember was being jealous of other kids who seemed to have large and extended families. We didn’t seem to have any. Growing up my dad never mentioned anybody from his family. I figured they weren’t close or that it had been a painful parting in some way. My mom didn’t have any family that I knew of, at least that she was close to, so I didn’t know much about her family either.

What I did learn was that my father had been born and raised in Fontana, a city in Southern California, and went to college at USC and law school at Stanford. After he finished law school he came east to work in Hartford, Connecticut at a major law firm that had recruited him. He told me he met my mother Cecile there. She had grown up in Springfield, Massachusetts. They were married after a brief courtship.

When I was twelve everything tragically changed. My mother was killed in a car accident on the way to meet my father at the train station across town. For the next three years, my dad struggled valiantly trying to keep up the house, managing to raise me through my struggle with puberty and keeping his ever more successful law career in some kind of perspective. I didn’t think he had even looked at a woman yet alone been on a date. As I became interested in girls and found out about the fun and frustration of the opposite sex, I encouraged him to socialize more so he could have some joy in his life as well. I used to think that he was mourning my mother and so he didn’t talk about her very much. I decided much later that he felt as if she hadn’t ever really existed for him but I surmised it was his coping mechanism.

Sunday was our special day to be together. We would start with breakfast at our favorite diner and would talk for hours about everything and anything. It was those times that we grew very close like so few fathers and sons get a chance to be. So it wasn’t a big surprise when, one bright Sunday morning as we sat at our normal booth eating our regular Sunday breakfast of pancakes and eggs, he said he wanted to talk to me about something very important and to get my thoughts and feelings about it.

He told me that he had been seeing an old friend, someone he and my mother had known from child birthing classes. Her name was Amanda Dixon, he said, and they had initially bumped into each other at the supermarket and had a coffee to catch up. He wanted to know if it was all right with me for him to build a relationship with another woman. I said he really should have done this earlier and how happy I was for him. We laughed casino siteleri and he said something about role reversal and timing.

Then he broke more news. Amanda had a daughter named Dania who was the same age as me. How would I mind having a sister around? Sister? That sounded a lot more than a casual relationship with this Amanda. I might have only been thirteen, but I quickly got the message that my father was a lot more serious about Amanda then he had led on. I presumed he and she were discussing getting married. So I just asked him point blank — and he said yes – that they both wanted the companionship and the stability of a two adult household, especially with teenage kids, and wanted to build their futures together. “You’ll just love her” he offered.

It was an interesting morning’s conversation after that. We discussed my feelings about having a new mother and a new sister and the changes that would occur. Dad was very focused. He was good like that. He had a way of making you know he was interested in you and what you had to say or felt and, at the moment, it was the most important thing he had to do. We had become great pals and I could always rely on him to be there for me. So it was important for me to do the same — I really wanted him to be happy. After a while, he stopped the conversation and said we were expected at Amanda’s for a cookout — that afternoon. I was a little angry with him for springing it on me that way, especially on “our” day, but agreed to meet them. I loved him and I owed him that much. We went home, cleaned up, and left.

It only took ten minutes to drive over to Amanda’s as they lived on the other side of the village. Amanda and her daughter greeted us at the door. I was absolutely stunned by their beauty and stammered my hello. Dania was this striking girl I had seen in school but had never had an opportunity to approach. She always seemed to be surrounded by all the older guys from the football team. Her mother was equally good looking. If they were the same age they could have been twin sisters — tall, slim, blond and killer grey-green eyes. I was absolutely tongue-tied. They were gracious, warm, welcoming and totally mesmerizing. To their credit, and probably some amusement, Dania and Amanda quickly made us feel right at home. They led us into the back yard to a table full of food and got us something to drink.

After we ate their incredible offering, while dad and Amanda were talking in the house, Dania and I sat and talked. We instantly connected at so many levels — it was just amazing how easy she was to talk to and how many things we shared in common. We easily opened up to each other and shared thoughts about school and the kids we both knew and the impending new family. I was already liking the idea of a new sister — especially Dania. Then we discovered a funny thing. I had asked her what day she was born —

“March 13” she said. I laughed and told her that was my birthday too.

“What time” she asked —

“10:30 PM” I said and she laughed.

“Me too” she said and we laughed louder.

“What’s so funny you guys?” asked dad sticking his head out the window. We told him about the coincidence. Amanda and dad came outside with fresh drinks and dessert and told us that we not only had we been born at almost the exact same time but in the same hospital. We both thought how great that was to be “hospital twins”. And so, in our childish way and to solidify our new found friendship, we agreed we could be twins in other ways as well.

