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Amber Ray had resigned herself to a life of loneliness. Sometimes she wondered why she never had the urge to just end it. She had no friends and was mostly neglected at home. Sometimes her father called her, but that wasn’t very frequently. What was the point, really? He had not paid much attention to her before he just decided to abandon them. It had been a year now.

Amber had just turned 18 and they had “celebrated” by going through Dairy Queen drive-through for an ice cream cone. Her twin brothers, Billy and Bobby, had insisted on getting a milkshake, but Amber had settled for the soft-serve ice cream. Her mother had complained about what it cost.

Kaley Ray, Amber’s mother, was a beautiful woman. She was tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. She had a good figure, with nice 32C breasts, and good legs. Men flirted with her everywhere she went, and she flirted back, but nothing came of it. She and her husband, Bart, were still married. He had just told her one day that he had had enough and had walked out. He sent her money, regularly, however, to help with the kids. She worked as a substitute teacher in the local primary schools, but didn’t earn enough to support them.

The twins were identical and many people couldn’t tell them apart. Bobby had a small birth mark, a red splotch the size of a dime, just behind his left ear. Some people would quickly look behind one or other of the twins’ ears to identify them. Those closest to them, however, could immediately tell them apart in other, more subtle, ways. Amber nor Kaley never had any trouble telling them apart, except at a distance or in dim light. The boys were a little over a year older than Amber. They were in their first year at the local community college. They were both tall and had blonde hair, like their mother, but had inherited their dad’s dark brown eyes. They were trim, athletic, and very handsome.

Billy was more outgoing than Bobby and had dated many girls. He was known as a “player”. Bobby had no trouble getting dates, either, but he was more serious-minded and didn’t like the idea of just dating a girl because she was pretty or because he thought she might sleep with him. Both boys had had sex, but they had different outlooks on it. Billy saw it as recreation and liked to talk about how many girls he had “laid”. Bobby didn’t pressure girls to have sex with him unless he thought they had a connection and really liked each other. As a result, he had only gone all the way with two girls. He didn’t talk about it with other boys, thinking that sex was a private matter and that it was nobody’s business.

Amber was very small. She was barely 5 feet tall and weighed around 90 pounds. She had never really had a teenage “growth spurt”. As years went by she decided that it just wasn’t going to happen. Her breasts were small — she really didn’t need a bra. She had blonde-red hair and brown eyes. Freckles covered her face. Her nose was a small, “turn-up” nose. People teased her, saying that it looked like a slide. She kept her hair down to her shoulders, but didn’t wash it as often as most other girls. She considered herself unattractive and didn’t see the point of spending a lot of time on her appearance. No boy had ever asked her out, or even engaged her in conversation — unless they needed help with their math homework. She enjoyed math and had always had a natural knack for it.

To Kaley’s credit, she worried about Amber. Kaley had always been attractive and had always had boyfriends when she was a girl. She had just taken her good looks for granted. Then she had married Bart when she became pregnant with the twins when she was a sophomore in college. Bart was a football player where she attended college, and she thought he was the most handsome guy she had ever met. She allowed him to get in her panties on their first date, thinking that if she gave it up to him that he would continue to date her. She became pregnant, Bart agreed to marry her, and the rest was history. The twins turned out to be very good looking and well-built, but Amber had always been small. Kaley certainly didn’t think her daughter was ugly, by any stretch, but she wasn’t that attractive, either. She was tiny, her hair wasn’t particularly attractive, and she was covered in freckles. Kaley had suggested several things down through the years that might improve Amber’s appearance, but Amber didn’t seem to be interested. She was shy and withdrawn. She spent most of her time in her room with the door closed.

Amber was in her senior year of high school and had a chance of being in the top ten of her class. She was sure to get a scholarship that would pay most of her college expenses. She dreaded it. She didn’t want to move away from home because it was the only place she felt comfortable. She longed for a boyfriend. There were several boys at school to whom she was very attracted, but they didn’t give her the time of day unless they needed help with their math. She had never been kissed and, obviously, had never had sex. She sometimes accessed porn casino siteleri videos and watched them as she fingered herself to orgasm. She wondered what it would be like for a boy to do some of the things to her that she saw on those videos.

