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Eighteen and still gawky, skinny Liz hated her body. The boys wouldn’t talk to her, she had no date for her senior prom. She turned to the only man who could understand, her uncle Paul.


Elizabeth Joy hated her own body, And worse, she hated her long face, its crescent moon interrupted by a nose twice broken by disrespectful horses on her daddy’s hobby farm. She firmly believed herself to be unattractive, perhaps even ugly.

Others, particularly her uncle Paul would vehemently disagree.

Liz possessed one of those amazing wiry physiques, and while she appeared too thin, her toned muscles rippled quietly under her tanned skin. She had no breasts to speak of, but her backside was more than amazing, twin globes set high on taut thighs, the hips curvaceous if not full. Liz effortlessly and unconsciously moved with incredible grace and athleticism. Her face had character, and Paul loved it for its unusual features. Her deep brown eyes were constantly involved with the world in their view, yet could snap to focus on his eyes like a plug into a socket. Her smile was broad and inviting, not too much lip, teeth just imperfect enough to be sexy. He had always thought she was beautiful, but Elizabeth Joy didn’t think so.

She had chosen her male companions badly during her early dating years, and lost even those because of her unwillingness to go all the way with them. A few had convinced her to give head, one had clumsily attempted to rape her ass. She had cried to Paul after the brutalization, and he had quietly straightened the punk’s shit out. Lizzie never knew, but the story around the small Midwestern high school spread quickly, and Lizzie soon found that very few of the boys were even willing to talk to her. The story of Paul’s brief and intense encounter with the would-be ass rapist got translated in young male minds as, “Have anything to do with Liz, get hurt.” Happily the story never reached her ears but sadly, Liz misinterpreted the lack of attention from the boys to be for reason of her ugliness.

The final blow to her tender heart came during early May of her senior year. She had been shunned by all the eligible guys at her school and had no date for her senior prom.

Lizzie’s parents were out of town for prom weekend, and Liz had dreamed and prayed that she’d have a hot date, but none was forthcoming. She called him, her surrogate Dad, her wise older friend.

Paul had20 years nearly to the day on her.Paunchy from a desk job and lack of willpower to maintain an exercise regimen, Paul was nonetheless youthful, his beaming round face belying his years. He had always been easy to talk with, a wise and careful listener who allowed the spaces between her often shy words to gently breathe, speaking only when he sensed she could at last no longer come up with anything else to say.

Now she dialed, her elegant slender finger hesitating as it keyed the buttons. He answered on the third ring.

“Uncle Paul?” He heard the tremor in her voice. “Uh….I um…don’t have a date for prom tonight, and uh…you wanna come over?”

Paul hesitated a moment. He knew that his sister and her husband were gone for the weekend. His long-hidden desires now made him question the wisdom of placing himself in a position where his fantasies might come true. As he watched Elizabeth grow through her teenage years, he had begun to fantasize about taking her into his arms and loving her, his own blood.

“We could maybe order a pizza or….?” Her young voice was now straining to hold back a sob, which cloyed and pulled at the back of her throat .

Sensing her emotions, Paul quickly and cheerfully agreed to come over.

Paul carefully shaved in the shower and put on just a dab of his favorite cologne. He brushed his teeth, trembling for reasons he couldn’t quite define. He felt like a nervous high school boy on prom night. It was her prom night, a missed debut. He knew he was responding to his niece’s desire for comfort and company,but he also knew that he himself was eagerly looking forward to being with her. He wondered if she craved a substitute for her missed prom date, the necking, the fumbling…maybe even the fucking. Dare he hope? What would his family do if they found out? Could he go through with the seduction of his baby sister’s only child?

He arrived at the hobby farm less than an hour after her phone call. He had dressed in a smart suit and tie, his shoes polished to black mirrors. To his delight, Liz was dressed in an ankle-length formal gown. Elegant high heel shoes lifted her to within an inch of her uncle’s height. She had carefully coiffed her waist-length calico hair and had applied tasteful makeup. As he bent to kiss her cheek, he caught a whiff of her seductive perfume and chuckled. “Look at us. You’re dressed for the prom, and I’m dressed to be a chaperone.” Her brilliant easy smile suddenly vanished and her eyes filled with tears. Her strong shoulders drooped as her eyes left his to stare at the floor. The weeping began softly, casino siteleri but then she fell into his arms sobbing. He gently led her inside the large farmhouse and steadied her by her firm biceps. She weakly smiled through her tears into his eyes, then moved gracefully to a large sofa. She beckoned him to sit beside her, then began to collect herself, an elegant hand lifting tissue to her remarkable nose.

