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A story about a very dominant man, a very timid twink and his equally passive mother.


“We have a new neighbor, I see,” Mom said one night at dinner about a year ago.

I didn’t know that, but of course my Mom was kind of nosy so it wasn’t like I needed to play detective around the neighborhood to find anything out. If something happened Mom knew, and even though she hadn’t spoken to the new neighbor who had moved into the modest little home next door, sure enough she knew all about him.

“It’s just one person, a man about 40 or so,” Mom explained. “Sorry Dylan, no daughters – in fact no children at all.”

Mom was not aware that while I would have welcomed another kid on the block, it wasn’t girls I was interested in. Considering how good she was at minding other people’s business it was a miracle she hadn’t discovered my little secret.

“A single guy?” I said after thinking about it. “Hey, maybe you and him could – you know. Hubba-hubba.”

“Oh Dylan!” Mom blushed. “He’s a little young for me, but I got a glimpse at him and oh boy!”

“Good looking?”

“Sort of,” Mom said. “But he’s very big. Gladys said he was a football player or something. Muscles on muscles, but I don’t think he would be interested in a skinny old bag who’s about 10 years older than him.”

“Hey, you never know,” I offered, thinking that maybe if Mom put a little effort into it, like make-up and a push-up bra, she might be able to lure him into her clutches.

God knows she deserved it after the old man bailed out on her a few years back, leaving her stuck me me. Despite her being a pain in the butt, I loved her and wanted her to be happy.

“Well, we’ll see,” Mom replied.


“He played 4 years with the Jets,” my friend Jesse told me as we looked out at our neighbor who was working around this little addition he had built onto the rear of his house. “Not a starter but he did play some.”

“What’s he doing living around here then?” I asked, because while this wasn’t a ghetto by any means, I figured he could afford more than the middle class neighborhood we were in.

“I dunno,” Jesse said. “Did you see that scar on his knee?”

I had. I had memorized every pore I could see on his body in the short time he had been here. Easily 6’4″ and probably around 240 pounds, he was indeed, as Mom had said, muscles on muscles. Not handsome in a pretty boy sense, but more like a Chuck Norris type. That was Mom’s opinion, and she was very smitten with him.

For my part in the conversations I had with Blair Farmer, I had made some effort to mention Mom quite often, concentrating on pushing her being alone, available and attractive. He was polite and amused at my sales pitch.

“Are you shopping for a Dad?” he had asked with a laugh, indicating that I was probably pushing a bit hard and way too obviously.

Blair Farmer as a Dad? That wouldn’t be a good thing because it was tough enough seeing him as little as I did. Being around him all day? That would be tough.

You see, Mom wasn’t the only one smitten with Mr. Farmer. I was fond of him as well, and fond in the case means I was in love. It seems I spent an inordinate amount of time looking out my window in hopes of seeing him, and he did spend a lot of time out in his yard.

Compounding that was the fact that he liked to wear tank tops and shorts, and looking over and seeing this man with the wide shoulders, broad chest and thick neck led to me doing a lot of what I did best.

“Come on Blair,” I would encourage from by position behind the blinds while I jerked off like a deranged chimp. “Lift that 2 by 4 – that’s it, way up over your head.”

He would destroy Mom, I had concluded after imaging my scrawny Mom having sex with this behemoth. He would destroy me too I knew that as well, but I would have been willing to risk it for the chance of being with him one time.

Of course, if I even suggested to him that I was interested in him that way, he would have treated me like he had the guys he bowled over on kickoffs when he played on the special teams back in his heyday.


“Why? You think that your hero next door wants you?” Jesse had asked that day as I broke up with him. “You’re a kid. What would he want with you?”

“He wouldn’t,” I said. “He’s got nothing to do with this. It’s just time to move on. Time for both of us.”

“Fine!” Jesse snapped. “Spend your time in your room jerking off to him.”

In the months Jesse and I had been together he got to know me well. He was mad and jealous, and he had a right to be but the fact was he had a crush on Mr. Farmer too. Furthermore, we had both jerked off while looking at him, and I had even sucked Jesse’s dick while he peeked through the blinds and detailed what my neighbor was doing.

It wasn’t exactly right that Mr. Farmer had nothing to do with our breaking up either, because it was a comment of his that spurred me to decide to break it off with my lover.

“Your friend – he seems a little light in the shoes,” Blair had said one day.

“Jesse? canlı bahis Uh – he’s okay,” I replied.

“You can do better,” he said before going back to one of his various projects. “If that’s what it is.”