Amber was the only one in the family who attended church. Bobby would sometimes accompany her, but her mother hadn’t been in years and Billy had never been interested. Amber liked to go to church and she enjoyed reading the Bible. She did feel a slight bit of guilt when she masturbated, but she knew that masturbation was natural and really couldn’t see any great sin in watching other people fornicate. She thought that Christianity was way more profound than condemning people for wanting and needing and participating in sex. As far as she could tell from her own study, treating other people kindly and loving God was the really important thing. She felt like she really did love God and she reasoned that he must have something in mind for her to do in life. She couldn’t see it yet, but she trusted that God did.

Billy didn’t get along with his little sister. He sometimes poked fun at her, not realizing, and not really caring, how badly it hurt her. Bobby wasn’t really close with Amber, either, but he never said anything unkind to her and often berated his twin brother for insulting her. He worried about her because she was so isolated. He really had very little interest in going to church, but sometimes offered to go with her to try to break the ice between them. He could tell that she appreciated it, but she still didn’t talk to him much. Sometimes she would ask him what he thought about something she had read in the Bible, but he usually didn’t know what she was talking about.

One night Amber was downstairs watching a program on TV. Their mother was gone out with a friend. The show was over half over and she was interested in it. Her brother Billy walked in, grabbed the remote away from her, flopped down in an easy chair, and changed the channel.

“I wanted to see the end of that show, Billy,” she said.

“So? I want to watch the ballgame,” he retorted.

Just as he said that, Bobby walked into the room. “Billy, she was watching that show. See what the score is and let her watch the end of it.”

“Fuck you. I don’t care what that ugly little bitch wants. She’s so retarded she doesn’t know the difference.”

Enraged, Bobby tackled his brother, overturning the chair in which he sat. The twins began to swing their fists at each other, both of them landing blows.

Amber got up and ran upstairs to her room, closed and locked the door, and lay on her bed and cried. What had she ever done to Billy to make him hate her? She was never unkind to him, and rarely even talked back to him when he insulted her. Why were people so mean to her? She knew that she was not attractive and didn’t have an outgoing personality. She wasn’t the cheerleader type. She wasn’t an athlete. She couldn’t draw or sing. But still, she was always as kind as she could be. She prayed that her heart would not become so calloused that she would not love other people and treat them kindly. She prayed for her brother, that he would learn not to hurt people. She thanked God for her brother, Bobby, who was nicer to her than most anyone else.

Presently, she heard a soft knock at her door. “Amber?” It was Bobby.

“Go away,” she said softly, hoping he wouldn’t realize that she was crying.

“Amber, come on. Open the door,” he said gently.

Amber crossed the room and opened the door. Bobby was pressing a wash cloth against his mouth, and she could see that he was bleeding. “Bobby, you’re hurt. Let me see,” she said, as she reached to pull the wash cloth aside.

“I’m okay. I think I gave Billy a black eye. He busted my lip. You’ve been crying. I am so sorry,” he told her. He reached around her and gave her a hug.

They never hugged. Amber jumped reflexively when he touched her, then realized that he was trying to be kind to her, so she allowed him to put one arm around her as he continued to hold the cloth to his bleeding lip. The hug was brief, but this small act of intimacy felt so wonderful to her that she burst out in tears again. She turned and sat on her bed, putting her face in her hands, weeping without restraint.

Bobby sat next to her. “I don’t know what to say, Amber. He’s mean. I love him and he’s my best friend and twin brother and all that, but he’s just mean. I could never say that kind of thing about anyone,” he whispered. “And it’s not true. You’re not ugly and you’re way smarter than either of us.”

Uncharacteristically, Amber lay her head over on her brother’s shoulder as she continued to sob. “Bobby, you’re the only person who is nice to me.”

Bobby felt tears stinging his own eyes. He swallowed, fighting back his emotion. “I love you, Amber. You’re my sister.”

Amber looked into his eyes, tears streaming down her face. “I don’t remember the last time anyone told me they love me,” she sobbed. “I’m slot oyna not mean to anyone, but everyone hates me. Why? Is it because I’m shy? Is it because I’m ugly?”

“I can’t stand it when someone is mean to you. There’s no reason for it. Sure, you’re shy, but you’re going to get over that sooner or later. And you’re not unattractive. Not to me.”

She managed a bit of a smile. “You really don’t know what that means to me, even though I don’t believe it. You know that I thank God for you, every day?”