“Lizzie, I know I might not be your first choice for a prom date, but will I do as a substitute?” Paul immediately regretted the question, as Liz began to weep anew.

For the next twenty minutes, she poured out her story of sadness, how she felt all the boys thought her ugly, how she hadn’t had a date since that awful night when Mark whats-his-name tried brutally to invade her tender teenage ass.

Paul was nearly dumbstruck. He hadn’t thought that the boy would spill the story to his friends, counting on pride to keep the story quiet. Paul quickly realized that she had been shunned because of his meddling. He sighed broadly.

“Liz, I swear I never meant to hurt you,” he began. He confessed to whipping little Markie’s ass, thus starting a rumor that she was untouchable, if one cared to remain healthy. “So it was me who fucked your social life, not any lack of beauty. Which by the way, you don’t lack. I’ve always thought you were lovely.”

She dismissed his compliment with a flip of her hand. “I am not. You’re just saying that because you don’t want me to be mad at you for turning me into a social pariah. But seriously, thanks for dealing with Mark. He almost hurt my ass really bad. Jeez, why would anyone want to fuck my ass?”

Paul grinned. “Because it’s the single finest ass in this county, darling niece.”

She stared at him. “People actually do the anal thing?”

“Yeah, it can feel really good if you do it with someone who knows what he’s doing and who carries a bottle of really good lubricant.” He laughed. “Look Liz, you have an incredibly beautiful, young, fit body that would be a joy to love. I have always loved your easy smile, your calico hair, your eyes and your grace.”

“But not my nose?” She shot a wicked grin at her uncle.

Paul grinned. “Your face is great because of your nose. Has character.” He gently tweaked her nose, a caress he had been giving her since she was a toddler. Paul caressed her as he spoke, paying special attention to her pulse points and the back of her arms. He held her eyes, his smile gentle.

“Furthermore, your face is made even more lovely by these kissable lips,” he whispered.

He leaned in to kiss her. This was it, he thought. We’ve just moved away from traditional family values here.

She pulled away and looked into his soul with her riveting eyes. “Do you think I’m pretty, Uncle Paul?”

“What? You were asleep during the lecture?” he shot back and laughed.

She laughed with him for a moment. “Really?” She became serious.

His reply was another brush of his lips against hers, then kissing more deeply until slowly and tenderly, tongues met and danced.

Liz’ face was flushed when he pulled away from her. She gazed at him steadily through half-closed eyelids but smiled. “Paul, it’s okay. I want this.” He leaned in again to kiss her, continuing his caress of her bare arms and shoulders. Her skin was soft beyond his expectations, despite a deep tan from hours of riding and working on the little farm. She began now to kiss him with fire and hunger, quickly learning a dance she had barely done before. He smiled tenderly into her mouth, telling her that he too wanted her, wanted this.

“Seriously. You really think I’m pretty?” He held a finger to her lips and led her through the familiar farmhouse to Liz oversized bedroom.

As she walked into the room, late afternoon sunlight filtered through the big windows, setting her multicolored hair ablaze with sparkling light. Paul gasped in spite of himself. She was a goddess. She was his niece. And looking into her brown eyes he realized, she was a woman.

“Unzip me, Uncle Paul,” she purred, turning her back to him. The sparkling fabric fell from her strong young shoulders and she gracefully stepped out of the garment.

She had of course, worn no brassiere. She turned to face him. Her areolas were a soft medium brown, the small nipples a dusky rose. “No titties,” she sighed. She then did a model turn, showing off the black thigh-high stockings held in place by a black satin garter belt. Panties had been omitted from the ensemble, and for the first time Paul viewed the objects of his hidden lusts.

Her ass, spectacular in clothing was revealed as a miracle. Paul doubted he would ever see as fine a derriere again in his lifetime. She turned to again reveal her front, indicating the thick pelt of pubic hair covering her mound.


Tenderness momentarily forgotten, Paul fell to his knees before her, still wearing his jacket and tie. He moved his hand between her long athletic legs, encouraging slot oyna her to open her thighs for him. She posed with her stocking clad legs open wide enough for him to take his first taste of her pussy, just a sip. He would lay her down and do it properly in awhile, but for now his eagerness overtook him.