“Uh…” was all I could say, because while I was about to tell Mr. Farmer that it wasn’t like that at all, what was the point? If it was that obvious to him and everybody in the world except for my mother, why deny it?


“Dylan honey,” Mom chirped before heading for the beauty parlor. “There’s a plate of cookies on the table from the batch I made last night. Be a dear and bring them over to Mr. Farmer.”

“Why don’t you do it after you get back from the beauty parlor?” I suggested. “Get him all hot and bothered.”

“Don’t be silly,” Mom tittered. “I’m just trying to be neighborly. Maybe I will stop over there later to ask him if he liked the cookies though, if that will make you happy. Can’t accuse me of not trying to find you a Dad.”

“I have a Dad,” I reminded Mom. “Not much of one but technically he is.”

“I know it would mean a lot to you to have a man like Mr. Farmer around, what with you missing the male influence boys need,” Mom lamented. “I’m afraid I just don’t have what it takes to interest men any more.”

“You’re great Mom,” I assured her, and I felt bad that she felt like she did about herself, but then again I had self-esteem problems of my own.

Of course I was more than happy to deliver the cookies, and Mr. Farmer was in the little rear addition when I knocked.

“Come on in Dylan,” Mr. Farmer said,

“My Mom baked these,” I explained in handing him the toll house cookies.

“Oh, you Mom is a heck of a baker, isn’t she?” Blair said. “She brought over a piece of cake last week that was amazing.”

“She did?” I said, feeling bad that Mom was actually trying to win the heart of this guy instead of kidding around about it.

“Yes, she’s a nice woman. You’re lucky to have her.”

“I know. She’s trying real hard.”

“I know,” Blair said, and as he said that I realized what he meant by that, at least in part.

“Sorry. She thinks I need a father figure,” I said. “Plus she – she’s lonely. Just ignore her.”

“No harm done Dylan,” Blair said. “It’s nice to have women flirt with you, isn’t it?”

“I guess,” I said although I wouldn’t have known.

“Her visit with the cake did pique my interest though.”

“It did?”

“Yes. There were a couple of letters written on the frosting, and when I asked what the occasion was she said it was your birthday cake,” Blair said. “She started talking about how you would be off to college soon and then she would be an empty nest-er like me.”

“Oh gee.”

“I asked her how old you were, and when she said you had just turned 18 – well, I didn’t know that. I thought you were younger.”

“I know,” I said with embarrassment, my baby face and skinny body making me look younger even if I was close to 6′ tall.

“That’s not a bad thing you know,” Blair informed me. “Some women like that. Some men too.”


“Come in here son,” Blair said as he put his arm around my shoulders and led me into the addition. “Want to show you what I had installed back here.”

“Oh wow!” I said when I saw the hot tub, my confusion about what Mr. Farmer had just said forgotten for the moment when I saw the lavish looking tub. “Hey, you can sort of see out from here.”

It was true. The glass that looked frosted when I looked down onto the room was different looking out. It wasn’t clear like regular glass but you could see through it.

“Yeah, that way I don’t have to worry about people seeing what I’m doing back here,” Blair said, and I hoped I wasn’t blushing at that although I didn’t know how he would know I was peeking out at him like it did.

“Want to christen it with me?” Blair asked.

“Uh – yeah – I mean – I can go get my bathing suit,” I offered, but Blair grabbed my arm when I started to leave.

“You don’t wear a bathing suit in here,” Blair informed me.

“You mean…”

“We’re both men, right?” Blair said with a grin, reminding me that I was 18 and technically fit the description. “Get your clothes off and let’s hop in.”

Blair walked around the back of the tub and fiddled with some valves, but all the while he was staring at me. How long did it take me to get a t-shirt, jeans and underwear off? A long time.

“We have all day,” Blair chuckled as he watched me fiddling with my jeans, folding and unfolding them and looking for a place to put them.

I nodded and grabbed the elastic of my tight whiteys, which showed pretty clearly from the outside what was inside, and as I whipped them down I did my best to cover myself with my hands. It must have looked pretty stupid, but I’m modest by nature. In the end, when I had to climb the ladder everything was exposed anyway so it didn’t matter.

Mr. Farmer was amused at my lame attempts to cover up but didn’t laugh when he saw my stuff and even commented favorably on what he saw.

“Don’t bahis siteleri know why you’re trying to hide,” he said as he watched me settle into the warm water. “Heck of a weapon you’re packing there, Dylan.”