He patted her hand, which was resting on her knee. “And you don’t know what that means to me, Amber. Please continue to do that?”

She sniffled. “Oh I will. I pray for Billy, too.” She laughed. “I pray that he’ll be more like you.”

Bobby leaned over and pressed his lips against her forehead. “I’m gonna go wash this off,” he said, indicating his swollen lip. He closed the door behind him.


A couple of weeks later, there was an ice storm. Both the high school and the community college were closed because of weather. Kaley was cleaning the house and told the twins to go and try to clean the driveway and the sidewalk. They ignored her and sat around all morning playing video games and watching TV. Amber cleaned her room, then mopped the upstairs bathroom floor that she shared with her brothers. They always peed on the floor and the rim of the toilet, but didn’t bother to clean up after themselves.

She walked downstairs and, seeing her brothers on the couch playing video games, she said, “You’re welcome for cleaning up your nasty pee. The bathroom is clean, so you can go pee on the floor again.” She normally was not so sarcastic, but she was a little aggravated that they were sitting around doing nothing while she and her mother were cleaning the house.

“Shut up, bitch,” Billy yelled. “You’re female. Get over it. Make me a sandwich.”

“Yeah, make him a sandwich, Amber,” Bobby chimed in. “Put some shit on it. That’s what he deserves.”

Billy jumped to his feet, his fists clenched. “You want me to whip your ass again?” he panted.

Bobby regarded him. “Again? Remember that shiner you sported for over a week? I can give you one to match it. Try me.”

Kaley shouted from the kitchen, “Shut up! I cannot handle all this complaining back and forth. Billy, apologize to your sister,” she said as she walked into the living room, eyes blazing. “You are NOT going to talk to her that way.”

“Ite. I’m sorry bee-atch,” he said sarcastically, then glared at his mother.

Kaley walked purposely to him and slapped his face as hard as she could. “You DO NOT EVER use that word in my presence. Do you understand?”

Billy felt of his face. “If I weren’t a gentleman, I’d slap you back,” he yelled.

“If you were a gentleman, you wouldn’t use that word at all, especially not talking about your sister. She has never done one thing to you. She’s always nice to you. You’re more useless than your father ever was. I can’t wait for you to move out. Now you straighten up, or I’ll kick you out. Got me?”

Amber stood silently watching, tears streaming down her face. As her mother and brother glared at each other, they could hear her sobs. “Please don’t say that, Mama. Please?” she begged.

“What do you care?” Billy asked. “You’d be happier if I wasn’t around.”

Amber couldn’t speak. She just shook her head, no. She turned and went to the closet and began to get her winter coat and boots out.

“What are you doing? Leaving home?” Billy snarled.

Bobby couldn’t believe what was being said. He didn’t know what to say to any of them.

Finally, Billy sat down, grabbed the video game controller, and turned the game back on. Kaley went back into the kitchen. Amber had gone out into the garage.

In a few moments, Bobby realized that he could hear something out on the front sidewalk. He got up and peered out. He could see his little sister with a spade, trying to scrape ice off of the sidewalk. “Shit. Amber is out there trying to do our job,” he told his brother. “I’m going to help her.”

“Have a good time,” replied Billy.

When Bobby got his coat and other winter gear on, he went as quickly as he could to help his sister. “You go on in the house, Amber. I’ve got this,” he yelled as he approached her.

Amber turned at the sound of his voice and slipped, falling flat on her back on the sidewalk. “Ohhhhhhhhhh!” she yelped in pain.

Bobby rushed to her and saw that she was in extreme pain, her face a mask of anguish. Tears were flowing down her face and she was weeping openly. “Bobby, it hurts so bad!” she cried.

“Hold on. Don’t move. Don’t try to get up!” he yelled as her ran to the house.

“Mom, call 9-1-1. Amber fell. She’s hurt!”

At this, Billy got up and ran out the front door, clad only in shorts, a tee shirt, and socks. “Amber, you okay?” he panted as he arrived at her side.

Through her pain, she was amazed that her brother, Billy, was the least bit concerned about her. canlı casino siteleri She wanted to tell them that she was okay, but she really wondered if she was. She had never felt such pain. She took stock and realized that she could move her extremities, so she thought that was a good sign.