Liz sighed loudly as his tongue immediately found, then gently swirled around the opening of her soft sex. He sucked each inner lip gently, exploring each with the tip of his tongue, finding and quicly teasing her large clitoris. “Oh Uncle Paul!” Her thighs began to tremble within moments of his first oral caress.

Paul’s view from the floor was spectacular. As he thrilled to his first taste of his niece, his eyes followed her body from the furry rise of her pubic mound, over her muscular, taut belly, past the brown little nipples and directly up into her smiling face, its eyes now half closed in erotic concentration. “Oh! Uncle Paul! Oh-oh-oh-oh-ooh-oooo! UNCLE PAUL!!” she screamed, nearly toppling from her three-inch high heel shoes.

Paul rose from the floor and took her into his arms, kissing her deeply, sharing the taste of her sex. They kissed a long while, standing, unable to move. Her juices lingered on his mouth, and he savored her rich and delicious flavors. He led her to the bed and helped her remove her shoes. Pulling him down to her, Liz quietly spoke. “Paul, I know this sounds old fashioned, but I don’t want to lose my cherry just yet. I really do want to save it for the right guy, the one I’ll marry and have kids with.” She tenderly smiled into her uncle’s eyes. “Can we still love without me losing that one thing?”

Paul laughed gently. “This is where age and experience come into play, grasshopper. Your hymen is safe with me.” She grinned and pulled him in for another long, soft kiss.

“Hey, you gonna get out of that suit?” she teased, reaching to help him loosen his necktie.


Later Paul would not be able to admit to himself that he felt any particular extra thrill from having sex with his own flesh and blood, although he supposed that at the time, the taboo nature of their coupling probably did turn him on. What Paul would remember instead would be the sheer joy of loving a fresh young virgin, a loving woman who despite her inexperience was trusting enough to learn from him, then erotically free enough to respond fully and enthusiastically.

He had undressed quickly with her help and had gotten into the bed next to her. He again kissed her long and gently while moving his fingers easily to her opening. A single finger began to probe tenderly, finding the unbroken maidenhead, the thumb finding useful purpose against her pulsing button. Liz moaned. “It makes me want to fuck, Uncle Paul. I think I really want to fuck!” Paul silenced her with a kiss, then began to work in earnest on his niece’s pussy. She cried another orgasm into his mouth.

“I love you, Lizzie,” he thought. “You’re safe with me. Enjoy this, baby! I am going to make you cum and cum and cum!” The rotund man with a happy, round face again went down on his trembling, athletic niece.

Liz raised herself into a crabwalk position, resting on her elbows, her feet flat against the mattress, her hips and butt raised to accommodate his angle of approach. Paul dove in with gusto, his tongue rapidly darting into her precious sex, his upper lip rubbing hard against her burning clitoris. “Aaargh!” Liz moaned, a fine sheen of sweat now covering her body. “unh! Unh! Aaaaaaaie!” Her hips rolled as if motorized, as she thrust her pelvis hard against her uncle’s expert mouth. “Unh! Don’t stop…Paul…please…more! Unh! Unh! Oooh! Oh! Aaah!” She crested the wave, then quickly relaxed, her back and buttocks falling to the sheets below her.

The lithe eighteen year-old woman fell back against a ruffled green velvet pillow. She quietly trembled to stillness, finally drawing a deep breath. “Nobody has ever done that to me, Uncle Paul. It was off the chain…wow!” She reached for her pack of cigarettes and lighter, which were on the night table. He watched her fascinated as her mouth pursed gently to take the tip of the cigarette, her moist pink lips accepting it as if accepting a miniature cock. She sensuously dragged at the smoke, then exhaled a cloud toward the ceiling. She gazed steadily at her uncle, then grinned. “I’m serious! I always knew it would feel good, but holy crap! Hey…uh, do you mind?” She eased back onto the pillows, still smoking her cigarette and again splayed her toned young legs. Her uncle needed no further invitation and again moved to orally pleasure his teenage niece.

“Enjoy your smoke. I’ll take my time here” he said, then smiling moved to softly stimulate his niece’s virgin vulva. “I don’t mind if you smoke while I eat,” he grinned.

He began to synchronize the movements of his tongue with Lizzie’s smoking. As she would draw in the smoke he would intensify his caresses. he would then back off a little as she exhaled. They soon fell into a very canlı casino siteleri soft, slow rhythm, Liz occasionally leaning to drop a trail of ash into the tin plate she kept next to her bed for that purpose.