Mr. Farmer didn’t know that despite it pointing downward my dick was pretty much as big as it would get, and it is pretty long. Almost 7″ according to Jesse, but it is really really thin, just like the body it’s attached to. The fact that Blair seemed to be impressed by it certainly didn’t hurt though.

Blair Farmer wasn’t nearly as modest, and after he peeled off his tank-top the usual shiver went down my spine even though I had seen him without a shirt before. The sight of his broad chest sprinkled with golden brown hair, hard and big man boobs and a waist that was not much bigger than mine never failed to take my breath away. The shoulders and arms were massive, his biceps looked like they were as big as my thighs and his neck looked like it belonged on a bull.

His eyes were watching me watching him, and he obviously took a lot of pleasure in the way he looked as well as the way I was practically drooling over him. The tank-top got tossed aside, and then he dropped his shorts, revealing a jock strap underneath.

That explained why I never saw what I was looking for when I would check his shorts, I reasoned as he turned around briefly, his butt cheeks framed by the elastic straps, and then he peeled the jock off.

“There,” Blair said as he walked up the steps, and I didn’t even try to pretend not to look.

I had seen Blair’s cock many times in my mind, imagining every size and shape of penis possible, but actually seeing him naked was way better than even my wildest fantasy.

His cock was huge. The tan flaccid hose was inhumanly thick at the base, tapering down a bit after that until the ridge of the head bulged out against the foreskin. The foreskin itself was very long, completely covering the knob of his manhood, and underneath hung a pair of balls that were just as over-sized as the rest of the man.

“Comfortable?” Mr. Farmer asked as he reached over and squeezed my leg, making me jump as I nodded. “Nervous?”


“Does it make you feel any better if I told you that I think you’re quite attractive?”

“I am?” I said, my voice coming out like I was sitting on an iceberg instead of in a hot tub.

“Very much. You got even better looking last week.”

“I did?” I asked, confused until I figured out what he meant. “Oh.”

“You see, I like young, but legal young. Understand?”

“Yes sir.”

“You mother wants you to have a Daddy. Want me to be your Daddy?”

“I – I don’t understand.”

“You see, a Daddy gives hugs and kisses, but he also has high expectations,” Blair said, his hand tightening on my thigh. “Tough love sometimes. Nothing like what you were getting from your little friend Jesse, I’m afraid. How about it, Dylan? You want me to be your Daddy?”

“I think so – yes,” I answered, and when the grip on my leg got tighter I added, “Yes. I do.”

“It’s all about me – pleasing me,” Blair added. When I ask you to do something you don’t question it, you just do it. Understand?”

“Yes sir.”


“Yes Daddy.”

“You make Daddy happy and he’ll make you happy. Are you up for it? Want to be my boy toy?”


“Say it. Tell me what you feel.”

“I love you Daddy,” I replied, and then Blair stood up in the tub and made his first directive.

“Show Daddy how much you love him,” Blair said while waving his cock in my face. “Suck Daddy’s cock. Make it hard.”

And then he was rubbing the tip of it on my mouth, parting my lips with his massive organ until I opened my mouth wide, letting the plump head in.

“That’s my boy,” Blair sighed as he held my ears and rolled his hips toward me face. “Suck it hard.”

I did my best, managing to get my lips a little further down as I began to get used to the girth of his member, and while my jaws were aching but I didn’t care.

“You like Daddy’s cock?” Blair asked as he pulled his now stiff cock out of my mouth and slapped my cheek with the vein-riddled monstrosity. “Is it big enough for you?”

“Yes Daddy.” I said, hoping that was what he wanted to hear. “I want to suck the whole thing but it’s too big.”

“You’ll learn,” Blair said as he lifted the rod straight up to offer me the hairy nut sack behind it. “Lick my nuts now. Been working all morning so they’re probably sweaty, aren’t they?”

“Yes sir,” I said after my tongue raked around the wrinkled pouch, the tart and salty taste making my eyes water.

“You like that too, don’t you?” Blair asked.

“Yes sir,” I said as he pushed my face into his nuts, and it wasn’t a lie because the pungent aroma and taste was exciting me for some reason, and I felt so wanted and loved that I wanted to make Blair happy no matter what.

“Stand up,” Blair said, reaching down and lifting me up effortlessly. “Clean me all over.”

He lifted his right arm and put his hand behind his bahis şirketleri head, the motion making his already bulging bicep expand even more, while his left hand grabbed the back of my head and pushed it into his armpit.

“I know you dig my armpits,” Blair declared, explaining that he had seen me staring at them a lot in the past.