Kaley came out with some blankets and set about covering her daughter. She knew better than to try to move her. “Baby, we’ve called 9-1-1,” she cried, tears flowing down her face. “Everything will be okay. Don’t try to move.” She squatted and held her daughter’s hand, as Bobby held the other one. Billy, shivering with cold, stood there feeling useless and miserable.

The ambulance was there within minutes. The first-responders carefully put Amber on a stabilizing board and started loading her into the ambulance. Kaley got inside to ride with them to the hospital as the twins watched. They told Kaley that they would meet them at the hospital as soon as they could get the ice cleared from the windshield.

Just as they were closing the doors to the ambulance, Amber saw her brother, Billy waving. “I’m sorry, Amber,” he whispered, barely audibly. But Amber heard him. She smiled and said a silent prayer for him.


Amber was diagnosed with a severe lower back contusion. When she was released, Bobby carried her from the wheelchair to the car. When they arrived home he carried her inside the house and up to bed. She could walk, but it was so painful that he insisted on carrying her. The doctors told her to put ice packs on it for a couple of days, but to try to walk several times a day.

Amber had been given a pain pill and was soon fast asleep. The twins and Kaley sat at the kitchen table, drinking coffee.

“I was way out of line this morning, Mom,” Billy said. “I deserved that slap. I probably deserve several of them. I wish I had gone out and tried to clean that sidewalk. This would have never happened. And you’re right. I will be better to Amber. I’m ashamed of myself.”

Kaley grasped Billy’s hand. “Yes, you deserved it. We cannot keep treating each other unkindly. It’s not right and it is destroying us. I think your sister is getting the brunt of it.”

Billy nodded. “I do agree. I mean, I know I’m a pretty selfish person, but I know I’m not treating any of you right.”

Bobby regarded them. “I’m glad to hear this, from both of you. It makes me feel better and it makes me want to do better, too. After all, we are a family — but we sure haven’t been acting like it. And Billy, if you ever call Amber a bitch again, I’m going to beat the shit out of you.”

“I don’t think you can do that, Bruh, but I’m not planning on doing it. I told her I was sorry. I will tell her again. I will make it up to her some way,” Billy said.

Kaley was a member of several civic groups and had a meeting that evening. She said, at first, that she would just skip this one, but Bobby assured her that he could take care of Amber. Kaley described to him how to put the ice pack on her back, and how to spread a cloth beneath it so that it didn’t damage her skin. She told him to do it again if she wasn’t home by 9 PM.

Shortly after Kaley left, Bobby told Billy that he was going to help Amber with the ice pack. Billy was watching a ballgame, but offered to help if he was needed. Bobby got the icepack, read the directions, got a thin wash cloth and went upstairs and into Amber’s room.

She was asleep when Bobby opened her door and came in. He carefully closed the door, for no particular reason he thought, and walked over to her bed. “Amber? You awake, Sis?”

“Yes. I feel good,” she giggled.

He knew that the pain pill had her a bit loopy and found it amusing. “We’ve got to put this ice pack on you for a while. I’ll stay with you. 20 minutes, it says.”

“Ok. Mom did it earlier. It got really cold toward the end. I begged her to take it off after 15 minutes,” she told him, groggily.

“Yeah, she told me that 15 minutes was okay if it was too uncomfortable. Roll over so I can get to your back.”

Amber threw her covers back. She was dressed only in a tee shirt and a pair of panties. Bobby had seen her in this exact outfit many times, but had never been this close to her near-nakedness. He didn’t think of his sister in a sexual way, anyway. He felt a little embarrassed. She rolled over onto her stomach.

Bobby gingerly lifted the hem of her tee shirt up as far as he could get it. Amber grasped it and pulled it up a bit further. Her upper back was still covered, but the rest of her smooth, boney body was uncovered down to her thin, white, bikini panties. He wondered if she would be embarrassed in this situation if she wasn’t under the influence of a pain pill.

He lay the thin cloth on the bruised area, then gently lay the ice pack on her. “Oh that’s so cold!” she giggled. “I don’t think I can stand this for 20 minutes!”

“You’re a trooper. I’m here to talk you through it,” he told her, not knowing exactly what to say. She had her eyes closed so he checked out her ass. She was really skinny, but he decided that her ass looked pretty good. It seemed to be filled out and the panties were pretty tight on it. If she wasn’t his sister, he might really enjoy this view.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32