Two months later dad and Amanda were married in a civil ceremony with just the four of us. Amanda and Dania moved into our house – we had a much bigger one. Apparently Amanda didn’t have any issues about the “ghost” of my mom. She and Amanda settled right in and appeared to be happy with their new surroundings. Dania was ecstatic in that she had her own bathroom.

As the years went buy, Dania and I became close — make that extremely close. We became the best of friends — we were a safe haven for each other. We not only helped each other with schoolwork but we spent a lot of our free time together. Our relationship allowed us to share everything: happy times, sad times, difficulties with boy and girl friends, learning to dance fast and slow, and even sharing the “big event” years later when we lost our respective virginities after our eighteenth birthday party at the beach got a little out of hand. I can recall that Dania had this funny look on her face at the time she was telling me about it but I couldn’t read what she was thinking. That was unusual in its own right. I don’t know why but I never pursued it.

During that time I had filled out from my scrawny pubescence. I was now six feet, blond with green eyes, and a hundred and seventy-five pounds. I played baseball in the spring and basketball in the winter. Some would think I was built slim but I worked out regularly and what I had was very solid. I guess I am attractive, as I never had a problem attracting some of the prettiest girls in school.

Dania had grown slot oyna into a beautiful woman at five foot seven, about a hundred and twenty pounds, long blond hair, green eyes and built like an athlete — long and lithe with beautifully shaped legs that go on forever connected to this amazing butt. (I wouldn’t be human and male if I hadn’t noticed.) She played tennis and volleyball and turned every male head in her very brief outfits. She worked out in our home gym with me to stay that way.

The more time I shared with her, the more beautiful she got to me and the more I fantasized about her. When no one else was around I would walk around in my underwear and Dania would lounge around in hers or some shorty pajamas. I still used to try to sneak looks at her in the bathroom or in her bedroom when she was completely undressed. She had a sensational body that clothes couldn’t hide. Sometimes I would catch her checking me out as I worked out in our gym. When I caught her she would quickly turn away and that just added to my fantasy. I even stole a pair of her underwear just so I could smell her. I would jerk off as I fantasized about her fucking someone and felt guilty at the same time — she was my step-sister but she was the sexiest thing I had ever seen!

The spring of our senior year, the four of us went out for a special dinner at a fancy restaurant to celebrate being “legal” and getting into the college of our choice. During dinner we started talking about our plans for the last summer before college. Dad and mom (what we both had started calling them much to their delight) said they had rented a cabin on a private lake in upstate New York for the summer for the four of us. It was to be our last summer to really be together for quality. Dania and I both said it would be great to just chill out before our next big life events — college and career.

The plan was that Dania and I would drive up with all the baggage a couple of days before and set the place up. Dad would finish a scheduled trial and Mom would close up the Connecticut house. They said we were responsible nineteen year olds and they could trust us not to kill each other. They would fly up later and meet us. Dad would stay for two or three weeks and then he would spend every other week. We thought it was a grand plan and we jabbered all evening about it like little children — all four of us.

When the day finally arrived, it took us most of a day to drive up. We talked all the time we drove planning what we were going to do all summer. Talking was something we had been able to do from the very first. We stopped only for food, gas or a bio break. When we arrived we hurriedly unpacked the car, put all the food and clothes away and settled in for some dinner. Dania opted to cook because she was sure I could burn water. She made this incredible stir-fry.

We decided to open a bottle of wine, which is pretty much all we drank other than beer. We continued our conversation from the road trip talking about life in general, the breakup with our “steadies” that had happened the prior month, the same college we were both going to in Boston, and what a wonderful summer vacation we were going to have. We put on the radio as background. Somewhere along the line we opened a second bottle. Then we heard this song we both loved and I guess that second bottle of wine had gotten to us a little. I don’t know why to this day I did it, but I asked Dania to dance. She smiled a little, then grinned and said ‘Sure, why not?’ We swayed to the music, it was a slow dance after all, and I could feel her body relaxing into mine. Something about this dance was different. I had never noticed how perfect a fit we were to each other – as if we had been made that way. We danced in perfect synchronization as if she could anticipate my very next step and I hers. I could make out every outline of her body and felt her hips brushing against me as my leg slid between hers. I started to get a hard-on and was relieved when the song ended.

But we lingered there for a minute enjoying the closeness. She felt so good in my arms — better, I thought, than anyone had ever before. She felt … ideal. Dania was flushed a little and so was I and we both were breathing harder than normal. She looked up at me and we just stared at each other for what seemed like forever lost in each others gaze. Then the spell broke — we decided we were both tired from the trip, and probably a little drunk. I was so turned on by what happened I couldn’t stand it. I had a hard time falling asleep. I couldn’t get her out of my mind.

