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I love being a mother. Even more, I love being a MILF. My son’s friends often make comments about how hot I am. And I try to be just as hot as I can for them.

Just last week, Glenn, my 18 year old son had five friends of the same age over playing video games. They were in the family room at the rear of the house. I suppose they thought they had privacy, but I could easily overhear their conversation. All of Glenn’s friends were telling him how hot I was. Some of the comments were even lewd. I heard Mike say, “I’d like to have a piece of that.” I. was somewhat surprised that Glenn didn’t stop them from saying such naughty things about his own mother.

While it did upset me slightly to have these young men make such comments about me, it also turned me on. I was glad to be noticed, to be desired. These young men were so handsome.

I decided to have some fun teasing them and went to my room and changed into some more suitable clothes. I put on a red low cut v-neck sweater that is about three sizes too small and really hugged my boobs (no bra, of course), a short black leather mini skirt, a red thong that barely covered my mound, black fish-net stockings, red garter belt and red pumps. I looked at myself in the mirror.

“Not bad. You’ve still got it, girl,” I said to encourage myself.

I walked in on their little group and their eyes just casino siteleri about popped out. The conversation stopped in mid-sentence. They all just stared in silence, mouths hanging open. Glenn was absolutely speechless. He’d rarely seen me dressed like this, and never around his friends.

“Would you like anything to drink?” I asked, smiling at their stunned expressions. “Eddie, will you help me in the kitchen.” Eddie, Glenn’s best friend since First Grade moved like a zombie, standing and moving toward the kitchen without his eyes ever leaving my body. I could see his hard-on bulging out the front of his jeans. My outfit certainly had an effect of him.

“You know where the glasses are,” I said as we entered the kitchen. As Eddie reached up into the cabinet for the glasses, I walked up behind him, rubbing my breasts against his back.

He turned and stared into my eyes. He was trapped between my body and the tiled counter to his back. I rubbed against that bulge in his jeans. And he rubbed back. I moaned slightly. It had been too long since I had any sex.

When I moaned, Eddie just smiled. Then he got a little more bold, grabbing my boobs through my sweater.

“Do you want some help with these?” he asked. Eddie had certainly turned the tables. I thought I was in charge and that I would tease the boys, but now he was taking control. And slot oyna it felt so good.

One of the other boys came into the kitchen to see what was taking so long and joined in. He comes up behind lifting my skirt and rubbing my pussy mound. I spread my legs and he begins to finger me. I can feel his hard, young cock pressing against my ass.

Another boy came to the door of the kitchen. When he saw what was happening he said, “Bring the party back in here.”

I was led back into the living room where they lay me on the couch – literally!! My sweater was pulled up. Young hands and mouths caressed my 34B boobs. My nipples grew as hard as little stones. My skirt was pushed up to my waist and my thong pulled aside as their young fingers began to feel how hot and wet I was. I became both hotter and wetter as their fingers filled and thrilled my needy pussy.

All the while my son was watching.

I suddenly felt the weight of one young man between my legs and then felt the hard, hot stalk of his youthful, virile cock against the wet lips of my pussy. I cry out, “Noooo!!” but my body is screaming, “YES!!!” He pushed his prick deep into my pussy and told all the others how hot and wet I was. In only a dozen thrusts he came deep inside my horny cunt. He pulled out and his cock was immediately replaced by another young, virile spear of flesh.

The whole canlı casino siteleri groups was busy with hands and mouths all over me. My tits were sucked and squeezed. I was kissed roughly, passionately. My legs were caressed and pulled wide apart. Boy after boy took their turn at my pussy, all of them cumming copiously. Their sperm flowed out of me, puddling on the couch. And I came with them, again and again. I needed what they were giving me. All five fucked me.

All the while my son was watching.

Finally as the fifth of his friends pumped the last of his load deep into my pussy, the first guy said, “Hey, Glenn, come and get some of this. Your mom is HOT!”

Glenn dropped his pants and crawled between my legs. Though I knew it was wrong, I couldn’t stop him. I didn’t want to stop him. He pushed his youthful cock deep into the pussy that birthed him. My body exploded in orgasm. My legs wrapped around him and pulled him even deeper into my used and abused pussy. He roughly pounded into my well-fucked cunt.

His buddies cheered him on as he ravaged his own mother’s pussy. All at once he pushed as deep as he could into my cunt and roared as unloaded what felt like a gallon of sperm into his mother’s hot, horny hole.

His friends all patted him on the back, while he kept his dick buried in my overflowing pussy.

“If that was my mom I’d fuck her every day,” the first one said. The others chimed in with similar comments.

As I lay there, with their cum oozing out of me, with my son’s still throbbing cock buried deep inside me, I thought, “I hope he does.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32