“Uncle Paul,” she whispered as her trembling body fell against his, the tide of climax quietly subsiding. “Paul, I really do want you to put it into me. I wanna fuck…” She turned her brown eyes upward, pleading into her uncle’s eyes, both of them acutely aware of the similarity. Paul inwardly gasped, the thought sucking him like a teenage mouth.

“You’ve got your mother’s eyes.” He smiled at her serious expression. “I want to make love with you Lizzie, but I think you’re right to save your virginity for a man you could marry, have kids with.” She sighed heavily, her frustration visible on her face. She rose from the bed, pacing then turned her back again to her uncle. He helped himself to one of her cigarettes and stared longingly at her beautiful teenage ass. She caught his stare in the mirror above her dresser. “You really like my butt, huh Uncle Paul?”

He walked behind her and placed a hand tenderly against her ass, his voice coming in an urgent rasp. “Like I told you kid, this is the finest ass in the county.” To prove his point Paul knelt behind her, the cigarette unlit in the tin plate and began to lovingly caress her firm young flesh with the side of his cheek. Liz shivered from his attention, and gave a tiny squeak of surprise when his tongue grazed her puckered little rosebud.

Paul moved his hands to cup each firm muscled cheek and began massaging her fine backside. Liz leaned forward, her hands resting on the dresser, her legs spreading of their own accord. Paul tenderly dipped the tip of his tongue again to her ochre penny, and Liz moaned in delight, thrusting her muscled ass outward, opening her cleft for his caress.

Paul eagerly rimmed his niece with his hot tongue as he gently raised his hand to his teen niece’s slit, finding her throbbing clit with the tip of his finger, circling it, strumming it, then finally gently pinching it as he drove his tongue deep into her asshole. Liz came violently, her hand slapping hard against the wood surface of the dresser. From his vantage point behind her, Paul could just see her face reflected in the tilted dresser mirror. He thrilled to the vision of her expression of ecstasy, her teeth bared in a grimace of orgasm. He began to run the tips of all four fingers in succession over her pleasure button, moving to rapidly strum her to her fifth orgasm of the evening. Liz howled and nearly toppled from her stance as the violent paroxysm overtook her.

Half carrying her, Paul helped his niece move on unsteady legs to the big bed. He arranged pillows to lift her hips before gently laying her down.


Paul deftly picked a condom and a small bottle of lubricant from his jacket, and was soon applying generous amounts of the lubricant to Lizzie’s tender backdoor. “Oh God….” Liz moaned, her hips beginning a slow roll as he diddled her most privat place. Again he bent to suckle at her sex, her juices running down the soft curve of her buttocks even as her anus was being gently invaded by his delightful finger.

“Oh shit, Paul! Oh…oh…oh….ooooh!” She again came hard against her uncle’s gentle mouth. As she began to reach the peak of her climax, Paul inserted a second finger into Lizzie’s virgin ass and worked his hand rapidly, invading her tightness and easing her open for the further delights to come.

He discreetly rolled the condom onto his rigid shaft, greasing it liberally with the slick lubricant.

He poised for a moment at her doorway, his cock ready to make its first foray into his niece’s body. “Shit….you’re huge!” A look of panic momentarily crossed her young face. “Um…please…be gentle…”

To her surprise the sensation of his knob passing her sphincter was only mildly painful. She squeaked a bit, then tried to fight her body’s natural reflex to resist the invader. “Relax baby,” cooed Paul. “Just push out, like you’re going to the bathroom. Easy….I’m almost in.”

Liz began again to rhythmically roll her hips, pushing downward with her abdominal muscles. Her uncle’s prick easily slid into her depths, his pelvic bone coming to rest against her slick sex.

Paul produced a small powerful vibrator and turning it on, applied the toy to Liz’ throbbing clitoris and began rocking into his teenage niece, savoring her loud moan as the two sensations quicly combined to drive her toward ecstasy. “Oh God, god…ohmygod! Ooooh!! Ah-ah-ah-ah-aieee!” She began to babble, throwing her head from side to side, her long hair flailing around her pretty face. Liz’ tiny nipples turned a deeper shade and her flat chest began to blush furiously. She closed her eyes and began rocking back into him, his cock buried to its base in her clenching asshole, as her loving uncle teased and tormented her young sex with the powerful pocket rocket.

He leaned over her then to insistently kiss her soft mouth, their tongues quickly entwining, his rigid pole working hard inside her, the vibrator thrilling against her clit. “Oooh! Uncle Paul! Fuck your little niece’s ass!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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