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At 50, I was still lost as to who and what type of person I was. Being married most of my adult life, I was scared and hesitant to come out of the closet. No one and I mean no one would ever suspect me of being bi or gay, but here I was again, walking into Amazing Lingerie in Dallas.

I used to visit bookstores to get my cock sucked, but sometime in my late 40’s I wanted to try and suck a cock. I call It a cock, or a prick because it is a manly object, dick sounds immature and penis too technical. Fuck stick, man meat, whatever you call it, to me, it’s a cock.

Once I had the first taste of cum on my tongue, I couldn’t go without it. Every day off was looking on Craigslist. Searching for the next cock to cum down my throat. I can’t tell all the stories, they seem to run together.

I had turned into a closeted cum whore, but I was the only person who knew it. Rarely did I ever go back to the same guy, except for the one kinky fucker in Cedar Hill. First time he had me over, I was in his office, sucking his cock and his roommate came in and saw what was going on. He got mad and was telling him how horrible he was to him, while the guy just kept his hand on my head while I sucked. That dude was out there, just enough to keep me coming back for 6 months.

Don’t get me wrong I always got my cock sucked, I just had to have a warm up. Plenty of guys just want to suck me off, but I like to please. Not in a sub mentality, but I enjoy making others feel good.

So, this brings me to Amazing on Joe Field. I don’t remember how I found this place, it’s off the main drag. It has the upfront store, movies, toys and the like. But in the back is the theatre ($8.00 stay as long as you like, movies are free), and not a typical booth with glory holes. There are 15-17 rooms around 10′ x10′. In all of the rooms there is a small bench for two. In some rooms there is a little walk up stage type setup with railings large enough for your cock to fit through.

8 rooms on the inside 4 on one side and 4 behind with the rest going around the perimeter. Other than the bench there is a channel changer and volume control on a stand. The one other item available is a magic window. You or the the person in the room next to you controls a frosted window that will allow you to see into the next booth. Usually a shadow will cross the window and if you have control you look in and see if your interested in the other side. canlı bahis şirketleri Same for them, they look at you and if you or them are not, hit the switch and your in control of the window.

Now I’m not sure why, everyone knows why they are there, but everyone is so afraid of being caught no one looks at another until there in the room. For me it’s different. I leave the door cracked as an invitation to come in. I always leave the glass clear and my cock out. Sometimes I’ll walk the racetrack with my pants unzipped and my cock hanging out.

So I walk in this day and the same old curmudgeon is taking money. Hand it over, stop at the men’s room to piss and head into the back.

I always stop and look at the selections playing then take a trip or two around the track. This particular time around, a door was open and a middle aged man was standing against the wall rubbing his pants. I stuck my head in and asked if wanted some company? He told me yeah, so I entered closed and locked the door. I walked over and without a word, dropped to my knees and dropped his pants and underwear. A nice fat cock fell out and was bouncing in front of me. I was staring at the first uncut cock I had ever seen.

I’m not sure what I expected, but he had some sweet ass precum and I was liking it. He grew to about 6″ and really thick. I slobbered on him sucked him, ran my tongue around the head. It was strange with the extra skin, but I found he liked me playing with it. I gobbled him up for 10 minutes. I could feel him getting ready to blow and I grabbed his ass and let him know I was there to drink it all up. He started shaking and moaning, then he tensed up all over and I had the days first load filling my mouth. He had a huge cum and it was tasty. I continued to clean him up and get the last little bit from around his crown and popped off. He was still shaking against the wall as I walked out and closed the door behind me.

I walked around to the other side and almost ran into a 30 something. He was hot and looked like a salesman on lunch break. My height, 180lbs. Short cut blonde hair, muscular and all man. I offered the door opening to him and he walked right in. My lucky day.

I shut and locked the door and when I turned around, the manly man was kissing me like a prom date. Fuck he was hot. Our hands were everywhere on each other. He got completely naked as did I. We went back to kissing canlı kaçak iddaa and touching. I reached down and found once again an uncut prick. I need to check the sign out front to see if this a special day or something.