He was right of course, as he always seemed to be. I had always been attracted to hairy guys and hairy armpits in particular, which was Jesse’s initial appeal to me, but Blair’s were as hairy as any I had even seen.

“Lick it son,” Blair instructed. “Suck my armpit. You like to do that don’t you?”

“Yes Daddy,” I mumbled from within the muscular crater while I chewed at the jungle of musky hair like an animal.

“Your dick is hard. I can feel it against my leg. You want to cum don’t you? Keep licking!”

“Yes daddy.”

“Don’t. You don’t even cum without Daddy’d permission. Understood?” he asked, and I mumbled a yes before he pushed my face under his other arm. “You will cum soon, and when you do it will be the best orgasm you ever had.”

Back down to my knees I went, and my rested jaws went back to Blair’s cock with renewed enthusiasm. My fist jacked the part of the thick shaft that my lips could never hope to reach, and I couldn’t help but notice that the very base of Blair’s cock – the stump – was so thick that my hand only reached halfway around it.

“Work your tongue under the hood,” Blair said as he pulled my face back a bit. “Skin it back a little and lick the tip. That’s it.”

Then my face got pushed back down and I went back to work, with Blair now thrusting his hips in counterpoint to my mouth movements. His balls were swinging wildly underneath, even hitting my chin and throat a few times before Blair announced he was cumming.

“Take it all,” Blair commanded as he cradled my face, and then his cock jerked between my lips while I struggled to keep swallowing his load so I didn’t choke.

Then he went limp, but I kept sucking until he pulled me off and lifted me back to my feet.

“You did well son,” Blair said as he kissed my forehead. “Anything to say?”

“I love you Daddy,” I said.

“I love you too son,” Blair said, and then he was turning me around so we were both facing the same way. “Now cum for Daddy.”

As Daddy leaned up against my back he reached around and grabbed my arching prong, and after wrapping his fist around the slender pole he pulled on it hard, like he was trying to remove it from my body.

“Cum!” he barked in my ear while his burly arm wrapped around my throat and held me tight. “Cum for Daddy.”

“I’m cumming!” I cried out. “Cumming Daddy!”

Before my vision went foggy I watched a wad of semen fly out of my cock and completely out of the tub, and it was only the arm around my neck that kept up upright as I came like a machine gun.

“No more, please Daddy,” I whimpered as he kept milking my cock after it was deflated and spent, pulling it down toward the floor to get every drop out of me before he mercifully let it go.

“Good boy, Dylan,” Blair said. “Was it as good as I promised?”

“Yes Daddy,” I replied, and when he turned me around I hugged him as hard as I could. “I loved it – and you.”


A few hours later we were in the hot tub again, and I was doing something I had never experienced before. Oh, I had heard of rimming, but as far as actually doing it or having it done, I was a virgin.

“Just spread my cheeks open and lick the knot,” Blair said. “Then dip your tongue in.”

“Okay Daddy,” I said, although with all the hair I couldn’t see the knot.

I did lick though, swabbing the funky crack with my tongue while Blair pushed his face in my ass while leaning on the front of the tub, and he seemed proud of me when I reached under and started to pull on his cock.

“That’s my boy,” Blair sighed. “Lick my asshole. That feels so good. You know I – whoa! Look at this. Company.”

“Omigod!” I said when Blair moved away from me and I saw Mom coming up to the door.

Thankfully we could see her but she couldn’t see us as Blair settled into the hot tub and told me to act like nothing was going on. I felt bad as we watched Mom fiddling with her clothes and making sure her hair was perfect before knocking.

“Come in,” Blair bellowed, and then Mom opened the door.

“Oh dear,” Mom said, shocked when she saw the two of us sitting there. “What a beautiful tub. Look at you fellows, relaxing like that.”

“Hop in,” Blair said. “You son came over with the cookies – which are delicious by the way – and I invited him in for a dip. You’re welcome to join us. Plenty of room.”

“Oh dear I couldn’t,” Mom said. “Maybe I’ll take a rain-check. I just wanted to make sure you got the goodies.”

“I got them alright,” Blair said, kicking my foot under the water. “I sure did.”


“I was shocked to see you in that hot tub,” Mom said at the dinner table that night.

“He offered and I felt guilty about saying no.”

“He is that kind of personality – the kind you can’t seem to say no to,” Mom all too accurately noted. He asked me to mend a shirt for him a couple of weeks ago, not that I minded of course. Do you know his shirt collar size is 19 1/2?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32