About two in the morning I heard this terrible noise from outside. It sounded like animals waging their own brand of war. It was scary. I sleep nude, so I put on my robe and went downstairs to see if I could see what was going on. As I turned the corner at the bottom of the stairs I ran into Dania. She was tying on a thin white robe and looked really frightened. I put my arm around her and we went into the great room of the cabin. I turned on the outside lights and went onto the porch. Off in the clearing canlı casino siteleri was a pack of wild dogs and a bear in a heated battle. I went inside and saw her shaking on the couch.

“You all right?”

“No – I’m scared to death – that noise really frightened me.”

So I sat down and put my arm around her, pulled her close, and spoke to her to calm her down. I told her everything would be all right and that she would be safe as long as I was around and we had bullets for the gun. She laughed and asked what gun. As I pointed to a rifle mounted above the mantle, my arm brushed her beast. It was soft and yielding and her nipple immediately hardened and stuck out under her robe. I got flustered and told her I was sorry. She looked at me and softly said —

“It’s OK Dan — no foul.”

We sat there holding each other, me in only a robe and she in hers. As she clung closer, her robe opened slightly and her breast got exposed along with her thigh all the way up to her crotch. Clearly she slept in the nude too. She made no move to close up. It was all I could do to stay calm. What a beautiful sight — more perfect than I had remembered or even fantasized about. I couldn’t help my new tent but she either didn’t notice or didn’t care to.

After a while things seem to quiet down outside and inside.

“Let’s go to sleep and plan the next two days in the morning” she suggested.

Reluctantly, not wishing to give up the wonderful view or the feeling of having her close, I agreed and we headed upstairs. No sooner had we reached the top, then the noise started again — only louder. Dania freaked and grabbed hold of me shaking like a leaf.

“Pleeeaaase I’m really frightened Dan. Can I sleep next to you tonight? I’ll feel a lot safer” she pleaded.

I was stunned and excited at the thought of sleeping with her. “Sure, but we will have to use the master bedroom — we only have singles.”

“OK” and that was that. I threw on some shorts and she stayed in her robe and we got under the covers. Needless to say, I didn’t sleep very well that night. I could sense her next to me — the warmth of her body, the smell of her hair, the mounds of her breasts and the points of her nipples under my arms as I held her all night. At some point I could feel her butt up against my crotch and it was all I could do to keep it in line. Exhausted, I finally fell asleep.

The next morning, I awoke to find I was alone. The smell of bacon frying in the kitchen and toast in the toaster made me hungry. Still in just my shorts I brushed my teeth and headed to the kitchen. There she was, happy as a clam cooking breakfast — still in her short white robe.

“Hey Dan” — she said — “want some breakfast?” As she turned to hand me a cup of coffee she flashed a breast and one long leg all the way to her shaved pussy. I was mesmerized at the sight. She turned around as if she hadn’t noticed.

” Hey — Dan — you slept in. Didn’t the telephone wake you up?”

“No– I guess I was DTW.” I answered.

“Dad and Mom won’t be up until Saturday late. Dad said the trial is running longer than he expected and Mom elected to stay as long as we were getting along OK. She called to let us know and told us not to get in any trouble. I told her there was nowhere to get in trouble up here — we were 30 miles from nowhere and there aren’t any clubs around that we knew about. So we have the place to ourselves until then.”

“That’s cool” I said.

While she was talking and cooking I was staring at her, I couldn’t help myself. I just was intoxicated by the lines of her body under the robe and the way the robe clung to her. She was so stunning – long blond hair, shapely and toned legs, that great ass, those upturned tits, that shaved mound, and those eyes — enough to sink a ship. My memory of sleeping together last night unleashed those familiar stirrings in me. My body was reacting to the sexual thoughts about my sister again!

“Dan” she said. “Dan” this time louder. “Earth calling Dan. Are you here? You have this strange look on your face — are you OK?”

“Fine, I was just thinking how great you look this morning.”

“Pervert! You see me standing here with only a robe on and you’re getting off thinking about it. Just chill.”

As I looked down my shorts looked like a tent with a pole in the middle. I had a huge hard-on. She looked down at the same time as I did and giggled.

“Is that because of me” she asked coyly.

I blushed — “Ah, I guess so. It appears to have a mind of its own!”

When she smiled her whole face lit up and I was a goner.

Raising her eyebrow she teased “And what were you thinking about? Anything I would want to know?” She really knew how to get to me.

I just sat down — a little embarrassed. During breakfast I was thinking about how open about sex we had become since losing our virginities on the same night; how we had shared the adventure with each other and how we teased each other ever since. Not when the folks were around however — they wouldn’t understand. We had decided that they weren’t brought up to be as open with the opposite sex as we had become nor did they have the opportunity to be as close to siblings of the opposite sex growing up.

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