He dropped to his knees and began to suck with earnest. He was edging me and I liked it. He knew how to use that mouth and he was using it on me.

He slowly stood and turned his naked body backwards to me. We molded together as I kissed his neck and allowed my fingers play with his nipples. He shook and told me how hot I was. He simply bent over and offered his ass to me.

I couldn’t accept the offer due to no protection. But I slid my cock back and forth between his muscular cheeks. I stood him back up, turned him and sank to my knees. I engulfed his hard throbbing cock all the way down. He grabbed hold of my hair and began to fuck my face.

His cock fit my mouth perfectly. Long enough to fit just into my throat. I could swallow it and massage his cock. He was ready, so I pulled back and sucked the head massaging my tongue under the hard crown and then swirl it around the top. He told me he was about to cum. I grabbed his cheeks and pulled him in for another swallow.

He tensed up, his meaty balls drew higher into his sac. His cock swelled and engorged as if a cannon going off. He exploded into my mouth, not down my throat, I had to taste him, the thick sweet cum sat in my mouth as I continued to suck wanting every last drop. Once I had it all, I opened my mouth to show him and then swallowed. He pulled me up and we kissed hard, our tongues dancing, him tasting himself in my mouth.

Once we calmed down I took his ring finger, rotated his wedding band and told him he should go home and tell his wife how good I was. He called me a crazy fuck, laughed and left the room.

I took another tour around and found a door open with a man sitting on the bench watching shemale action. I asked if I could watch with him and he said sure.

Usually when someone is sitting, that’s an indication he wants to suck while you stand. As I got closer I could see over his shoulder, what looked like a 10″ monster. I was just staring as I came around the bench. He flopped it back and forth and asked me if I would try and get him off. I dropped to my knees and grasped the snake near the head and began to stroke it. It was dripping pre cum and I dove in for a taste.

So canlı kaçak bahis sweet, not sure what he had for breakfast, but I was having it for lunch. I drive my head down his length, but just couldn’t get it all in. I held it up and placed my mouth on the underside and sucked while shaking my head back and forth along this veiny beast. Jacking him off with my mouth, I continued for 10-15 minutes, licking sucking and biting everything he had to offer. I once again took the head in my mouth and started really using my tongue. It worked, because he began to shake, his legs stiffening and his breath getting ragged. I pulled off and beat his meat till he came. Big pulses of white cum flew into my mouth and along the edges of my mouth and chin. It was great, feeling like a cheap cock slut covered in cum. He panted out a thank you and yanked his pants up and was gone in a flash.

I was still on my knees when another man entered and shut the door. He said he was next door and watched my performance through the glass. I had no Idea it was even clear. He walked over, pulled his cock out and slapped me across the face with it. Telling me to start sucking if I knew what was good for me. I did, although I’m not into the demeaning forceful tone he was taking. He told me to hang on, he had a buddy who wanted to share me.

He walked to the door, but his friend wasn’t there. He came back to me and told me to get “my faggot ass naked”. I stood, reached out and grabbed him by the throat and brought him to his knees. I told him I wasn’t interested in being treated like that.

He gasped wide eyed and I told him to pull my cock out. He said he wasn’t into sucking, I told him simply, “I didn’t ask.” He took me out and began to lick and before long had 5 of 8″ in his mouth. He might not have wanted to admit it, but he was a cocksucker.

Just then his friend came through the unlocked door. He stopped and stared at his friend. I told his friend to come over by us so he could see better. The guy sucking me off was trying to pull away, but not really. His friend came over and I pulled out of one and grabbed his friends cock took it out and made his friend suck him.

The rough guy went back after my cock and his friend squatted down for a better look. He started telling his friend to make me cum, suck harder. And his friend did. Then they both started to share my cock and had me cumming hard. I shot all over both of them. They were licking it up as fast as they could.

I was relaxed finally and out my cock away. I walked out of the dark and into the bright sun. The old fart at the desk said “see you next week.” Man that guy really does know his clientele.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32